Verizon updating BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 this month?

By Bla1ze on 4 Jan 2011 10:04 pm EST
Verizon updating BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 this month?

Sure seems that way when looking at a piece of documentation found over at Android Central. We're not sure if it will be a rollout of BlackBerry 6 or not at this point but the BlackBerry Bold 9650 will be moved into a MR3 release while the BlackBerry Curve 3G will be hitting MR1. Also noted is a MR4 for the BlackBerry Curve 8330 but that is left at TBD. Of course, we know that won't be getting BlackBerry 6 but the others really should be at this point. Guess we'll just have to wait it out and see but if all goes as we hope it does, BlackBerry 6 will hit land on Verizon soon. Keep in mind; its been delayed before so it could happen again.

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Verizon updating BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 this month?


Here's hoping. I mean, I already have OS6, I'm really just hoping once it's on Verizon we get that much closer to themebuilder supporting themes for the 9650.

MR = Maintenance Release. Following the initial release of the 9650, VZW has released three software packages (aka MR1, MR1.5, and MR2 [the current OS v5.0.0.975]). It's just Verizon's internal nomenclature for its BlackBerry OS releases.

So is Rogers, not sure which OS 6 devices but the Torch, 9700, and 9780 will be updated (rumored on the 12th of January)

When will RIM come out with NEW device and not an "update"? Nothing really to get excited about... while Droid is coming out with all new phones, RIM, is updating their out of date ones... BBM has me by the Cojones but the grip is loosening.

Its almost HAS to be OS 6.0 the only question being will it roll out as scheduled or be delayed. There is no way at this point they would release another 5.0 build is there? I don't put a delay past them, BUT it has to be 6 at this point!

Would an upgrade to an OS version, like BB6 be considered a "maintenance release"? Just an observation too: notice no mention about the 8530 Curve - kind of weird don't you think?

Like Kevin mentioned in his review of the 9780 Bold, BB6 with a track-pad seems like a bit of a frustration. Personally (and yes, it is "wish-land"), I think BB6 is ideal for a touch-screen device and I wish that VZW would have kept the 9570 in play, and yada yada...

I can only hope, and agree with other posters, that RIM, VZW and Sprint, etc. all decide to open the update flood gates. For those of us that have suffered through the months of empty promises, and less than spectacular updates, we deserve to be rewarded for our dedication to the brand. Give us all a reason to believe in those famous words of Jesse Jackson. RIM hear our CRIES and KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

Thank you and good night ;-P

Come on Verizon , we're waiting ! The only thing that has me not to excited about OS6 is the lack of column view ! Other than that I'm happy.

So....ummmm...are there any significant changes for its facilty, applications, or something that can be really impressing the users within this improvements? I mean here is, that it will be pleasing that if the vendor adds something really different and impressive into this handheld, especially for users who hungry of good application and facilities, and for the "curious beginners" also

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Verizon releasing OS 6? I won't hold my breath for getting it for my Bold 9650......probably OS or something outrageous like that!!!

I'm running 6 now from the style and it has some annoying issues. i hope they are taking their time to set it up properly for bold 9650 and it comes out smooth!

Scroll that picture to the right! I want to see the date on the Samsung Presto-Q (LTE Mobile hotspot)! Hopefully its around the same dates as the others (mid January) and will be announced at CES.

This is dumb... no one should ever buy a blackberry from verizon. Trust me, within 3 months your blackberry will be obsolete. I'd say get a droid anymore. Blackberry fell off.

I think I'll be sticking with OS5. After trying OS 6 twice, I find that it breaks more than it adds.

Some apps behave erratically or just plain do not work at all. And honestly, I think OS 6 is little more than an incremental upgrade anyway. It doesn't really add anything groundbreaking in the way of features.

Universal search is a feature that really is novel for the BB OS - at first I thought it was silly, but it really now speeds how I use my berry. And like it or not, the browser is "better".

As far as app behavior - the same could be said with any OS upgrade (was true OS4 to OS5 too) - that improves with official releases and widespread use. Everything on my 9650 works with

Points taken. To me universal search is nice, but doesn't necessarily make my workflow on Blackberry faster. The browser is definitely better, and that stands as probably the only near-compelling reason to upgrade.

And while I fully understand that there will be breakage between versions, that doesn't help me any. I'd much rather stick with a fully functioning OS 5 build and wait for 6 to mature.

All in all, OS 6 doesn't add enough in my mind to be considered the next step in BB OS. It's more like a new theme with universal search and an improved browser.

Both of which could have been easily baked into OS 5.

It looks and feels entirely like a "me too" upgrade thrown together to stem the tide of Blackberry customers migrating to iPhones and Android.

So, if Verizon offers os6 for my 9650 and I upgrade, do all of my themes that were installed under os5 become obsolete and non-functioning? Thanks in advance!

I've got the OS6 Sprint version on my US Cellular 9560. While there are some interesting and helpful features, I don't find speed any faster at all, and there are some bugs associated with the calendar--namely only Facebook birthdays are shown on my homepage (which I don't really want and can't get rid of). Earlier post mentioned lack of column view in the browser and that is true and a serious problem. Forget trying to read a web page without a struggle. I'm going back to 5 and wait. Usually Verizon at least gets it somewhat right--not Sprint.

If it doesn't come with column view I will not upgrade ! That's crazy that and upgrade comes short of an upgrade! I will stay with 5 plus no theme builder released (tool kit) for os6 themes ! I hope Verizon surprise me and do this os 6 a fix up !

I hope Verizon Upgrades on the 19 my/our 9650 Bolds and others ready for os 6 upgrade or im with SPRINT ON THE 20 ... Ahh!

I have researched the many OS 6 leaks coming out....very tempting but i am still waiting for the official release....or has it come out already???? I'm kinda confused because i have been searching for it all over the net...even think i found it on the actual BlackBerry page...i have the VERIZON Curve 3G 9330....somebody please let me know if it's out already before i lose my nerve and just download one of the many leaks!!!!

Not sure if what I am about to say will be correct but I do not think that MR3 for the 9650 will be OS6. I just got a 9650 from Verizon and it came preloaded with I will try and upload a picture a little later on.

uh well it was not 1/19 yet, so youll probably have to wait till then to see, i could probably buy a 9650 today and it would still have a 5.0 release...doesnt automatically mean all 9650 are magically injected with os6

ME TOO!!! still waiting! i even checked the "available updates" option and nothings there. i been waiting for os 6 for a long time on my bold!

Well, if it wasn't there by 6 pm, then it won't be coming. I guess I should stop holding my breath and just go back to rocking back and forth with my leaked OS until Big Red throws us a bone.

I hate that i have to manually turn the radio off before I got on the Subway, with the stupid Sprint OS.... WHERE IS THE VERIZON OS!? AHHHH!!!

Meh, they usually release on Fridays sometimes Thursdays anyway..., I'm still hoping.

It is like they don't give a Damn at Verizon,9650 at Sprint got there OS6 on Dec.23 what's with the Hold up?

@ JohnA1A I just emailed RIM, so i hope to hear from them in a day or two. I just said that we have been jerked. So we will see what will happen.

Hell yes thanks we all need to get ahold of RIM and ask "Anything on the Bold 9650 on Verizon?"
I'm calling right now this is so un called for we are getting the end of a BIG *)/; on Verizon.There getting the IPhone 4 and there Droids are "on top" let's just keep calling until we get our Update.Wow big red is such A Drag.

How do I download and install "on my device" the OS6 latest leak for 9650 until Verizon comes out with there Official version?

This was a Verizon ditch so we are closer to OS officiol releadse for the 9650 on Verizon ... But damn we have been waiting TOO TOO LONG! COME ON Verizon!!!