Verizon updates VZ Navigator - Try it out free for 30 days!

By Michelle Haag on 23 Jul 2011 05:49 pm EDT
VZ Navigator for BlackBerry
It's been awhile since Verizon rolled out their VZ Navigator application. It's just recieved a nice update and along with the new name of Verizon Navigator VX, it comes a free 30 day trial for new users, and a bunch of new features.
  • Smart Routes with Real-Time Traffic – Updated every 60 seconds, telling you when traffic is ahead and mapping out detours to get you around it
  • Voice Turn-by-Turn Directions – Even with other apps open, you will continue hearing where to turn to keep you on track
  • “Real” signs and road views – Accurate highway signs guide you into the correct lanes and prevent last minute lane changes
  • Location Sharing – Use Place Messaging or Facebook to share your real-time location or the place of an upcoming meeting
  • Virtual city driving with 3D buildings and graphics
  • Satellite view that moves with your location
  • Local search with Bing
  • Real-time weather, gas prices, movie times and other local information
  • Ability to add addresses to "favorites" for easy bookmarks of the places you frequent
The 30 day free trial is open for new VZ Navigator subscribers only, and available on the BlackBerry Storm2 9550, Bold 9650, Curve 3G 9330, and Curve 8530.  To check it out go to on your device, choose the 30 day trial option, and you're good to go. Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

Source: Verizon via Android Central
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Verizon updates VZ Navigator - Try it out free for 30 days!


Hey! VIVO did the same here with VIVO Co-Piloto (Telenav)! Then they just gave all BB subscribers free access! I got my fingers crossed for you guys!

For the cost of several months of this service you could just buy a Garmin at Costco with no monthly fee. Or switch to Android where it's free. I'd do either before I'd pay Verizon or AT&T for their navigation service. Their monthly data cost is high enough already.

Offer is only good until the end of July. I have a Garmin already, but totally agree the service should be free like some other carriers.

I don't usually troll....but its embarrassing that they are still having to use the storm 2 in press releases

Why? Some stores still sell it, and it is still their best global all-touch device for the business segment.

We are taking a long road trip this coming weekend. I might try it for that. No way would I pay the monthly fee. Verizon already has claims to my first born son. I would really like to try this on the Monaco LOL.

Edit: Maybe I won't be trying it. I'm not getting the free trial option.

Why can't RIM develop something like this natively for BB? Verizon has. Garmin has a BB application. Navigon has a BB application? Every other platform has native turn by turn voice navigation.

They do, less the voice portion. It is called BlackBerry Traffic and runs on devices as old as the 8330 and 8230. I expect it will get voice in BlackBerry 7.

Would not count on voice in BB Traffic anytime soon. RIM seems to have put themselves at the mercy of the carriers. AT&T is not about to give up their $9.99/mo for Navigator.
Just look at Blackberry Maps. AT&T BLOCKS the service book for this. Without the service book, no Blackberry Maps. Why? Concerned that people would actually use BB Maps for directions. If BB Traffic does get voice, I will be dropping AT&T Nav like a hot potato. Until then, it remains the best option for me on my phone. $120/year...ughhhh!

I'm going to have to disagree with the people that say it's useless or suggest getting a standalone GPS. I have VZNav on my S2, and I use it pretty often. It's useful when traveling, I only need one device and don't have to worry about hooking it up for updated because it does them OTA. I also use it frequently when I'm a passenger and the driver doesn't know where the F they're going. It's not reasonable to expect someone to carry their phone and a GPS wherever they go.

I agree that I'd much rather have turn by turn navigation with voice on my phone than carry another device like a Garmin. I just want RIM to provide it as an app or part of the OS - don't want to pay the carrier a monthly fee. RIM should make this happen for its customers as a way to compete with Android. And if AT&T doesn't like it as it competes with paid Telenav - well screw them. They aren't doing RIM any favors (see Bridge...). Ok, end of rant :-)

Verizon sticks it to BB lovers again! First no Playbook and now what looks to be an awsome upgrade to their Navigator for Android that is. How quickly they forget who helped get
them where they are today.