VZW Storm Site Updated: NYC Storm Hunt Begins on the 6th!

Verizon Storm Site Updated!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Nov 2008 11:39 pm EST

** Update: In San Francisco TODAY? Check out the BlackBerry Storm Challenge that's going on right now! 100 FREE Storms to be won! *

* Update: Weird.. for some people the old static landing page is still loading, for others it's the new site. Not sure what's up with this! *

I just received five emails in the last five minutes from CrackBerry readers saying the Verizon Storm site has been updated! As I type this I'm still getting served up the old site, but the screencap sent in above (thanks Nathan!) shows what's in store. * update - new site now loading fine for me! *

In addition to the standard device features and specs stuff on the new and improved teaser site, a BlackBerry STORM Hunt (screw Easter Eggs!) has been planned for Manhattan from November 6th to 15th, so those who would kill for a chance to get their hands-on a Storm early might be lucky enough to do just that. To enter you need to locate the BlackBerry Storms that have been hidden around the city to find the keyword to enter the contest. Five grand prize winners will win a BlackBerry Storm and a $50 Verizon Wireless gift card. For full contest details and for more information on the Verizon Storm, check out the site at www.verizonwireless.com/storm

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VZW Storm Site Updated: NYC Storm Hunt Begins on the 6th!


hope all that are fortunate enough to live in NYC enjoy your adult Easter egg hunt...candy is cool but Blackberry Storms are better!

Have all of the winners of the crackberry Win a Storm Contest been notified?

Does the Storm browser-being Webkit-render the desktop version of the ny times site, or is it the wap version like on the Dare?

Storm Contest Judging still taking place... over 3,000 entries for the judging team to go through so it's taking a *bit* longer than initially expected.

Hope to have the winners decided by Monday night so I can contact everyone on Tuesday.

Thank you. I am praying to hear from you Tuesday!

By the way, when you had your hands on with the Storm, did you notice if sites like the nytimes.com, cnn.com and espn.com rendered as the full desktop sites or the wap versions?

Thank you!

Well, I read it somewhere else (since I can't see the website) and it looked to me like $299. Who knows. LOL!

Actually, when you factor in the gift card, I would say the price of the phone (with a contract) is going to be $249. Without contract $499. That's how I read it on yet ANOTHER website.

According to this:
"Prizes: Daily Grand Prizes (50): A BlackBerry® Storm™ 9500 Smartphone and a $50 Verizon Wireless gift card Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”):  $299 each. "

It would seem that since the ARV is $299 for a $50 gift card AND a Storm simple algebra would give us a retail price of $249

I wonder if that's before or after a possible mail in rebate. If that is the case we could probably see the final price being $199 or less. And since the end of the contest is 11/15 I would say the 16th being the release date to be about right.

What do we all think now??? $179-199 after main in rebate and $250 up front with a 2 year contract? To be released on the 16th ... maybe the 15th if we're lucky?

Here's what it says when I look at it:

"Prizes: Daily Grand Prizes (50): A BlackBerry® Storm™ 9500 Smartphone and a $50 Verizon Wireless gift card Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”):  $549 each."

I found it interesting that about 3/4 into the "360 Tour" video, the screen on the Storm reads: "Blackberry Storm smartphone Available now from Verizon Wireless - America's most..." I wish the whole NOW part were true..

was this a web designer testing it out or something? IE, Foxfire, and a restart and i get the same old enter your email page

Maybe pre-orders will become available soon since the price was slipped in the fine print of the contest rules and the release date was implied in the contest end date ...

Why won't they just take my damn money and guarantee me overnight delivery??????????

I've never seen a pre-order do overnight delivery. Only once have I seen pre-order people get phones before the release date because they were actually mailed days earlier.

Most pre-order people don't get their devices for days or even week(s) after the release. If you want the phone immediately its best to wait for the release day. If you want less hassle but dont mind getting a phone up to 2 weeks later, then go for pre-order.

i have to say. this site has probobly made a lot of $$ with all this storm coverage, especially since it is taking a while to come out since the first rumors were posted here! I for one check the site at least 10 times a day...

Sooo, looks like I will be acting like a crackhead trying to get to every kiosk. Awesome they are doing it here in NYC though, and I'm guessing it will be pictures or something at the kiosks rather than the actual phones.

OMG . . .This is making me want the storm even more. Verizon quit teasing me and release it already!!! I can't wait much longer, the anticipation is killer ; )

The following would indicate a price of $175 for the Storm wouldn't it? I found it at:

Activation fee/line:$35 ($25 for secondary Family Shareplan lines w/2-yr Agmts). IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Subject to Customer Agreement, Calling Plan & credit approval.
Up to $175 early termination fee & other charges. Device capabilities: add'l charges & conditions apply. Offers & coverage, varying by service, not available everywhere.
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Oops. I guess that would be for the 2 year plan itself. I jumped the gun.


No, that's just their standard disclaimer informing customers of possible additional charges. The $175 ETF is the standard ETF they charge for breaking your contract.

im still getting the page that has been up since september. i also called vzw customer service and they dont know anything about the contest or have any updated about the storm.

Hi Kevin. I am still getting the old webpage from the above link. Im in NYC and have heard nothing from my close contact at Verizon. Did get a free Bold the other day however!

A friend of a friend interviewed at Blackberry. He said that a few of the people interviewing him had the Storm and the let him mess with it a little. He said the performance of the new device was excellent!

which native new yorker (crackberry enthusiast) will be nice enough to post the key words and give everyone here a chance to win one?

Anyone else notice that GPS is missing from the specs? They have VZW, but GPS is not listed. Is this the confirmation that GPS will be crippled?

I think verizon is just trying to pimp VZW navigator. All indications are that the storm will have standalone GPS capability but you won't be able to get spoken turn by turn direction, autorerouting, etc w/o the VZW. I'm pretty sure they are just trying to emphasize their extra service over standard GPS.

i guess the loading cradle dock doesnt come with it and theres no info or price about it?

For those who cant see the site, try updating (or installing) Flash. I cant see it on my Treo (soon to be Storm) but the PC's with the latest Flash work just fine.

I am using a macbook pro, in the latest firefox browser I couldn't see the new site, but when I tried using Safari it works!

I have the latest Firefox and it shows up fine for me. I had to clear my cache, delete the estore cookies and then restart, but now it works..

Ok maybe this is posted somewhere already and I havent seen it. I was at Best Buy today and while in the store I was in the cell phone area and looking at the bold demo they have.. I decided to ask the girl that works there if she knows anything about the storm. I told her I have Verizon and I'm just waiting for it to come out and I heard it should be out on the 11th or the 17th. She said she just came back from training on it from Verizon for the past two days and yesterday right before leaving they were all told it could possibly be end of november or begining of decemeber. She said the software right now isnt the best and BB and Verizon doesn't want it released and hear all the complaints they heard from the party in Cali last week. Now maybe this girl was full of shit or maybe she was just being honest and telling me straight up.. I duno. Just thought i'd throw my 2 cents in and share with everyone.

I hope she is wrong but the logic makes sense. I've got such a crappy phone I'd rather take a buggy/slow Storm now and do updates when its fixed over waiting for a perfect device.

when i used firefox to view the page, the old page came up but when i viewed the page with internet explorer, the new updated site came up. hope this works for ppl!

What about our little city - Simi Valley, CA? We'd like to have the Storm here as well. I can understand the hype and all that Verizon is doing, and it makes sense, to a point, and yet, even the iPhone wasn't this bad... Come on Verizon, give us what we want, that big o'l STORM

I thought I had seen in previous stuff that it would work with the verizon/rhapsody music service, don't see anything like that here.

With this "hunt" thing coming along doesnt that mean that verizon picked the final os to go on the deice meaning the device could be realeased on the 15 as perciously speculated?

Well, for what it is worth and I know we have all been hearing different things - a manager at a Best Buy Mobile told me it is a "lock" for November 12th.

I am hoping it does not linger much longer.

I hope its soon, but why would Verizon have business seminars scheduled in various locations for "first look first touch" in the second and third week of November if the release date is November12, 15, 16, etc.?

Those are Verizon associated resellers putting on the "first look" for business people. Its basically a way to up-sell people.

Those "first looks" have been rescheduled several times because the resellers are trying t predict when they will ahve phone available. The people putting them on are trying to have them within days or weeks after they get the items in stock (a couple days before launch).

The "First looks" I'm refering to are sponsored by corporate Verizon, not authorized resellers.

Therfore, I'm thinking the actual release is now late November, early December. Which sucks for me, because my Treo 700p is on it's last legs. I can't take much more, hurry up BB & Verizon, I'm one of many thousands waiting for the Storm.

It took a few tries, but I finally got the new Storm page. Unfortunately most of the rest of the VZ site doesn't work. Seems like no matter what I click on I keep getting the main page.

Under the "Full Specifications" section, it says that in the box of accessories you get, includes a SIM card, any thoughts as to why?

From what I've read they're including the SIM card for international use. When I bought my 8830 I had the option to buy one at the same time for maybe a $50 fee? I can't remember the exact price, but I need it for my phone to work in Europe, etc. So it looks like now they're including it with purchase .... Just like that 8GB memory card ... Doing everything they can so the iPhone won't be able to one up them too easily.

There is always one unanswered question that goes along with a new technology/approach such as the ClickThrough that we will see on Storm:


How well with this full-screen button and suspension mechanism hold up to, say, 2 years of use? Do we just assume that RIM took that into consideration?

Yes, that's always a concern. But if I lived in fear of new technology I'd be looking to buy a v60 and not a Storm.

The great part about Blackberries is you can buy the full insurance coverage for them like most phones. Unlike the limited AppleCare, if anything happens to an insured Storm you can get another one.

I've had 3 Curves and counting due to my butterfingers.

Just got an email from my Verizon Rep. As of an internal email sent today, (11-03-2008) the release date for the Storm has been pushed back until "December".

No new specific date was given. She also said that she had not been given any pricing information at this time.

AT&T had the same problems with the Bold OS. I just hope this isn't true and they still release the Storm before Thanksgiving. Even if its a little slow we early adopters can download the updates.

Just disclaim that this is not the final release of the OS and sell it.

I just checked the accessories page and they are not showing the cradle. Does this mean the cradle will not be available the day of the launch??

Also is the BB bluetooth piece the one to connect it to your home stereo is that only available through BB site?

I WON! I raced to SF (about 25 minutes away) and got in line, waited about 2 1/2 hours and got one! Well worth the wait, I LOVE VERIZON. You also get a $50 gift card (accessories or bill). They were basically giving them away, about 95% of people who tried won-super easy. This totally made my day.

Did they actually give you the Storm today? Or just a certificate to get one when they're released to the public?

I have to know!!!

I was in my local Verizon store in Cary, NC tonight and overheard manager tell one of the associates he had just gotten an email from the District Manager saying the Storm release has been pushed back to Nov 23rd :)

If people are winning them in SF are they getting the actual device today???? Maybe this means that it will be released tomorrow and shock everyone that they're actually releasing it on their original date????

Should we all pray together??

I'm a student at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. I'm sure you'll only have heard of the beer from up here. But my blood runs in Chicago. I was lucky to get a #5 spot on a waiting list at a Verizon store off Michigan Ave. but I'll damn near drop out of class to do a hunt in Grant Park! I could smell a Storm even through Chicago Transit Authority polution it's so close.

Just got from a very reliable source that the launch date will be midnight of Nov 16 for store availability on the morning of Nov 17th. That means in 2 weeks the Storm will be available for the public.

If the Bold is $549 initially and $299 after the two year contract price and $100 rebate I'm almost afraid to see what the Storm price is. But I absolutely have to have one.