Verizon Updates OS for Tour 9630 Users

By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2010 04:34 pm EDT
Tour OS update

Verizon has dropped another update to the recently released OS for the Tour 9630. Reports are flying in that users are getting update emails, and that pesky wireless update icon is popping up on homescreens. Whats odd is that the OS version is still the same, but the platform version has been updated. At release, the OS sat at plaform, and the update being offered is platform Hopefully this update fixes some of the huge issues Tour users were having with the last release. If you're using a Verizon 9630 you should have the wireless update option available, and it looks like no desktop install has been posted just yet. Hit the forums for more discussion.

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Verizon Updates OS for Tour 9630 Users


Maybe that whole technical issue will be gone... Although, I'm in Sprint so I've no way of getting this update. Well, not at the moment. Haha.

I have not had any issues with the new OS from Verizon. Maybe I am a lucky one. Will update if I get notified, unitl then I am staying where I am.

I hope this update fixes the "Browser Click Issue" & also some other minor issues that other users have been experiencing ever since the official release of the OS 5.0 for Verizon.

But it is good to hear that there is an update, even though it is a platform update.

it's funny, whenever I see a posting about a Carrier dropping an update, it is NEVER , EVER At&t.....wonder why that is LOL:)

my randomly and completely crashed one afternoon last week.. it said to take it in to the provider for repairs! i called big red & they said that alot of tour users had been having this issue since they released the new 5.0 OS.. i told them this was ridic since we already ahd to wait forever for the update.. they sent me a new phone over night which was great except for i had to restore everything.. even with DM backups that can take hours.. always cutting end Big red :( haha

I'm downloading it now as I type this. Hope it fixes the browser click issue and the phone constantly showing no bars for reception even though I know I have service. I also hope it fixes my crazy memory leak. Going from 94MB to 80MB in one day is not ok.

None of these issues existed when I was running the Verizon 4.7 OS.

Yeah, its the little things like this, amongst other things that caused me to go ahead and put my pre-order in on a Droid Incredible. Blackberry, you are slippin more than I can take right now. I hope an update comes out in the near future that actually fixes these issues. Honestly I would have been happier if I was still waiting for an official update, and knew it was because they were insuring that they get it right. This all amazes me.

Funny, I tweeted Big Red's support just this morning regarding the laundry list of issues. No response. I guess they wanted to surprise me!! :-D hehehe

will this make me reload all my apps and reset all my settings if I do the update? I have no problems with the current .591 OS and don't feel like setting the phone back up again.

I had one bug, that everytime I restarted one of my threads was listed as having a new msg even though it didn't. I deleted the thread and started fresh with that person, and haven't had an issue since. So at least for me, it's bug free.

The Sprint v5 is completely stable we don't need a new update unless there are going to be new features added. I haven't experienced any issues with .484.

Funny, I tweeted Big Red's support just this morning regarding the laundry list of issues. No response. I guess they wanted to surprise me!! :-D hehehe

I was waiting for this to show up on Crackberry. I thought I was the only one that got the update notification on my Tour. I'm updating over the air right now. I'll update any fixes or improvements I notice later.

I got the update, but when I tried to install it, it said it failed and told me to try again later. Did that twice. Anyone else having this problem?

Hmm didn't have that issue on my Tour. Maybe you're in a bad service area perhaps? The update is taking kind of long though. I hope it's worth it!

yea but seems second times its working! I scheduled the update 2 minutes ahead then what it was and it worked

Hopefully this will fix the problem I have with my phone spontaneously rebooting multiple times a day (at inconvenient times, no less) and the issue with the broswer clicking.

Hopefully this will fix the problem I have with my phone spontaneously rebooting multiple times a day (at inconvenient times, no less) and the issue with the browser clicking not working.

Its things like these that make me seriously question my loyalty to VZW and RIM. I have been one of the most ardent supporters of both for years, but I am seriously considering moving to Spint for the EVO 4G when it comes out. They have to release an update to fix the things they broke so soon after releasing the last update.

Its just kind of sad, I am holding out hope that WES will be more than "here is the Pearl with a T9 and the rehashed Tour". They better have serious info on both OS 6.0 and some kind of date for the release of the Webkit. Without either of those WES might as well be a meeting of a few RIM employees around a coffee pot. The time of pep rallies based around software that is moving even further out of date needs to come to an end, and who ever thought a Blackberry with a very nearly extinct(the T9) keyboard should be shipped off to work at Palm

my opinion differs just a little bit from yours. with verizon known to be the slowest of the carriers to implement os upgrades, its nice to see them pushing out a possible fix to some of the issues that customers have been having.

i do agree that rim needs to drop some serious info about os 6.0 at wes this year, as other manufacturers have been throwing down upgrades all around them, apple, htc, android, etc.

the launch of the new pearl with t9 isnt going to be a device for everyone. im a betting man, and id place my money that the marketing people at rim came up with this idea as an entry device, just like what the pearl flip was. i see a lot of customers that are looking to get into their first blackberry stare dumbfounded at the suretype keyboard and simply cant grasp the concept. but with a t9 keyboard, they would be able to make the transition a lot easier in their heads to a smartphone. in that respect, its a pretty genius idea.

we all have to remember that rim is in the business of selling devices to everyone, not just us power users that are on our phones all day long, looking for a 1 ghz processor, 16 gb for apps, open gl for gaming, and an amoled screen. they also have to sell devices to soccer moms, stay at home dads, and those just looking to get started.

I downloaded the 5.0 again and am doing the update if I don't like this will downgrade again back to the 4.7

They aren't kidding that it may take FOREVER to install and be back up and running. I'm been installing/restarting for over an hour... just started the restore process now... this better be an AMAZING update if it takes this long to install

Boot time went from 8 minutes to 10 minutes and I don't have a lot of apps installed. Too early to tell about browser click issue. My memory is at 97.2 MB at boot up and has never been that high.

Phone currently shows v. (Bundle 1059, Platform

Edit: My phone has been on for 5 minutes and memory went up to 97.7MB.

This is weird for me I never seen messages like patching OS, patching java, don't know what the next message will be. So far its been about 30 minutes. This is a completely different experience than getting upgrades via desktop.


I hope it fixes my horrible battery life now. I don't care about the browser click issue anymore. Why? Because my battery life is so bad I can't afford to use the damn browser anymore!

haha - thank you for this post - and I know this has nothing to do with this topic, but I had to say - i've never laughed out loud due to a post until yours! lol I feel your pain with the battery life tho...

I updated my VZW Tour as soon as I was alerted to the new OS 5.blahblah. 5 days later it bricked my phone dead. Gave an error message ZW had never seen. I didn't make the connection with the upgrade, so when I got my new phone the next day I upgraded from 4.7 to 5 again and reloaded all my apps. Then I came here and found out about all the problems & downgraded back to 4.7 and had to reload everything again. Nice... only spent about a whole day with the whole episode. Thank VZ & RIM... I'll wait to upgrade and let someone else be the lab rat. :(

makes me laugh when they release his version cause its been out for ages and they took so long release it because why? lol

thank god i downloaded the leaked version.. telus is almost just as bad to release os updates.

Other than having to re-register a couple of apps and restore my BellShare app settings (love that option!), it is perfect. Did not affect my custom theme.

It does boot faster (not lightening, but faster than before).

cant do the update to the 5.0 on desktop has to be done directly from the device
I still don't know if I am going to keep it I don't like the 1+ phone number that is just stupid and I don't like threaded texting

Is threaded texting on all BB devices now?

cant do the update to the 5.0 on desktop has to be done directly from the device
I still don't know if I am going to keep it I don't like the 1+ phone number that is just stupid and I don't like threaded texting

Is threaded texting on all BB devices now?


Waste your time on silly OS that fix nothing. The Browser doesnt have transitions or flash why cant they fix this in one update.

If you are on Verizon stop wasting your time sitting here downlaoding crap every 2 weeks and get a Droid Increible and change your life.

I have a tour now but I am burned out...

lastly I expect bugs on the droid but at least it have a broweser that rivals a desktop

by all means... if you enjoy poor battery life... poor RF performance... errant running apps... a screen that completely blows in the outdoor bright conditions... many shit apps... then you'll be super happy with the incredible... :)

(i came from the incredible's cousin, running in fact the Sense UI ROM - was rooted - and i speak from experience... you're in for quite a treat... i give you about a month... you'll be clamoring back to a 9650... :p

The browser click issue seems to be gone. The OS is running very good at the moment! Haven't tried the MMS replay problem yet. The browser didn't start up right away with he click issue the last time so we'll see what happens.

Verizon comes out with an update when they want to push something else on you. How do you get rid of the push things? I now can load NFL scores or something like that... GREAT for the spring and summer months. Always in fashion! I like college no pros

Oddly enough I go to check for updates and it says there are none yet I am only (, and not ( guess I am not lucky enough to get an update on my Verizon Tour just yet.

I did not receive an email notification from Verizon so I called them. Tech support advised me that the new update effects the text messaging mainly, giving it the feel of BB Messenger. However, he also advised me that several customers were experiencing problems with their Tour after downloading and installing the update. He asked my whether I had had any problems with my phone. I replied that it was running faultlessly. He said, don't update. Makes sense. If it aint broke, don't fix it. I will pass on this update.

Did the OTA from .591 /.272 to .591/.284 this afternoon. Went very smoothly just had to do a few EULA acknowledgements and reregister some apps. So far the only thing I notice is that the browser click issue seems to be resolved, however, that was only one of 3 major issues I had with the previous build of .591. The other 2 were: horrible battery life (had been an issue since .419 actually and intermittant loss of data connectivity (even when in 1XEV) which could only be resolved with battery pull or sometimes a resend of service books. We'll see if the last two are improved at all once I put it through the paces for a few days.

I still have the browser click issue and install was successful. And I've done multiple battery pulls since to no avail. So they apparently didn't fix it.

I don't want to be a pessimist but the battery was already down to 75% within an hour. No messaging done at all! My issue with the first 5.0 update was the battery, and for some reason it improved within a week--miraculously. Did no changes with my programs or anything. Then out of nowhere, it goes back to do uncharacteristic battery drain. But then it would have days when it would be PERFECT with the battery.

My final verdict on the newest update is this: stick with the original 5.0 if you can, or even the 4.7 version. As @gitano1 already said, if it aint broke, don't fix it.

What the first 5.0 update really comes down to is the nice threaded SMS addition; Skype too if you're into that. I have 95.6 MB of free memory now if that it even makes a difference. Funny thing is when I downloaded this new release it went down to 85 ish. I did a soft reset a few times and it's back with even more. Aside from some other UI and reboot changes...there are no BIG changes.

Oh, and my app is now added in the options--it has just one drop down menu for enabling/disabling "shake"--if that changes anything.

Up to you. The above comments with re-signing in the apps etc are right on.

It's battery also "miraculously" stopped draining after a while and now that the Wireless Update icon came back to my phone (I didn't download this new update), the battery draining has begun again. I fully charged it just now, and 20 minutes later it's down to 90%

Is there any way (other than hiding it) to get the Wireless Update icon off the BB menu?

while the battery drainage is sporadic, its not as bad as it once was prior to the patch. after having it for 12 hours, i can attest to that...

the patch does address a little bit of the memory leaks, like a 15% improvement over the first official 0s 5.0 tour update from verizon... in the option menu was there prior to the patch.

thanks for the clarification with the
As far as that miracle battery is concerned, I recharged it to full, did a battery pull, recharged it again to full then left it on untouched overnight.
Woke up this morning down HALF a bar. Left it on overnight with normal setting, sounds on etc. We'll see how long this will last. I don't want to think its because of the resets I did that "improved" the battery issue?

I wouldn't be surprised if this 9630 update was a big indirect contributor to the major delay in the 9650... And wouldn't u know... May 1st announcement of 9650 for vzw on the same day... Coincidence? I doubt it... :-/

well I hope so... but my point is that vzw/rim held off on releasing the 9650 until they had a stable OS for the 9630 peeps... there would have been (although probably still will be lol ;) major outrage had the 9650 came out and the poor 9630 people were felt left out with a buggy non-stable OS... let's face, the 9630 isn't exactly the model of reliability judging from all the complaints...

Yeah, pretty sure I'm going to pass on this one. Not have any problems (with the exception of Browser click issue). But I remedy'd that myself, so with everything working fine, update to a .001+ number isn't going to blow my mind.

Ran the update. Got the Password Lock icon back...other than that...had to pull the battery twice for BBM message and SMS message icons not going away and i just tried to call my wife and the phone decided NOW would be a great time to reboot itself. Fantastic! Not thrilled with the 5.0 OS at all.

my battery life is horrible even with this "patch" So I sure wasted my time today re downloading the new 5.0 and also the patch for it Unacceptable for me. Also cannot use my ringtones. I had a ringtone set and wasn't working. If I can't use my BB the way I want it a new OS is useless to me.

I also do not like the 1+ dialing and Verizon saying it is this way on BB is utter bs. I have a friend on TMobile and she doesn't have that on her new BB Bold So...what's up with this 1+ dialing. Can't make a call without it and it isn't set up in my address book that way. How lame.

I am not happy about my email either. So back to the 4.7 for me

verizon is pushing the 1+ dialing on the tours and other phones that they consider WORLD phones...

ie Blackberries that have gsm slots...

This first came about when the first os 5.0 update came out...

and its not going away...

You can always disable the 1+ feature by going to phone options and the choosing "national number length" to 9 and remove 1 for national dialing...

battery life is bad, but not horrible like before... there are sporadic moments that the batttery doesnt die so quick as compared to the previous platform 272

Has anyone seen a definite improvement with this update? I'm running a driphter hybrid over the official .591 release and lovin' it. So not sure if I should bother with it???

Ran the update and it fixed my issue with emails. so happy they listened to us and released a fix this quick.

Mine disappear from the folder in the 5.0 OS
in the 4.7 they remain in the folder

I don't like the 5.0 what is your email issue?

Why doesn't RIM/VZW announce what this patch is meant to fix?

The main problems that the upgrade from 4.7 to 5.0 when VZW put this out included battery drainage, web clicking, memory leaks, and slow boot up.

I don't see anything that says that this upgrade will solve any of these problems. When I saw this patch, I figured some (if not all) of the problems above would be fixed.

It's obviously been mixed reports on this patch, but I don't see anyone saying anything 100% definitive as to why we should download this patch. Any more info from anyone?

I tried this update for a few days and it was horrible, for the reasons already mentioned in prior posts. I downgraded to the Alltel and it runs great. I did figure out the 1 plus dialing problem. Go to Phone Options>Smart Dialing and make sure your area code is in there, set Number length to 9, and set No for Use 1 for National dialing. That will cure that problem. Anyway, my 2 cents.


TOLERATED the 5.0 upgrade for 2 weeks. Conflicting audio alerts, Facebook freezes and what browser click issue?!!? I never got it to click on anything I wanted...not ONCE! Screw that, I went back to 4.7 and got EVERYTHING I love about my Tour back :) Im not even going to be suckered into a patched upgrade. At best, I'll wait until June, when the 9700 comes out (Growing to hate the trackball)

I tried the 5.0 twice wasted my time yesterday downloading it again and with the "patch"

Don't fix what doesn't need fixing. 4.7 is also fine for me.

Just like every other OS update, this one was pretty easy. But I know that some people were getting that error saying that something happened and you had to take your device back to the store. Of the people I know personally that this error happened to, they were using BBDM on a Mac. One of friends that got it gave me their BB and I ran the update using Loader.exe from the Program Files and everything went smooth. Oh well, at least we finally got an offical release of 5.0 for the Tour so I'm happy and if little updates like this are needed, I'll just remain thankful I can reset my own activation password on my company's BES...LOL

I was updating to the new OS last night and let it sit till this morning. It was stuck at 98% for hrs. I did a battery pull and it just went up to 45% and stayed liked that since. Everytime I reset it goes back to the OTA update. Ive checked other post/threads about the issue, but none are very helpful as a step by step how to get the phone working again. I dont mind losing some info since I backed it up recently. Any help? Thanks.

I downloaded this update OTA after I got off work and it took about 1 hour to get everything up and running again. I was actually surprised by the amount of time it took. But I must say that I am very impressed with the update and am surprised people are displeased. Before the update the browser click bug was a common issue for me that tested my patience daily. But since downloading the update I have not had a single browser click issue. Additionally the device seems faster and smoother overall. Internet browsing is noticeably faster as well. The only negative item I have noticed is that a reset seems to take much longer than before. I personally think it's ridiculous that the Tour, which is an upgrade from the 8830 takes 3 to 4 times as long to reboot. Maybe I'm missing something but I personally think a 10 minute plus reboot time is unacceptable. The reboot time with the update now takes about 8 minutes for me.

All in all I've been one of the lucky ones and have had a good experience after upgrading to Verizon's OS5. This latest patch fixed a big problem I had with BB Maps, but so far, the browser double-click is still needed on some links.

I am unable to upgrade OTA or via the web due to BES policy. VZW has not posted the downloadable installation file as of yet. I believe that a change in Platform version refers to a single file in the CDMA subfolder of the installation directory:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9630AMEA_v5.0.0.591_P4.2.0.272\CDMA\rim0x0D000D04.sfi

Can anyone who upgrades via the Desktop Manager confirm this is the only file that changes?

I had originally upgraded to sprint 5.0 before verizon put out there official release and loved it. Have had serious memory loss with both versions of the official verizon 5.0. Going back to the sprint version

When I did the last update I lost the lock icon which I rely on. Verizon said I would have to completely reset my BB which means backing it up and having it completly wiped. I was hoping this worked. Nope. 4.7 worked just fine except I like BBM better. What a pain in the butt. I need to be able to lock it and I hate hitting the button on the top.

If you go back to, you can set a convenience key for the lock - that (and the browser click issue) are the reasons why I downgraded back to .419.

The clicking browser issue isnt fixed. I hope the memory leak issue is updated. Something has to be right for them to release this update. I have been a VZW customer for over 10 yrs. They are really pushing me to another carrier.

Going through most of the above comments it seems nothing has been fixed and even some are worst off than before. So are we saying avoid this update? Thnx.

It did not seem to load as a normal update and stated it was making several patches. Note to the faint hearted, this was painfull and lengthy to watch. Allow 1 to two hours for completion

My VZ Tour isn't showing any OTA update and nothing is availible on desktop manager. I called VZ Tech Support and they didn't show any updates on their end....WTF?

My issue with the current platoform is I'm unable to receve MMS messages. I can sent them fine and recieve SMS and can send and recieve BBM. Does this update solve this issue?

Will this also require mto reconnect to my BES?

Oh ya, this track ball sucks!!!!

This update (from what I have been told) is to address the issue of the device crashing due to the OTA upgrades. Nothing else has been fixed on it. The browser click and other issues are being worked on.

Just did the update via OTA. Took 1 hour on the dot from the start of the download process. Haven't had a chance to see if anything has changed. HAd to go to options>advanced option>wireless update to get the download on my phone.

I updated mine last night and when I went to follow a link in my email it uses the bb web browser where as before it would use bolt. Not a big deal, just felt like sharing this tidbit. It still has a slow startup but everything seems to be working just as good as before. I was let down that they didn't fix this browser click issue :( Maybe sometime in the next year they will

Went very, smooth. No issues, took approx 30 minutes from start of download to final reboot. Themes and apps and data all perfect. No audio issues, click issue resolved. Radio much more stable, better signal strength by 1 bar. This was over a 591 install that was a clean one after a wiping with BBSAK. No memory leaks either. Very happy with results.

***additional filter options have been found in both the main email icon group folder as well as the PTT icon... All users of verizon tour should use and get the free PTT as its free and awesome to use...

For the most part, the BB Browser clicking issue has been fixed. While not perfect, it does fix 75%-80% of the clicking issues that plagued that last platform build.

trackball movement is smoother

BB Browser is now faster when loading media intensive webpages...

Memory management has been somewhat improved... like a 40% improvement... ill take what i can get...

**New basic memory management screen found in media folder.
This program will scan your memory and will give you a breakdown of what type of files make up your memory card and your device memory.

Boot up time has increased from 8 to 14 minutes... :(

Sharing your BBmaps location within BB messenger actually works now where in the last plat build, it didnt.

Email forwarding glitches fixed...

When running low on memory, the phone is much more usable... better memory management especially when low amounts of memory are availabe...

Tiny glitches when creating a task w/ a due date and synching to your calendar has also be addressed.

Battery life is still bad (as with the previous OS), but there are moments when the battery does not drain so quickly...

Update took 1 1/2 hours for me via OTA.

All in all, ok update... be forwarned, backup your contact first prior to updating. I had my contacts all rearranged and mixed up. Luckily, I have skydeck running in the background (almost zero memory consumption and no memory leak there with skydeck btw) and luckily i did an OTA update via skydeck, and my contacts were updated...

"call vis skype" option found in main menu when a contact in your phone book is highlighted... did not notice this before yet it could have been there with the original os platform.
could some one verify?

thanks yall...

while the battery drainage is sporadic, its not as bad as it once was prior to the patch. after having it for 18 hours, i can attest to that...

PIN: 30B257B8


I'm with you especially with the battery part! What do you mean the PTT is free? Don't we have to pay extra 5-10 a month for that?

Geez these BlackBerrys all seem to have their own unique thumbprint- everyone has a different issue/glitch.

On the other hand, I downloaded 5.0 and have had zero problems, and love the update. No battery issues etc.
I think this is what happens when people install unofficial OS releases, screws your device in the future... which is why I only go with officials. Good luck.

Ever since upgrading to the official OS 5.0 I have had nothing but problems. Battery would completely drain in about 4 hours without even using the device at all. Then I suddenly had issues with connectivity. I was connected to the network but couldn't use the phone, sms, mms or browser. Took it into the store after trying everything I could think of and they couldn't figure out the problem either. Fortunately I was still under warranty so I am getting a new Tour shipped to me. Didn't have any in the store. Debating if I should give this small 5.0 update a try. At least I can always downgrade, or in my case upgrade, back to 4.7.

So first a little history; when Verizon sends me yet another Tour it will make 9 tomorrow. I have gone the extra mile to be a loyal BB user.
I have had repeated technical problems connecting to data service with my email and browsing and especially with the BBM service. Also a number of tours that for no reason would reset themselves randomly. Not to mention 2 replacement phones that came broken one with a bad trackballs and one that came out of the box with a bad USB port. Also of note my first tour was returned only 2 days after purchase due to a bad track ball.
About a month and a half ago I spent 5+ hours on the phone with Verizon and 16+ hours on the phone with RIM. In addition to the hours of troubleshooting in between calls. IE wiping the phone and leaving the phone without contacts, calendar or other programs, running the bare minimum on data on it and so forth. After a hellish, wasted weekend we got my 7th tour up and running properly. A few days ago it stopped working again, so I activated yet another brand NEW tour, the rep from RIM had me update to OS 5 and everything was going well for about 30 hours at which point the screen flashed white and went to an all white screen that said "technical error, please return to place of purchase for repair." As I still had a case with RIM I called them, their tech explained that a % of people that upgrade from 4.7 to 5 experiences this issue and there is no fix, the only solution is to replace the phone. I lost unrecoverable data from some very important meetings I had at work. I now must call new clients and ask for all their contact information and the details for the multiple appointments we set up, making me look quite foolish. And I will never get back all the personal notes I made into the device.
I feel I have made every effort to make my BB experience a positive one. Verizon offered to give me any phone they make, however due to the nature of my industry I need a BB.
However I refuse to use a storm as I can't stand that touch screen and know many people that have replaced that phone repeatedly.
The curve is not an international phone, is not a true 3g phone (rev 0, not rev A), so I sacrifice the data service, a big deal for a data device and it has an inferior camera (I take a lot of pictures at work and zoom in on my computer and can't lose the MP)
At this point I will be looking at the droid and Google base cloud options, the Iphone and other options as I have no patience left to deal with RIM or Verizon who have told me all they are obligated to do is replace the phone. I have a lot of connections to the apple brand and have never heard of such extreme problems with the Iphone and have had nothing but great experiences with apples care which really makes an effort to make its customers happy. Both RIM and Verizon do nothing buys play the blame game. Verizon keeps advertising there amazing commitment to making people happy but when the equipment fails they blame RIM for poor construction quality. RIM says we don’t understand why this is happening, then claimed not to have a contactable customer service department, sure enough when I got forceful I was transferred. Then the customer service dept said that since Verizon sold you the phone they are not obligated to stand behind their poor build quality.
This has been a serious detractor from the BB brand, something this is said to be a premier business device. I have been a promoter of the brand for some time now and Be forewarned, both RIM and Verizon right you off and continue to collect your money!

I think you should stick it out and wait for the Bold 9650 for Verizon. You cannot deny their service. Maybe it was just bad luck. I agree with you with the Curve--not a true 3G phone! Hang in there!

Did it to mine and just got my replacement today and it is still linked to another account. So I have to wait for another one to come then make the decision as wether or not to upgrade to 5.0. Sucks having no phone.

So ever since I loaded that wireless update phone has been rebooting itself whenever it feels like it. I counted at least 8 or 9 times since yesterday. Not a happy camper. Anyone else having this issue?

I am just about tired of paying so much money for such inferior QA. If either RIM or VZW were committed to my care I would not be forced to spend so much time "working through software bugs"

I will be switching to the new DROID asap sorry RIM you need to come out with something cool and that works.

It looks like im still having issues with the Browser clicks.. anyone else still experiencing this issue?

Does anyone have any advice as to what to do about my contact ringtones not working? Ever since upgrading to the new OS none of my contact ringtones will play when I have them set for my contacts. I really miss not having them work. It would let me know who was texting me without having to look at the phone. I've tried everything I can think of, short of going to verizon for technical help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

through Desktop Manager in less than an hour. The click issue is still there. Trackball running smooth. Only time will tell .................

Still low, still has click issue (does not seem as bad 3 instead of 6) boot time is worse than 4.7

I got the email saying there was an update but when I got to the web site there was a message after going to this screen and that saying there was none - odd.

fixed my browser click issue, fixed my battery issue, statrup time was slightly faster, but my sms is still having a problem. everytime i click on a message, it freezes, i click back, reclick it, and then it shows. so i basically have to open sms messages twice. but worth downloading for fixing the battery, my battery has lasted all day today, unlike before.

I have found that if you disable then save and go into the browser then go back and reenable javascript then the browser click problem goes away. Has anyone else had any success with this?

When I loaded the new OS 5.0 version everything seemed to be better. The browser click was better and everything just ran more smoothly. Only problem I am having with this update is that I no longer get my Yahoo icon to show. I have tried resetting, pulling the battery and sending service books. NO SUCH LUCK with getting my yahoo icon back. Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks in advance.

As a Mac user I usually end up working on my BlackBerry all day after an upgrade- at least using DTM for Mac. Updated OTA in under 1hr with no issues at all. Only had to register a few apps. Usually have major issues and end up reloading everything but this time was flawless.