Verizon updates NFL Mobile - Now BlackBerry 6 compatible

By Bla1ze on 27 Oct 2010 04:40 pm EDT
NFL Mobile

For all you Football fans out there, Verizon has posted an updated version of their NFL Mobile application. Maybe the more interesting thing here is that now works on BlackBerry 6. Anyone making use of BlackBerry 6 on their 9650 will find that the app now works perfectly on their device. Be sure to grab the update. Thanks to PKCable for digging this up for us!

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Verizon updates NFL Mobile - Now BlackBerry 6 compatible


Is there any way to get this on a non VZW phone? We can get an OS before it releases and all kinds of stuff like that, but a simple web app that does nothing more than pull information from a web server. It shouldn't be that hard to do...or is it?

Still "costs extra" to run this app. Sure, the app is "free", but you have to subscribe to a "$10 VCast Video" in order to watch video content.

What I don't know if the "rest of the app" will run without that sub......anyone know.

Plus, not that we don't have plenty of memory, but 3.5mb is a hefty app......

You can still get alerts and the like, but it's a huge waste of space. I deleted it after seeing I needed to add VCAST to my plan. Sure, the application is free but you can't really do anything with it unless you pay more.

Thanks for being shady, Verizon

Some of us are grandfathered and DON'T have to subscribe to Vcast to get it, so you really won't know till you try it.  If the video part works, then you are grandfathered and no vcast for this season.  :)

I'll have to check- I used to have it for years but I've been a customer way back since the "cellular one" days...

Around the NFL draft, all the video content was free. Then there was an update and lo and behold that VCast bs. The only times I used that were during the draft bc it shows exactly what's on the NFL network. Other than that, you get text messages sent to you about updates. Not really worth it now that you need a plan.

I wish there was a work around for this for Sprint. Why did Sprint have to lose the contract for their NFL app? Now we got that crappy crappy app. I miss NFL Network.