Verizon OS Update For The BlackBerry Tour 9630 Now Live

By Bla1ze on 29 Mar 2010 11:22 pm EDT
Verizon OS Update For The BlackBerry Tour 9630 Now Live
*UPDATE - Desktop Installer File Now Available For Download*

Since there was some rumors going around doubting which OS Verizon was going to be rolling out for the 9630 we figured we'd post this up for you all. No, sadly it's not the version many had mentioned that would be released but it is indeed the the previously leaked (and expected) OS

Verizon users who did not update to the leaked version should now check via OTA update to see if it's available for download. Many users are already getting their updates delivered but as to how wide spread it is, we're not sure. No harm in trying though that's for sure.

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Verizon OS Update For The BlackBerry Tour 9630 Now Live



Currently downloading the new OS Update!

Download Completed!
11:20 PM - 12:11 AM (Eastern)

Wireless Software Update
12:11 AM - 12:38 AM

*Wow the loading screen at start-up is so nice.

do you have the link for this? i am having trouble finding a working link. they all seem to have been deleted if so please pin me at 30CC8605

Doooo to get a new OS? I have no idea how to go about installing a leaked OS and am a bit worried it will lock my phone again. I have a tour from Sprint, help?! I live in VEN

I agree as well with your opinion on the new website from Verizon. It's hard to navigate around and where in the world can you view the phones and devices? Not at all impressed with their so-called upgraded site!

Is not the same, when they release an official OS, it shouldn't have any bugs, the leaks most of the times have many bugs, so the official OS should have all the bugs fixed

My DM noticed a difference. I had to click DOWNGRADE to the official .591. If DM sees a difference then there has got to be something different about it. goes nothing....and just when I was getting used to the Tour being the latest installment in the "Left Behind" series...sorry Kirk Cameron but it appears we Tour users now have our "redemption"...
Brb..bricking my Tour in 3,2,

i got it and i'm in new mexico. does any one know if it will fix the bugs in the leaked version?

I have it in upstate NY, it says v5.0.0.591 submitting update request, but doesnt look like much is happening!

Ok...Download in progress, real slow though.

I had the .591 leaked OS but followed the link and am now installing the official OS as we speak. I needed something to do until the new MW2 map pack is available for download. Haha

so when the beta testing is done by your XBOX'ers the PS3 will get good patched maps. :) I kid...but it is the only positive we have to the maps coming to XBOX first.

I fell asleep before the download was available and then after I did download it, it wasn't playable because of a glitch. Haha

If you have the leaked version of .591, you can swap to the official version. If you click check for upgrades in the summary section, it actually told me that no upgrades were available, but a DOWNGRADE to was available and recommended. Two versions of 4.7 were listed as well. Apparently there is a difference between leaked and official that DM can notice. Now, I use a MAC. I use bootcamp to run windows so I can load leaked OS's onto my Tour, but my preferred method of DM is the MAC version as it is more user friendly. Does anyone know if it possible to load a leaked version on a mac so I can kick the windows side of my computer to the curb?????

I started the wireless update at midnight (wouldn't work online) and its still going at 7:04am. The litchfield hills must be blocking downloads haha

Honestly I'm so jelous of all tour users right now lol hopefully the storm gets something but besides that you tour ppl enjoy

Are you kidding me? I use the Storm2 (9550, VZW) and I really hate seeing people crying for updates least we HAVE 5.0...the Tour users were still stuck on 4.7, I'd say it's about time they had their moment!

The Tour users NEEDED this update where Storm users have a very solid OS. I don't want OS upgrades coming every 4-6 months. I want them about once a year with leaks available if you wanna take the plunge. They need to stop working on 5.0 now that they all have a working version and move on to 6.0!

(11:58 p.m.) Currently downloading in NYC.

(1:58 a.m.) Two hours later, and I'm still downloading. I just got a message that started with "Abnormal software detected...". It has now gone back to a screen that starts with "Overall Restore Progress".

(2:33 a.m.) Finally finished downloading. All reboots complete. Running OS

I was reading that you need to downgrade to 4.7 if you have a leaked version... Im upgrading from .419 to the official 5.0 vis desktop manager and I did not have to downgrade... Orange County Ca

I'm new to the blackberry scene, and for the life of me I can't find where anyone explains how to DL a new OS via OTA. Help?? I'm on the official 4.7, and desperately want this OS lol. What is Wireless Update?? That's how confused I am. Haha.

upgrading on desktop manager, didnt work on the macs desktop manager, but worked on windows, will update everyone how it goes.

I had downloaded the .491 (AllTel version) and update was not showing up in the OTA, but it showed up as soon as I connected to BB Desktop Manager. Downloading now!

Finally, my dm said that there wasnt an update but my phone did. it finally sees the update and it is on its way.

gr, michigan

every time i click the link to the update it says that the file has been delete or been taken off. if anyone has a working link or can help me with this please pin me at 30CC8605! help is greatly appreciated!!

plug into your desktop manager to do the update and have it check for an update for you. mine took less than 15 minutes that way.

i saw in an earlier post that it didnt work on the mac desktop manager but it is up and running now. about 5 minutes in and roughly 25%

Im getting a reload software 507 error i downloaded on mac from the update thing that popped up when i plugged it in any help is appreciated

Glad that this official update is here! Too bad I'm not a Tour user anymore. Glad that this one finally got released though! It is much welcomed!

So far everything seems to be working good. there is a new reboot screen now. ive notice that some of the icons and the some parts of the interface have changed, for the better imo. there are a couple new apps that i have seen so far. the push to talk app was an obvious one and they have included the backup assistant app as well. i did have to re download a few apps, but that was to be expected. i dont know if the update did anything for battery life yet, as i havent been messing around with it long enough to notice any changes. i will post back at a later time once i have checked everything out

Damn you VZW all the we test everything BS!! this release sucks still has the browser click issue. way to go for the 2nd broke official software for the the tour for VZW. dont forget the one they had live for a day and a half then took down cause it sucked too.

When you are in the browser clicking on hyperlinks doesn't always work. You have to zoom in most times and then try the link again and sometimes it still won't click. I had to click on 'Post Comment' 3 times just to get this comment to post.

Attempted to update Tour from my MacBook Pro running 10.6 via DTM for Mac. Made it 2/3 of the way thru the update when "Reload Software 507" pops up on the berry and DTM says it lost connection with device- update failed.

Disconnected device, battery pull, let it come back up to the white screen then plugged back in. Took about 5 minutes until it established the connection and completed the update at the "installing applications" portion.

Update completed successfully but I'm missing all my third-party apps (maybe this is normal) despite backing up my device prior to the update.

Equally disturbing is that Password Keeper is not installed anywhere nor is the BlackBerry App store launcher. I use Password Keeper daily and now it's gone...

Anyone know where the it may have gone to and how I can get it back? VZW tech support has been useless in the past but I can give them a try...thought I'd get a quicker and more accurate fix here. Thanks.

trying to update via DTM for mac, updating from .419, plugged it in and instantly got the update notice, tried to do so and got an error (naturally) phone got stuck in endless spinny thing, did a batt pull and its now loaded up fully just to reboot and begin loading again. gotta love that 12min boot up!

*update* phones now bricked. reload software 507.

wat a fucking joke, cant want to go android. tour will be the first and last blackberry ill ever waste my money and time on.

anyone have a fix for this thru a mac?

i had the same issue with my mac, not to worry though. i did a batt. pull. waited for it to turn on. it went to the reload 507 page and then i plugged back into my mac. the dtm popped up and said waiting for device to turn on. after around 7 minutes it popped up asking me if i wanted to install 5.0 and i selected yes. it went through the process of dl the apps and rebooted a few times and tada! all is good! and if the tour is your first ever bb, give it some time, i have had 4 bb over the years and cannot bring myself to switch because the usability is so good with them. i hope that this works for you too.

well, i loved my tour despite the 4 of them i had to go thru before i could find one that worked, and the fact i had to install a leaked OS to get it somewhat up to speed for 2010, i loved it up until about 3 weeks ago when all of a sudden it began bleeding memory by up to 30mb a day and now when i finally get an official OS it bricks the the keyboard, love the push email. love bbm, hate just about everything else at this point..

ill try your method....hope it works! thanks.

alright man, so i waited about 5 mins or so and it did pop up again like you said, it offerered me to update to either the last 2 versions of 4.7 or 5.0, and i hit 5.0 and it began the process and gave me the same error again that i got the first time before it gave me the the 507 error.

just waited again and its giving me the same option to update, this time i am going to downgrade to 4.7, then try the upgrade..

when i did it i thought that it was giving me the same error but i waited and it continued to update and installed the os. now when i did it i made sure to move my finger on the track pad very often and i didnt browse online al all. i stayed right on the desktop manager update screen. the reason i did this is because i researched the cause of that error and 1 possible reason is the computer can shut down the usb to conserve power. i also made sure that it was plugged in. i hope that you get it working cuz this is friggin sweet! and once you do if you like i can send you a link to do a appleberry theme that makes it look just like our mac leopard os x and it has stacks too. let me kno

first of all, i started this at 11:55 houston time and it is now 12:13 and it is still on step 11 of 12! the reboot took longer than anything. it zoomed to the 1/2 bar and i thought i had a 2010 device, then it froze forever. all i car about is running my fun apps. the leak version wouldnt let me use, shazam, scanner radio, i heart radio, stitcher radio. se a theme here? ok 12:17 now....uncaught exeception already exists! dont piss me off BB. it did that on the leaked version too! okay i am pissed again! i may have to delete everything and go from scratch. i tried scanner radio and when accepting permissions, "deny" under connections is blocked out! same as the leak. i tried it out. wont buffer! i will wipe it all out and go straight official. i will respond in hour or sooner.

Does this update. If I update it wirelessly will it overwrite my previous OS or limit my memory card space

I downloaded via BB Desktop Manager - NO ISSUES. Couple of things of note -

1.) VZW Backup Assistant is now a fully functioning feature.

2. No longer have to push * + "send" key to unlock. It's now (only) done from the lock/un-lock button on the top of the device.

Everything seems to be working well, as it should be.

Seems to be an improvement over the AllTel version I was running. Not noticing ANY performance issues.

just plugged my phone into my comp and DM had the update waiting for me. im on PST time, 11:00PM on 3/29 for me.


The install was flawless. Even when I install leaked OS's. Took roughly 20 minutes. Verizon's Backup Assistant is now available and I'm backing up my contacts right now. That took 10 seconds. I used my browser and haven't had the click issue yet(I did have it when I had the leaked .548 and .591).

I didn't get the OTA, so I just downloaded it vie desktop manager. Took awhile, but finally done. I will have to do the wife's berry tomorrow night.

OMG this is stupid. . . .I Cant lock my phone with the lock button at the top. . .i can only lock it if i have a password setup and lock it from the actual icon on the menu screen. . . .thats REAL stupid. . .other than that downloading this os (came from .419)was super quick for me. . .only bout 25 mins. not bad. . .but this lock button issue is the only thing wrong right now :(

i think this os blows. . .locking my phone is something i do A LOT. . .i shouldnt have to go to the menu screen and go to password lock just to lock it. . .by the way. . .this os cant be similar to the leaked version because theres no browser click issue here. . .sometimes i think people just say things to discourage people from updating their phones. . .people who probably once had a bb and then left for something elese.

You guys, the lock button on top works perfectly fine. The only difference now is that it just dims the screen immediately. Try hitting any keyboard buttons after doing this and it says "Keypad is locked. Press the lock button to unlock." C'mon now.

ok well i guess i should uninstall the os and put it back on. . .i swear this lock button doesnt work on mine. . .i even tried holding it down for a few seconds. . .doesnt work. . .but everything else is fine and works great

The lock button thing through me off as well, but he is right- it IS locked, just dims the screen at first. After about 15 seconds screen goes black like before. No worries!

Be prepared to re-accept all application trust settings, your backgrounds / themes, folder organizations, etc... basically anything you did to customize your device.

Also, KUDOS TO BELLSHARE for adding the save settings to media card to all their apps, worked perfectly after upgrading to OS 5!! At least I didn't need to go in an reset my preferences for those apps :)

my download like f'ed up half way through the download and rebooted itself and now its stuck at 3/4 of a bar on the blackberry load screen and wont go past that even when i pull the battery! HELP!?

Why is it that every time i try to install a 5.0 os the phone gets disconnected and it says that there's a problem? The screen of my tour then says that there was some technical issues and i would have to see my retailer. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Not only has the memory on my Tour gone from 75% to 40% after the update, but now my address book won't sync. Many of my contacts are repeating several times, and wen I sync the BB with my Mac, I get this message:

The Address Book database cannot be accessed for synchronization.

For help resolving this issue, refer to KB19454 in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Knowledge Base.

Anyone else with similar issues?

i think this is a huge improvement from what i was running before...i particularly love the threaded sms, how it syncs and fuses bbm and sms contact/chats/conversations in bbm window, ability to flag emails, and new menu options abilities, and it seems more capable of running multiple apps without freezing and locking up.

if you want to download 5.0 OTA, go to options -> advanced options -> wireless update and follow the onscreen instructions. it took me about 2 hours to complete the install and update.

That's one of the reasons I downgraded. Way to slow for me.Also took up another 30 mb. not worth it for me.

I have to literally charge my battery 2x a day. It just drains it in a few hours, even if I am not using the device and all apps are shutdown and closed.

On my Mac, I just launched the BB Desktop Manager, plugged in the USB cable and clicked update...very easy. Hope it finished so I am not late for work ;-)

And this is a problem on that release as well. Im disappointed if it hasnt been fixed. Perhaps weatherbug will update soon.

Upgraded from and everything seems to run a lot smoother. I have a lot more free memory now and all my apps/themes loaded fine. Took about 1.5hrs OTA and I did encounter a screen while installing that said "Unexpected reboot detected during installation" or something along those lines but it went fine nonetheless. I do unfortunately see what people are saying about the browser clicking issue though; thats my only gripe.

Since updating last night i now have two Gmail icons for the same email account & when i get new emails neither one of them show i got a new email just the messages window blinks.
other then that the new os seems ok

Hey can anyone help me figure out how I add on existing apps I have purchased back onto the phone after the update?
I have purchased Documents to Go and otherwise have pandora Vlingo the free versions and maybe some others. So any advice would be appreciated before I do the update.

Upgraded from 4.7 last night.. OTA

No problems at all. Seems to be working great. The true test will be while I am using it throughout the day at work today.

I am impressed with the results so far. :-)

Couldn't complain about the basic backup/download/wipe/install process. Would be nice if it would check for OS 5 compatible versions of installed 3rd-party apps, but luckily I haven't had any major issues so far. I agree that Bellshare's settings backup was a boon for BerryBuzz and BerryWeather, but it still amazes me that there is no central API/backup mechanism for 3rd party apps and their data/settings.

My 2 annoyances are:

Takes much longer to boot than did - something like 8 minutes now. (I thought it was supposed to be faster?)

Forces me to keep BBM installed. I uninstalled it from 4.7 because I had zero interest in it, it took up memory and space on the application switcher menu.

I think I'm seeing this "browser click" issue even when using the internal help system. Had to click a link 3-4 times at one point before it "took".

More experimenting to follow..

This is so much smoother and faster than the leaked OS's I have been running. Def. worth the wait it is working awesome!!!!

As excited as I am to get this, I will wait a few days at least. It seems that there are enough "problems" being reported that I want to give to for things to shake out.

Seeing as Backup Assistant is now embedded within, can we somehow manually go add BA without upgrading the OS? I couldn't find it, but I will look again.

I didn't upgrade, but BA got pushed to my Tour this morning...It's coming. Do a battery pull and it may very well just show up.

Without the 5.0 OS you can't have this application.
It appears after downloading.

I downloaded and installed the 5.0 I hated it. Downgraded back to the 4.7 and of course no longer had the Back-up Assistant. I know this is a great app. Had it on all devices prior to having a BB

But it isn't available unless you have the 5.0

I just downloaded os5 from my phone and everything works fine but my phone won't recognize my memory just says that I don't have anyone else having this problem?

i had the same problem. i took the memory card out of my phone after i took the battery out. then, i placed the battery back in, and when it booted up, i put the memory card in and voila. it was up and running again.

yea confused the sh!t outta me too. anyone know how to remove that annoying 'callback number' line in the new sms?

Downloaded new OS last nite using desktop manager and everything went smooth. Updated both my wife's and my phone. Haven't had any problems and the browser works alot better without this click issue everyone keeps talking about. Still wish that the browser was a little faster but thats just because I am impatient. PTT downloaded fine and had activated by Verizon. Just waiting to try it to see if it is worth it. If you want to try the PTT feature make sure you call Verizon and ask for the free month trial. They won't give it to you unless you ask. Just tell them you received a message saying you could get a free month of PTT. So far, OS 5.0 is working smoother and faster

so for some odd reason when i change the wallpaper it will only change for the home screen and as soon as i hit the bb key to go to all my apps, the wallpaper is the default. is this a 5.0 thing? anyone else having this issue?

also my youmail visual voicemail loaded great but when i select the sign in button, nothing happens. this is the only app i am having an issue with so far. anyone else?

I have the same issue with the wallpaper as you. The theme I'm using is Precision7 v3 if that has anything to do with it. Other than this and a few minor gripes I'm overall satisfied though.

Reload Software: 552 error stuck on screen. I did not initiate an OTA download, but did a couple battery pulls this morning for other issues. The last time I did a battery pull, it came up with this message on the screen. Can u say "Bricked". Anyways, I am at home now and attempting to install the new OS. Lets just hope it works. Really hate that I may lose all that I have added in the past month.

Has anyone else had any experience with this issue?

did anybody else lose all there games when they upgraded to 5.0? my brickbreaker is gone along with the others that had been there.

UPDATE: I use a Mac, so my options seem to be limited. Installed DT Manager on my girlfriend's PC. The application loader contains the games and documents to go, so I'm in the process of loading those items from the app loader.


Called Verizon and the tech support person said to try to get them online.

Had a crash during the install process and had the "reload software 507" message. Took me a couple of hours to breathe life back into my phone.

Didn't allow me to reload the third party apps through the desktop manager (Mac OS). Now I have to fish around for all the apps I had and re-download them. Sucks.

Also have the browser-click bug.

Same feedback as others about the reboot time as well so far.

Is anyone having trouble with custom ring tone alerts not working? The new OS seems to be working fine on my tour, but all my contact alerts that are custom aren't working. All my SMS plays is whatever I have it set to and not custom alerts for contacts. I have no idea why nor how to fix it. Any help would be great. Other then that I like the 5.0 OS.

Are your ringtones are saved on a memory card? Can your BB see the memory card? If it's not reading from the card, it'll choose an alternate tone from the device.

Everything works fine on mine and my wife's, but I just noticed that when I lock the phone and put it in the case, it automatically unlocks when I take it out. Anybody else notice this?

How can I see if it is reading it from the memory card? I've never had this problem before with the other OS. I think it's reading it from the memory card under BB documents/ringtones.

where is the push to talk app? I downloaded 5.0, no problems but cant seem to find ptt in any of the folders

Its easily found if you have verizon wireless in the APPLICATION CENTER program...

dont forget to call verizon customer care for adding the PTT feature and mention the "PTT TOUR FREE PRICING PROVISION" and u will get the PTT feature for free for the life of ur contract... :P

No problems doing an OTA. It took about 2 hours and also received the 'unexpected reboot' error others have mentioned, but it didn't seem to mess anything up and the process continued and completed just fine.

So far everything seems OK except my browser is crawling. It took about 3-4 minutes to pull up the page for RedZapper's 3G Tour theme. I also couldn't click to zoom in (had to zoom through the menu), but once zoomed, it only took 1 click to start the download.

I'll try a couple more battery pulls to see if that helps speed things up.

I downloaded the update last night about 12:30am and it took a little over an hour to complete. My dad did his tour this morning and it took about 45 minutes.

My first impressions:

-threaded texts is nice
-much more available memory compared to 4.7
-runs smoother
-boots about a minute quicker than it did with 4.7...still takes about 7 minutes to boot and I don't have a lot of apps on my phone...thought it would be wuicker
-browser is the worst...very slow and I have the clicking link issue

So far I'm not very happy with it plus the browser issue is ridiculous in my opinion.

I didn't read through all the post but has anyone else had problems playing radio stations in iheartradio since the last couple leaked OSs.

My other radio apps seem to stream fine and I did a clean install when I updated to .591.

I feel sorry for people that waited to upgrade only to find that it isn't even the best version of 5.0 that has been released. Thanks Verizon.

Is it taking anyone else a long time to resotre? Its been 56 min and only at 11% restore. I started the OTA update over 3 hrs ago...

About time.

Upgraded via Desktop Manager for Mac- had no problems, done in about 15-20 minutes.

Haven't really used it much today but from what I've noticed so far it's much faster, smoother, browser is a bit quicker (when you have good coverage), new SMS threads are pretty cool, generally everything is quicker and better. Better looking blue highlight color too.

Overall a great upgrade, and probably the final upgrade this device will see for a long time.


Well I found my first gripe. I used the left-side convenience key for keyboard lock, apparently you can't do that anymore ;(

I still cant get used to using that stupid lock button on the top. It is so inconvenient! Unlocking it was so muc easier hitting *send. Wait to you realize the browser click issue! Swing and a miss Verizon and RIM. Really thinking of jumping ship!

Started OTA upgrade to 5.0 but it's prompting me ROLLING BACK JAVA. Status bar will go to 100% then reboot then goes back to ROLLING BACK JAVA.

Started 9:00am (Eastern) still upgrading.

I started my upgrade about 11am, got that message and phone is still in loop of restoring, going very slow...Not sure why...Anyone else experience this? Anyone know why?

I'm having the same issue. Get to the end of a text, hit "go beyond 160" it flashes and then goes right back to the BB SMS program saying "field is full". You can activate the GB160 as a separate AP, but what good is that? I don't know how much I'm going to type BEFORE I start typing??? I have e-mailed tech support, we'll see if they respond. I'm guessing they may be a tad overwhelmed today...

Install took a while but I didn't encounter any issues with my third party applications, etc. Better late than never on the OS.

Is everyone experiencing the browser click issue? This is driving me crazy! Wish they would have fixed it before VZW officially released their update. Oh well...everything else seems to be running great...very snappy (that's what we're supposed to say, right?) LOL...seriously, it's snappy.


I'm assuming you mean you cannot click on a link in the BB Browser? I am having no problems using the BB Browser and clicking on links is fine for me. Not sure if that is what you meant.

That's the first thing I noticed after installing on my Tour. It doesn't happen on all sites for me (blackberry websites clicking worked fine, but I had to zoom in on the page before successfully clicking) but the browser clicking glitch is still there.

I'm having this issue as well. I upgraded from and am thinking about going back to it just so that this issue goes away! Or is there a more recent build than .419 that doesn't have the browser click issue?

Looks like there is a new version of Blackberry Messenger included with this OS update. Can anyone extract the COD files and put together an OTA download of the latest version for those of us who use other Berrys? Thanks.

Didn't work for me. Said there was an issue restarting the device. It then proceeded to re install 4.7. I'm trying DTM next, hopefully that will work.

UPDATE: Tried to install using BDM and my blackberry got Nuked. Im just gonna o to the verizon store and take advantage of my insurance policy. I don't wanna deal with it anymore.

Hey guys, I upgraded last night to the new 5.0 os and everything is fine aside from the web broswer glitches everyone is talking about, which is whatever to me, but also, and this may be a dumb question, my alerts are coming extremely fast... What I mean is, I have my BB to vibrate twice and then ring/alert... well when I recieve a text/bbm/email/call/whatever, It vibrates twice EXTREMELY fast and then alerts really fast... before they were nice and slow and I'd have enough time after the first virbate to hit a but or scroll so it would ackknowledge that I knew about the message and it wouldnt have to ring? Hope that makes sense, because even I'm confused with what I just said, but hope someone can help me out! I've tried looking through all the settings, but cant seem to fix it! maybe I missed something?


is anyones standby button not working anymore? and now when i click lock, it puts it on standby (but doesn't have that little notification anymore) or the lock symbol. When i hit the end call key, it says the "keypad is the lock button to unlock."

There was an article on CB about this a week or to about this. Apparently RIM has changed this in OS 5. No more standby. It's like this on all BB's now. Standby is now just a mute button.

Yes lock button does work. perhaps do some tests to verify if the lock button on the top works or not. it could be that ur button on the top of ur tour is damaged...

it is possible...

for example, my vibrating gyro no longer vibrates my phone, but RIM / Verizon did not remove the vibrating feature... only the "sleep" feature...

Mine did the same thing and took me about the same amount of time. I was able to download at 9 p.m. I am in Arizona.

I just don't like how I had to reset certain apps after wards but all is good.

I was glad I could download sooner than midnight !

This was well worth the wait.......thanks Verizon !

I download it last night ota. The only problem I am having is that my standby button is not working on my Tour. It was working just fine before the update.

From what I've heard Standby has been removed in 5.0 using the buttons. I remember reading about it on CrackBerry if I'm not mistaken.

Leaked versions that become official version HAVE to be somewhat different. I haven't been able to get PTT to work and am running the leaked version of .591. When this became official, my phone said no updates available OTA, and when connected to DM nothing happened either. WHen I checked through DM for updates, the only thing available was to DOWNGRADE to or two other versions of 4.7. Very bizzare I thought seeing that .591 is .591 but DM knew the difference. Hopefully this will fix my problems with PTT.

The only issues I've noticed with this build is that the call timer on the Home Screen doesn't show up it just has the call connected icon and doesn't show a live timer of how long the call is and the font seems to have gotten larger from 4.7 to 5.0. But that is pretty much it.

Has anyone else had trouble with custom ringtone alerts? All my contact alerts will not work. The only sound I get for all my SMS messages is whatever I have the SMS ringtone set for. I have all my ringtones on a memory card and I know the BB is reading it b/c my phone ringtone works, but for whatever reason my contact alerts will not work. I have tried battery pulls, re-entering them and nothing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I am really bummed out by it.

I was able to fix mine by going into the contact settings and just changing the volume and count. Didn't have a problem with phone calls, mine was all my sms/bbm tones. Hope that helps.

It's about time so the Tour owners can stop their itching!!! I'm happy for you all; hope it does the job for ya!!!

Installed .591 version from DM (upgrade from leaked .585), took just over an hour with no problems. Official version seems to be a bit more stable than prior leaked version, threaded sms is great, certainly a quicker response time when browsing web...but still has the web click issue. Overall, an improvement!!

after messing around with my phone pretty much all day at work, i did notice the battery life seems to be a little better than before. the only 2 complaints that i have about the update is that its taking entirely too long for the web pages to load and the browser clicking issue that a lot of people are experiencing is annoying as hell. i contacted verizon about it and of course they are of no help. hopefully they will fix the problem, but im not holding my breath on that. knowing them, itll be another year before they get around to fixing it.

OTA upgrade went fine, about 1 hour to download and process. Only issue was I had to reseat my SD card so BB could recognize it (files still there, NO reformat), and I had to re-install BB file sync. sucked 2/3 of my battery doing the upgrade, but otherwise fairly painless

Is there any possible way to retrieve any of my apps that i lost during the update, if so any help would really be appreciated.

I have a mac and ran into the losing apps issue. It's a semi easy fix if you can get to a PC. i used the PC and DM to reload the standard application, ie Docs to Go, Games and Password Keeper. after that i went back to my mac an restored only the Password Keeper Settings, there are 2 to check off, so that i can get my old passwords and stuff back. unfortunately standard OS apps are all that you can restore on using DM on PC. Any ones you downloaded using App World or 3rd party you'll have to re-download. Password Keeper was a must to get back as i use it a lot, so i focused on how to get that i could be wrong about 3rd party apps.

Go to your main message folder, open it, hit menu, options, inbox settings, and select the messages you want in your main message folder.

There is a glitch in the software. The Problem is with the Blackberry Messenger contact and sending a SMS. the issue is, If you have a contact on your Messenger and decide to text them instead of using your BBM, whenever you do and they text you back it will go to your BBM list and not as a text. When trying to contact Verizon of course their solution is, we can send you a Refurb phone which we all know that is just as bad.

So does anyone have a fix for this or is having the same issue, I try to wipe my handheld to restore everything back to default and nothing happens same issue.

If you do please advise me

It's not a glitch. The reason your SMS message is showing up as a BBM is because you have that BBM contact linked to a BlackBerry contact. All you have to do is go to that contact in your BBM contacts, highlight the contact, hit menu, and select "Remove Contact Link." Play with your phones people and contacting customer support these days has become a joke. Sadly their own employees don't bother to read up or learn about the products or services the sell.

now that finally!!! we get 5.0 i was wondering, i might have to get a new tour due to some hardware issue with the battery, will any new/refurb phones that are now shipped be sent out with this as the default OS (5.0 as opposed to 4.7..61)or will i have to DL it OTA or something ;) just wondering

I have no browser, but everything else is working very well. It's a java thing according to the error message. What do I have to do?

Because of the browser click issue I've returned back to .419. NEVER had any problems with that release.

Guys and Gals...I am so frustrated I could throw my BB Tour off an overpass right now and watch it get run over repeatedly and laugh at the thought of my Tour getting smashed to a 1000 tiny bits...

Every time I have tried to update my software (Including the other 4.7 series updates) I always get some sort of an error. This time I got an 552 Error which turned my phone into a nice fancy paper weight.

After spending 1.5 hours on the phone with BB support, (I was transfered to BB from Verizon) my phone was finally able to retake version, that is how old my software is.

I really, really want to like BB. The Tour is my first BB after I ditched AT&T and their iPhone, but I feel like the Tour is the red-headed step child of BB and Verizon. I mean it took almost 9 months for Version 5 to come out, while other BB's that came out after our Tour's were getting upgrades left and right...

I have had to exchange my Tour 4 times for the track ball issues, and the phantom reboots.

I am to the point where I am seriously considering jumping to an Android perhaps the HTC Incredible when it comes out with Verizon in a short time...

The only concern I have with that, is that the whole reason I got rid of the iPhone was it was a toy and not a business phone, and I am concerned the HTC Incredible might be a bit too much like the iPhone...Decisions, decisions...

Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great week... I am 10-8-enroute

I know that support isn't very good. All, I can suggest is that you back-up your phone with the desktop client. Then wipe your phone, and then try to do an upgrade. I always wipe and the reset to factory my phone,(brick it), before I do an OS upgrade. I like to start fresh. There are many how-to articles on this process. When I have started fresh, the device handles like a dream. This new OS, and I was on .419 before, handles great so far and I use mine for business.

This OS is NOT a dream. It is quite a Piece of Sh!t in my opinion. Surprised VZW released this garbage. The browser click is EXTREMELY irritating and the battery life is horrendous. Don't even start on the 8 minute reboot time. I'm still not sure why .419 was not released as official when other released it. It was by far the BEST version of 5.0 for the tour. Not really sure what problems others had with it, but the phone was much faster than 4.7, quick reboot time, no browser problems. Sorry, but the PTT feature rather sucks anyway, and I refuse to pay $5 . I was an avid supporter of BB, but after this, I may jump ship if the reports of an iphone to VZW in september are true. This tour really is the redheaded stepchild. LOVED the phone until Monday when I got this crappy OS release. Go back to .419 if you know what's good for you.

Yes the battery life sucks big time. Drained in about 3 hours even if you don't use the device. IDK, maybe my battery is getting old but the OS 4.7 didn't drain it like this.

So I got the new OS last night when it came out and everything works flawlessly......except for the browser bug. But im not worried about that

What i noticed about an hour ago is, when i click my BB button to bring up all my icons, the background that used to have some for of a colored background is now pure white and i can see 90% of my icons. The others that I cant see, i just have to hover over it and it shows up (i guess because that particular icon is all white). It was never like this after the update, it only started happening about an hour ago

anyone else have this issue? Or know of it?

With a personal background? If so, my guess is that it wasn't build for 5.0. It you go back to the standard background, it should fix it.


I use a mac but tried OTA and DM totally screwed up my BB. I had to call verizon. Needless to say i am up and running. Anyone notice there are missing apps like there is no task application, or a memo pad app and password manger is missing. Does anyone know how to get these back. I know they are backed up on my pc but restore doesn't seem to do anything.

however the new os 5.0 seems cool especially the sms message folder.

It took about 20 minutes to install using my Desktop Manager. No major changes from .149 that I can immediately see. Only 2 things that I noticed that I did not like was the browser clicking issue. I never had it with .149. Just trying to get to yahoo mail was a challenge. The other issue is the lock button. Yes it locks my keypad, but I liked when pushing the button locked it with my password. Now I had to add the password lock icon to my home screen. Minor inconvenience, but it was so much nicer when all I had to do was click that corner when setting my cell down. I may just go back to .149 for that issue alone.

If you have "Dial From Home Screen" set to NO under Phone Options + General Options, you can use keyboard shortcuts. Pressing the letter "K" will lock your Blackberry with the password (not just the keyboard lock).

Since upgrading my phone the 5.0 firmware spec I have really only had one major complaint thus far.

In the morning when I wake up I typically expect to see around 7 or newsletter or other emails that I usually have come in overnight. The two mornings since upgrading I have awoken to no messages of any kind. This is usually a signal for me to battery pull which I have done and then received my messages.

What causes this? Is this possibly something wrong on my end or related to the recent BIS upgrades? Would welcome any ideas

Still having problems with my SMS alerts not coming through as custom. It rings whatever I have the sms alert set to. I have tried changing option within the contact alerts with no success. Anyone else having this problem and any idea how to fix it?

I had the same problem. Click on the sms icon. once your at the text screen press the blackerry button and scroll down to message alerts and click it. You can set up your custom ring tones that way

Thanks. But I am still having trouble with my contact alerts. In the old OS, I use to have my friends set up with their own ring alert/sms alert so I would know who was texting and now with the new OS it's not letting me do that for some reason. I can still set my contacts to have their own alert, but when they come through it's the default sms alert I have set. Very frustrating.

I contacted verizon again and asked to speak to a bb tech. I explained to the lady what was going on and right off the bat she knew what I was talking about. She said something like when the os was put out, some services weren't included in the update. She manually put what was needed in and so far everything seems to be working. The only thing that sucks along with the slow download speed is now you have to wait for the page to completely load before your able to click on any of the links.

is anyone else having trouble replying or creating an sms to a contact after that contact has left a voicemail? It shows me the callback number as *86 but there is no box to type a reply in. I have no idea how to get around this with the new threading of sms. I even tried to go to the address book and create a new sms for that contact but it wouldn't let me create one if I had a voicemail from them as the last item. HELP!!

I'm still having this problem....i wiped the phone and everything...installed this OS...and checked my saved pictures.....still grainy :-(

could be just my phone or is anyone else experiencing this..

check your phones people!!! lol

any help would be appreciated

I have downloaded and so far so good...with the exception of some of my emails are now showing up in html code. it's not all of them and its not from a particular email address. any ideas????

After updating to 5.0, when hanging up from a call, the last sound bite I played on my phone is played. Anybody else seen this? Suggestions?

Anyone haveing problems not being able to open a already started sms thread. sometimes if i try to open and txt more on a thread it wont open and if try to start sms message to the same person and click ok it just dissapers.only way to get back into a sms is to do a battery pull

My update showed up last night for my BlackBerry Tour 9630, I'm downloading right now. Wish I had a link to share with others, you should have yours soon, just be patient.

I don't like this new update...AT ALL!

I want my messages to be like real messages and not like BBM.

How do I get it to be like I used to have it?

I'm pretty OCD about my phone and this is very unsettling.

will have to downgrade to what you had to have what you had

I don't like it either and downgraded back

So I completed the update and all. My phone started to play a sound clip from an old MMS I had, after every alert. After every txt/mms/BBIM alert, the sound would play. Then it would also play after phone calls.

And there was no way to stop the sound from continuing.

So I mute my phone and the screen goes white...
In VERY VERY VERY small print is says

"Technical Issue"
"please return device to place of purchase for repair"

VZW replaced my phone in store, but I lost all apps and all.. Good thing I took advantage of the BACKUP Assistant so I was able to retrive all my contacts.

I got the update just fine. I have used it ever since. Then today I was responding to a text when another text came in...then a white flash, then "Technical Issue please return device to place of purchase for repair"

I tried to downgrade like people put but now I'm at my Tour is completely black and just flashing red at me.

sniff,sniff...I may have to just surrender and go to VZW in the morning.

Is this a problem for more people? Like an issure for Verizon?

I don't understand why this is happening but it is on mine also. stranger still it is playing a song I don't even have on my phone. It is very annoying. I have all sounds off until I can figure out what to do. Anyone else have this problem. Is there a fix other then swaping phone? Thanks

You need to do a battery pull to make the sound stop.

When I recieve a MMS with a sound clip.. the sound clip will automatically start playing after every phone call or after you phone is finished ringing or alerting you of a message.

There is no way to mute the damn thing either.

Battery pull seemed to work for me.

If you do a battery pull, you will only have fixed your phone until you receive another MMS with audio. If you send out any MMS wih audio - you will again have to pull battery. Not a good solution in my book!

ever since i updated to this OS my app world has been acting crazy. either i cant close it at all, or it gets stuck and doesnt let me do anything and then i have to do a battery pull. i even have to do a battery pull just to close app world. is anyone else having this problem?

went back to the leaked version wonder why DM show it to be a upgrade from the offical stinker

Downloaded new os. Now song I don't even have on my phone plays after ever sms mms and phone call. I have to turn all sounds off very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.

So since I downloaded this upgrade from 4.7, I lost the games that come with the phone and also my memo pad?!?! Does anyone know how I can get these back? I tired to restore my tour but I did not seem to work. I am working with a mac.

I had on my device for awhile never used a leaked version of 5.0 to know if is where the issues started but the issues I am seeing are:

The click issue which happens sometimes not always.

When on the main screen and I move around it correctly identifies what I am on, but once off the main screen it never tells me what I am currently on, not that I go based on that but just a tad annoying.

I use IM+ a lot and that seems to not be functioning correctly, it worked the first few times but not the view is all screwy.

I also noticed on the old 4.7 I had a nice Media app, as well as the Media folder, but that Media app seems to be gone and all I have is the folder to go to and then run an individual app to get to pictures and videos and such.

I'll probably find more that annoys me as time goes on.

I download the new os and now the phone will play sound files from the last mms I have received even after the mms has been erased. It is doing this after every notification I receive and even when I hang up after a phone call.It plays the entire music file. I have had to turn the sounds off to keep from hearing it. I have tried everything I can think of to make it stop. Have any of you had this problem? do you know what I need to do? Battery pull did not stop it either.

I just looked at the first page of this and thought "wow, I need to check my bberry for the update!" so I went and checked and it's still not showing.... then I skipped over to the last page and all I see is problems...I feel terrible for you all but I'm SO GLAD my phone didn't show the option to upgrade! I'm currently running

nice upgrade, finally. the only thing i hate is having to reorient my icons and folders. sometimes change is not good.

So far so good! Except for my icons being moved I had a good experience so far. I do have a little trouble when on my browser clicking on things but I found that if I click to the bottom of the left side it will go.

ok so I just upgraded to 5.0 an wish that I wouldnt have. My phone keeps freezing like crazy now, my memory card isnt found when I try to save or access it, and im really not liking the bbm look a like for sms. How do I change it back, or fix the problems im having? Please help, this is my first BB an I love it but dont think this os is right for me.

Am I going to regret having run this upgrade? How do I lock the phone now (easily) without using a stupid password? I want one buton, like the top button worked. Can't find an option to set the top button? Alot of these comments are scary.

Upgrade went off without a hitch, took maybe half an hour. Restored almost everything. A little minor cleanup fixing Docs to Go, but otherwise this was better than the prior upgrades I have done, as there was no DOWNgrade on the DTG followed by having to RE-upgrade! Just had to re-load PDF to Go and then a free upgrade to 2.004.
All else looks good. Can't comment yet on GUI changes but no complaints.
Looks good so far.

my phone is locked! I wont have a phone @ least until Monday cuz its Easter Sunday now...Thanks for making me virtually handicapped...

the new OS is horrible. After two days of having it I downgraded to the 4.7 I do not like the 5.0 and notified Verizon about it. My screen froze. My battery life was horrible. BT functions were nill. I am very disappointed in this 5.0 I don't know what they were thinking but the 4.7 is much better. I am glad I was able to downgrade it. If I hadn't been able to I was ready to just dump the Tour.
I really like my BB Tour but the 5.0 is not for me.
There are other issues too but too long for me to deal with. I am sure there will be lots of complaints and I hope those who are not happy with it will email Verizon. Many people need to complain for something to be done about it

For everyone that is complaining about the upgrade, I feel you should give it a week. I am enjoying the changes and feel it has made my bb more efficient.
I do feel bad for everyone having technical issues with it.
For everyone else suck it up and give it a chance.

I downloaded the new update this morning...BUT now all of my ring tones, pictures, and music have been deleted!!! Sooo not happy right now!