Verizon Upcoming BlackBerry Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart
By Adam Zeis on 16 May 2009 01:10 pm EDT

The Boy Genius Report got their hands on another piece of Verizon goodness.  It's a shot of a comparison chart that shows Big Red's BlackBerry lineup.  Sadly there is no Tour or Storm 2 listed, but the Pearl Flip 8230 is pictured as "coming soon".  We're also not sure how old this is - could be a week, a month, or more.  One of BGR's sources dropped some cool notes about upcoming devices as well, like the BlackBerry Atlas which will have WiFi and launch around the release of the Tour. They also snagged some cool details about the Storm 2 screen and it's updated features.

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It may not be as old as you would think.


Umm Yeah...that's available in the new book at verizon stores!! So not really big news!!


I think it's Comparison ;)

Adam Zeis

Haha I stand corrected - thanks :)


I asked BGR but they never answered, so I'll ask you, Adam. What is the Atlas? I am going to replace my Storm with a Tour, but if something with Wifi is coming out at the same time, I might want to wait. Any ideas?

Adam Zeis

That was the first I have seen the name. We'll scrounge around and try to find some more details.


I am looking forward to the Pearl flip 8230 from VZW! I really like my curve, but also like the "flip phone" feature the Pearl flip has to offer! :) Hopefully VZW will bring this in P!NK also!!! ***crosses fingers***


Hmm, I'm not seeing any Storm firmware update on here. Oh, forgot, this is Verizon.


Ok the whole atlas thing really throws me off.. maybe it the 8930???????


why would verizon release a device that we have not seen with this atlas berry?


Could the Atlas be the Storm 2?
It has been suggested to be up for launch "sooner rather than later" and I believe it will have wifi.


im pretty sure the Atlas was a typo..."Verizon’s upcoming BlackBerry releases: Tour, Pearl Flip, Atlas Storm 2 info".........theres no comma between atlas and storm 2 it was probably supposed to say Atlast Storm 2 info


.....Storm 2 without SurePress....very interesting ;-)


Wasn't Atlas either the development name for the CDMA Pearl Flip? Or maybe that was what the rumor said it would be called. Something like that....


You're probably thinking of the "Apex". That was the codename for the 8230.


It's brand spanking new because I work for VZW and the flip wasn't posted online as of last week! Hope whoever leaked it can hold on to their job!


Not knocking anyone but that looks horribly photoshopped


I'm also curious to see what this atlas is? If Verizon is going to allow wi-fi, are they going to unlock the gps so you dont have to use their navigator program? This is definatly going to postpone the 8900 for me until we have some answers.


Im also curious about the atlas, and man I hope verizon allows wifi