Verizon Tour Arrives On July 12th For $199.99!

BlackBerry Tour Verizon Release Date!
By Bla1ze on 26 Jun 2009 10:03 pm EDT
Telus checked in with their release date, next up--Verizon. Boy Genius posted the details that is sure to make all you Verizon customers happy. The BlackBerry Tour will indeed hit big red on July 12th and roll in at the nice price of $199.99 w/2 year agreement of course. Now, Verizon customers you excited?

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Verizon Tour Arrives On July 12th For $199.99!


I just got off the phone with verizon and got my upgrade date moved to today because they didnt reset it after i got rid of my storm so now i can get the 50 dollars off too hell yeah lets go RIM BABY Im getting a crackberry tattoo on the 12th too feeling good!!!

when you don't have a 3G signal or shotty service in your home or office. BIS runs off of it too, so you can email and BBM and browse the net if you'd like at much faster speeds. I turn my network connection off and run off WiFi on occasion. I think it's a downfall that RIM doesn't put WiFi into every one of their new devices.

At first I was a bit ticked that Verizon has announced it, but Sprint has not- but then it dawned on me that Verizon hasn't really announced it yet. In essence somebody happened to figure out how to find the test site Verizon uses, and it is showing the Tour on there. Mind you, it does not show on the main Verizon web page yet. So, it could be that Sprint will release it at the same time, but that they don't allow people to view their test site. We can hope, I suppose.

After 7 years with VZW, I got sick of their games, lack of phone (BB) selection and locking features out. Sorry..i knew the Tour was coming this summer but still switched for the BOLD on ATT. YEAH I even paid to get out of contract with big red (but was able to sell by crappy 8330 on CL for 160...sucker). No WiFi on the Tour with VZW was the cake topper for me.....get with it Verizon!!!!!!

You had 1 of the top rated phones (per c-net, LapTop mag, PC World and Cosumer Repor), and yes it was even rated over the Bold. And sold it because "No WiFi". You left VZW (once again voted and rated as the top carrier), to go to AT&T. I'm still trying to see who the SUCKER is. The best line ever "The Carrier with More Bars!" I crack my self up every time I say that.

I laugh at all of you! Because all carriers RIP you off, regardless of who you have. It's all about which carrier provides the best service in your town or county. I've seen Verizon service FAIL in many places. Have fun paying MORE than anyone else!

It sounds like you are saying "Cheaper is Better". Working Class Hero? I have a "Yugo", I would love to sell you. It does not ride like a BMW. It does not have the MPG, as a Prius. You won't be able to fit your large family in it, like a Tahoe. But it does start, and you can place it into drive. Oh by the way! It won't go over 45! It won't go over 125 miles without having to stop for gas. Oh ya, the brakes some times don't work, but some times they do. I sell it to you CHEAP!. I had fun with this one.

So does anyone have an approximate eta on the storm 2 or the physical keyboard and touchscreen device that we have heard rumors about. Are we thinking before Christmas this year or next summer sometime. Trying to decide whether to get the tour or not.

NICE, Price and Date. I am impressed. Now I will probably wait a few days after it's release to make sure their is no HUGE problem with it then pounce so Wed the 15th of July LOOKOUT!

So why isnt it up on the verizon site..I will believe it when I see it..So far this is a crock..

so don't buy it. Simple as that. An you don't have to keep the phone 2 years anymore Verizon will let you upgrade after having the phone atleast a year now cuz I was gonna buy a curve back in march an if I waited till may I would get the two year price this I found out about the Tour (back then Niagara) :-) so I will be getting this on the morning of June 12th!!!

yay! i'm going to find out if i can switch over from storm to tour. I like my storm but im just a geek and i need the newest blackberry ;)

I heard from a friend the official announcement from Verizon will be on Monday. Which may or may not have had to do with the rally in Rimm's stock and Sprint on Friday.
Happy my wait is almost over.

I ma currently a Verizon customer and I receive email updates regularly on new phones and plans. I have yet to receive an email from Verizon concerning the Tour. Just putting in my 2 cents worth.

I have been waiting for this phone since I start seeing the rumors online in May. July 12th is right around the corner. BUT i have to wait two more weeks after that cause im not eligible for an upgrade until the 28th of July. :-( But i'll get it just in time for my August vacation trips to show it off!!

Call #611 and ask them if you can possible get your upgrade date moved forward. I've done this twice so far and both times they did it with no problem.

When I got the storm they moved my upgrade ahead almsot 2 months.

I work for vzn (Fios) and I printed the test page and showed the verizon wireless rep and said the store won't get them until the 24th. The online date is the 12th. Can anyone confirm if this is true or if he is just jerkin my chain.
And also I read on BGR that sprint is supposed to be released on the 19th, but is there a sprint test site as well????

Any idea if we will finally see 5.0 OS on the Tour or will VZW give us the shaft , like when I got my Storm.

I just talked to a VZW rep they dont know anything about it and claim they dont even have it in their system which has to be BS. Whats with verizon not keeping their reps up to date to help us when we call them

i know it's a new phone and all BUT if the storm (which is more or less supposed to be flagship BB for the verizon) is selling for 150 why does the tour has to be 200.....

Storm = Flagship??? Don't think so, that ship has sunk. The Tour will be Verizon's Flagship Blackberry so it does make sense it will cost more than the Storm.

Sorry to tell you but, the Bold was the flagship of RIM. Now RIM is claiming the Tour to be the (new) Flagship. I wouldn't say that the Tour beats the Bold, but RIM is saying this device will be the next flagship.

Being that I am a vzw Rep and a crackberry fanatic I know all about the tour and such but verizon literally doesn't release info to us untill a week or so before the release date for obvious reason, that is most likely why the rep didn't know anything. That or you just talked to one of the reps who is not familiar with pda devices BB etc. As for the price the storm just went on sale to 150 after rebate because the tour is coming out if there wasn't another phone with the same capabilities as the storm coming out it would of most likely stayed at the 199.99 price tag

I have a Curve with Verizon and will be eligible for an upgrade in another year. Maybe VZN will listen to their customers and start unlocking the wifi by then?

I will be switching to the tour come the 12th! However I am Keeping my Storm. I figure I will alternate months in all its blackberry goodness. Go RIM!

I am looking to get a blackberry this summer. The Curve looks like a great phone and is only $50.00 right now. The Tour will be $200.00. What should keep me from buying the $50.00 Curve?

Go with the Tour. It's only $150, unless you are strapped for cash. If that's the case, you shouldn't own a data plan.

The bigger question is: I have a Curve, do I want to drop money on doing upgrades that would be nice, but don't add anything I can't do right now.

My curve is used mainly for email, BB msg, Jivetalk, Facebook, Googlemaps, Poynt, MP3 player, and minor web surfing. The Tour upgrade will only improve my Facebook, Poynt, and web surfing experience so it's hard for me to justify spending $200+ on upgrading.

Now if the Tour had a revolutionary OS, faster processor than the Bold, and Wi-Fi among other new features, I would get it in a heartbeat.

"Go with the tour. It's only $150" is not much of a reason to choose the tour over the curve. You said it yourself, it's hard to justify spending a lot of money to get the tour. Kind of contradicting? I was looking for some hard facts because they seem very similar.

I am under contract with verizon and past my 30 day exchange. I have spoken with Verizon and they said I am sol.

I want a Tour, and I need a solution. Anyone have any ideas?

I will accept email answers to

Got 160 for it from some teen. Bought out of my contract with VZW and went to ATT for better phone...even than tour...BOLD...WIFI...nuf said!

There are also sites that (usually undocumented) ppl use to get phone under contract. They take over the contract (but not directly with carrier of course) and you do what you got to do.

celltradeusa to name one. there are many! remember u are still responsible for the contract but if you can find maybe a responsible person to take over ur contract, you are golden!