Verizon Strikes Early - 8330 Curve Available NOW!

Verizon Curves for Sale!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 May 2008 08:42 pm EDT

It's HERE! At last count the rumored release date for the Verizon 8330 Curve was May 9th. Man is it good for rumors to be wrong. The Verizon 8330 Curve is now available for sale and you can check it out for yourself at

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Verizon Strikes Early - 8330 Curve Available NOW!


The specs say that the Curve is not Rev A upgradeable. Why would Verizon not allow it to be upgraded to Rev A?

Rev A limitation is not a Verizon issue, it is a BlackBerry constraint. Currently all BlackBerries, without regard to carrier are Rev 0. No relief in the near future for this limitation.

I had the curve and it was to small, went back to Verizon and they sold me the 8830. I need the Curve for the Camera, I am in the Mortgage Industry and sick of taking pictures with digital camera , downloading to blackberry and sending. Had 8830 less than 60 days, how do I convince Verizon cs to change out?
New User by the way and you guys are "The Bomb"

Of course it would take boring Verizon to bring it out in AT&T's old silver color. Yawn. Verizon is so old and tired.

WHAT!!! $219.00!!! Thank heavens I left Verizon to go to AT&T in December and got my GSM Curve that i can use anywhere in the world for $99.00!!!!!! Verizon is such a rip off!

I got mine online this morning for $119. Price was $269 minus $100. for advanced device credit and minus $50. for new every two.

$219 isn't a rip off. It is still priced under the MSRP. Besides, AT&T Sucks. I switched to AT&T for 1 month, it was horrible. Dropped calls, slow Edge connection... it's aweful. And their GSP/Telenav doesn't even work well 40% of the time.

Verizon is very fast. I get 1mbps to 2bmps tethering all the time with $15 a month additional. With AT&T, you get Edge (128kbps)...

Er yes, $219.00 is a rip off! I too paid $99.00 over at AT&T. I am sure that Verizon has not enabled GPS. They probably will make you pay for their gps service. I too switched from Verizon because their prices are so high. I am paying $50.00 a month less with AT&T, and I have better reception than I did with Verizon. I guess it's all where you live. Go over to AT&T now and get a kickin' Titanium or lucious red for just $99.00 that can be used worldwide. Or go over to Verizon and get a boring silver that was AT&Ts old color a year ago for $120.00 extra. Yeah!!!

Well I have mine- there isn't a $100 online discount today. All they are offering today is a $50 rebate.

for all of the blackberry fans on the on the sprint network here is the latest. i called sprint on may 7, the day sprint said they were gonna release the bb8330, the phone won't be available until june 1, the same time that the samsung instinct will be released. looks like we sprint blackberry folks will have to wait a little longer

Check another store, I just put my hands on one at my local Verizon Store and they said they are stocked and ready to go on sale Monday, May 12.

Explain the signifcance, please.

And 2, is the the hardware differance inside to make a 8320 tmobile wifi versus the 8330 verizon cdma?