Verizon Storms Are Getting Warmed Up for the Big Day!

Verizon Storms Warming Up for Some Action!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Nov 2008 11:07 am EST

How's this for a little Verizon BlackBerry Storm eyecandy? Word is about 400,000 units will soon embark on their journey through the United States of America to a Verizon dealer near you!! If you haven't booked off this Friday yet from work, what are you waiting for?! Time to make use of those personal leave / sick days you've been saving! :-)

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Verizon Storms Are Getting Warmed Up for the Big Day!


OMG i cannot wait to get my storm. I've already talked to customer service about having it sent to me and receiving it saturday so i do not have to go to the store and wait in line. This is the greatest phone of all time.

Did you order it online already? I was lead to believe that I had to wait for Friday to do so ... When did you order it?

One thing I wanted to mention here is that it looks like Verizon will keep the cool black packaging that Vodafone shipped with (see the ONE unboxing video for this), which is awesome. The reason I'm saying this is because AT&T had to use their own packaging for the Bold which I thought was ugly compared to the all black box, etc. Glad to see Verizon knows style and yes, to me, this matters because as Van Wilder said, "it's all about presentation gentlemen."

So you'd rather have a phone with a cool box rather than an abundance of features? Your logic is very flawed, sir. I'd be willing to be most people don't sit there and stare at the box, they'd rather use the phone for what it's for.

Does anyone know if the installation cd that comes with it will work on Macs? Or only PCs? As a Mac user it'd be nice to know. :)

400,000 units? that doesn't seem a lot.
There will be a shortage on this.. isn't there?
I was told Verizon will overstock them but based on this number, this is not true.. or am I overestimating people who *can* get this phone on nov 21...

I myself, my 12 month upgrade is not due till dec 15 :-(
Is anyone here have same problem and trying to talk to the store manager to get the phone on nov 21? I was told they are strict about upgrading after only 12 month and I need to abide by exact date... what's the big deal ??

400,000 units is A LOT of units.

There are about 2500 Verizon Wireless Stores across the country and 400,000 phones being sent out. If you do the math, that is about 160 phones per store. 160 phones per store is a lot.

Well as far as the number of units per store, you also have to think about stores like Best Buy who are also getting a portion of that number. I am getting mine from BB due to the fact I could pre-order

One thing to note as far as Best Buy - I was told at the local store that they do not directly set up employee discounts for Verizon. They would have to call Verizon, and it would take a couple of billing cycles for it to be applied. Didn't think to ask if it would be effective retroactively.

I am currently an AT&T customer, but Verizon gives my company a 20% discount for its employees.

Something to consider for folks who go through BB...

Rimm (Blackberry) stated they could ship out as many as 2 million by the end of the quarter, which is the end of November. Should be enough stock for the kick off and into the holidays.

I spoke with Verizon customer service 2 days ago and they told me that they already had customer orders for 500,000 that would be shipping direct to customers from distribution centers. Maybe there will be a shortage?

How could they have 500,000 customer orders, they are not even taking orders yet.

Best buy is just taking reservations

Wher are these orders suppose to be happening?

if you've had it for close to a yr and your going from a reg handset to a BB which requires data it's a win win deal for us so we allow it.(varies by location) trust me, data plus voice equals apppeal which translates to less churn.
plus we have reason codes that approve ppl within 1 month of upgrade dates

That's what I thought since I'm going from a dumbphone to a BB; however, the store I went to was not willing to let me upgrade a whole 11 days earlier.

yes I have a 7am-5pm shift...
Some Locations will have advanced trainings so if your the first few ppl in line you'll enjoy the heck out of knowing more than the rest of the US about the device

So unusual for the UK to beat the States but I'm sat here with mine already!!!

Got the last one on the Isle of Wight.......until the next delivery!

Sexy machine!

Enjoy USA

1 year contract = 10 month upgrade

2 year contract = 22 month upgrade = you can early upgrade forfeiting your $100 New Every 2 credit after 12 months time = your fault for signing the 2 year contract to save $70 on the phone and $35 on the act.

Verizon already subsidized the cost of your current handset from full retail $350'ish to let's say $100'ish. They lose $250 and regain it over the course of the 2 years / 1 year minimum.

My store manager friend was saying there were strict rules in place for early upgrading the 8830 World Edition to the 8330 Curve...

So have fun arguing with the store manager and probably get nowhere...........

By the way umm.. the new every 2 credit is given after 20 months and has been that way for over a year now.. just so you know. As an employee, I kinda stay up on M&P's. Though I applaud your phrasing, the information was incorrect and borderline useless.

Serious if your going to make a drawn out outline to try to make someone else look ignorant at least verify your research before posting in front of millions, please take some more time and a little more factual.

I received mine yesterday from Vodafone in the UK... unfortunately it's now back in its box awaiting to go back to Vodafone...

I really really tried to like this phone (it does look gorgeous, very sleek) but this "tactile feedback" was very frustrating for me.
Technically it's not a touch screen phone as the whole screen is a button... So, you have to highlight what you want then confirm by pressing the screen down... which also makes a very plastic-y little click noise...
also, they seem to have improved the accelerometer (which seemed sluggish in those early youtube video reviews) but it's now too trigger happy. You tilt to the left by just a bit and the whole screen changes... plus the highlighting on the screen is way too sensitive, for me at least.

The whole experience put me off right away... which is a shame because I had been waiting for weeks to get this... specifications not very important when you feel frustrated by the very innovation (limitation?) of this phone.
I do think the iPhone is very "last year" but at least you have to give it to Apple for making the touch screen feel so effortless... I don't know if I should try the HTC Touch now...

You know the sensitivity can be changed right? And you gave the phone one WHOLE day to play with and get used to it? Wow, GOOD for you. You show them who's boss...


It's a shame you gave up so easily. But, I know what you mean - the surepress may be more of a hinderance to some than a benefit, even though it was designed to make things more efficient/accurate/easier.

By the way, I'm pretty sure I've read that you can manipulate the sensitivity of the accelerometer, so that it wont be so "trigger happy," as you reported. I wonder if this is a setting that can be changed by the user. See:

"Vodafone assured us that the accelerometer’s sensitivity can be adjusted."

Also, I'm shocked that you thought that the click was plastic-y sounding. I've played with three Storms now, and not once did I think that. In fact, I thought the polar opposite. It felt like I was clicking down on a slab of marble - and the click was muted and solid. Every other account I've read has reported the same. Your's is sounding like a mouse button? It surely is defective then.

ok, even if the accelerometer can be adjusted the main problem was the "clickability" of the screen... it just felt... so... wrong.. uncomfortable even... and it means you have to click/touch everything twice..
you either hate it or love it... it's hard to explain it with words...

by the way what I meant by plastic-y sound was that it definitely makes a sound (the pushing down of a movable part, not the actual phone)

you do know you can just push where you want right? you don't HAVE to make it 2 steps every time

nope, that didn't work for me... the part I highlighted was the part that got activated even if my finger was on the icon I wanted to activate.... maybe I have fat fingers, I don't know.

I'm really waiting to hear other people's experiences as I don't know what the early reviewers were talking about (most were excited about this tactile feedback)...

That STORM Preview link above gets you treated to 100% Apple FANBOY spell-casting "compare".

I laughed out LOUD when I read it. Waste of F___king time.

That's about the 3rd "fake" review/compare I've read today. Apparently Apple fanboys take their dethrowning FAR to seriously.

People need to go try it and make that decision for themselves. I know my experience with APPLE has been a truely tragic one. Having to rely on an Apple iPhone for either voice or data here in the USA would be my VERY last choice.

You must also think of things such as firmware updates, that can take care of small issues.

I sort of hope that they will add in an option so you can make it just touch, and you are not required to click it.

Either way I will love the phone!!

But if the battery life on my Bold is any indication, this is how most Storm's will spend most of their life anyway! That big ole screen is gonna chew heaps of juice unless you're careful. But at least battery life should be better than the iPhone..

Hahaha it's all in good fun folks. Of course I'm jealous I won't be getting one Friday, but I'm happy with my Bold & should be able to wait for the Storm II (with Wifi).

Still shaking my head that the Storm doesn't have Wifi - RIM what were you thinking!!!!

Look at all the pretty ladies sitting in a row. Just checked my account and I get my $100 credit for ne2 as of today I am so psyched. Can't wait til 11/21

So EXACTLY how does this NE2 program work? Last time I've done it was 2 years ago so I really don't remember. I'm done my 2-year as of a couple days ago -- will I get this phone for $200 or $100 after the mail-in rebate and the "NE2 $100 credit"?

It is going into battle. Battle against Apple, AT&T and the belief of many people who believe that the Iphone was sent by god and that it is the greatest smartphone that has ever or will ever be.

The expected release date from Telus and Bell is approx Dec 8-9. Going to be expensive with or without contract. Save those pennies and tell the family not to expect too many christmas gifts from you!!!!!

no rynechaloux, it is RIMs decision , Verizon never said not to put it on, it's not on the 9500 model either. Did Verizon tell them not to put Wifi on anybody else's carriers model also?

just updated my Verizon Storm to


And to the guy that kept his and returned it after just a few hours.. He is a HATER.. I doubt her ever even owned the phone! Who waits that long for a phone and gives it just a few hours before shipping back? and then praises the Iphone..

Its verizons decision for no wifi on the storm,not rims.

This was posted by boygenius back on oct 31st.

Check the oct 31st postings on the boygeniusreport.

I can't say for certain, but my guess is the Blackberry Desktop Manager software in the box will be PC only. The software for Mac can be downloaded from the Blackberry site (click on software at the top, then scroll to the bottom of the page).

the diff in the BOX.. if you look at the post from a few days ago with the Vodafone unboxed.... it is a diff box.. also Verizon only put their logo on the back of the storm so no branding on the front of the phone or the packaging... they will ship with a VZW sleave that is white and has all the vzw logos all over it.

Oh Yea!! Already told my office I'll be in late. I'm ready to be at the door waiting at 6am for when they open at 7am. I want my STORM.....

Ok, so verizon commercial says the Storm comes equipped with GPS and available VZW Navigator. Does that mean you can map out destinations without having to sign up with Navigator? I hate paying for extra VZW apps, they seem cheesy. A buddy has an Iphone and it's mapping utility is great, it gives actual satellite imagery...even though he pays extra. Does Navigator provide imagery?

my girlfriend has the curve and downloaded google maps on it (free) and that gives satellite images. I know that verizon doesn't lock out their gps so you can use blackberry maps and 3rd party apps like google maps.

GPS is unlocked on the can use whatever application you would don't have to use VZ Navigator even though I think it is awesome.

I wanted to take advantage of Best Buys preorder offer in an attempt to get my paws on a Storm as soon as non-corporate-status possible, so I rang my local VZW store and signed up on their "list" and then went to BB to plop 50bucks for a preorder.
My local Best Buy has apparently STOPPED the presale offer due to unexpected demand. She told me that they stopped on Friday evening after hitting 30 pre-orders.
I still managed to sweet talk my way into pay the deposit and putting my name on the list albeit at the bottom.
She then told me that they usually only get about 10 phones per initial shipment and she has to wait and see how many will be in her inventory this week.

So, I very well may be in a line at the damn VZW store also on Friday!

AND, I was just suckered into using my upgrade credit on a Curve about 4 months ago, so now I am dreading having to pay RETAIL. I might need to start practicing more on my sweet talking skills.

I know that Best Buy and Verizon compete for prices, but like hell I will pay 5/6/$700 for a phone as seen around online.

OH- and whats the madness with verizon's marketing??!
Those e-mail sign up's were bogus along with all this other "promotional campaigning". I love that I just paid a deposit on a phone, that is hopefully still coming out this following friday, but still dont have a rock solid price or date on. And either everyone has been told to be hush-hush on the topic of the phone or they truly don't have a clue either. I think it's a bit of both.

So actually, good job RIM on keeping us going absolutely nuts!

so i am not available for an upgrade...what is my better option, verizon, best buy, or order online?

just trying to figure out my cheapest option!

I dnt have an upgrade for verizon so what do you think would be my cheapest option:

Best Buy
Order online(which a verizon rep insisted)


you mean 399,998

I bet if every storm loving crackberry out there posted on here, we would take a big chunk out of that 400,000.

I have it pre-ordered but a guy at the verizon store said that only Verizon will get the phones on the 21st. Any clarification???

I called the Best Buy where I pre-ordered and the guy told me this: He said that as soon as their orders came in the people that pre-ordered would be called to come pick up their STORM. Meaning if it comes in earlier than Friday YOU WILL BE GETTING A STORM. And if he's lying to me I won't be leaving Best Buy till I get it :-)

best buy called me the same day the official release date was announced and told to me come in friday the 21st.

Quick question everyone, i get out of work at five pm do u think with 400,000 BB storms being in stock i have a chance of going to my local store and them having any left by that time???

thanks you for those who have responded!

depends where you live, if its in a smaller city/town I am sure you could talk to someone at verizon and if they are nice enough hold onto one for you. If you live in a bigger city/town like NYC chances may be harder. I was talking to a verizon guy a lot and he said he would try to hold on to one but that he couldn't promise anything. And I have heard a lot of people saying they are going to be waiting in line hours before it opens. If you want to get it guaranteed, I would go really early to one of the stores that opens at 7 so you are one of the first people and get in and out by 7:30

If anybody has noticed that the storm here, just like the vodafone storm, has the gap below the screen. If you watch the VZW commercial as well as all the ads and the 360 view on the site, the gap is there, but it is MUCH smaller. This makes me FURIOUS at Verizon, i would gladly buy the Storm with the larger gap, but they fact VZW goes out of their way to lie to you? I honestly don't know if I want to buy the storm now, i just can't stand being lied too.

I've played with the actual phone at one of verizons things. It was a prerelease model so it wasn't perfect, but there was definitely no noticeable gap.

The phone they show on the commercials is exactly what it looks like in person. The one online isn't the actual phone, its just a digital image they made.

I also plan on standing in a queue to get one if that's what it takes. I'll be there at least by 6am.

I just don't want to stand in line for a pre-order "event". I could have ordered one at best buy already, so I will assume that they will have actual devices on friday.

I'm also hoping they have some in-store demo units this week so I can go play. Last time I bugged my local VZ store, they didn't have a clue when they'd get one in....

I want..........

it funnier as they get closer to the storm release the less excited i get about it. i am more worried about leaks and then i am thinking what do i really need a blackberry for no one else i know has one. so bbm is useless. so mayb i am just gonan give up and just get a normal phone.

you will be disappointed. If you like gadgets it doesnt matter who has a blackberry! It's just cool even if you aren't a business person. Tons of things you can do with it.

Hey!!! The best buy mobile store guy i ordered mine from said they suspended the pre order because soo many people wanted it!!!

Just a heads up to everyone out there. I'm a vzw sales rep so I stopped by to see how the demand is looking for the storm. I've been playing with it the past 2 days and it's awesome. The surepress works great and fixes what I hated about touchscreens... accidental selection of things. GPS does work on the device even if you dont subscribe to vznav. Also the thing that everyone has been addicted to in my store is the new game word mole, great way to waste hours of your day. I know a lot of people are concerned about how much it's going to cost based on being eligible or not eligible for their upgrade. In my store we do it like this... if you are not eligible for your upgrade, but you want to go to an advanced device with a data package, we will give you 2 year pricing. However, if you currently own a blackberry and aren't eligible for an upgrade, sorry but you're going to pay full retail. We don't benefit from you moving from one blackberry to another so we're not going to give you cheaper pricing. I didn't expect people to be lining up, but from the way everyone is talking I think I'll go into work early and bag a bunch up so I can fire them out the door. Also one other thing, don't know if this went into affect nationwide but it did in my region... there is now a $35 restock fee on returned devices, no exceptions (unless the device is deffective). So make sure you want the thing before ya walk out the door with it. Enjoy everyone!

Quick question to any sales rep in Cali. I have my upgrade available since nov. 6 thats my NE2. anyway my question is since the strom will cost $250 minus a $50 dollar mail in rebate, how much will it cost me since i have the NE2. By the way i currently own a PalmTreo 700w for 2 years and dying for a phone like the storm. Anyone plz help.

I just got my ne2 today you will get $100 off so you will have to pay 149.99 and still get the $50 debit card in the mail.

So reading one of the posts, i assume the following is correct...

If I am a current VZ subscribert with a regular voice only plan, and I am 18 months into my 2 year contract...I am still eligible to get the Storm for the 2 year price, since I am upgrading to a now voice AND data plan?

Also, does anyone know if I call Verizon directly I can pre-order the phone, or do I have to wait until Friday?

Thank you.

I received a card for a private sale from Nov 17 - Nov 21.
The Strom is featured on the front of the invitation.
Does anyone know anything about this sale?
I'm guessing I'll be at my local verizon store when they open in the morning! This is better than Xmas as a kid, wish me luck.

I think this will revolutionize blackberrys, and set a whole new standard in (smart phones)!! Can't wait to see how many I sell on launch, and can't wait to get my own, hopefully some time soon, :-(

So the Storm has arrived. The Bold steps up and smacks it in the mouth, fact. Ive had the pleasure to play with the storm, the touchscreen cant compare to the keyboard. It is very weird when you type, Ive used blackberrys for as long as I can remember and the touch screen has a long way to go. The Bold has the same guts as the storm for the most part, oh and wifi. I hope some of you find the storm usefull but I dare any of you to type out an email with speed, not happening.

I keep hearing it has no WiFi? Why is this a big deal? It runs on Verizon's 3G Network and web browsing is fully capable. So why is WiFi needed? Can someone please fill me in on what the Storm isn't capable of since it doesn't have Wifi

Because wifi offers superior speed. Also, what if you are in an area that is not in verizons range yet you still want to be able to browse the internet through your device?

One of my favorite things about my iPod Touch is that it allows me to surf the web while I am laying in bed or sitting on my couch because it allows me to connect to the internet through my wifi network.

The trend for the last few years shows that many devices that typically were not meant to be used for the internet are doing just that, and they need wifi for this.

I am going to end up getting the storm because I live in D.C. and their coverage here is far better than ATTs. But if that were not the case, I would have gone with the Bold precisely because of its wifi capabilities.

Man O man...So I think my verizon store opens at 10am but 21NOV08 they will open at 9am. Any suggestions what time I should arrive.

Hopefully it won't be too bad here in Tampa. I'm getting to the local store at around 7:15 on Friday so I won't miss too much work. Who really "misses" work anyway?

So the thiefs at Verizon are going to charge for visual voicemail. Are you f---ing kidding me???? What else now?


Most stores open around 9am. So that means the stores should open at 8am for the storm.

Verizon is taking a great blackberry device and ruining it, charging for visual voicemail, charging for vcast, locking down gps. At&t doesnt lock down their gps on the bold, and their cellular video is free of charge as part of the blackberry data plan. Yes, Verizon has good coverage but charge, charge, charge, charge for everything. Cant for once they give a s--t about the consumer?????? I have verizon but am going to the Bold.

you have to buy videos on att just like any other carrier. You can put on videos without paying if you sync it from to your computer and put it on your memory card.

I keep hearing it has no WiFi? Why is this a big deal? It runs on Verizon's 3G Network and web browsing is fully capable. So why is WiFi needed? Can someone please fill me in on what the Storm isn't capable of since it doesn't have Wifi

To answer the one posters question, yes if you're 18 months into your contract and going from a regular phone (voice plan) to a blackberry (voice and data plan) we, at least at my store, allow you to upgrade at 2 year pricing. Now I do know some stores will not do that, so it depends on the manager.

As far as the visual voice mail, its only $2.99 and it straight up smacks the iphones visual voicemail in the mouth. You can reply with picture and video messaging, you can save voicemails to internal or external memory, theres network backup, you can compose, reply and forward via voicemail. It's an extra feature 90% of people don't need, but is there if you want it.

And as someone mentioned before, what really is the benefit of wifi? You have access to the largest 3G network so I don't see the need for it. Besides, wifi isn't the most secure of things. I'm sure some people can make an arguement for the value of it, but I think the majority of customers don't really need it and I'd rather pay $199 for a device without it than pay more for it to be on there because I'll never use it.

As far as comparing it to the bold... I haven't had any problems typing on the storm. I don't doubt you can email faster on a physical keyboard, but I don't think thats exactly the target for the storm. I think the target was to create a trend setting all in one device and I feel they did exactly that. To me its the perfect combination of a pda and media device, has all the professional software that has made blackberry so popular but at the same time has a trendy touch screen, high screen resolution, supports itunes (and soon rhapsody) and has a high quality camera. It has everything the majority of people are looking for.

Oh and wifi is way faster than any 3g network, fact. And why do you have to have a blackberry plan on verizon blackberrys? You dont have to on At&t, just another fact. Granted I always would subscribe to the data plans but some people just want the keyboard for texting and want to use it as a pda/phone but dont need the internet. And with wifi you can surf the net all you want.

for the exact same reason iphones have an iphone plan... its exactly the same, just called something different

What if I want to view Hulu....I noticed on the Iphone it does not support Flash player 9. Any comments about the Storm and flash player?

I got a chance to play with the Verizon Storm, the final model not the beta, for about an hour and I have to say I am seriously considering the iphone now. Now I know this will instantly receive backlash for no logical reason other than it is a dissenting comment about the storm but it is not what I thought it would be. I am aware that there will be updates but what I have been reading about the vodafone version with a whacked out accelerometer and buggy UI is true with the verizon model. All of the most likely brainless reps that said verizon was holding back till this phone was perfect and wouldn't release it until then were sorely mistaken and I feel alot of people will be disappointed for how much this device has been hyped up.

You have to hold it at what seems to be a greater than 60 degree angle if you want the phone to recognize going between portrait and landscape mode which makes the normal position for text messaging and use of the phone rather frustrating. Don't get me wrong the phone has some high points such as a beautiful screen and call quality sounds great but for as much time as they have had to make this phone after the iphone's release it definitely falls short in some key areas. Also, the browser is so-so and I have to say safari is a winner in that department. Trying to zoom in and out is a pain compared to the iphone's pinch method and really takes away from the user experience. The keyboards are nice, not great but nice, and an interesting thing is that in certain applications you can only use either a portrait or landscape keyboard.

I could go on with other aspects but I will stop here. I still think it could be a good device just not the great device everyone hoped it would be. I hope it gets better through updates but I walked away feeling let down.

I suspect many of these issues will be resolved in future software updates. Just as many of the deficiencies with the iPhone have been resolved.

I've read this person's (Anonymous) post before. Several times.


I have never posted before but do you think it possible that, like myself, others have had similar complaints about the Storm?

Anonymous is the default name given if you are not already a crackberry member. I do like, however, your insinuation.

The Storm is available now. They are in stock. If you go to the store and demand to speak with a manager and tell him/her you want one now or you will port your number out, they will hook you up. Go get yours. I just hooked someone up with their Storm.

That can not be true.. There is a official release date.. if corporate saq sales go out the window before that date wouldnt it raise a eyebrow? I want the storm but I dont think we need to push Verizon around and complain to get something that bad?

lol. your almost tempting me to call the manager I have talked to b4 and ask her what can she do to put me in a Storm.

I would call her and get it. make her give it to you or tell her you are porting to At&t and getting the Bold.

Its heavy, bulky and huge, very very very cumbersome the touchscreen is. The keyboard is hard to beat! These are the facts. But you will have to try it for yourself. Its like the iphone, looks cool, app store is sweet but after a week or so it leaves you wondering and questioning, is it worth it??? Dont think so.

bulky? it's not even that much bigger than the iphone. the iphone is even a tad bit wider. the only thing that's different is that it is a slight bit thicker than the iphone and maybe heavier but not by much at all. sometimes i wonder why iphone and apple lovers even come here to make comments. i mean the site says so i mean why waste your time here.

First off, Im not by any means an apple fanboy and dont even own an iphone. Im a huge crackberry addict, I own a bold, and have a curve in the bullpen just in case, so get your damn facts straight. Funny, I mentioned nothing about the iphone, NOTHING. I was simply stating that the storm is cumbersome to use compared to a crackberry with a keyboard. I can read, I know what the site says, Im on it daily. It is big and bulky and the screen is very difficult to use. F ing idiot has no clue what he is talking about.

I just got a flyer in the mail telling me I can upgrade early. I just bought my phone in Feb...seems like VZW needs some Storm sales...

Seriously what's up with all the apple fanboys, or people comparing the storm to iphone? there is no comparison. apple's isuck got nothing on the storm, except the fact that it came out first, so it's more stable, more apps, ok ok WIFI *claps* that's it?. When the storm catches up to that, and rain all over the isucks parade, what's apple gonna do? it's gonna rot.

I have a iphone, and a itouch, both are jailbroken. Come 21st, my first blackberry, and yes it'll be a STORM! I keep the isuck, and the itouch for accessories around the house, when I workout. They're excellent toys, what can i say? I want more memory apple! Oh!? i have to buy a new one? my battery sucks, i need a new one, oh!? i have to send it back in? I want push email, copy/ paste, button feedback, oh i need to download a app? it doesn't come like that? gotta love how apple milks you. My buddies have bbs, and iphones, we compare, looking ahead the bb storm is gonna own it all, period! SO WE GOTS TO HAVE THE STORM! face it apple, apple fanboys, apple is about to get owned when the storm arrives full force(updates, apps, fixes etc..)

in all fairness, the iphone is a good phone. A lot of people have it, a lot of people like it. the storm will be a better phone and a lot of people will like it and others wont. Everyone has their likes and dislikes.

Some people like the iphone, some people like ugly wo/men... everyones got to get some love!

So I'm super stoked to get a new Storm, but I'm worried about not getting one due to the demand. I'd planned on getting to the Verizon store about 1.5 hours before it opens to wait in line (I'm not missing classes or work, so it's nothin overly dramatic, other than the unspoken crazy aspect). Does anyone think this is overly early/late? I need opinions!

I mean I GUESS I can wait and just order one, but I've been anxious to get this phone since I first started hearing rumblings about it over the summer. I need instant gratification!!!

Please help!

Soo yup there is a restock fee, I just called Verizon to verify. That's bunk, and it's a new fee. He didn't mention how new, but I'm guessing fairly new?

That's pretty shitty. If I get the Storm and don't like it, I'll sell it and use the $$ from the Storm to get a Curve! I'm sure I can find someone willing to pay retail for the glossy new Storm.

thats because they did away with the $20 device initiation fee. just spend time with the device before you buy it. try it out for yourself and dont take everyone's word for it. you are the one that has to use it for 2 years.

Well I got device training on the Storm today. My first impression is that the device itself looks nice. Its got a nice feel. The touchscreen is solid, and not plastic feeling. The OS is not intuitive! Sending messages is a chore because there is no dedicated SEND button. The screen clicks will get really annoying. Browsing is ok at best. I work for VZW and this is what they would call competition for the iPhone. I'm willing to bet that a lot of people will return this device because of the screen clicks. Its very hard to type quickly when your worried about applying enough pressure to click the screen.
Very disappointing!
PS the screen click = the entire screen clicking downward like the new Trackpad on an Apple Macbook

so this will do away with the whole "on the sly texting in class when you should be paying attention" thing? crap. I really might just get a curve. I'm gonna be really pissed if I wait in line for an hour and a half and I hate the phone!!! Grrrrr.

Yeah... the clicks aren't loud or anything.. Everyone will have to touch it to decide whether or not you can deal with the clicks. If it was touch only, it would be a wicked device! I know you shouldn't be using it in class or while driving, but we all know we can't stop our selves. Clicking touchscreen wasn't the best idea!

I figure the annoying "clicking" sound of the screen will vary from person to person.

For those that have tried the device, how loud is it really? I have a LG VX8300. All the buttons on it "click"-- pretty loudly too. But I feel like that is what makes the device feel "solid" to me (I know, that can be weird...). Frankly, I don't find the clicking annoying at all.

Could it be that the largeness of the screen just makes the device seem like the clicks are louder?

It isn't "loud" really, it's a mechanical plastic-y noise because the whole screen does go down when you push it. It's rather unavoidable and it's the phone's great innovation but it's what some people (including me) will not like it. In my case it was enough to put me off completely.
PS: I don't have an iPhone - only an ipod touch- before anyone calls me a "Blackberry hater" again...