Verizon Storm Release Pushed Back to November 13th?!

Buy Your Storm on November 13th!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Oct 2008 11:22 am EDT

* Update: BG just posted a story showing that Best Buy is set to have the Verizon BlackBerry Storm in stock for November 16th. Keep in mind the actual walk-into-the-store-and-buy date could be one or two after that. What's that mean for the 13th date mentioned below? Could already be defunct, or could be that Verizon stores will have it for a few days first before it hits other retailers. I like to error on the side of caution though (and these dates always seem to change to don't they?!), so why don't we all just think third or last week of November... and if it arrives sooner we can all be happily surprised! :-) *

I guess saying the release date of the BlackBerry Storm has been "pushed back" is a bit of a stretch seeing as how it has yet to be officially announced, but the word leading up to this change in date was a November 9th availability (a Sunday, meaning you could likely pick the device up in store come Monday morning on the 10th).

We're now hearing that date has been pushed back to Thursday, November 13th. I can live with that, so long as we don't start seeing an AT&T Bold-like series of delays (don't think that'll happen in this case). Will follow up with more details as they emerge, so stay tuned!

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Verizon Storm Release Pushed Back to November 13th?!


Since we have not seen a release date, I am not all upset or worried about that right now, everything is speculation so I can wait a few more days, I probably was not going to pick it up until January just in case they have a few bugs to work out.

Thanks for the update, the forums are a mess with anxiety! I must admit that I am feeling a little too but not as much as others.

The only great part of this is Thursdays I am in my local office which means I can go and pick it up at the local VZW store.

I will probably end up buying it online though, if they let you do that early.

I'm so dying waiting for this phone, I'm ready for my upgrade, and I'm ready for this phone, but I can't keep waiting like this. I mean, Nov. 13th is not that bad, but prolonging the release, I'm probably going to have to shoot myself. Lol.

I was in a verizon store on saturday and asked when the phone would be coming out... the guy brought me to the side because they are not supposed to "release those details" as he said and told me November 16th it would be in stores.....

So lets see.... i cant wait to get my hands on this one........
I hope i win the storm here on crackberry =)

Well, that's it.

I'm switching to AT&T and buying an Iphone today. As usual Verizon has screwed up a good thing and taken way too long with this. I've been waiting for months. See ya vzw.

Have fun with your STUPID FUCKING IPHONE !!! All of you cry babies need to SHUT THE FUCK UP !!! Neither RIM nor Verizon have even released a date so you have no reason to be pissed off !! As for "Verizon screwing up another good thing", HOW ? By not releasing it when YOU WANT IT ?!! WAHHHHHHH !! Fucking cry baby. Have fun with that piece of shit iPhone and STAY THE FUCK OUT OF HERE !!!!!!!!!!!

I said blah blah blah blah blah. Enough Storm talk, who cares? I'll be leveling up this time next week. Fist that!!!

hey fist u...fist u. i'll be level 80 b4 you even install the game. you'll still be running system tests before your tree elf gets out da woods. by guild brozards and me gonna get me to 80 b4 u...bazooyahzinger!

First of all , has BG EVER been right about a blakberry release. Love the site , but seriously never right bout blackberry dates. Could go on and on about that , but just like BG SWORE up and down to the moon the at&t bold would be out by Oct 2nd etc..... I would read too much into his release dates over the anyone on CB

Yesterday I asked a sales rep at the Stroudsburg, PA store when the Storms were going to be available. She told me that no "definite date" has been set, but that "it's been pushed back to mid-November because the bosses want us to have hands-on training with live units before they go on sale."

That seems to jive with this story.

I'm fine with a delay if it means everybody getting up to speed with the actual hardware.

1st off that mall sux and they never have any good phones not even dummies and those reps never know anything im probably goin to nj or ny to get mine becuase if they do get the storm they probably wont even have it out on the actual launch date! but im pretty sure it will be out sometime in the 2nd week of nov.

Actually, I was at the Verizon store in Jersey Gardens and all the rep would tell me was "early to mid november"... seems like the 9 - 13 might be dead on.

I don't think that it will be long. I work for Verizon Wireless as a sales rep. I received an e-mail today informing us of mandatory trainings that need to be completed. They just loaded the "Storm" device training today and it is required to be completed by 10/24/08. They are ready to push this thing out. But once again, what I have come to find from the decision makers is that they are all smart and will not make a hasty decision. I am thinking beginning of November, but that is my humble opinion.

For those with upgrades available on Verizon you might be able to get the Storm early via upgrade online. Sometimes the update online has phones available even before the stores. I upgraded my wife to the Dare ten days before the store even had a model on-hand. Worth keeping an eye on.

Best Buy usually get things after the store does. I worked for a Best Buy Mobile and anythign that wasnt exclusive to Best Buy the corporate stores got first.

I have seen reports both ways on each of these subjects. Is there wifi on this device? will youtube work? If there is no wifi, do you think that is something that could be hacked?

Well I found this link and It talks about the Phone and the price.. Although I am new and may sound lame I am confused maybe one of you can shed some light on this for me.. I WILL be buying one of these but a lil unsure. here Is the link
Thank you