Verizon Storm 2 Training Video Caught On Camera!

By Bla1ze on 7 Oct 2009 07:33 pm EDT

Wow, Storm 2 material just keeps popping up everywhere. Be it training materials, promo materials right down to listings in carriers systems there is no denying we are getting closer to launch every day. Have a look at the video that was delivered to Verizon employee's recently to review that BerryScoop got a hold of. It's a little blurry but it gets the point across. Now, RIM your turn. Can we get an official annoouncement or shall we just pretend like we dunno about it?

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Verizon Storm 2 Training Video Caught On Camera!


This is worse than the anticipation on Christmas Eve. I really hope that when the time comes it's not a lump of coal in our blackberry loving stockings...unless its that good faux coal thats really gum...

The release date for the Storm 2 is October 14th, I was told this by a sales person at my local Verizon wireless store. If what he said is true I'll be upgrading from current phone which is a iPhone 3G had it when it first came out in June 2008 and I'm pretty much bored with it/ATT reception sucks that's why. So can I get a pre-welcome to the Blackberry World? lol

welcome to the blackberry world, with that said , the people at the vzw store dont know shit. i think you may know more then they do, im guessing this phone will be out the second week of nov, this is the same shit they pulled off last year with the original storm

Wow, guess it is being called "Storm2". Maybe I'm a sucker for marketing, but that seems kind of lame to me.

i'm more excited than a kid in a candy store. i wish it would come out on the t-mo contract ends on the 20th.

Att is coming out with storm 2 as well .. just a lot later than Verizon. Also this bbry is global , which means, gsm/cdma capable.

Att is coming out with storm 2 as well .. just a lot later than Verizon. Also this bbry is global , which means, gsm/cdma capable.

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these!! i'm dropping at&t like a bad habit and moving to verizon to get get my hands on one of these! Hurry and announce a date already i'm DYING!!

No, i'm not hiding under a rock or anything and I know it can not be true. But, the storm 2 did just go into the VZW equipment guide (not the emulator that has been posted) just yesterday which will put it about 2 weeks to be launched. There was a Blackberry rep at the job today saying that there is going to be up to 3 more blackberries to be released onto VZW before the end of the quarter.

With that said, he started pulling my leg saying the Storm2 may not be released this month and that they could be just pulling our legs with the information that's out there right now. I know that can't be true but why would he say that?

Damn! Of course the onboard memory specs were out of frame too. I am sick of choosing between options and performance. I should be able to carry around a hundred apps if I want to!

When was the last time Verizon disabled a feature on a New Blackberry? Nothing on the Pearl Flip, Tour or Storm. I can use Google Voice, how about the Iphone?

The training says that it will have 2gb of onboard memory;it definately says will be running 5.0 and also that it will come not with a 8gb memory card but a 16gb

I spoke with my verizon salesman a few days ago. Hell he said it is coming out soon. He just did not have a date. So I think they are being told not to talk about it.

I am new to the whole BB phones I had a curve for 1 month and just didn't like lack of programs at the time. I have always been a windows fan. However, I am considering getting the S2. My question is, can you access your desk top with the S2? Thanks :)

As in remote control of your desktop? There are a few apps that I believe do that if you search in the forms. I know LogMeIn is working on a version for the Storm as well that looks very promising.

I call Verizon all the time to complain about my storm, hoping that I will have enough problems to get a new storm at the promotinal price. Last time I called (last week) I got a representitive who was a blackberry user as well and very interested in anything blackberry. I told her about (how she hasnt heard about it is beyond me). Throughout the phone conversation I kept asking about the Storm 2 and very subtle (sp?) she said it should debut anytime between now and christmas, but four times in that conversation she quietly said "Black Friday". I dont know if she was trying to drop me a hint but every time after she said between now and christmas she quitly said black friday!! So keep your eyes open folks and be prepared to stand in line thanksgiving night!!!

Anybody heard anything about a VZW storm >storm 2 upgrade? I kinda doubt it because it IS VZW...but here's hoping!

There was a surprise in the training video that I wonder if anyone noticed; tethering (wifi, to be precise) is *standard* with the new Storm (a change from typical VZW, and something not available with any VZW BB currently). This could lead to lots of upgrade interest from existing Storm owners (including moi), and not just because I could tether my Storm 2 to my router.