BlackBerry OS autoloaders now available for all BlackBerry 10 devices

By Bla1ze on 15 Jul 2014 04:48 pm EDT

If you're on Verizon and using a BlackBerry Z10, then you may have noticed a new update has landed on your device. While other areas have already received the OS software version update, Verizon has decided to throw a little bit of confusion into the mix by releasing OS with software version Although the changelog is technically old, given the OS Verizon had previously, what you see on your device if you got the update is actually pretty correct.

  • Enhanced attachment view for emails
  • Easily switch between personal and work settings through customized Quick Settings
  • Support for SD cards 64GB and higher
  • And more

If you're seeing the update on Verizon, accept it and enjoy the fact that Verizon finally sent out an update with some actual device enhancements, even though it's coming later than some others. For everyone else not on Verizon who might want the update, anyone can install this OS now that it is official by way of using autoloaders created from the OS.

Thanks to Thurask and everyone else for getting the autoloaders together!

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BlackBerry OS autoloaders now available for all BlackBerry 10 devices


Just received the notification, but the information shows a different version.

I'm on Verizon with the version (software release) (os version)

Will install when I get home.

00 - Posted from my z10

OS version vs. Software version.

"While other areas have already received the OS software version update, Verizon has decided to throw a little bit of confusion into the mix by releasing OS with software version"

Isn't 10.3 right around the corner?

I usually get right on these autoloaders, but I'll pass on this one,....

Posted via CB10

If I recall correctly, 10.3 won't be launched for the current in-market devices. Rather, 10.3 will be launched on new devices (Passport, Classic), then 10.3.1 will be launched later on with support for all devices.

Yes and no. 10.3 will be launched with the Passport, then 10.3.1 with the Classic in November-ish. 10.3.1 will also then be released for current devices.

I don't understand why BlackBerry keeps having several version numbers.

They should only have one number and keep the others internally. Far too much confusion for users.

Apple had 7.1.1, 7.1.2, ... simple right?

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There is a single version #, it's 10.2. You have tiny differences after the release, and to account for them you label with different sub-version numbers.

Android has the same scheme. Apple doesn't, because they treat their power-userslike 3 year olds.

I think he's referring to the fact that they release OS #'s and software #'s which are different, so it can be confusing . . .

I'm on Verizon but I've already loaded version 2977. Will I be able to update OTA or will the system think I have a newer version than Verizon's. Verizon's version number is lower than what I have loaded even though the actual software is a later build number.

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Wow!!! Jus a week's ago I was one of the peeps who complained about "getting bored" with the same OS now.... BAM!!! lol NiiiiiiiiiiIiice

Posted via a sexy QTEN

We have a good leak. I'm on a with sideloaded bars from some newer version.

BTW I can't imagine going back to 10.2.1 now.

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The alarm works fine on the 10. 3 hybrid I found here on CB. Easy install and a fine daily driver. Everything works as far as I know. I've been using it for a couple months. Cheers.

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I'm using is there any differences between and is it stable enough to download. I've been using for about 4 months now. I found no problem.


Apparently the Android runtime on 700 is much faster. That's all I know though.

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Daily driver? It depends on how you use your device. Mine is enterprise activated and on the "work side" I cannot open the file manager...which makes it not suitable for daily driving for me...but if I didnt need to switch, it would be awesome. I still have it loaded on my Z10 and it is great about 95% of the time...

Hi, I am bit unclear about how to separate work and personal in my z10 -mine isn't a corporate connection - I heard that can only be done in z30. Pls reply

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Do you live in Denver? LOL

Posted from my big beautiful BlackBerry Z30!!! I love this phone!!

Hey guys what about here in Albania? I always see the nontification on crackberry but never on my phone

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Hey guys question unrelated, why doesn't z30 have a "case mate tough" like z10 and samsungs. Z30 is a beautiful phone that needs the case mate tough protection.

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When is it coming to the q10?

Loving my black Q10 and white Z10 and ordered the white Z30

I'm happy too, my phone would get really hot after using the browser for some reason and so far this has seemed to fix the problem.


Off topic but breaking news. Apple and IBM in an exclusive collaboration in EMM space. BlackBerry stock down 4% in AH trading.

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So. 3247 has no new support for higher SD cards or the 2 finger settings drop down from any app? I just updated to it like 2 days ago! Damn if this is true.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLEFIED!™

yeah thanks but no thanks, I downloaded this last week, and spent the last 6 days security wiping and reloading Sprints 10.2.1 OS, to finally get my phone working somewhat correctly.

Nothing on Telstra and Optus yet.

Now that most of the bugs are gone, I am not to worried about updating anythings 10.2.1

Pasted via CB chen

I downloaded the update but now my text message list just shows th ephemeral numbers for the people I have a text conversation with...not their names!

What happened and how do I fix it?
Note, I have already restarted the device twice.


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That already happened to me in the past.
I didn't wipe, just had to wait a bit, a reboot or 2, and all was repopulated again...

Whoops. I meant to type "t only shows the phone numbers of the people....not their names."

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Dahhhhhh! Also, when I am in a text history it says "Me" for my messages but instead of the name if the person in their window it just has their number.

What's happening???

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I also had the same problem, rebooted and it fixed itself.. just a matter of time for the contacts to resync with my google account.

hmm is this really for all BlackBerry 10 devices, or only for the Z10? When I searched for updates just now for my VZW Q10, there was nothing new available.

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

This is not keeping me is slowing me down. I don't know who I am texting cuz I don't have phone numbers memorized. Come on...

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I just received an update on my z30. I am on T-Mo on an unlocked z30 and they no longer supper Blackberry so did this get pushed from a BlackBerry server?

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I just grabbed it, and my Z10 id so much better now, flying like a bird!!!

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

Agree. Thus update appears to have made the Z10 very zippy. Much faster user experience. Wow! Anyone else noticing this??

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What about for Z30's (Unlocked Verizon models) on other carriers? Do they receive this update, or no? And how does that work when using an unlocked device. Would they receive the updates from the original carrier it was manufactured for, (in this case, Verizon) or from the carrier it is currently using?

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I just got the update for my z30 unlocked running on T-Mos network in Dallas...seems to run faster, but still looking for new enhancements...anyone know what they are?

Will any body pls share if they know how to switch between personal and work settings through customized Quick Settings and
what higher it means,is it 125 gb ?-Support SD cards 64GB and higher

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I am using z10 -mine isn't a corporate connection - I heard that personal and work can only be done in z30. Pls reply

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My Z's are on corporate and there is work and personal in the quick menu drop down. Works wonderfully fast. Just punch in my PIN and switch between is easy.

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Anyone gonna clear what's the difference between OS and software version.. and why is it so complicated? ... why can't BlackBerry make it clear as it what version everyone is on...

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Q5

Z30STA100-2/ Yeah nothing on Telstra Just yet but I'm running a leak so don't know how that works

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Just finished chatting with a tmobile USA rep and they have no eta when or even if we'll get the update. I'm just hoping we at least get 10.3

I want a Z50

I have an unlocked z10. 10.2... Any stable 10.3... updates available? unlocked with. T-Mob

- Don't swear tha technique-

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Updated via VZW but computer does not recognize 128gig card even though Z10 formatted the card.

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try switching ON usb mass storage device in your Z10 and it will show up.
the issue or the main problem is with BBLink software and exFAT formatted cards.

Yep, tried that but gives unrecognized handle message. So, does not seem to see the card. Does not seem that I am the only one experiencing this. Read the same on another thread.

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Loaded the update via BB Link after backup....noticed difference right away :) I run phone clean, not many apps and it was running well. After update even better :) Give it a few days though STL100-4
My battery, I was getting a solid day of use..
Hope it is the same if not better after this update

" The sleeping giant is about to wake up " Me

No problems with Chase, Mint, or Clash of Clans. All android versions. Snap is still working fine.

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I'm on Verizon in MN and have not received any notification of an update as of yet. I don't need the Work/ Personal separation, but have noticed a hit on battery life on my Z30 after the last couple updates. Any improvements there? I recognize that may be a little greedy since I can get a day and a half with heavy screen time.

I am on Verizon- seems faster. I did have to go thru and delete about 854 emails and facebook alerts that I had previously deleted. Done now- reset and ready to go. Everything else seems fine.

I have this new update but my camera is not working...and it is frustrating please

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Hahaha, I'm on T-Mobile and we haven't got an update since 10.2 last year.

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

I did the update via DM yesterday (Z10) and today got second notice from VZW. Not going to bite, wouldn't be prudent.

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Verizon z10. I noticed I now have the option of deleting multiple emails from hub only or hub and server. Awesome

Also, apart from being faster, my Z10 no longer gets hot like it used to and battery life seems to have improved too with the Verizon update.

You were always able to do that...did you use os loader to wipe your phone? Faulty apps (probably the sideloaded ones) that are in a loop, overheating your phone, were removed then.

I think I could only do it one email at a time before the update. I no longer had Android apps, deleted those I had after not using them or some becoming available on BlackBerry World. It was mainly the browser that made the phone hot.

I installed BlackBerry OS In my BlackBerry z10, if I check for updates its showing, you installed current version... !!!!

Why I'm not getting new BlackBerry OS Please anyone answer me!!!!

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All these changes are in the right direction for Blackberry but still 3 things I see personnaly essential for BB and I hope that BB adds:
1 - The ability to create a password for folders or files
2 - Have a saving mode energis in it for example the screen becomes dark, the network is limited to 2G, applications deactivates ...
3 - Have a Power saver veroillage on the screen of aceuil

No love for the Q. Muthu Pandi I am in the same boat but I believe the answer is that the download for VZW is which is earlier than the download that you (and I) are running. The OS installed software is later than the installed OS that came with

I had to use an Autoloader file for my Q10. If you have a Q10 try the update feature in Blackberry Link. It may work.

I didn't receive the update notice on my Z10 until I tried to update using Blackberry Link.

Despite having completed the update via DM, VZW continues to ping me that the update is available. Odd.

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I am from India and I am only on BB10 older version, while my couple of friends got updated to but when I try to update my phone it says "you have the latest software" I need to update my phone bcoz it got battery and camera issues. Tell me why latest software is not my Z10

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Updating won't improve your battery or carrier's latest version is 2141, trying removing your sim card and using the OS loader.

What's the difference between radio and OS autoloader? Also MEGA has some problems downloading 1gb or more files on Firefox.

That's weird, used the OS loader and I got instead, does this have something to do with leaving my sim card in?

I had installed, this version had hanged my bb z10 a bit and sometimes been worst. So please gave me any information how to deal with this stuff..

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I updated to version and blackberry world stopped working. What can I do?

Zzzwiped on CB for Z10