Verizon Shows Off Skype And Tells Us How To Use It

By Bla1ze on 8 Mar 2010 01:29 pm EST

By now most users should be aware of the deal Skype and Verizon have in the works. In case you missed it, Verizon will have an exclusive deal with Skype to run their VoIP application on the Verizon network. Aside from a rather slim on info press release we've not heard too much more. Unless, of course you include the information of Skype magically disappearing from other platforms. Today though, Verizon treated us all to a new video posted to their YouTube account. It gives a few more details about how Skype and Verizon will work things and oh ya, be sure to pay attention so you can hear the iPhone smack talk. They kinda snuck that in there.

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Verizon Shows Off Skype And Tells Us How To Use It


I can't beleive that it's only on Verizon...will there be a way for users on other networks to get hold of it at soome point?

Does the Verizon exclusivity extend outside of the US? I'd be really miffed if they release a Skype app for the BB and we can't use it in Canada because we don't have Verizon!

we hope so – networks like Verizon and 3 are partnering with us, and others (like O2 in Germany) are committed to allowing Skype

ive never used skype but alot of my friends are...and just when i was saying that i would use it if they released a mobile version it comes out on VZW :-( ...oh well

YES. Listen to the video and read the press releases. NO EXTRA CHARGES for skype to skype and Skype int'l calling rates for skype to int'l number.

So does Skype differ from Google Voice in that Skype will NOT count towards your minutes? I was misinformed about Google Voice and thought it was completely free with both calls and texts, which my most recent bill has proved wrong. So is Skype truly free?

Yes! Skype to Skype will use data only. You must have miss read something about Google voice because you need to have something like a my faves group or a family and friends group on your calling plan to make GV free.

there is no information that suggests that skype does NOT use minutes.. every time skype is mentioned it also mentions "while on the verizon network"
if this was TRUE voip.. then verizon or a wifo network would both work..

this is a total marketing hype exercise...

Straight from Skype's website...

"In addition to free Skype-to-Skype global calling and low rates to international landlines and cell phones, Skype will be ‘always on’, meaning customers can receive Skype calls, instant messages and see friends’ presence anytime. And, Skype usage won’t be charged against customers’ monthly Verizon Wireless data plans or minute allowances."

Skype will be VoIP and will not count against minutes. Also the quote you are referring to says "3G Network"...meaning it needs 3G Data to work.

So just to clarify...

The main difference between Skype and Google Voice is that with Skype, it's primarily communication between computers while Google Voice is done primarily through actual phones? And since you're saying that Skype will use data and not voice, would all my Skype calls have to be done through the Skype application? Reason I ask this is because with Google Voice it uses the BlackBerry's phone application and therefore counts towards minutes. How would I make sure that when I'm calling another Skype user on my phone that it's not using minutes? And the same thing goes with instant messaging? Free of any text or voice charges if done to another skype user?

One more thing...since Skype uses data that means if I went overseas I would either need to buy the Verizon International data plan or buy a local SIM that includes data, correct? But then after that all the international skype calls would be free?

Thanks for all the help.

If you want to make a skype call (to another skype user or to an int'l number), yes, you will have to use the application witch will always be on (so that it can accept any new incoming skype calls just as your bb normally would). You will also have to use the app to get the free skype IMing as well.

Skype to Skype = FREE
Skype to In'tl Number = Skype Rates
Skype to Domestic Number = Not possible (must use normal bb dialer)

As for overseas usage ...I'm thinking Verizon is going to want you to buy their global data plan for skype to work. If you could just buy a local sim with a data plan then anyone could have Skype...but that is not the case at this time.

how do you make users wait over a year for your damn mobile app then bring out the bullsh!t about it only being for verizon... F U ... yeah i'm pissed that's just lame.

I am a diehard Blackberry fan and a diehard Skype user, but there's no way I'm switching to Verizon so I can have Skype on my Blackberry. It's a real shame for Skype that they signed an exclusive agreement with Verizon. Skype is about to lose my business, and they are going to lose out on the business of all the Blackberry users on other networks. I wonder how many people will drop their contracts with their existing networks *just* because Skype is exclusively on Verizon. I'd love to see a network independent version of Skype (produced by Skype and not some third party app) for my Blackberry someday. I'd put it to good use. In the interim, I think I'm going to continue scratching my head and wondering why Skype would limit themselves to just Verizon. It doesn't make sense to me.

Revenue guarantees, profit sharing, the list of reasons why Skype may have made an agreement with Verizon goes on and on and all of them make Skype better off than they would have without an exclusivity agreement ...there's no way they would sign an exclusivity agreement if they would have been better off (read more profitable) without the agreement.

"Skype is about to lose my business,..."
Want to leave Skype? ...fine. They probably won't miss you all that much.

"... and they are going to lose out on the business of all the Blackberry users on other networks. I wonder how many people will drop their contracts with their existing networks *just* because Skype is exclusively on Verizon."
I'm sure they've spent a lot of money figuring out who will jump ship to Verizon for Skype, who won't care, and who will stop using skype because they can't have it on their BB too... they must have been ok with those numbers.

For the life of me I don't know why Skype would do this??? Just release the app across all platforms and carriers. Why would you want to limit your user base?

It doesnt make any sense.

Unfortunately, carriers make the rules here in the US and from Skype's perspective this may be the best they could do. AT&T can barely handle iPhone traffic much less a new VOIP app across multiple platforms. Sprint doesn't allow tethering on most of their phones. T-Mobile doesn't have the customer base that Verizon does so the business case pretty much writes itself. Verizon is also under pressure from FCC to explain ridiculous ETF's as well as responding to net neutrality efforts from content providers (Google etc.) With other carriers limiting bandwidth heavy applications (sling player, tethering, iPhone only recently got MMS), the deal makes sense for both parties. Verizon can tell FCC they are playing nice with content providers, and Skype has an official app on a major carrier. All that being said, consumers benefit when we have more choice. As it stands, there aren't many useful, skype mobile clients now.

I wonder if Sprint will do something about it?..If this app does what it should be doing and works exactly the same way as the app on the PC, surely I will be changing to Verizon, even if that means that I will have to pay the fee to get out of my contract...Come on Sprint,wouldn't you do anything about this...

It wont work like on your desktop. You can call other Skype users on there PCs for sure but not other cell phones or landlines. This is useless.

I'm a heavy user of Skype. Got several Skype in-numbers on different continents that all roll over to my 9700 when I'm not picking up at my desktop or laptop. Outgoing international calls from the cell goes through Google Voice, which is cheap and works beautifully. I don't need "free" voice calls. I'm okay with paying a few bucks as long as it works reliably -- and this setup works great.
I couldn't care less about making voip calls through the BB. All I want is the "Skype Lite" client that Skype promised a year ago ( so the IM works (yes, I've tried IM+, Nimbuzz, iScoot - none of them work reliably).
Skype completely messed up the 4.x client on the desktop, they can't get incoming SMS to work, they promise software but never release it, pull back working clients (WM, Symbian), and now this evil union with Big Red..
Skype has turned evil.

some carriers have an exclusive on a phone. so why not be exclusive with Skype ? don't like this idea ? I do....
I think this is very cool for Verizon. Verizon is the best and Skype sees that too you can come on board and use it when available or just stay where you are.

Not everyone is going to be pleased about this. And that is the way life is. There are lots of things that don't make us happy or make us happy. We all have our own opinions on subjects and that's what makes us different and more exciting.

I am glad it is exclusive to Verizon. And I think others will have the same opinion.

welcome to SKYPE on Verizon

I don't REALLY care about not having this, but I AM sick of these carriers trying to outdo each other with exlusivity of services, phones, etc... And the companies all play along. I should be able to have a 9700 and an iphone on sprint and use skype as well. Or have it on verizon. I hope that we will look back at the current system soon and think, "god, those were the dark ages"- cell companies should just compete on prices, service and coverage/quality, period.

This video makes no mention about using Skype Mobile while outside of the US. That's what this would be really good for.

But I think this Skype thing is restricted because of CARRIERS not Skype itself. Verizon is taking a risk here with people downgrading talk plans - something AT/T and Sprint are afraid of.

It's a smart move because not too many people have Skype yet (you KNOW they will charge eventually!). Think of your extended family, friends, how many actually use Skype regularly? That and there's a learning curve that many users are just too dumb to figure out. People will still be racking up minutes. And whatever VZW does lose in talk (overpriced to begin with), they will more than make up for in data.

I am so mad at skype. I want a damn app for my blackberry and I am NOT on or moving back to Verizon!

Please, please please, google voice turn into a VoIP app soon.

If the iphone does get videochatting (rumored) and Verizon does get 4g (rumored) with the iphone (rumored), running video chat on skype mobile would be momentus

The say you need a data plan, so I'm assuming this won't work over the wi-fi too. Verizon exclusivity and lack of wi-fi make this a FAIL

right now my kids are skyping my parents who are on vacation via laptops and it would have been great if they could just have used this app....yes we are on big red......
A five year old knows how to use my berry but knows how to use skype even better......scary.....

hopefully somebody cracks the app to make it work across other networks... or at least allow the chat function. that's really all i'd use it for. i'm running last year's beta on my T-Mo BB 9700 and it works okay, but you can tell when using it it's clearly an early beta.

When I was in China, I talk to my girlfriend in the states using Skype on my laptop and she used it on her IPhone with no problems and it was crystal clear.
I loaded it on my Storm with Verizon, but it won't work. I am a die hard Crackberry user, but I am standing up for the IPhone using Skype.


What are you talking about?... it's not even available yet. I don't see how you could possibly have loaded it on your Storm.

I have a question for skype...... what about the carriers/people outside US ???

I think they're gonna be doing the same with other countries.... keeping it exclusive to some carriers only.

so i have a question.. i have verizon blackberry 8330 and i have an unlimated calling plan ON SKYPE can i use that plan with my verizon blackberry 8330 to call unlimated to other CELL phones or HOUSE cells?

Any idea for other carriers and in other countries? Particularly for Rogers in Canada... Hopefully, i can download it as an app from somewhere.... Skype Mobile has been available for iphones, android phones even nokia phones for years.... so back for bb...

This is awesome! I recently started using google voice thanks to a crackberry user who had an extra invite... Sweet! It's been awesome.... I'll be all set when skype mobile comes out... My verizon BB Tour is happy!

I have been waiting for this every since I got my storm 1.. now I just would like to see RIM offer the storm 3 with a swivel camera so that we can video chat with our skype app

What we all need is a proper Skype client which works with WiFi / 3G... and not some useless application that no one really understands... It's too complicated / restricted to a single network and just won't work...

1) What is so complicated about the APP?
2) Lot's of things (including devices themselves and particular apps) are restricted to a single network. This isn't a good talking point.
3) How do you know it won't work? Are you an executive at a Fortune 500 company?

I use Skype regularly and have been waiting for VZW to bring out its mobile version. So where do we download it from???

Haha Finally, i love skype, i have family in europe that i call all the time, now ill be able to do it on 2 phones. awesome!
Ive been using it on my iPhone for a while now like this.(jailbroken).

She doesnt even change her tone. These phones can run more than one app at a time. I tell that to all my iphone friends when they get all cocky about a stupid phone. 'Atleast I can play my music and anything else on my phone.' The most multitasking you can do with your iphone is talk on the phone, surf the web and drive.
And stop crying about skype only being on verizon. They're in the know. Since apple is leavin att eventually anyway, why would the wanna stick with a company that lost their only good asset?

I can't wait for this to come out. I am already a huge Skype and now this will make my Blackberry much cheaper to use. This is going to be Awesome!

what the freak?????? dang red check well i guess they can afford to give somein free since they charge for everything else. Someon on spring skyp is waiting for us.

Sounds great V. One thing that I would be very interested in is if I could call home from my BB while traveling? I went through Europe last summer and hooked up the Verizon World Data Plan ($2.17/day!) and all I can say is awesome! GPS, email, IM, photo uploads worked like I was sitting in my living room. The only thing that could be better, would be if I could call home while traveling without having to pay the rather steep roaming charges. I hope this works.