Verizon shows off BBM Video in latest commercial

By Adam Zeis on 9 Apr 2013 09:49 am EDT

Typically Verizon has always cranked out some pretty good TV ads for big devices, so we were happy to see the BlackBerry Z10 get the star treatment as well. 

While we've seen plenty of the Z10 features shown off in the official BlackBerry commercials already, but Verizon's spot kicks it up shows off the Z10 with a BBM Video chat and screen share. Big Red gives a nice look at the feature as well as both the white and black devices. The "vacation work call" is one that I'm sure plenty of you can relate to and thanks to BBM Video, you can now take it to a whole new level :) 

Check out the ad above and drop a comment to let us know what you think! 

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Verizon shows off BBM Video in latest commercial


I think it's time they should stop publishing ads and commercials and focus on releasing the stupid update which every carrier released already along time ago!

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I was going to post the same thing. I love Verizon 's service, but they are really slow with updates. I heard somewhere that they claim the current release is actually 10.0.10 and it is just numbered wrong. I don't buy it.

If they are going to support the z10 they need to do it on the software front as well.

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Yeah Verizon needs to fully back BlackBerry 10 I agree, they should put out the real update. Yeah whatsapp was able for get going but 360 panorama still won't install and my battery life is still not so hot. Get the real update vzw.

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Yes, They shouldn't have reassigned the software engineers to the marketing dept for this commercial...

cuz that's how huge corporations work... smh

Why are they promoting something that Skype has been doing for years? Video calls that is.. BB10 is not bringing too many new stuff on the table, its pretty much catching up to last years high end smartphones, right? No?

Yah, I remember when Skype and Face time allowed you to screen share right? What update was that again? They've been out for how long now? You're absolutely right.... nothing new to see here just something that other video chats don't allow you to do.. that's all

And you think iOS and Android users are gonna switch to BB10 because of these features? That was the whole point of BB10, right? To "revolutionize" smartphones and "bring new users" to BB.. And yet BB users have been decreasing.. I guess all that marketing BB's doing is accomplishing their goals.. My bad then

So because it's not so revolutionary that it should make people switch, that's why we should switch to the other phones that uses a 3rd party app that doesn't have the same features? I'm so confused...

Much better than commercial done by BlackBerry. In this one you actually see the phone and a cool feature for the entire 30 seconds not a 30 second commercial with the phone on display for 5 secs

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Couldnt agree more. And it shows the phone FEATURES (video, screen share, swiping, etc) not just someone walking and a phone off to the side.

Lmao, she hung up on her. Way to show off the screen sharing in a fun way

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Finally a carrier AD!!!!!!!! I was wondering if anyone of them (the dumb 3) would ever release one. I am still a little salty it took this long but its all good....

ATT had a commercial airing day after it was released on their network. Not quite certain when TMobile released theirs but it's airing as well. The Verizon commercial IMO is the best out of all 3

The only one I saw was the BlackBerry ad with the att logo on the bottom saying available on att. I've not seen any att or tmo specific ads


As someone has already said, adverts like this would do better than the one BlackBerry released. The one BlackBerry did with the hipster music just looks like BlackBerry trying to be Apple to me. Whereas Apple can get away with it because they have instant curiosity as a result of media infatuation and brand buzz, BlackBerry doesn't have those things and can't. It's good that Verizon are actually showing off the phone properly.

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BlackBerry trying to be Apple....
Apple had a number of ads running that featured their Facetime App.... of course that was a couple of years ago so maybe no one will make the connection and think BB is trying to be Apple with this ad either.

Cool ad and cool feature! (at least until customer finds out it is not cross platform)

BlackBerry trying to be apple... except their not. you realize this is a carrier add and BlackBerry had nothing to do with it right?

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Hmmm .... pretty sure Apple copied iMessage from BBM and the "do not disturb" feature from BB's Bedside mode.

But yeah, a third party (carrier) creating a commercial showing phone features is copying Apple.

Some people just shouldnt speak.

Obviously its not a cross platform! hence the "BBM" video share not video share for all! Why would they make it accessible to everyone? That's what separates them from Apple and Andriod. Like CDM said, Apple took iMessages and do not disturb features.

Love it! So crystal clear, and easy to do. Just need/wanting more friends on BB10 to share with... People are loving the Z10 experience once they've tried it. C'MON BlackBerry! Sell Like Hell! Keep it moving.

Haha... that was a great ad. Wish some of the Indian carriers would take a page out of that book... much needed...

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I just want them to show the Time Shift cause that's the one that leaves people speechless in my experience

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Yeah, this was in the forums last night. One of BBs better commercials. The people watching it with me on TV during Revolution were all oohing and awing over Screen Share. Pretty cool.

I can't believe they focused their effort on an ad to draw new customers in when they aren't doing anything to try and keep the ones they have (yes, I am talking about the OS update). I do like seeing the Z10 being promoted but wow, it feels like I've been slapped in the face.

Edit: Oh and it reminds me of an Apple ad.

I'd like to see one where a group of kids sit for a photo and just when mom says cheese, they make funny faces to ruin the picture but mom fixes each face individually to make it a perfect shot.

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+1. Though, Samsung has a similar ad involving a family photo at some large dinner/get-together.

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Nice to see some carrier support other than the T-Mobile commercial from time to time. Either way, hopefully more ads will push the benefits of BB10 on the Z10 into the public eye.

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Verizon made Andriod what it is. Hopefully they will put BB10 on the map as well, even though I am on TMobile.

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Nice ad. I hope the carriers and BlackBerry do something for non-business users as well. They could really use a student-centered ad. It's a huge market they are missing out on, IMO.

I've seen "Availalbe on AT&T" at the end of the official BB TV commercial. Good to know Verizon is pushing their own ads!

This is a great commercial. It hits business types and teens all in one strike. Truly a brilliant and enhanced look at one of the many features of BlackBerry 10. We need more commercials like this from carriers who aren't pushing BlackBerry like this (cough cough AT&T). The idea is to get people in the stores checking out these features for themselves and this nails it

When I looked at the picture, I thought that there was a blemish on the top left of the phone, then I realized it's the ugly carrier branding on the phone. Glad Rogers doesn't brand their Z10's.

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Oh well, the phone is great. That's all that matters. And I also love the Pens!! :D You probably can't see because the picture is so small but my profile pic is me with Dan Bylsma :).

Love it! I think it is just a matter of time before other carriers like Sprint realize the Z10 is the way to go. Keep up the good work blackberry!

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Yes, this is the kind of commercial they need to crack out 24/7. Commercial all the features that other smartphone not capable of just yet. They need to do the commercial about Balance and Private features as well. How about camera TimeShift?

Well, almost every camera out now has something like timeshift and balance is useless to most customers. Verizon hit it on the head. BBM and peek flow are the exclusives to bb10.

Exactly! I love the ad and I think the feature is great... or would have been 5 years ago when the corporate culture was ALL BlackBerry. In this BYOD world today, the ability to reach out FROM a BlackBerry to a device OUTSIDE of BlackBerry is much more impressive than limiting your world to only other BlackBerry users. If BlackBerry can start gaining some major market share, this will be great, but it's an uphill slog I'm afraid.

I saw the commercial last night when my wife was watching the voice. It was a pretty descent commercial!

Funny how some of us still didn't know it was there. I screen shared with a couple of friends who have The Z10, and they were like wow, I didn't know I could do that!. LOL! The other said I was just showing off. LOL!

I'm with you on releasing the update. I'm waiting patiently. This is a great eye catching commercial, BUT we need the software to match. Come on Verizon. I switched from Sprint to you just for my white Z10.

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Fantastic! I hope AAT does the same. So far, one can be forgiven if they think that they only sell iphones.

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There definitely needs to be more commercials like this that actually shows off the BB10 features. Glancing over them like the official BlackBerry one does really misses the point. The more they can show off what it can really do, the better.

Nice ad, made me chuckle. If your commercials make people laugh I think it gets you some goodwill that can pay off later.

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I didn't get a chance to look at BBM and how Balance would work with this feature, but I'm curious to find out if a Balance controlled z10 could use this with a Personal z10....

There is likely a configuration within Balance to enable / disable this. All I hope is that it works for both sides of the fence

Saw this on the Tv last night and all I could think is how beautiful the white z10 is....

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This is great ad! This should the focus of BB Ads. This is simple but meaningful. Everyone can relate to the message of this ad! Way to go BB! Way to go!!!

Nice ad!!! Hopefully people will come into the stores and check out the device for themselves and give the Z10 a whirl. Loving the white Z10 too!

Back in 2010 when bbm was still the main socializing app between me n my friends, i thought to myself "It would be freakin awesome if we could video call"

Fast forward 2013, all my friends have left bbm n converted to whatsapp. Now im left with a z10 with no one to video call :(

I hope q10 is THE phone that would bring all my friends back to bbm...because nobody got a z10 but me, sad

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This is better than the BB one...we have to admit: its BlackBerry as a company that sucks, even Verizon makes its Commercial better...smh

BlackBerry as a company sucks because they can't seem to market well? I guess they shouldn't be judged by their main product, their devices? Marketing is of course much more important. Smh

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They dont even care about letting other people that dont see these forums whats new with confused.

The good news is that Engadget barely mentions BlackBerry anymore. They use to enjoy bashing it. Now they cant!

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That's because I laid the smack down on them and reported them to the American Journalism Board for false reporting. And anymore in fractions and they would lose their site and be fined healthy sums of money for Fraudulent Reporting Practices.

Great Job. Blackberry should be doing these kinds of ads. Show People using it!
Is that so hard?

Awesome! Now I can video chat with my ONE BBM contact....not like that stupid Skype where I do this with, oh....close to a hundred friends and family

Has anyone noticed that the AT&T and Verizon Z10 are going for as low as $99 on contract at Amazon Wireless? Just got mine. Check out the great deal!

Being a Verizon commercial, I thought it was great for a 30 second spot. Verizon as a company on the other hand always finds a way to irritate me.

That is the hot girl from the Cinemax show The Girl's Guide to Depravity.

And I was the first to notice her and comment.........................

That was the same issue with the Playbook which was never addressed either other than by third party apps. But we have been told Skype is coming to Z10 which still leaves out the Playbook until it gets some form of BB10 if that feature is supported.

This is actually a pretty good commercial. The thing is, how much impact it actually has with the staggered North American delays, nobody can really tell. The timing is just off.

Either way I'm looking forward to see more good stuff like this.

Finally a commercial that shows what the phone can actually do, WOW!! what a concept. Best one yet.

Big thumbs up to the VZ boys for pushing and promoting the Z10!! Just saw the commercial today also. Nice!!

What a contrast to AT&T.

THIS is marketing. A realistic situation that actually shows off a unique feature of the phone and not a commercial about random transitions featuring the blackberry z10

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I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now lets get victoria secret doing a bbm video and then screen sharing the shots. Now that would win ad of the year.... for me :P

Verizon is doing a nice job of advertising the Z10. I've seen this commercial a couple times on TV already and just this morning heard 2 radio ads spelling out a bunch of the Z10's features.

Do you still have to be on WIFI to do a video call? This feature isn't going to be cool until you can use it without WIFI. Can you name 5 people not on this site that has a BlackBerry? If so, can you name 5 people that are currently connected to WIFI with a BlackBerry not on this site? Do you still even need WIFI?