Verizon rolls out OS 10.2.1 for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Z30

By Adam Zeis on 18 Mar 2014 12:17 pm EDT

Hey Verizon users — today is your day! BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 is now rolling out for all devices including the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10 and tBlackBerry Z30. It's been quite the wait, but also well worth it.

OS 10.2.1 brings along a slew of new features that inlcudes Wi-Fi direct, quick settings, Hub pinch gesture, Miracast and much more. You can check out the full list of what's new here, or check out our full review for all the goods.

If you're not seeing the update just yet, you can check manually under Settings > Software Updates. Be sure to hit up the comments and let us know when you get it!

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Verizon rolls out OS 10.2.1 for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Z30



After years of being dead last, I still don't know how to process Verizon hitting back to back Z10 releases before another carrier. I know your pain...

I'm basically with you on that. I ran the ancient 10.0 for a long time until the leaks started coming along... we're all very fortunate to have the leaks!!

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Haha same here, out of the box I installed the latest 10.2.1 OS on my Z30.

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Enjoy! You're going to love it..

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Better late than never! I love love love the new update! Welcome to the club guys!

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Yup, the same thing happened to me when I was on US Cellular and I downloaded another carrier's OS

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I did too, but I'm a noob when it comes to the autoloaders so I have no clue how to do all that! Plus, I use Linux so I had to hijack my grandmother's pc to do it lol

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I haven't ran a Verizon blessed build since I got my Z. What could you not run?

To be fair, the only Verizon app I ran was My Verizon Mobile... but it was always available in BBW. I tried the contact backup app once, but it was rickety.

No update for me I guess, since I loaded TMo's a few days ago. :-p

But I am glad they are pushing it for the rest!

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So was I! Lol. I just followed the step by step directions. There are posts on how to install an OS using the autoloader method. Also on how to reload an OS if something were to go wrong. It was way easier than I thought it would be.

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At least all the Verizon and T-Mo complaints will be eliminated from comments and forums now.

I guess there will be another spike of anti-AT&T and Sprint rants, then it's hopefully over ;-)

Was getting tired of it....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Only until the next latest and greatest update shows up on another carrier, probably in a couple of weeks..... ;-)

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...and the Z10 version is something less than .2156, because that's what I've got on mine, and it tells me that there's no newer upgrade available.

They released 10.2.1 back in January. This is old news, unless it is the same build that T-Mobile released last week.

They only released it for the Z10 previously. This one is for the Q10 and Z30 also.

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Thanks. I thought I was going crazy. I did get this back in January... and this one is just a 42MB update.

Bion....its an embarrassment how far ATT's support of BlackBerry has fallen. Last sign I saw for a new BlackBerry phone was for my Bold 9800 slider - that was a while ago.

CB10 from the Z30

No not yet... AT&T didn't release it yet...nobody knows the trouble----

Posted by my FABULOUS z10

hey Kevin! I did receive the updated from VZW when it was posted that the US was getting the new OS at the early date (, now i got the update today ( Should I update or not.

I'm hating Sprint right now, but I still love my Q10.

Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.

I know right! I want all of the BlackBerry nation to be on the same level. Hopefully AT&T will deliver this week.

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It was pulled because it was bricking z 10's. Mine was one of them. All good now. On a leaked. 2228! Ha. Take that Verizon!

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If BlackBerry is ever going to be a player in the States, they have to fix this now!!!!!!!

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I hear you but "how" will they fix this? They're totally at the mercy of the carriers, as is everyone not named "Apple".

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They need to put out complete OS updates the first time. Not get it right after the third or fourth update. Personally, I can't blame carriers. Why should they go through the process of testing and whatever only to have BlackBerry release another update weeks after the last one has been tested and released by the carrier?

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Bullshit. The updates are not supposed to impact the radio so carriers don't need to worry about OS updates. They say they give support but they don't they just shift you to BlackBerry so they should just release every update with zero delay, if someone calls in for support just shift to BlackBerry as per usual.

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I don't understand. I'm on Verizon and got the official update for my Z10 back in January. I know the Z30 didn't get it but what's going on with this update?

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I received the official update in January on my Z10 as well. I didn't get a notification to update today, but I'll check my software settings and see if it comes up.

OS on Verizon Z10

Wow. What a surprise. I was on the phone with tech support because my laptop has a small issue. Grrhh. And while playing on my phone bam. Happy day.

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Wait I'm so confused I thought I have 10.2.1? I know this must be another but the article's tone seems to say this is the first 10.2.1 update. Anyone know the differences between this and the January update?

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Don't be confused. Verizon DID push out 10.2.1 to the Z10 subscribers weeks ago. This is a small update to us. Maybe the title should be "Verizon rolls out 10.2.1 for the BlackBerry Z10 [Update], Q10 and Z30."

Okay.... Here's what I don't get. Z30 - Yes. Toronto - Yes. BlackBerry OS update - YES??? but... it's size of 41 MB. Option to answer phone either in BBM form or just a regular call. Prioritize the Hub more.. and a few other tricks. Nothing huge.. but nonetheless interesting. Question... I'm on Telus, did anyone else get this update?????

My friend told me the same thing too, but he got it about a month ago from Rogers/Fido. He said it was never covered by the Admins. No idea why...

No idea... but I can now choose to reply to a message straight from the lock-screen or ignore, answer a call in either BBM or Phone, reply to messages quickly if I am in another App or window. Hmm... haven't tried the other stuff... what comes with the Verizon update compared to what I've got from Telus here in Toronto?

You are correct, Sir. This is not the Verizon update. My phone is an unlocked phone from Telus which im running on T-Mobile U.S.A network. I was just commenting that I got the same update as the other crackberry user got from Telus.

Oh ok. Stupid comment alignment on a small screen, I blame you (but not my laziness to scroll up.)

Oh...wait a minute...... ;)
I'm stoked this is FINALLY happening!!!
Updating I shall go!! :)

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This is a software release only - not be confused with the OS release that was updated in January.

What!!!!! Verizon??? AT&T wow Smh I'm seriously tempting to get 10.2.1 by other means congrats to Verizon customers

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Awesome. Hopefully AT&T releases it soon. 10.2.1 is the best thing to ever happen to BlackBerry. I'm loving all the features.

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This just came straight out of left field... something along the lines like how Melky Cabrera has been playing this Spring in Jays camp O_O who knew he could run that fast... I'm surprised there was no word of this from BlackBerry. More to come...?

Ummm... I've had the official update for at least a month already....
I'm pretty sure I got the update a day before BlackBerry announced it?

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This is curious, I got a 538 MB update from Verizon, then got notification for a 5 MB update

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Yea, you're getting two to bring you right up to date with everyone else. For Rogers in Canada, these two updates were months apart.

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I'm on Any idea what the changes are to .2122? I don't have wifi in the office so might just let this update when I get home tonight.

Interesting. So all .2156 has over the .2141 (besides WiFi calling) is bug fixes? But there are new features in both when compared to .1925?

No new features. Just bug fixes. Some of the new features that were introduced in build1055 (direct apk loading being one) may just work better.

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Just noticed that can now minimize the keyboard on Z30 by holding the space bar.
MUCH easier now :)

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Just got the notification on my Verizon Z30.

I have been running the leaked autoloader.

This notification shows a 540 MB update to

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Was already running a sachesized version, didnt bother activating my phone until I had it done but I feel better running the official release. Not because the one I loaded wasn't working flawlessly but because vzw did the right thing. Thanks for doing the right thing vzw.

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People are complaining but this is still huge for Verizon. Normally they are late by more than a month

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I just called out SICK to enjoy my new Q10. I have been so tired of waiting and watching other companies steal BB 10 innovations.

Nice! Now I have no reason to hold back on updating from my Z10 to a Z30, except price... ah I might just bite the bullet and do it anyway!

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Finally... Downloading now, should have more open letter to John Chen about how to get Blackberry better in the future lol!!!!

This download happened automatically, but I had installed a leaked version. So, this is a downgrade for me, I think. What will I lose?

Congratulations to all Verizon users. I hope you like the new update. It's like you have new phone on this update.

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And like always at&t will be the last of the un responsible US carriers to make the update available.

Thanks for the autoloaders I don't need them anyway!

Rocking 10.2.1 for more than a month now!!!

US carriers SUCK Big time!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

I have it! I can't remember the last time I was so happy to be running an official release! For literally years, I've either been running another carrier's OS or a leak. Everything seems to have come over flawlessly.

Not sure why... but I almost disappointed that none of the Admins covered this for Canadians yesterday. I was BBMing a friend when he told me he got it from Rogers a month ago and I thought to myself, why would they be first? And now I find out that there was a message board that actually started yesterday...for Telus clients, yet it's not even on the main page? What happened there CrackBerry?

First, anyone know if Verizon is going to allow the wifi calling. I sure can use this.

Second, too soon to tell if there is a pattern, but two timely updates from Verizon this year is encouraging! You have to wonder if there has been a turnaround in BlackBerry's relationship with Verizon. I sure hope so.

OK, AT&T and Sprint ... if Verizon is on board with BlackBerry you are going to be missing customers.

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Verizon has never been one of the WiFi calling carriers. If you meant you have a Verizon Z30 on TMO, then you're out of luck too. TMO hasn't released WiFi calling for the Z30, and probably never will unless they carry it.

Kind of, but not as good as carrier WiFi calling. Why? Because it (BBM) requires the recipient to have the app as well. You can't call landlines with BBM voice, not to mention all those people who don't have the app installed.

just noticed it downloaded by itself while I was at was a nice surprise when I pulled it out to check the time :-)

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Verizon Wireless Z10 Updates:

January OS 10.2.1 release:

March OS 10.2.1 release:

It's a 45 MB update for my Verizon Z10. Will update tonight :).

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I gave up on Sprint last week when my Pebble came in the mail. Loaded it myself via Sachesi and not looking back. Not being able to use my Pebble was the final straw for my wait.

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Soooooo at the risk of sounding like a dummy but what is the difference between January's update vs this one? I'm on a Z10 with VZW.

I just press restart so my phone is taking a while to turn on right now. I figure that is expected due to the size of the update. The download and install took about 1 hour. I was able to still use the phone while it was downloading and installing. After it was done the phone prompted me to restart it after I saved my work. Its awesome that I still had control of my phone during the whole install process.

Ok excuse my ignorance but if I am on is an upgrade? I assume it is as 2122 is larger than 537 but just double checking with everyone before I hit Update.

Yes.. it is an upgrade over 537. The OS build is higher and there are many performance improvements in the new OS.

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Perfect timing! Z30 arrives today. Really didn't want to install a leak on a brand new phone.

To all. Att users, I too feel your pain for I am with you. I went ahead and installed 10.2.2102.

I have had no issues other than software not compatible with the new OS. Fixed this by updating the old programs.

Make yourselves happy. Read up on which leaks are stable and upgrade.

There isn't a reason to wait. When whichever carrier you have decides to send out the update, so be it. Otherwise, enjoy your BlackBerry the way BlackBerry (RIM) wanted you to.

Remember, Always back your data up, and update BlackBerry Link before the OS update.

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Currently on 10.3, finally they decided to pull their fingers out. Enjoy it.

 Z30 ™  Best mobile platform.

Got my Q10 just 2 months ago. Upgrade my old bold 9930 from sprint. Didn't wanted to wait for new OS. Heard a lot of great things about it. So DL Sachesi no harm done on my phone. Didn't even do a back up after the update. All are intact, So WELCOME to 10.2, I'm sure you guys will love your phone even more.

"Initiated from my Q10 "

Just had about a 30 minute online chat with ATT Rep. Here is what it boiled down to (reps entry in quotation marks): "After physically grabbing a tech support guy, I've got my answer to why I wasn't able to see anything concrete (concerning software upgrade): there isn't a concrete answer to be had yet. They're still in the 'I'm not ready' phase of things, and my advise is to grab the update from RIM so that you can do sweet things with your phone!"

Att will be next and then sprint! Haha I know I said sprint. We ain't never gonna get never get it - EnVouge

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T-Mo and the Big Red (finally) delivered..
Wonder how much longer for AT&T to do so..

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I just insulted AT&T about the latest upgrade 10.2 and they STILL working on it. so much of being #1 USA Carrier wish is Bu!@#. very disappointed with all this crap from AT&T.

DGJACKSON40 I have had similar results. I have spoken to several reps and the response I get is pretty much (huh???, We are not responsible for updates. Contact Blackberry..)

I like my att (Phone Service) but I now feel updates are not part of the service. I feel it is up to me to choose a phone mfg that provides what I need.

Thank goodness there are leaks.

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I'm seeing a noticeable speed improvement when going in and out of messages in the Hub on my Z10.

It's a mistake. Obviously someone at vzw celebrated St. Patricks day & accidentally hit the wrong button today. Sure hope they recover soon so they are ready to do it all over again for the next update.

Can someone please tell me what operating system and software release version is this. In on Verizon network. And last week I downloaded the T-Mobile os software is What us Verizon OS?


This is the best day in the world!!! It's pretty sad that so many of us have been trying to contact Verizon for an update and they all kept saying that they didn't have any idea of when the update would be released. Then they just randomly release it??

Nonetheless, best day. Will need to update when I get home after I back up my phone.

I can't believe it, but it really is there.

Wow. Well, I guess I'll be installing this as soon as I get home. :^)

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Figures. I successfully used Sachesi this past weekend and the official rollout happens just a couple days later. Guess I shouldn't have waited so long!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Could I ask a (likely) stupid question here to the group? If I'm running a leaked 10.2 OS right now, and I install the official version from VZW (finally) ...could I lose anything? Could I lose apps that were only allowed on the Canadian version? As I type this it sounds ridiculous, but the leaked version is working so great it seems like I don't need the official one.

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There are no such stupid or ridiculous questions here @ CB. This is how we learn...NO WORRIES. if your OS is running smoothly and you are content with it. I suggest you should just stick with it. Looks like the offcial released is small compare to the leak..

I've had the new release from Verizon for a month or longer. It's awesome. Loving my Z10 all over again. Actually, I didn't like it initially because it felt very android.... but it's new features are blackberry all the way

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Okay... so the complaints are being heard... what about the remaining carriers. I've been waiting to receive notification from Sprint (U.S). I still haven't heard anything yet. Now, it's affecting my phone, updates for my existing apps have been made available. But, I'm unable to upgrade nor purchase new apps since I do not have the supporting O.S. that is being requested. I'm not able to utilize BlackBerry Beta Zone. I hope something comes about soon.

Ms. Lady P

More US I sit here in AT&T and curse them daily for being so behind...good thing CrackBerry has leaded OS's I can put on my device...I would switch but AT&T is the only option with LTE in my area...

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A great day! I'm currently installing the update now! Patience is (finally) rewarded. (Q10 - VZW Florida)

Listen to me AT&T if you don't release the up date by Friday, I am gone, last chance. Did you listen!!!!

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