Verizon rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930

BlackBerry Software Updates
By Bla1ze on 29 May 2012 10:45 pm EDT

It's been a long time since Verizon has released an OS update for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 but it looks like the release we told you about previously has now started to roll out. Though, truthfully it's still far behind the leaked versions and even official versions that are out there. However, if you're looking to stay all Verizon official like you should be able to go ahead and check for OS updates on your device to potentially find it waiting or do like @WayneCook did -- load up the new desktop software to get the OS installed. In other related news, BlackBerry Curve 9370 owners should check fo an update as well.

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Verizon rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930


Do we have a handle of the fixes in this version ? My 9930 has been absolutely rock solid and am wondering if this update is worth it ...

Look in the forums from when it leaked....... ages ago -

This is very very bad news. I was on .267 what, 2 months ago? At least it wasn't .402. Rocking .342. Best one yet.

I had a lot of problems with .267. Wouldn't recommend it. Go with the leaked .342 or .402. They are solid.

What are the fixes/advantages to upgrading? Phone works well right now. Think I'll wait until there is a compelling reason to upgrade.

I wonder if this could fix my bold 9930 brick & stuck at reconnecting to JVM. Anyone help me or show me how to fix the problem.

I'm on Verizon & desperately need an upgrade, I don't do leaked software. My bold 9930 has a few issues: 1) Alarm does not turn phone on.
2) Media player is really finicky, "Media Processor is Busy".

I wish these software updates would rolll out more frequent.

Don't do leaked software? Why on earth not? That's like not jumping on the helicopter as a tsunami is coming at you because you don't have a ticket to get on yet. Ok not quite so extreme, but jeez you are missing out!

Give him (and me) some slack and don't judge. Some of us are on BES and not allowed to download 'leaked' updates.

Hmmm. i just checked OTA and VZ download site, and neither have this update. I'm on the road all next week, so of course it will download then, and mess something up

WOW! Once again, Big Red is "a day late and a dollar short" taking MONTHS to test and approve what amounts to an archaic OS build!

Also, I find it amusing that CrackBerry used the screenshot from OS v7.1.0.402 (rel 1333) above. ;-)

I have v7.1.0.340,Platform Bundle 1140

What one is this. I am sorry for the noob question, but i am not sure about the OS thing.

Thank you

I find this to be absolutely laughable. So much for Ruling the Air. Running. 402. Can't wait for .467 to leak.

I can't find this update anywhere (OTA, Verizon, Blackberry Desktop). Has this actually be rolled out yet or "still in testing"?


I am not able to find the update yet either. I even DL the Beta desktop software 7.1. No show. Think I will skip ahead to .342

Apparently CrackBerry was a bit premature on this posting because the updates still aren't available to anyone besides WayneCook... Please update this when it actually happens!

Is yours the Verizon Official Release for the 9930 or a previous leak? If Verizon, where did you find it?

Is this a joke? My Verizon Bold 9930 has version 7.1.0 Bundle 457? I have never updated anything but through Verizon.

Many of you are confusing bundles with versions:
Bundle 457 = (can be viewed in about section of bb)
Bundle 1333 =

I also cannot find bundle 1333 anywhere.

Actually, Bundle 1333 = OS v7.1.0.402, not .267. Bundle 1333 was a leak that appeared a couple of months back.

Still nothing "official" from VZW since Bundle 457 in January.

Verizon, we are still waiting.......... You are now stepping on RIM territory for being so late.....they owe that benchmark.