Verizon rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Q10

By Bla1ze on 22 Aug 2013 05:27 pm EDT

If you've been patiently waiting for Verizon to send out an update for your BlackBerry Q10 your wait may just be over. Several folks in the CrackBerry Forums have reported their device is getting an update notification for software version while the underlying OS version is The update comes in a variety of sizes thus far with the majority mostly showing up as being around 150MB.

Looking at the Verizon website doesn't tell us much about this update as there is no support info posted like their was for the BlackBerry Z10 but it should fall in line with most of what we've come to expect from the BlackBerry 10.1 MR1 update. Hopefully, it won't include the SMS bug that some folks reported previously. Are you seeing the update available? If so and you update, let us know in the comments how it goes.

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Verizon rolling out OS for the BlackBerry Q10


wowoowowowow... im with rogers in toronto for my z10 and i finally got the update this afternoon in canada...

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Well, BB is a Canadian company, lol. :-P

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Got a 9MB update from Vodafone to
No idea/hint what they fixed with this little update though.

Software version remains 4181

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I did a,'check for software update ' and found it. 142 mb downloading now. Hope it fixes my map issue as ii was unsuccessful with the other workaround so.

Once you go 10.2 you'll never go back. Take the leap to the dark side. Muuuuuaaaaah!!!

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This update did not go as smoothly as the last one. Took forever, hub wouldn't load, messages and email missing, email missing passwords, contacts and memory card contents took forever to show back up, sms turn themselves into random mms with random recipients, cannot delete text messages anymore, etc. But hey, now there's a cool check mark next to my sent texts. Seems like a fair trade.

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I can't delete texts now either. This is an official build and they need to get these issues fixed as soon as they can.

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No news that I am aware of. I have a Z10 with Verizon and finally broke down and uploaded a leaked OS ( about three weeks ago. This was the first time I had ever felt so compelled to take such a leap of faith. I am so glad I did!! Thank God for that, I was on the verge of smashing my phone. Now, with this news, I cannot understand all the hype: "great for our American cousins"; "Verizon isn't last"; "Glad to see Verizon on the ball" etc. What planet do these people live on? Verizon still has not released an official OS update for Z10 operators and that is ridiculous! I spoke with a Verizon tier one representative last week about an unrelated issue and he responded to my inquire about the release of 10.1 and he promptly touted the company talking point of how the issue is "a Blackberry issue for which they are waiting a fix". Now, an update for the Q10 before the Z10 which has been out months longer. Verizon is playing games, in my opinion. I've heard it suggested by others that this is a political move in support of Android and/or the I-phone over the Z10. I believe that and I have now also come to believe that the powers that be have decided to support the Q10 over the Z10. This release proves it to me.

wooohoo verizon crackberries, here you go!!!

finally VZW is out of the blue right now, keep it up VZ!!


Great now my Whatsapp messages wont open from the HUB.... I try and open a message and it just stays stuck. I have to open it from the app directly, And yes it did start after I made the update

Haha 10.1 MR. Well I'm on VZW and if you are to I suggest you get comfortable with loading leaks as that's the only way to stay up to date with Big Red anyone.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Got mine. Froze up for quite some time after the update on the purple BlackBerry loading logo. After plugging into my PC, it finally turned on. I did the update OTA.

Two things that I've noticed. First, Android apps take a while to load up for the first time after the update. Second, the BlackBerry Maps app works again.

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I also noticed that I can't delete sms messages by hovering then pressing delete in the bottom right hand corner. I also had to re enter my email passwords. The calendar is white now.

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150k for me. Update went smooth. No trouble with the update. As for the new OS, as of yet no problems, but haven't seen differences yet either

Everytime I see these I get mad! Meanwhile we are all outta luck for our playbooks. F Blackberry! I hate the company. I will NEVER purchase another BB device! EVER!

Verizon is the best! Even though they took way too long to push the Z10 update, I'm sure they will now continue to be on top of things! Awesome that they are pushing out this Q10 update in a timely manner! Keep it up Verizon!

On Verizon and updated. Didn't lose my text messages, but definitely a BUG in my HUB now. If I hold down a text message in the HUB and the right side menu comes out, if I hit the trash can to delete the message it doesn't delete it. Gives me a confirmation to delete and I hit delete and still doesn't.

The only way for me to delete a text message is to open the message or thread, hit 3 button icon in the bottom right and select END CHAT.

Not huge deal, but seriously...enough little things are going to push me right back to great 9930 sitting in my drawer until 10.2 actually hits because right now my Q10 is holding me back not helping me move forward.

Verizon BlackBerry Q10

I'm so happy for you lot !!

Hopefully this puts a little pressure on the other carriers down there.

The MR or Maintenance Release is basically any of the publicly released BB10 releases in the series.

I would guess that Verizon got a handle on the SMS issue before releasing this.

However, it is ALWAYS a good idea to DO A FULL BACKUP before any major OS update. BlackBerry didn't write a free app for that purpose and bundle it with all their devices just for the fun of it. :p

Oh and forgot to mention it disconnected my emails so had to go back and re-enter all my account passwords...that was fun!

Verizon BlackBerry Q10

Might be a security feature to not transfer over the passwords while it is updating and re-indexing the databases with their new update.

So when will AT&T see the update??

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Just downloaded at 150 MB. Went smoothly. A little app comes with it called "tutorials." Haven't checked it out yet but may explain the differences.

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I have learned the hard way to not do an ota update. Somehow the ota corrupts and causes a lot of problems. You are better off connecting to link and downloading and update from that. If the os seems corrupt just do a system reload and all will be Ok. Just back up first before updating.

Congrats USA cuz, if it's the MR

- Do a Backup with the BlackBerry link.
- if your using the Hide Files app unlock all your files in the app ,then I re-locked them after the download.
- Hide pictures app , I unlocked all my pictures then I re-locked them after the download

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Cool. Still waiting for that update for the z10 -_- Verizon hates us

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Updated this afternoon and now my edu email account is useless on my phone. After entering my edu email and password it says "loading google application..." Updates should make my Q10 better not worst...

It said that for mine too but retyped my password in for to sync my email with my phone and now it works.

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The series has a completely new account configuration mechanism for Google, which is a LARGE improvement to what was in previous OS's.

What they are doing is using Google's proprietary web-based authenticator, and also generating an "application specific password", which addresses issues like the repeated loss and request for password on Google accounts when internet connectivity changed.

If your educational institution is using Google for email, they may use a different authentication mechanism than the usual Google one. If so, you can set it up manually using advanced setup and specifying the IMAP server parameters directly. Please ask your I.T. staff for assistance with those details.

Mine hung up rebooting after the install, had to do a battery pull and it took forever to boot. I think it is bug fix, I do not see any big difference. I have a hard time when on a phone call and trying to text. The End Call button is all across the bottom and when I a swipe up half the time I end the call. the Bold 9930 was way easier to use.

People need to be patient when they update the OS. Sometimes it will sit for a while after the update, or while restarting, because it is busy copying files, updating configurations, etc. Do NOT pull the battery in this situation because you WILL corrupt the OS!

I would give it up to an hour before attempting to manually restart or pull the battery. Because of this, and because new OS updates will cause the device to use higher than normal power initially, it's always a good idea to have the device continuously connected to a charger during the update as well. My recommendation is to do this in the evening or whenever you are not likely to be getting a lot of calls etc.

Good spot. Other than BlackBerry Maps working now that's the only noteworthy thing I've seen.

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A little smoother, a little quicker, the calendar is off-white, and the contacts bug has been corrected. Seems like a small, but pretty clean update.

Ya know what?! My Q10 has been golden. No probs or 'bugs' what so ever. I think I'm gonna pass on this update and just wait out 10.2.

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Might as well. Unless you were having a specific problem I am not really seeing any changes.

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Just updated, nothing noticeably new. Except the OS itself seems to be running a bit smoother, apps loading faster.

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Might skip the update for now until BB comes to their senses and not mess with the blackness of the Q10

EE network in the UK. Lost my text messages, calendar is now white and extra icon on the home screen for gesture tutorials. Can't spot anything different in the main settings or calendar settings. Battery drain seems a little swift still.

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Has anyone noticed the significant HUB changes? If you have a work account, you now have 2 distinct HUBS. One is labeled work HUB and one is labeled personal HUB. In my opinion this is a horrible change! Isn't the who purpose of the HUB to be able to see ALL your messages in one location? I have to keep switching back and forth to make sure I am catching everything! I also often receive txt messages from work collueges, and now these show up in personal HUB. This was a terrible idea, please change it back ASAP blackberry!

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Mine just sits at the purple BlackBery logo and says 100% but doesn't say anything after it prompted me to restart the device after it installed. I tried a battery pull twice to see if it would work the next time, but it still does the same thing.

I got the MMS bug, can't delete SMS or MMS either. So annoying. This is why I never downloaded a leaked MR OS. Why the hell did this ever make it onto an official Verizon release. Pass on this one guys - final verdict.

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I got purple logo and 100% for a LONG time, but it finally gave me the blackberry screen and then came in normal. Just gotta wait awhile

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Correct! Here is what I just commented to someone else here:


People need to be patient when they update the OS. Sometimes it will sit for a while after the update, or while restarting, because it is busy copying files, updating configurations, etc. Do NOT pull the battery in this situation because you WILL corrupt the OS!

I would give it up to an hour before attempting to manually restart or pull the battery. Because of this, and because new OS updates will cause the device to use higher than normal power initially, it's always a good idea to have the device continuously connected to a charger during the update as well. My recommendation is to do this in the evening or whenever you are not likely to be getting a lot of calls etc.

The calender is white!! :( first BBM and now this!!!

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Zero problems for me, installed OTA on wifi, took about 30-45 minutes, I just didn't touch it until prompted to reboot. Went very smooth, didn't even need to log in to Email, FB or Linked In. All automatic.

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I'm unhappy with this release. My Bluetooth isn't working right - it blips in and out. The battery drained fast today. Some of my SMS threads are getting reclassed as MMS and then adding a second instance of the (single) recipient, sending the SMS to them twice. My Q10 has been working so wonderfully - this release seems like a step back to the old days of buggy releases.

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I've had to delete conversations I would have preferred to keep just to quit double texting people.

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So far i have had the update a little over a day now, and i have had no issues. Although i do add all the power saving things i can so i have noticed an increase in battery life by a huge margin! I have had no issues with email, and i am connected to 2 different exchange servers. Alone with beta testing some new stuff for BlackBerry, and all is working much better with this release. I have not not tried to delete text messages yes because i have none to delete, but no MMS glitch from this end! The only thing i notice is when i am in the browser and i do a Google search, and as i am typing into the search there is a long pause, but it's only the initial time and then it's fine.
My guess on users that are having issues with their upgrades might have installed a leak prior to a release? I had the MMS Bug on the Z10 but that was because i went from leak to release. Once i redid the phone from scratch, it all went away. Just be sure to BACKUP!

Hope this bit if info helps!

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I have not installed any pre-release leaks and updated my BB Q10 with this latest version. Since I updated it last night, my device has rebooted about 5 times today. Has anyone else had this issue since the OS update?

Is there any way to roll back to the older version? I updated and I am having more headaches than good things with this update. things that were not an issue before are an issue now. seems counterproductive to an update. my SMS are now becoming MMS for no reason and doesn't seem to be a way to change it back to SMS without ending the conversation. also cannot delete texts without entering the convo and pressing end chat. WTF?

Little things like pressing "u" for the q10 keyboard to see unread messages is nice.

My big problem like others is the sms bug. My phone started double texting the same people. And to fix it I have to end chat because deleting the text is buggy.

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Did the Verizon approved upgrade on my Q10 last night over wifi, it took a while to boot up after the restart but nothing crazy. My HUB now will not open though, it just keeps scrolling through the icons like it is working on it "Preparing BlackBerry Hub," it just never gets there. I've tried reboots, battery pulls, Hub reboots, checked passwords, and many variations of each. Even tried deleting Twitter App b/c I saw someone say that made theirs work. Nothing. Any ideas other than a reload?

I updated to the latest software (Rogers) and my phone just completely went nuts stopped working, reception in and out couldn't receive MMS or send. When I contacted blackberry support they had advised me that this update isn't the right one for my carrier or device, I found this weird since I just went with what Blackberry world's notification. Never had this happen before.

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When I received the upgrade notice a few days ago (Verizon), I plugged into a power source , as suggested, and downloaded. It took about two hours. I initially noticed many of the issues people have mentioned such as the hub loading for a long time, etc, but by waiting, everything cleared and works well. I am left with the problem many have noted in which texts don't delete unless End Chat is used and an occasional text goes to MMS and duplicates. These are mildly annoying and Blackberry should have easily avoided these. But the two advantages I've found, ie, the U key scrolls through unread messages like the Blackberries of old and the texts indicator of what I last wrote along with some other cleanups, are well worth the upgrade. Most people's issues are arising from not waiting long enough for the upgrade to complete. Does anyone have a complete list of any other improvements as a result of the upgrade? I only learned of the U for unread messages here on Crackberry.

Though, I must admit that more of my texts are being duplicated and converted into MMS. Has anyone figured out a workaround for this problem?

Did anyone find a fix to the text converting to MMS issue. Its kinda frustrating not being able to send a simple text to someone all do to a unpolished update.

What seems to be working for me is going into any text chats that have been incorrectly duplicated into MMS chats and clicking on the three dot menu in the lower right hand corner and choosing End Chat. Then initiate a new text (SMS) chat with that same person. I believe this will solve the problem. I think the problem is a result of the new OS getting confused with chats that were created on the previous OS and somehow duplicating them and converting them to MMS. I have not had this problem with SMS chats that were started with the new OS version.