Verizon roadmap lists BlackBerry Curve 9370 as launching 11/17

Verizon roadmap
By Michelle Haag on 6 Nov 2011 04:00 pm EST

The other day we saw a rebate form from Verizon Wireless that listed the BlackBerry Curve 9370 with a $50 rebate that pretty much confirmed that the device would soon be coming to this carrier. Now an internal roadmap from VZW shows the Curve 9370 listed with a launch date of 11/17. Of course, since this is an internal document, the date could be subject to change, but I think it's pretty safe to say we will see this device launch this month.

Will you be picking up the BlackBerry Curve 9370 on Verizon? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Droid Life Thanks Phil!

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Verizon roadmap lists BlackBerry Curve 9370 as launching 11/17


I will most likley pick up the Curve when it arrives. I lust after the Bold, but I don't have an extra $200 to spare on a phone this year ;-(

they should have released with bold and torch instead of that all black curve but i like it although i cant divorce my bold

dave weber
My wife is due for an upgrade on 11/23. We stopped by the local Verizon store the other day where I had upgraded to a Bold 9930 just two weeks prior, to look at what Blakberry she might want....only to be told that they had sent ALL their Blackberrys back to the manufacturer! Sure enough....none in the store! We'll try another Verizon store on 11/23. What's with Verizon? This was in Pennsylvania. My Bold is my first Blackberry, but not my last. I love it!

I have a client that bought a 9930 on Wednesday at the Verizon Wireless store we are in Western Washington state.

I'm eligible for NE2 on 11/16, so perfect timing for this launch! I just hope VZW doesn't overprice it on account of its extra internal memory and multi-bandocity

Think it will be 4G? I've been eligible for an upgrade since august!! I am longgg overdue. My 8530 has just about kicked the bucket. :(

Well yet another BlackBerry launch date has come and gone. First 9/8, now 11/17. Hope this doesn't turn into another six-month 9650 fiasco.


the phone did not make it thru testing at Verizon. They have to change the chipset and it will come out in march and no longer be a world phone. Another rim problem.