Verizon Reports 1 Million BlackBerry Storms Sold

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jan 2009 01:44 pm EST

One Million BlackBerry Storms

Yesterday's WSJ article which touted that the BlackBerry Storm was off to a bumpy start was enough to make the value of RIM's shares drop a few %. Ouch. Today Verizon responded with their fourth quarter earnings results, which in contrast have pegged the Storm as their big winner for the quarter. Via Computer World:

The BlackBerry Storm smart phone, put on sale Nov. 21 exclusively by Verizon in the U.S., has sold 1 million units through January, company officials said today.

"That's not a bumpy start," a spokeswoman said today, in reaction to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal that characterized the rollout and a quick software update as "bumpy."

The success in the wireless segment included sales of the Storm, which was built by Research in Motion Ltd. Today's earnings statement included a few short references to how "customers across the country lined up to purchase the new BlackBerry Storm," when it went on sale Nov. 21. 

Congrats on a Million! Call it a winner or a loser, you can't argue that CrackBerry Nation has grown by leaps and bounds with the launch of RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry. I can't wait to see what version two looks like! 

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Verizon Reports 1 Million BlackBerry Storms Sold


As far as other BB's go? That seems like a good number for basically 2 months (and maybe another week). Are there similar numbers somewhere for the Bold or Curve?

Just because you think the iPhone is God's greatest gift to man.. COME ON. GET over it. Blackberrys are here to stay

They may have included each new replace as a unit moved, something about them claiming a million sold seems misleading.

of course they only use a very brief comment about people being too picky about the phone. in truth, i sent a 7 paragraph response defending the capabilities of the storm to the original article in the WSJ from my storm, hence why i was quoted this time around.

if you'd like to see the email exchange, just send me a message.


It took the first iphone 74 days to sell a million units, so its right on par with the Storm.

As for the 3G. That device sold 1 million units in the first 3 days, HOWEVER, it was selling simultaneously in 21 countries. This WSJ article claims 1 million 9530s by VZW. not including the vodaphone or rodgers versions.

I'd say that its pretty impressive.

Let's not forget that the iPhone was $499 and $599 during the vast majority of those 74 days.

Not to mention that it was released in a climate far more hostile to full touchscreen devices and it was the handset that paved the way for smartphones like the Storm.

You really can't compare the two releases. The iPhone was a trailblazer and the Storm followed in the footsteps that were left behind.

let's also not forget the iphone came out while the economy wasn't quite in the crapper (in the US, anyways), though it was certainly headed there. Also take note the storm was released during one of the slowest holiday seasons on record - a market hostile for buying ANYTHING, period. not trying to start an argument, just putting this in context.

edit: noted unicorn56 said the same thing below. oh well, it's worth repeating.

That's because the "quarter" ended days after the iPhone was released in June 2007, buddy. Stop playing loose with the facts.

The iPhone sold a million units in its first full quarter ending September. The majority of those sales took place at the prices of $499 and $599 and even after the price drop to $399, it was still a full $200 more than the BlackBerry Storm today.

The dynamics of smartphones are also drastically different since the Storm arrived to a public clamoring for touchscreen devices as opposed to the iPhone which had to CREATE that clamor.

congrats to verizon...i am still digging my all the apple fan boys you can suck on it cause this phone rocks!!

There are SO many more benifits that the Storm has over the iPhone. I am glad that I can take a phone call indoors and not have to walk outside to take a phone call. The iphone has ALL those apps, but no video camera? no turn by turn GPS? I could list more reasons why the Storm is better than iPhone. But I dont want to type out all that. lol. Dont get my wrong, the iphone is a cool device. But the Storm exceeds it by far.

3.2 camera verse 2.0 , no mms on the iphone , no stereo bluetooth on iphone , no cut and paste on the iphone , no memory upgrade on the iphone , no removable battery , and can not teather with your laptop

People say bumpy because some have had device problems and had to take them back. However these people don't say anything about most just exchanging and once they have a good working device love it.

I agreed with Wall Street Journal until this came about:

"That is a promising start, though well off the pace of AT&T Inc.'s sale of 2.4 million iPhone 3G devices in that device's first full quarter on the market."

This is a 2nd Gen device!!! I'm sure if Blackberry Storm users had a previous base and found out there's a new and improved model coming out that the beginning number would be much much stronger.

Totally unfair as the iPhone only sold 217,000 units in the first quarter according to MacWorld.

As I like to back my comments with evidence, you can view the Earnings here:

Just goes to show that that everyone is biased against this device.

That's because the "quarter" you cited ended days after the iPhone was released in June 2007.

The iPhone sold a million units in its first full quarter ending September. The majority of those sales took place at the prices of $499 and $599 and even after the price drop to $399, it was still a full $200 more than the BlackBerry Storm today.

The dynamics of smartphones are also drastically different since the Storm arrived to a public clamoring for touchscreen devices as opposed to the iPhone which had to CREATE that clamor.

The WSJ is correct to compare the Storm to the iPhone 3G as they were both $199 and released at a time when touch was the norm instead of a question mark.

Yeah, the phone doesn't have iFart and iZit (my gosh!), but it gets my work email without FAIL, and I don't EVER miss a single phone call.

I'm also pretty stoked about the upcoming APP store. That should sell a few more handsets if they can get some good apps out there for a reasonable price....

The Storm has sold very well considering that it debuted during one of the worst ecomonic downturns in recent history. The original iphone hit long before things started to get really bad. Sales of a million for such an expensive, non-essential item (yes I can live without my Storm, but I would NOT be happy) in these times is actually impressive.

Unicorn56, you made an excellent point: the Storms sales numbers are impressive considering the current economic environment. I am one of those who did not need it but chose to have it (and love it). After buying the phone, I realized how it will help me on so many fronts...

Hey Unicorn56 got to give it to you, you made an excellent point and the best out of all in this thread. we are facing the worse financial recession since the great depression. and yet Verizon Sells 1 Million! The Storm is the best phone on the market Period. eventhough it has its minor bugs and glitches but what phone does not have, when it is first launched? it is normal the iPhone had bugs too and took time to get everything fixed, when RIM finishes with the storms last software it will be the best phone in history or one of the best.

this arguement going back and forth amongst iphoners and stormers about sales, who sold when in what quarter and in how many countries is really only indicative of popularity. The iphone has been more popular to this point for several reasons. I have owned a storm since it released, and have only briefly used an iphone. If i had to do it over again, knowing what i know now (being a beta SUCKS), i would have unquestionably bought an iphone 3g on 11/21/08.

They have tarnished their names? really?

Seems to me like every comment on this post previous to yours is a happy Storm customer. In fact, you're the only one complaining and the only one who doesn't have a Storm. Coincidence?

Even the guy in the link you sent out said he's never been a fan from the start. Guess what? The Storm isn't for everyone... just like the iPhone isn't for everyone.

That article/video is so ridiculously biased (both the guest and the host) that it really shouldn't be given much merit.

Dude You are the biggest Ignorant on this thread, i guess you are a novice, and don't know much about the storm buy it first play with it for about 2 weeks, and you'll see how you will trash your bold.

Having owned both Iphone 3g and then Storm - I have to say the Iphone is a great device - but its use of AT&T just killed me. What is the point of a phone if so many calls are dropped - or you have so many areas with no service. I have updated my Storm to .90 - and I really have to admit - I love the damn thing. It works very well - and does everything I need. Heck it even does kooky things like MMS, and lets me complete all of my phone calls while moving!!!! - Amazing

Yah iPhone/Apple has developed a cult following for their products. Kudos. The gf swears by her iPhone. Everytime her battery runs out and has to use my Storm, she makes a point of how inferior my Storm is. I remind her she doesn't have to stand by the window to make her call. Luckily I also carry an extra battery...

Ive had a Storm since the launch date. Should be getting my 3rd one (replaced twice) today. The two times ive been outside of the "the network" in the mountains, an At&t customer has had service. At least via wifi, which my Storm doesnt have. I know this phone has great potential and maybe in a year it'll be as user friendly as the iphone, but I'LL NEVER BE ANOTHER BETA!!!

It came out a version too soon, needed an update and a few more to follow for fine-tuning, was complicated for new users, and frustrated them. Those that didn't quit on the device, learned the potential of it. Look at the last 30 reviews for the Storm on and the answer is quite apparent. The phone is terrific and it's only limitation is perhaps the user who cannot appreciate what it can accomplish....

Now they just need a 'Type on Touch' feature that allows for super fast typing! Give us the option RIM! 'Type on Click' or 'Type on Touch' it's that easy!

My Wife still clings to her Phone - even though she drops no less than 5+ calls a day as she drives around a town with 100,000 people. Yet AT&T can get service right. Again - what is the point of a phone if you can't make calls - or god forbid want to text someone a picture - holy cow...oh ya right - it just works LOL

I bought 2 storms One for me and my wife. Its taking some getting use to. But i'm not regretting it one bit. I'm waiting for another firmware update and the launch of the Blackberry App store.

I am currently on version .90. It is better than the others. Still horrible by blackberry standards. How about we not add features and useless full screen portrait keyboards until the rest of the OS works as it should.

That's impressive...I really didn't think they'd sold that many... It won't be a million and one though... I'll stick with my BOLD and Jailbroken Iphone 3G!!! ;-)

I love my Storm. Almost didnt get it because of all the negative press.
My Storm works perfectly and is the best phone / gadget I have ever owned.

I'm another happy storm owner. Didn't have to return. Newbie - still learning how to use it, looking forward to 90, but it does everything I need it to do, very dependable.

Hey at least no storm users complained of BURNING THEIR FUCKING FACES OFF FROM THE BATTERY like iphone users did


Congrats Storm, and I think all the haters need to realize that with any first gen phone its going have some kinks to work out much like the first and newest iPhone.

I understand peoples lack of love for the operating system but I still have .75 installed and the phone works great with no major issues as most people describe, but hey maybe Im just lucky or not incompitant Idk.

I'm on .75 still and love my Storm. I wish suretype weren't so sure of itself sometimes, but I guess Pearl owner can complain about that too.

I wonder how many people apple pays to dump on products that blows theirs away! Storm rocks! Feeling strong my friend? try getting my storm away from me!

Lets be honest people if verizon was to release a iphone today i would throw this storm right in the middle of the street and run it over myself,and i would not be the only one.But its good enough for now.I will take verizons service 0ver AT&T's service all day every day

if verizon did that, i would buy the iphone even if i had to buy it out right, get stuck with my storm, AND sign a new contract

The WSJ article reports:

"A Verizon Wireless spokesman declined to comment on specific sales figures for the Storm, but said the percentage of units returned is in the single digits...."

I can only add that during the four (4) weeks following the Storm's introduction, I regularly visited the Verizon Store to get as much hands on time of the Storm demo units and those of one Verizon Store employee in my evaluation of the handset. During each of my several visits, there was an unrelenting flow of disgruntled Verizon Customers returning their Storm handsets!! And, many, including myself have left Verizon in favor of AT&T's BlackBerry Bold or iPhone offerings.

I don't care about Verizon's PR spin touting their unit sales figures. The reality is that if you take a look on the street or ask your business associates, colleagues and neighbors what they're now using and what they previously were using, a great number of responses are that customers have left Verizon and gone to AT&T.

The plain truth is that Verizon's handsets have been constrained and limited by Verizon's policies and decisions, and the market is sick and tired of it and not taking it anymore. There is no doubt the Storm handset will improve over time, but for the time being it remains, lethargic, buggy and satisfying only to those that can tolerate such factors.

The people who had to go thru 5 or 6 Storms to get a good one does that count as 1, or more, towards the 1 Million. ;) j/k

EDIT: Don't get me wrong folks, I love my Storm, BUT it took me a return (just 1 for me) to get a good one. ;)

I've never replaced mine either. And I do IT for one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms here in NYC and I tell client's who buy the Storm 1) there is a learning curve involved, 2) to be patient with the device- it has its quirks, and 3) the iPhone was not perfect right out of the gate either. The new software updates just make it better.

On another note, when I hear of people exchanging the device because their corner is sticking....ughhhh, I just want to tell them to return it all together as this device is not for them. My corner sticks sometimes and I just deal with it. Knock on wood, I'm still on my first device and I got it on launch date. At that rate, that person will go through a replacement device every month at that rate if they complain about their corners sticking...and thus not be happy with the device.

FYI for the Storm haters...of the 15K Blackberry users here at the Big 4 Accounting Firm I work for (yes, we have 15 BES servers)'s NECK AND NECK. 741 Bold's versus 702 Storm's activated on our servers throughout the US.

Peace all!

a friend of mine is a vzw manager and has already been through 9 of them. I think the 1 million is skewed. Blackberrys are awesome phones. the storm has had more glitches than the 81XX 83XX and 88XX series all together. Give it a year and it will rock sock for real

Congratulations to Verizon, the BEST cellular service in the nation!! I just wish they'd get the OS on their flagship device corrected totally. Oh well, I guess you can't have it all!!

I got my storm the wed after it had come out and when I first held the device all I could say was WOW. My first impression was this phone is so beautiful until I powered it on right lol. After I had turned it on I was like wtf buggy as hell after about 2 days I seriously was thinking on returning it. Anyways after some time this phone had grown on me

I got my storm the wed after it had come out and when I first held the device all I could say was WOW. My first impression was this phone is so beautiful until I powered it on lol. After I had turned it on I was like wtf buggy as hell after about 2 days I seriously was thinking on returning it. Anyways after some time this phone had grown on me but There is defiantly some work to be done. This phone has the potential to be so much better and its a shame that the software IMHO is crappy. Some people say that can't wait for a version 2 to come out and I say why? This phone has everything hardware wise just needs a software tuneup and some sweet apps other then what it has. I dunno I love my phone but sometimes I just want be done with it and get something else.