Verizon Releases OS 4.5 for the Pearl 8130 and Curve 8330

Verizon OS4.5 Available!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Nov 2008 11:30 pm EST

Our CrackBerry Forums are so alive with the latest OS4.5 news and reviews and betas that it almost seems a waste to blog it, but for those who don't venture into the forums often enough and like official releases then here's the good word....

You can now download OS4.5.0.77 for your Verizon BlackBerry Pearl 8130 and Curve 8330 from Verizon's website!!

Sorry 8830 users... there's no 4.5 love for you just yet. Never updated your BlackBerry's OS before? Be sure to check out this BlackBerry 101 article

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Verizon Releases OS 4.5 for the Pearl 8130 and Curve 8330


I downloaded it today at the office. The only thing I noticed was the media player was a little different, i.e., equalizer preset for headphone out put and controls were a little different. Other than that I havent noticed anything else. What about html email? I had to reload empower to view in html. Can someone enlighten me?

For HTML email, you have to resend your service books, then go into email options and check HTML.

Then, only email that arrives AFTER you do those two things displays in HTML.

Of course i have an 8830 which hasn't gotten an update from verizon since dinosaurs were around but good thing i'm getting the storm soon! (hopefully.... come on verizon out with it already!)

I thought that os 4.5 was supposed to have docs to go? is that not the case, because if it doesn't than that sucks.

When I got the 8830WE, Verizon called it the "flagship of the Blackberry world". I guess that ship has sailed. Why can't we get an update at the same time for all these phones? Are there really that many differences in the Blackberry code to require a seperate update for each device? 2 years and 1 update, come on and get your shit together.

Anyone notice GPS mentioned in lost of resolved issues when you click the more information link?

Maybe they are finally opening up GPS on the devices ..... hahahahahah .... sorry .. couldn't say it with a straight face.

if i upgrade, will it mess with all the programs ive bought? like vibring, jivetalk, peek@who, and picture id? i would hate to download this and install it and after a half hour find out that it messed up all my programs

Hey all for some reason I am having a hard time downloading email attachments with my pearl 8130 I have upgraded to 4.5 if anyone has any ideas why I would appreciate the help

Anyone else having problems with this after the upgrade from 4.3 to 4.5? I thought the 4.5 is suppose to have html viewing capabilities but I am back to the basic viewing emails. Please help, I have already emailed Empower but would like your experienced hand as well. Thanks.

The download link brings you to, and NOT a Verizon website. Perhaps this may be a legitimate download source, but I couldn't find the 4.5 update on any Verizon website.

I'm staying away from the update until it's posted at Verizon.



That VZW stands for Verizon Wireless. This is the official Verizon Wireless site. Did you not notice it has the Verizon Wireless logo in the top left corner and the EXACT same color scheme as the rest of the official Verizon site?

It's not possible to do an OS upgrade OTA. How would it be? Wouldn't you need the old OS to install the new one?

i just downloaded and performed the update and it worked great...i was having problems with my media player before and it fixed those as well. GOOD UPDATE

I would also like to know if there is an ota for this or do you need to do it with your computer?? I can't even get on the verizonwireless site from my blackberry- keep getting "a problem occurred while trying to render the page". I have tried it over and over-- any ideas??

Where is the 8830 love? Can I DL 8330 4.5 onto my 8830? What might or might not happen?

I'm having a hardtime running Qik on my 8330 w/4.5OS. I went to 4.5OS a while back and I'm trying to rollback to 4.3 so I can install the VZW *official* 4.5, which apparently fixes the problems I'm experiencing with Qik (never going past the login screen). I tried deleting 4.5OS from my desktop and installing 4.3, then running desktop manager (latest version) and going to app loader, but that's not working. Any help here would be great. Thnx yall!

If VZW could only be so kind to us.

This is taken directly from the v4.5 update page. There is a link to the featured update bullets listed on a vzw branded pdf:

If you selected Where Am I on BlackBerry Maps, it might have taken longer than expected to load your location.

I'm sorry 'Where Am I', where are you? I'm still waiting for waiting longer than expect for vzw to get into the 21st century and not nickel and dime me to death. You'll be waiting longer than expected for me to find the $9.99 to pay you for GPS on my phone.

If you started GPS navigation in BlackBerry Maps and your device indicated the number of satellites found, your device might have continuously searched for satellites.

Mine has continuously found zero and is still searching. There was that one satellite that said "Pay me $9.99 and I'll tel you where you are" No thanks for your GPS hack job.

I would also like to give props to VZW on the excellent servers they have for the download. I looks like it will only take me about 40mins to download the file and I have a 15 meg connection.

Why do I continue to put up with this after 15yrs of using vzw?

Uhm... because you know every other network will do the same thing, charge you a relatively similar access fee, and provide you (at best) 15% less coverage than your beloved VZW.

I've had some fun with this. First attempt I installed this update over a prior installed beta...oops... and bricked my phone. VZW was gracious enough to send me a replacement for free. I loaded it again on the new phone....this time after removing the old version on my desktop and was successful. Unfortunately after sending the service book and restarting ( and doing this repeatedly) I have no HTLM email. All the settings are correct to view HTLM but when an email is opened there is no "get images" on the menu like there was with my prior beta os. Anyone else having the lack of HTML issue?

I had Empower HTML viewer installed before I did the upgrade. Is there any advantage to keeping that program installed now that 4.5 has HTML? Is anyone going to keep that application running with the new 4.5? Thanks in advance.