Verizon Releases For 8830 Devices!

By Bla1ze on 22 Apr 2009 08:50 am EDT
Verizon Updates 8830 OS!

All you 8830 owners out there can appreciate this one. All you 9530 owners, will be kind of puzzled by it. In any event, the latest official OS update to come from Verizon is for the 8830 and now puts that device officially at OS, which can be downloaded through Verizon's BlackBerry page. Seems like the wait for this one was forever, but the day has finally come. Now Verizon, can we get  a new OS approved for the Storm please?

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Verizon Releases For 8830 Devices!


Could this be a sign of hope for us storm users? I have a feeling anyday now we will open up crackberry while at work and read the headline "Finally Verizon releases a Storm update." Then again we've had this feeling for how long now?

It's hilarious that every time there is a OS update posted storm owners are 95% of the people who post... I'm a storm owner. Ha.

Verizon sucks.

Does this make sense to anyone? Release an OS for a phone that is much older and not for the new devices that need them more and have more users. I think us Storm users will be stuck with unofficial updates or .75 for a long time.

Finally!! I am so happy they finally released an official Verizon of 4.5 for the 8830. The 8830 was still on version 4.2 till this. came out in June 2008, but 4.2 sucked. Been running betas for a while.

To all the storm owners. You had and then At least you had HTML emails and a useful browser.

P.S. Also is the best Storm beta OS
Go download it or wait a few more weeks for Verizon's release.

P.S.S. If you ask why I still have the 8830, I can't upgrade till November. Waiting for the Blackberry 9630.

The 8830 was my first ever BlackBerry, and when I upgraded (Is that what I call it?!) to the Storm I gave it to a friend.

This will be great for him!

I miss that full keyboard though.... I really can't wait to get my Niagara!

the real problem that verizon did not release an update for all storm users because they know many storm users did download .122 from bell. that is a big problem right now.

Yeah yeah ranting about an OS that's not the Storm's but this just beats everything. Guess the Storm's taking a back seat. Oh well...congrats the the Curve users, almost went with this phone too...sigh

This is getting ridiculous! No official update since Dec 5 for Verizon customers. I had the 8830 before I went to this one. The Storm is their newest phone and Verizon customers have been neglected other than leaked OS that work for some and not others. Whatever the hold up is I hope it is worth it.

And everyone thought that VZW was not going to support the 8830 anymore. This restored a little bit of faith back into VZW for me.

Oh, you storm owners have a new phone to play with.

Let us 8830 people have a lil' love... I'm keeping it because I'm not getting a storm. Someday if they release a good BB with keypads, then I'll jump.

I'm just curious if this is any different/better than the .138 already out. Or, if it's bloated with extra verizon crap.

I hope there's one for the storm.... I heard a rumor from a Verizon employee of a possible may 1st? don't quote me, but i'm praying for it.

I installed it. Works great! Fixed the bugs that were bugging me from the previous beta version that I was using i think it was.
The previous version would not play videos full screen was the biggest issue that I had with
I’m very happy with the upgrade. no issue during installation.

I am glad VZW officially supported the 4.5 release FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Would love to have a Storm or even a Curve, but VZW and RIM seem to have forgotten all of us that CAN'T have a camera on their phone. Therefore I am stuck with the 8830 because that is better than the 8703 with a trackwheel that most of the people I work with are still stuck with.....Wish VZW would show some of us corporate/government people some love. In the meantime, all of you Storm people should just be glad to have what you have. Imagine how I feel having shelled out serious $$$$$ with no viable upgrade since continually getting looked over on an official OS upgrade. Not hating on the Storm or Curve, just wishing I could get in on some of the love, just sans camera.
Anyone know if the Niagara will have the no camera option. Palm did it. (ouch)

**done ranting now***

I still have my 8830, which was my first BB and sure...i had some issues with it, but now that this update has come out i am seriously considering putting my Storm away and using my 8830 again until Verizon gets their effing act together and upgrades the OS.

Sincerely, Long Time Verizon customer, HIGHLY UPSET WITH RIM & VERIZON.....

The only reason owning the 8830 appealed to me from the start, was that it was world phone and a Blackberry. Unfortunately like the most voicing their opinions on Verizon service, they simply aren't conforming to the market changes. But regardless my choice could have been with a Nokia device & beyond par service from T-Mobile for my domestic and international travels. I found the Blackberry to be the killer devices when traveling and solely basing my decision to stay with the Blackberry because of it's inherent strong features.

I just upgraded from 4.5.xx.127 to 4.5.xx.138 and find this iteration to be very stable with my already installed applications. I've been using it for less than a few hours but confirm that my application are running smoothly, the previous version was bloated and consumed more resources when running BerryTunes, UberTwitter, alone so glad this has been fixed! The hope is to upgrade soon to the 9630 like many of you confirmed, it's been a while now and waiting for the new generation of OS/hardware is in due time!


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Since Verizon and Alltel are in the process of merging, will this update work on an Alltel 8830? There is no official upgrade via the Blackberry website for Alltel's 8830, its still at 4.3.

Thanks in advance.