Verizon readying employees for BlackBerry Training

By Bla1ze on 6 Aug 2011 08:41 pm EDT
Verizon Training

Yes, we know -- Verizon customers have been rather upset at the fact Verizon has made no announcements surrounding the BlackBerry Bold 9930 or any other new BlackBerry devices for that matter but fret not. Verizon is gearing up for launch just as much as the rest of the carriers out there they're just trying to keep it all a little more hush hush it seems. The latest info we have for Verizon is that BlackBerry training is ramping up in heavy proportions soon and while the documentation lacks any dates -- the fact it exists is quite enough for us. Now, take a deep breath and relax a little -- Verizon may be all up Android's arse but not that far.

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Verizon readying employees for BlackBerry Training


Verizon is being tight lipped for a reason. We all want information, but Verizon will probably only tell it when the last piece is in place.

I would like to know bout Vodafone UK too, the Bold Touch is down as coming soon (has been for a while) and there is a vid on their YouTube page with someone giving an overview of the [Full Touch] Torch and I'm guessing they will stock the other Torch too, as for dates who knows, my guess they are doing the same as Verizon and keeping it all hush hush (actually a better job cus nothings been leaked ;p) but I doubt we will be waiting too long (within a month, if not the same time as US release)

They'll release 9850 training closer to its launch. 9370 is slated for early september from those leaked slides, I imagine the 9850 will slip in between the two.

Call me blind, but where exactly does this show it is for Verizon besides the fact that it is the 9930.. I mean couldn't this be geared towards any other CDMA carrier? How do we know its Verizon? Either way, I am very happy about this discovery.

I guess Verizon is getting the Playbook too about the same time. It seems to be listed with the devices, if this is Verizon.

You could say that about any piece of purported documentation. What, exactly is your point? Or did you not really have one and miss the "News & Rumors" tag up there. That said; if we didn't have specific reasoning to believe its legitimacy it wouldn't have been posted. :)

I went to the Verizon store yesterday just to see what a salesman had to say. He told me he hadnt heard about a release at all, didnt even know there were new phones but he got a memo about BB training for next week. His info coupled with this list is all I need to know, I will be home soon.
Made an incredible mistake once.

Verizon: Here's the thing. My contract has run out on my S2. I want
its replacement in the new 7 series from RIM. Shoot, I'll pay you upfront
for a place in line. Otherwise, I go to whomever...Surely by now, Verizon
understands the psyche of BBers....right ?

I'm in the same boat as you, with owning a pos storm and still waiting for a release. I can attest for the in store sales reps not knowing a thing about these releases. Every time they try pushing me towards an android.

Another ditto here -

Bla1ze - how about a poll here! How many Crack'ers have been carrying around a Storm or S2 just waiting for the 9850?

[] My Storm is out-of-contract, but I'm still waiting.
[] I gave up on the Storm (S2), but I'm still looking forward to the 9850.
[] I've always had a keyboard but I'm ready to go full-touch.
[] I ditched the Storm, went Android and I'm just here trolling.

I'd like to know how many of us all-touch faithful there are...

I was out of contract in December with my S1. Unfortunately, the nice little upgrade discount we used to get expires 6 months after being out of contract so I was forced to upgrade in June - to the HTC Thunderbolt.

I thought I'd adjust to Android but I still cant wait to get back to BB. Once one of these pops up on Verizon I'm using one of my other lines upgrade to come back :)

The Storm was my first Blackberry, and my first smartphone for that matter. It had its flaws, but its actually still in use today as I have handed it down to my buddy who has never used a smartphone before. I got the Storm 2 on ebay and my contract has been up almost a year. I was hoping for a Blackberry to come out a long time ago, but I have made it this far without renewing yet.

I did try an Android for a couple weeks, the HTC Thunderbolt. I have to say, the Thunderbolt did internet, navigation and maps VERY well. That being said, I hated the email, text messaging (often sent texts to the wrong people), taking pictures, contact management and battery life. Also, the phone would shut itself off for no apparent reason, even when I wasn't using it at the time. I sold the Thunderbolt and went back to my Storm 2.

I can't wait to see the Bold and the full touch Torch at Verizon to try them out. I'm leaning Torch 9850, but the screen on the Bold looks pretty decent. A big thing for me is form factor, how it feels in the hand and holding for a long time. One reason, among many, that I did not flock to Apple when the iPhone came out on VZW. The Thunderbolt was a brick because I had to have the extended battery to get it to last a full day.

I also have a Playbook that I take with me when I travel for work. I have to say, some of the hotels I stay at have such slow internet, that its actually faster to bridge my S2 and use the 3G connection. I'm wondering if the faster processing and download speeds on BB7 will make my Playbook a lot faster on Bridge too. We shall see...

I have had a Storm since release, my faithfulness leaves if BIG RED only gets Bold 9930 (SWEET PHONE). Hope this isn't the case. I do want the Full (let me touch you 9860) LOL! Sorry, Had to say it, I'll check in with my crackberry addict counselor later. Cmon VZW lets go.

I know we're talking Verizon here, but I'm thinking it's coming to Sprint pretty soon and I cant wait. Have the Style 9670 now and it no longer appears on the Sprint site. Phasing out
I'm hoping due to the new berries coming very soon?! Here's hoping! :)

I picked up a Droid 3 last week on an add a line just to see what it was all about, when I called to make to return and cancel the line the CSR asked me why I was giving it up. When I told him I was going to wait for the new BlackBerries he just said "Ahhh, well I can;t say much, but you won't have to wait very long." He indicated that he had already trained on the new Bold and that usually meant they would be in stored within the month.

LTE Playbook Please :-)

I've been waiting for the LTE version to get a Playbook and it would be nice to have before I go on vacation next month!