Verizon to raise the upgrade fee to $30 on April 22, get your BlackBerry 7 device now!

Verizon Wireless
By Jared DiPane on 12 Apr 2012 09:24 am EDT

BlackBerry 7 devices have been around for a few months, and if you haven't upgraded yet because of pricing or any other reason, you may want to reconsider. Verizon has announced that they will begin charging $30 additional for customers to use their upgrades starting on April 22. In just under two weeks that new BlackBerry 7 device that you have your eyes on will cost you $30 more, that isn't what you want, right? Whether you order online, or prefer the local store, you will likely want to grab yourself a new device before the changes take place. 

This fee will help us continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect which includes Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance on devices that are more sophisticated than ever.

Verizon does point out that if you use their trade in service you can offset this additional cost, but that is of course if you have a device that they deem worth $30. 

Source: Verizon; via: Android Central

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Verizon to raise the upgrade fee to $30 on April 22, get your BlackBerry 7 device now!


They should not charge the fee on Blackberry devices. It is the stupid Apple iPhone subsidies that are killing Verizon and all the other carriers.

Due to iPhone popularity, and cut-throat competition among the carriers, they just want people to lock in to contracts even if they lose money on the phones.

This is a time when Blackberry upgrades should be made FREE on all of these carriers, to highlight the lower expense of the phones and plans!!!

Thank the subsidies on the stupid iPhone for bleeding away the hardware profits. At least Verizon held out longer than the other carriers in the US before making the change. With all of the sheep wanting to upgrade their iPhones with every change of digit, the old method of business like VZW's 'new phone every two years' have bitten the dust.

Thanks for finding a new way to screw those of us that DON'T use your products Apple...

yeah, Apple could not get us on price fixiing e-books, or expensive and constant upgrades but everyone is paying for their subsidies.
Well, at least we don't work for their component manufacturers or we'd be jumping off buildings too.

How is it legal for Apple to sell a phone for 800 bucks and have Verizon sell it for 199 when RIM sells phones at better prices and then Verizon sells them at 225? Price fixing all over again if you ask me.

I will chose who to buy from and what to buy and it won't be Apple, price fixed e-books, or expensive upgrades.

This is why I didn't want Verizon to get the iPhone. As soon as they did, they got rid of the new every 2 plan (or at least changed it) and right before they got the iPhone (probably right after the deal was made) they got rid of unlimited data.

When will people realize that the iPhone is the worst thing for cell phone customers EVER?

+1000 The same thing happened at Sprint when they got the iphone. 15 day return policy, no BTA, all BS. Apple distroies carries!

People won't realize, all they see is the TV and every media outlet telling them how great Apple is and how you're nothing if you don't have some sort of iCrap in your life. Most are just followers. Let someone else make the decision for them. Makes me sad for my fellow man. :-(

I work for Verizon and recently got the postion for the BlackBerry Territory Manager. Yay me! Ill be resigning Verizon before that fee applies. Yay me!!!! RIMpire!!!!

That is flat out ridiculous. So now we have no prospects... No looking forward to the end of a contract to get an upgrade to a free phone or discounted phone. I heard when Sprint got the iphone, so many outages here in georgia. Now Apple is just causing all kinds of rucus, throughout the carrier. Is the 9930 LTE or a 4G phone? Flat out outrageous. Not trying to bash Verizon profit but, hope people wake up. GSM is superior to CDMA technology.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you

The 9900 that I have with T-Mo is HSPA+ ( so called 4G or should I say 3.5G? ). On Verizon and Sprint (9930) I believe it is straight 3G (EVDO). ATT might have the HSPA+, similar to T-Mo... I am referring to US Markets.

The direction that we are headed is not good. Might be going back to my Startac and just pay $19 month for basic service, lol. After all a phone was simply a means to TALK :)... The now "small computers" that the phones have become has made us crazy and addicted. The carriers know that we aren't turning back. They will continue to milk the cow and the funny thing is that the consumers will continue to provide more milk even though we complain about it.

+1 on the Startac quip... LOL!!! I had three different Startac models and loved them, one of them I kept for almost seven years till my wife and daughter drove me insane about getting a Motorola e815 P.O.S.

For the upgrade fee. Because everything is more expensive in Canada when it comes to Cell carriers. Come on man, keep up with the convo... haha

lol, didn't want to make assumptions since $150 sounds insane for an upgrade fee. lol

The Bell web-site says $35 as the activation fee. Are they the ones that charge $150 for an upgrade? or another company?

Well this really sucks. I can upgrade 2 of my lines right now but I am holding out to see what BB10 looks like (and wife wants iPhone 5). Now it's going to cost me an extra $60. Lovely. Plus I thought I had one more "free" phone left under the old new every two year plan but they are telling me I only get another $50 off. Maybe it's time to try AT&T...

Like Abrante, I have the 9900 with T-mobile. I had sampled the 9930 but I wasn't going to pay Verizon notorious fees and not be unlimited. I was telling this girl this last month the same thing. BB10 sounds nice... It only sounds nice, I have not seen any expected devices by RIM for BB10 or no expected drop dates. You might want to make that move to OS 7. As a BB fanatic, this is the best OS from rim that I have used.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you

Yes & most Verizon customers will gladly pay more even with a rediculous 5g cap without even considering Sprint with cheaper prices & no cap

So my new every two credit went from $150 to $30, and now they are going to take that $30? I don't need Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance. They should only charge the people that opt for that kind of service. I don't need it.

I have an "unlimited" plan on Verizon and wasn't going to consider other carriers because I didn't want to lose it, but I will have to shop for the lowest price now when I want to upgrade. My income doesn't keep up with everyone's rising prices. And $30 seems pretty steep...especially for services I don't need.

My "new every 2" credit is $50 which I only get on one of my lines so now it's effectively $20. Gee thanks for your generosity Verizon!

I know t-mo charges like $36 for new activations and $18 for Upgrades. I think Verizon is charging $30 for Upgrades (which is the issue).

It appears that att also charges $36 (as of Feb.)

Well, this is the type of garbage that has kept me from going back to Verizon. Thanks VZW of making it easier to not be your customer.

Thanks for the warning! I have an upgrade due next Friday and could have traded in my 9650 and $150 and the $30 fee for a 9850 Torch that I've been lusting after. Instead I'll save the fee and $100 and get it from Wirefly.

RIM has shown itself to be no better about meeting its own release dates than Microsoft. It will be at least a year or longer before the second generation of BB10 comes out. I'm getting the upgrade now.

is this fee to upgrade early or just upgrade? I don'tthink I've ever paid this fee. But I've been a customer since the 90s. I don't pay an activation fee either.

According to a CSR this morning, who checked because she knew nothing about it, the $30 fee is for any upgrade, not just an early one.

So let me get this straight. They want us to pay them a $30 fee to gaurentee them my money for another 2 years on top of the discounted price of the phone you're upgrading to? I'll pass. What would be the benifit of locking yourself in for another 2 years? Looks like when bb10 comes out I'll just have to come out the pocket and pay full price, ride the rest of my contract out and go month to month.

It's this kind of crap from VZW that makes me SO ready to be done with my contract. "In order to continue providing our customers with great service, we're going to find ways to make them pay more."


This is what I wrote in the Verizon subforum. I still don't understand what this is about:

"There must be psychological reasons why they charge a fee rather than just raise the price of the phone $30.

Maybe they compare themselves to an airline where they charge a fuel surcharge. Basically, Verizon is saying:

"It is not our fault. We have no choice. The price of xxx has increased and we must pass that along to our customers.""

Maybe what we all need to do is start calling them regularly. They might as well be required to earn that extra $30. "My hangnail is getting in the way of pressing the buttons. What should I do?"

As soon as I read this I was ready to jump ship, then I did a little research and learned that every other major carrier already does this. Where those announcements posted on here? If not, then that should have been included in this article too.

This really is not cool. I just ordered a 9930 today because my 9650 took a turn for the worse in my dogs mouth, loosing two keypad buttons. Still works and a little laggy but overall it's not bad. I wanted to hold out for the new BB10 but who know what will make of them and when they'll even show. Probably around the olympics but still that's quite a ways away. I was told that i would no longer have the $30 credit from them for a new phone because they have gotten rid of that. I pay enough for my service and it seems they are just dwindling what customers get more and more. Keep in mind it took me 5 calls to get someone that knew how to order a referb phone. I said i didn;t have internet access and the one lady told me after beingon the ohone for 20 mins that i needed to go to a store and use their internet. People are too greedy these days.


That's exactly why I'm leaving Verizon, they are the only game in town but they charge like they are! RIDICULOUS