Verizon BlackBerry Q10 Unboxing

Our ritual unboxing of the Verizon BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jun 2013 02:08 pm EDT

After a long wait for US users, Verizon has released the BlackBerry Q10 and we've scoped out the goods. There isn't anything left in the dark when it comes to the Q10 for the most part, but we always like to dive into new carrier devices just for fun.

The first thing you'll notice is that the Verizon BlackBerry Q10 box is a simple black all around - no purple Q10 logo like we've seen on devices from other carriers. 

Once you pull off the sleeve and get the box open, the is Q10 nicely setup inside with the included accessories underneath. You'll find the Q10 itself, the microUSB charging block and cable (which you can use to charge in a wall outlet or your computer) various manuals and the NX1 Q10 battery. What's notably missing are earbuds.

Even though you can buy them separately, as we saw with most of the Z10's in the US, Verizon (as well as T-Mobile) has chosen not to throw in the premium headset that most Canadian carriers are including in the box.

Verizon BlackBerry Q10 Front Branding

The branding on the Verizon Q10 is very visible yet not terribly annoying. There is a logo on the bottom plate on the front of the device as well as the back on the battery door (which can easily be swapped out). It's not as bad as the oddly place branding on the Z10 though which is nice.

That's really all there is to it. If you haven't scoped out the Q10 yet you can find everything you need on our BlackBerry Q10 page

Are you picking up a Verizon Q10? Drop a comment and let us know!

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Verizon BlackBerry Q10 Unboxing


Verizon's Z10 is still awaiting the 10.1 update.

Q10 will take another 9 weeks for any update.

Blackberry needs to keep on moving literally..."double time"


On AT&T's website for the Q10 it lists the headphones as one of the included accessories inside the box. :-)

Their battery cover logos are to the extreme. I'm not sure if their marketing research shows that is good for them or what. So distasteful...

Posted via CB10

I silently "lol'd" when I saw the headline and thought to myself, isn't the Q10 old news. That in my opinion is one of the greater downsides of the staggered launch in the us, hopefully they smarten up and pull things together with their next set of devices and have a global launch instead of being silly like they are now.

Picture what a guy would look like laughing hysterically in a sound-proofed glass enclosure. That's my best guess.

Yes, it's easy for us to be happy. Sprint customers, on the other hand... no Z10 and no Q10 (yet). What's the deal?

I wish I knew. Some folks blame blackberry. Other blame the carrier. I think its a carrier issue. Anyone who has a better idea of this...please chime in!

Of course you get most of the stuff with Verizon. T-Mobile took everything out of the box. I was lucky to get a charger.

Mine is on the truck, out for delivery as we speak. I am soo happy to come back to a physical keyboard after trying to (with much luck, but not 100%) use a virtual keyboard.

Wow. And I thought us up here in Canada were getting robbed by not getting a pouch or holster.
Sucks even more for the guys down south, not even the nice ear buds.
And horrible branding. I will never understand how a company can charge you full price for a phone, and yet they will still toss on free advertisement for themselves. They should be giving you a discount for being forced to show off the Verizon logo.

Posted via my Q10 via the awesome CB10 app!

My pet-peeve about even clothes now, we pay to buy their stuff and also advertise for them free. When I bought my motorcycle I re moved all their logos and also in cars remove their.......hate it. Sorry guys.

That's why it takes it long fit VZ for this carrier to get their BlackBerry phones approved. It's a joke on the Verizon consumer, another marketing mistake by Verizon.

Posted via CB10

WHY would you pay full price for a phone must have all the money In the world
The rest of us normal people have to wait till our contract is up.

Never understood how people can afford to buy two phones and swap between them either.

Posted via CB10

I do not understand the full price either BUT I know in my case I have over 12 lines so swapping phones or upgrading is rather easy.

I wonder how quickly the branding on the battery cover will fade. Guess you could easily swap it out for an unmarked replacement though.

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I just want to know when the dang 10.1 is coming to the z10. I don't care if the whole phone had Verizon written on it a thousand times. Just give me the dang update. Pronto.

My AT&T Z10 came with ear buds and discreet single logo on back cover. Can't wait to get my pre ordered Q10.

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So I went into Verizon store in Honolulu and there was a Q10. I asked the sales rep if he could go over the phone with me. He said the phone wasn't working but if I could wait 30 min or so he could have a tech reset it then he walked away. I went back to the phone and reset it myself then tracked the rep back down and told him it was working now. His reply was that I probably didn't want a Blackberry and that most people that buy them just return them because they are unhappy. Me, I was unhappy with the service so I left the store still using my Bold. I'll get the Q10 when I get back home to Maui.

The Q10 looks great, but I already have my Z10 from Verizon, patiently waiting for the A10... Trust me, whenever it finally gets here, I will be the first again to get the phone in the US ;)

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I went into a Verizon store today and they did not have any Blackberrys in the store and nobody knew what the new phone coming out was called. Just sad on everyone's part - BlackBerry and Verizon. I then went to the AT&T store and they were a little better. They had a Z10 in, but did not know of the Q10.

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Verizon amazingly found some display space for the "new" Q10 parked next to the Z10. The sales rep had no clue how to operate the phone and it was stuck in demo mode. Long-time Verizon customer/BB owner who has been out of contract for so long the old Curve was beginning a death spiral where boots/battery removal don't help anymore during crucial calls = I'm getting desperate!! Out of-contract Verizon customers no longer get upgrade discounts, lose "grandfathered" unlimited data and get charged activation....:(

Finally got one of these in my hands. I hand-scratched the logo off with my thumb until it numbed out. I feel so accomplished.

Posted via CB10

The only reason I see to pay full price is to be able to keep my Unlimited Data. I will be buying a Z10(me) & Q10(wife) @ full price when I return to the states later this summer.

I love my Q10! I got it around 1:30pm today and I haven't put it down yet. The only gripe I have is the frame around the phone. I thought it would feel like the stainless steel frame that is on my Bold 9930 but instead it feels like the frame that is on the Z10. The build quality is still is amazing though I was a little surprised. I could have sworn that I heard that the Q10 did have a stainless steel frame, who knows maybe it is stainless steel. It just doesn't feel the same as the Bold 9930. Over all I am very pleased with this phone! The keyboard is amazing! Better than the 9930 IMO

Posted via CB10

Same here still playing with mine! I was a bit nervous seeing the phone build on video. Completely different in person, awesome phone!!

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I traveled a job to Taiwan in January, on my birthday BlackBerry anounced the Z10. I have five phones on my Verizon contract that were up for renewal. I ordered 3 Z10 from Verizon. Two of my sons decided to wait for the Samsung S4. Because I ordered from an overseas IP address, Verizon cancelled my order. I next "VPN"ed in to Verizion to reorder. This time I only ordered 2 Z10. Meanwhile Verizon shipped me the two Z10's. Just in time for my wife to bring her white Z10 when she come to join me here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Later Verizion shipped the two S4's. Within a week one of the S4s was sent to the bottom of a lake. Thus I had to use my last upgrade to replace that S4. (sixteen year old boys should not have smartphones) Last week I upgraded my BB-9650 to a Q10 at full price. On Thursday I will travel back to USA and a new Verizon Q10 should be waiting for me. Being overseas has helped me coupe with the waiting for BlackBerry and Verizon to release the the Z10 and the Q10.
As a side note I am an old school engineer who transitioned from side rules to HP calculators. I got my first BlackBerry because of an app that emulates a HP RPN calculator. If I can not find a good RPN app I will be very sad.

I was very sad when I saw there was no headset. I kept digging in my box, and nothing :-( But I am thrilled with my Q10 :-D someone send me a pair of these?!! lol

This phones dope, can't wait for an upgrade though. Working with blackberry for many years now, I have grown to expect and amazing phone with a few overlooked features. Not sure if they over looked them, or I just can't figure it out. One touch dialing and keyboard shortcuts would def in crease user speed of the phone.

Posted via CB10

I couldn't be happier with my Q10, battery is fantastic, Crackberry is addictive and the hub is very intuitive.

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