Verizon Pushing Out VCAST Song ID And VZW Tones to BlackBerry Storm Users

By Adam Zeis on 30 Jun 2009 10:52 am EDT


It looks as if Verizon has pushed out both VCAST Song ID and VZW Tones for BlackBerry Storm users. V CAST Song ID works in much the same manner as Shazam, letting you identify songs playing on a stereo, jukebox etc. directly from your handset and instanly providing you with a one-click purchase link. VZW Tones easily lets you locate and download the latest "real music" ringtones directly to your device. If you haven't seen them yet, you just need to reboot or send your service books and they should pop up.  Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Verizon Pushing Out VCAST Song ID And VZW Tones to BlackBerry Storm Users


is pretty awesome. I've always used it on my other phones(LG models).

I can't really see any use for VZWTones though.

No notice, text message, nothing? Just appears on my homepage...and how do I get rid of it? Haven't looked into that yet

I want to know how to get rid of it as well. They are just download shortcuts but I can't figure out how to delete them.

As far as I know they can't be deleted. They can be hidden though. Since they aren't more than a launcher to the download site, it wont affect your available memory.

I wanted to get rid of the IM launchers because i don't want the apps so all i did was go delete the service book. So you should just be able to do the same thing with these two icons.

I noticed 2 friends of mine had it on their phones this weekend. i do not have it. I went to that link, and it said that it wasn't supported for my phone? wtf?


they offer up and download the actual programs. So, when you do that, the original "push" icon disappears, and the actual program icon appears in apps folder (at least that is where it put the actual program icon on my Storm).

I am trying the songID program. It installed okay (but at 1.1MB its more than a bit bloated. So far, not able to get it to recognize a song. So am running Quick Pull to reset the unit and see if it will work. Even after a quick pull, the program cannot seem to find any song even when leaving it up to the speakers for more than the requisite 10 seconds. It finds NADA. I tried very popular songs, and it just won't discover anything while it is "listening." Looks like a bust to me, or I just don't understand the program enough to get it to run easily.

I also suspect, although not done it yet, that once there is an actual program running, it will be able to be deleted, like all programs loaded onto the Storm. Since the original icon deleted, likely this will delete all parts. Its unfortunate that if you don't want it, you have to go through the trouble of downloading the actual program first to get rid of it.

I agree, poor form by Verizon.....

I had to install it a second time for it to work properly. Shouldnt have to do that but i do use the app all the time.

Go to Options>Advanced Options>Application List>Song ID>Edit Permissions

then set all permissions to Allow. this should clear up the issue. I had the same issue with it not want to do anything but hang on the id song portion.

Make sure to manually set all permissions to "allow." It's been discussed in the forums, and that seems to be the cure.

Once you install the the program the initial launcher icon will disappear and you can then uninstall the program, but after a reset the initial icon will return...

I only had to turn on the recording permission, which seemed odd that it was pre-set to DENY. Once I allowed that it works. No need to open everything up in permissions. Try this one first.

who cares that they pushed it, it is VZW's service and they have the right!!!i havent used it yet, not sure if they charge for the service. i just moved it into the downloads folder.

Your logic suggests they can push whatever they like. How about software that runs in the background that you can't disable? Their service, still their right? Data gathering?

go into your options, click on advanced options, then click on applications. A list will open up of all running apps on your unit. Go down the list to songid and choose blackberry button and click on permissions. Go down to recording and set it to ALLOW instead of DENY. (You may have to open subsettings for the various headings to review ALL permissions that are available.

This should get you going.....

I don't care that they pushed it. I DO care though that they started texting me commercials for the product. I pay for a text plan, and don't think they should be sending me advertisements.

A text sent to you by your service provider is free of charge and doesn't count toward your text total for payment purposes.

While I have not gotten a chance to look thru the user agreement I feel that the carrier should not be allowed to "push" garbage onto my device without the option to opt our of decline or even remove it.


its like driving a BMW u are notified thru ur car u need a oil change or tires rotated bc BMW feels it will enhance the life of ur car....the same with VZW they send u things to the phn that would enhance ur use for the phn...lets face it the more thing u can do on ur phn the longer MOST ppl keep it....and if VZW was giving out free ringtones or app and u were not notified u would be the 1st person in line complaining ..

When you say they used my picture, are you referring to the screen shot? If so, I love the look of that theme and would love to know what it is so I can buy it. Thanks!! CD

I found it under the BB browser home page chose Get Apps. Once i installed and ran it, it doesnt make it past the listening screen.

I already have it in my Storm and i think that Shazam still way more faster and better.One question is this service for free or are we going to get charge everytime we id a song.

I have done a quick pull and have physically pulled the battery. I have not gotten either of the applications. Could I be one of the lucky ones?

Too bad it works like crap. It has yet to identify one song for me. And yes I am doing it right. It doesnt take rocket science to figure out what to do.

I thought my storm was tripping when I saw these two icons, they are so annoying, any way I could just delete them altogether?

I love my Storm...and I've been waiting for this app for a long time. It works great on my wife's EnV. Has anybody had it actually work on their Storm? It listens to the entire song and doesn't give anything. I'm not one to complain...but what a waste.

Now if they will only push an operating system that will make the storm stand above the rest....148 still has its issues.

first of all why do i want these apps. I don't want them and I can't seem to get rid of them. If anyone knows how to get rid of this junk please let me know.


Works a lot better. I tried to id a song yesterday and it never worked. I really wanted to know the name of the song. :( I kept getting the load icon as well, just like everything I do on my Storm.

Hey guys, does anyone know what's the name of the theme is this screenshot? It looks really cool, I would definitely like this on my storm. thanks

I have Shazam on my Storm, yes it works if you follow the instructions right. Shazam takes about 3 seconds of listening, then I can even stop the song and it matches every single time I've tested. My Verizon just sits on the listening screen, after about 30 seconds it finally brings something up. And although it has been right every time. It's too slow, the loading at start up takes around 10 seconds and by the time you get into the listen or "tag now" you've got 30 or more seconds gone from the song you're trying to get.

Shazam is free, my "free" time has expired and I just delete, and reinstall. Started over again.

I tapped once on the icon, then clicked the BB button and pressed HIDE. I couldn't figure out how to delete since I didn't see them listed in the Applications Folder. Hey, VZW, Don't push things to MY phone.

It's been a couple weeks and this still hasn't appeared on my phone. Does anyone know if there is a link where I can download it from or some other way to get it?