Verizon pushing out OS update for some Z10 users

By Adam Zeis on 25 Apr 2013 11:53 am EDT

The forums are buzzing with Verizon news this morning as it looks like a new BlackBerry Z10 update is rolling out for certain users. Some have reported the update is a go while others are being told there are no updates available.

For those that do get it, the update doesn't bring a new version number (it's still sitting at but it does come with a few small improvements. We're certain that lots of users were expecting something bigger but this will have to due for the time being. 

Features of the update include:

  • Improved Battery Life: Over 60 battery-saving improvements have been made to keep you moving.
  • Photo Enhancements: The camera has been optimized for better photos in low-light situations.
  • And More: You’ll also enjoy fixes to Gmail® calendar, improved performance for 3rd party applications, and better browser video playback.

The update isn't a very big one either so it should a quick one to install. If you're on Verizon and have been able to update, be sure to hit up the comments and let us know how it's working for you so far. If you're not seeing it, check back later and see if it pops up. 

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Not for me

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Same message reached me on O2 UK which already had 10.0.10 and i am running the hybrid...

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I got the alert that the new update was available and a list of features it is suppose to have.. but when I went to the settings to install there was nothing there.


I downloaded and installed the update, all 1 mb of it. I think it may just be a patch, but people in the forums are saying different things about the size of the download.

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silly 1MB update... I'll take it if it improves the battery life.




QUICK!! Someone get geoffsdad a JOLT COLA!!!

Emu the Foo

LOL! Isn't that stuff illegal. Well I guess not if they sell monster


Absolutely pissed right now! I just downloaded that same minor update from stupid Verizon and it's totally crippled my Sideloads and Android Player. Damn you Verizon! You refused to bring us to at least 10.0.10 probably won't release 10.1 till F'en Christmas but you'll release this piece of crap that's crippled my Sideloads. Ugh! I seriously feel like throwing it in someone's face right now

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I saw this on the reply. Sorry you're going thru this man...


it didn't do anything but add back verizon crappliccations... my side loads are fine


Verizon would not care about side-loaded applications. This is not a supported method of installing applications and as such I do not see why you're complaining in such a way... it wouldn't even just be Verizon that side-loading applications breaks support, it would be all carriers and even BlackBerry itself.

If you're willing to do something that would remove you from a supported configuration, why wouldn't you install one of the standalone OSs?


I received mine and installed......have Verizon

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Same for me. Downloaded 1mb, all numbers stayed the same. Hope battery improved as that was the only major issue for me. No random reboots and such.

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I'm on tmobile and I'm getting the update notice, but when trying to search for update I'm being told that my software is up to date. ; (

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I'm on T-mobile and the download did work, 8mb. It re-downloaded, twitter, tmobile crap, drop box etc. I deleted them and checked for an update and the same one popped up. Lies, T-mobile, lies.


Thought I accidentally erased an app, but got it and haven't noticed much difference.


Got the message. I am using 10.1 leaked and 3 Italy.

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mine was 4Mb



on Verizon 4Mb


Jamez Avila

I received an alert in my inbox telling me about the update and all the improvements included but when I check in the settings, there is no update available.

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Have installed and used for 10 minutes. Extrapolating battery life from the past 10 minutes, looks like the battery will last forever on a single charge!!!

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That's pretty damned funny


Thanks for putting this up Adam ^_^
I got that message around 10:50am (New York)
The update is only 1MB
Let's see if it will freeze on this update...


Same for me on AT&T received notice but told no update available.

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It has seemed to me that my Verizon Z10 says there's an update available after I have deleted any of their preinstalled apps. I installed it once before and it just restored them. Deleted them again and it again shows update available. My suspicion is that, with no version numbers changing, this is the same update they had originally.


dis anybody else after the update get twitter and foursquare pop up on the screen



5Mb... we'll see what changes! I've been having issues with storage (ie. sd vs box or device) Nothing shows up in my libraries unless its on box, so I hope that changes!


Got the update installing now. For me it's 10mb. Might be a bit bigger for me because
I've deleted all the Verizon bloatware. Looking forward to some improvements, especially battery life and most of all, hopefully it's a "Random rebooting" fix. Time will tell.......:)


Very small download and version still at 422. Does allow the VZW Backup Contacts app to finally update properly in BB World. The email listed battery optimizations, camera, and other stuff, can those really be in such a small sized patch?


Can you get it through BlackBerry Link if you received notification but can't download OTA???

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I just got it thinking it was 10.0.10 but it's still at 10.0.9**

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i just went to dl mine. it says it was a 10MB file. dl went fine and quickly.


did a batt pull afterward i dl the update lol. just for old times sake.


Couldn't help but laugh at this one. Definitely something from the legacy OS that I do not miss.


Mine was 19MB @ v10.0.9.422


A software update is not news worthy?

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Got the update this morning and it was 1 MB on the Verizon version. I am confused by the version number staying the same. That should never be the case and is bad practice.

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Got the 1MB from Verizon. Looks like the screen is darker (for battery life?). Otherwise nothing noticeable.


Im still sitting at .422. though i had a small update (1 MB) pushed this morning... but version remains the same.


Someone should check if radio version numbers change before and after the update. 1 MB sounds like maybe they just did radio change.

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1 mb update is for backup contacts app. Why are people actually thinking this was a software update as listed in the email? Am I missing the joke of the posters that actually claim to notice something? This email was sent out by blackberry, not Verizon. Delete the contact backup app and then check for software updates again. You should be able to get increasingly better battery life every time you update.

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I got the Notification this morning.
Installed the 4mb update
Deleted Foursquare and Twitter (again, I don't use these apps)
Checked for updates - wouldn't you know it, another 4mb update is available......


Hi there, you can't delete FS and Twitter or any other apps that come with the base OS or it will always say you have an update. Keep all default apps with the phone and you won't be prompted for it multiple times. Just create a folder and dump the stuff you don't use in there


Git it, Did it, Hope it improves the battery life....that would be fantastic.


I'm with Telus and running the 10.1 leak and I got the update notice yet nothing there. I was hoping for an early official 10.1 update. Lol

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Max O

Jst loaded up the new updated haven't really seen must difference. However only been plying with the phone for less than an hour

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None of you received the update in the notification you received today. Please someone respond when they have.

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Nice April fools joke Verizon!! Better late than never blahhh...

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Leroy Padilla

Done and updated will keep posting on this thread for actual visible items that have improved. Not sure how you can improve this OS but I guess there is always something.

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Leroy Padilla

So battery half way through the day and doing way better than before. All side loaded apps working and no issues to report. Again Verizon and it was a 6mb download.

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If you delete the bloatware off your device, periodically Verizon will push an "update" for the same version to get it back on. It's happened to me about once a week since I bought the phone. This is a false alarm.

R Field

How does it have the 60 battery improvements at only 1 mb wtf my fido update was 144 mb for the version Verizon should be upgrading to.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


Right. I think this notification was mistakenly sent out.

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Installed it this morning and so far haven't had any random reboots. The reboots have seriously crippled my productivity so far.


None yet for Iowa Verizon

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Glad I switched to T-Mobile

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If you delete one of the stock icons (in my case it was Box and the Drop Box connector) then you'll have a 1MB download and it'll reinstall those apps. If they're all there it shows as no updates available.

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Steve NY


i recieved the notification from Verizon today. So far I have 1mb update and 30 minutes later i checked again and another 10mb update was available. I guess we just need to keep checking throughout the day for more updates. hope that helps...


quick question did you delete any preinstalled apps?


Verizon, 1mb. Comments of battery improvement, and OS improvement. Will see. I need battery improvement Bad.

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Steve NY

interesting...i actually deleted twitter, facebook and now they are there again. that is annoying...


Got it when it popped at 10-11ish. Small update for sure. And its not the bloatware, I left that crap on, just thru it to 'back' page so I didnt get false updates over and over...


Got the message. Download was 1mb. Haven't even moved the boat ware icons and no side loaded apps so I'm really not sure what triggered this.

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I woke up and found the notification that update was available. Only 1mb in size, I haven't deleted any of the base apps after seeing that doing so will always flag it for OS update on day 1 of having phone.


Updated in Tennessee so far so good

White BlackBerry z10


Nothing yet for me *sigh*

CB10 on Verizon Z10


I had the 1mb download.
There was a notification 10 days ago for an upgrade to My Verizon Mobile V1.0.1.30. I did not do that upgrade, but it looks like that is what is now installed on my phone. Leaning towards earlier opinions that this is an attempt by Verizon to get everyone to some known state.

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The update also removed the ability to bypass the Verizon restrictions on tethering and mobile hot spot

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3rd Coast - There's a way to bypass the Verizon restrictions on tethering and mobile hotspot? Could you please point me to a link which explains this.



I too got the update this morning. When I saw it was 1mb I thought it was reinstalling a deleted app but couldn't find what it had done. Thanks to this post. It was driving me nuts trying to figure out what it was since the version was the same.

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this actually doesn't update anything they claim it updates. photos are still the same. battery performance so far is still the same as pre update. the update was 554 kb. too small to update all that.
I did notice that the VZW contacts backup was stuck in an update loop for a week. now it isnt.

Verizon is just leading us on, and pushing this verizon app update as a bb update. they aren't man enough to admit their app sucks..... which cant be deleted either.


1MB for me and YouTube gave me an error file not supported couldn't play video had to pull battery to fix? Never had the error before update

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any idea if this idea brings anything to the table that the leaked didn't already have?


331 MB update on Verizon. No idea what it did. Phone still works so far.

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5 mb update and better battery life? This i have to see!


5 mb. installed this morning, and I still have 70% battery life, which does seem like a lot more than I expect to see by midday. So yes, a noticeable improvement.


My battery seems to be a bit better too. I wonder if the backup app was to blame for the battery problems...

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Got the update notice and updated.


Same crap as I reported in the forums 2 weeks ago.


Got an alert this morning for the update - looked more like an announcement from BlackBerry than Verizon. Says message sent by or on behalf of BlackBerry. Was 1MB. Really don't notice any change yet.

Allan Godden

Rogers better throw out update soon


Weird, Verizon's site under support for the Z10 makes no mention of this update. It is still the same old webpage with the PDF document you can download about the initial update when first launched.


What's up with Verizon? Too many Android devices in the queue to test? 10.0.10.x has been out for over 50 days.

Grand Piano

HA. I downloaded and installed the update.

After it was done I rebooted out of old habits.

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nothing for me in Iowa


I updated don't notice a difference.

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Yeah, I got the memo this morning and thought "Glory hally lewyah berry" they done given us the update faster than anyone expected. I was at CSO's rehearsal again (it's funny to me how Z10 stuff seems to coincide with my orchestra viewing) and I wasn't getting the best signal in there so I knew I was going to have to wait a bit before I could partake in the goodness. Then I saw that the OS number was the same and thought "Oh it's just the other update that comes when you delete foursquare or something." Coincidentally, I had just rebooted to factory settings yesterday so I really was convinced of the foursquare thing.

You mean to tell me that it's really real? It's only 1MB for me and I don't think I've noticed a significant change yet but then again I just updated it this morning. I did however still have a reboot issue but it was during a session with a side loaded android app so the mileage may vary. Let's hope for the best

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Leroy Padilla

Just got a second update of 5MB let's see what it's all about stay tuned.

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Leroy Padilla

False update just restored drop box and box. Six. Guess it's time to load the newest leaked OS

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If you got the notification but it still says you have the latest OS, delete a stock app like Bing and then check again. It gives you the whole update.

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I got this 1mb update today.Couldn't tell any difference initially, but after a few hours it appears the battery life is somewhat improved. Screen does seem a touch darker, assuming this might be one of the "improved battery life" tweaks. Im going to leave the phone off the charger tonight so I'll get a better gauge of battery life.
My ZED 10 is one fine phone, can't wait to see OS10 on my playbook too.


Got the update this morning. Seems to be working fine so far.


Have to say, i think the battery life was better today.


Well, I have noticed that the My Verizon app is all fresh and new so I'm going to safely say that was the update that we got.
Nothing special.

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Installed the update and it killed my pop3 send ability.

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On Verizon only got 1 mb. It installed but the Os number didn't change.

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This solved nothing for me. Still reboots while charging. occasionally reboots during the day, though not very often, mostly overnight. Just waiting for Verizon to roll out the 'real' update.....still love this phone though!

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Z10 update is working great. Battery Life is better and the Kindle app is now working perfectly

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my girlfriend has a verizon Z10, and i was able to do the uipdate for her. No change in OS #, and the update was only can this 1mb update possibly have any new features?

Jay West

Mine is working fine. Just going to go ahead with the leaked version that is out.

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Mine does seem to last longer now with the battery. However I still had reboots last might while charging. That is the only fix I really need relatively soon.

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The battery update is awesome. My phone has been at 99% battery life since I installed the update and I haven't even put it on the charger. Camera update is awesome. I can talk full color photos in complete darkness with no flash and there is no grain at all. The phone seems about 4x faster than before I installed the incredible 1 mb update. Screen seems a little darker, but that must be how they got the battery to never discharge. Well done Verizon.

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I got it! Battery life is improved, but I think we're still behind not to sure... nevertheless I'm happy to finally get an update

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We need to have a poll on how great the latest update is.

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Received the notification for my wife's and my Z10 at 09:50 yesterday and installed it, camera did show changes. So if this provided software fixes for the camera and battery life, what can the hardware really do that is not published. Also got a notification for a Bridge update last night, no idea what it added, since still get the same functions as before. Not sure what the battery improvements did, waiting to see what happens for more than a day.


What changes did the camera show?

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Talk about late...

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What about late?

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Blake Moyer

Killed my battery life. Thanks

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omar munoz1

So its april 30 full chargeon my verizon Z10 with the 1 mb update which stated a better battery life i tested it by playing sector strike on it all morning on and off of course from 830 am and now its 12:51pm and my Z10 is on the empty red sign. Im surprised it didnt die as i write this. And before my phone would be dead by 12pm. So an xtra hour is what im getting but if im running just the web and texting the whole time from 830 am il still have at least half my batt by 2 pm as opposed to before the update which id be at the 20% by noon. Ps. U aint cool til u get ur z10 tinted. (privacy screen) ;)

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omar munoz1

I got dat limo tint on mine (360) woot woot!!:)

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June 18th .... and we're STILL waiting.


Got the this am. not much experience with it yet. It did get rid of my ghost vmail indicator :o)