Verizon Pushes Out BlackBerry Tour Update: Version Device Software Gets Official

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Sep 2009 04:54 pm EDT
OS for the BlackBerry Tour

** UPDATE: WEIRD.... Apparently RIM has pulled the update and users are no longer getting it via Desktop Manager. Some users have experienced errors in the upgrade process (see thread), so possibly this is related to RIM pulling it. **

After OS leaked out yesterday, according to the talk in our BlackBerry Tour forums it seems the update has become official and update emails are being sent out by RIM that newer software for the Tour is now available. If you haven't already, it's time to fire up Desktop Manager and get your update on!

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Verizon Pushes Out BlackBerry Tour Update: Version Device Software Gets Official


Just got the notice, did the upgrade, and it seems happy. But my first-day-of-release Tour still has a moody trackball.

Guess it's time to hit the Verizon store. :(

Updating my phone right now - I love how Verizon still doesn't have it posted, however Desktop Manager did find it and is installing it.

As far as I can tell, it isn't out for Verizon. Not available from their site or over the air. I will admit I haven't had a chance to check it through Desktop Manager.

it notified me when I connected in on my Mac that the new version is available. Way to go, leaked BB Desktop Manager for mac!

I don't get it!! I follow the prompts and now i've got the white screen that says reload software 507. I got an error message during it saying "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation."


For that error to pop up i seem to have completed the update but its still in the process of waiting for device initialization (this may take up to 30 minutes)

My desktop manager (on Windows) noticed the new version on sync, and away I went. Not OTA - but via PC.

Seems better/faster, except for no trackball fix mentioned above.

trackball is a hardware issue!!! If it was simply software, every tour out of the box with the same software would have the same issue!

I didn't expect this would fix the trackball issue so I called Verizon and they replaced my phone through their tech support without even asking me one question. Kind of makes you wonder how long they might have known there was an issue with the trackball on alot of the tours upon its release? Another friend of mine went to the store and no questions asked and I mean they didn't even ask to see the phone and his was replaced. If it isn't working right take it in. I love my tour regardless so no complaints.

when i called last night and asked about the trackball they told me to go to a tech store and get it checked it.. otherwise they could mail me one, but it'd be a refurb, which is bs.. we pay so much money for the phone and service.. why not have a happy customer?? i called back and asked how much it would be to break contract.. im sick of every phone breaking (due to verizon issues) and the guy gave me the info then said have a good night.. never asked me once why.. verizon is royally pissing me off..

Yeah, I was given the same bs run around. They said to wait for a software update to fix my hardware probs. I never liked VZW before, but now I hate them. Definitely switching to Sprint ASAP.

I was able to perform the update without issue. After making you go through the 'setup' as an initial user does, everything was back to where it was (I did downgrade my Documents to To Go, but I simply used the application loader to uninstall the old version and re-install the new version, for those of you with that app, you already know about this problem that DataViz is blaming on RIM and RIM is blaming on DataViz).

In any case, complete success. It did find the update when I used the wireless update option, however I used the desktop manager as it will perform a complete backup of the device first, including all 3rd party preferences. It may be that if I chose the wireless update, it would have told me to do it online for the same reason.

Hope this is useful to someone...


Did anyone notice their horizontal and vertical scroll speeds change to 80? I had mine set to 70 and after the update I noticed it was changed to 80.

I just completed the OS upgrade through the Desktop Manager and low and behold after it was done I gained 19MB in free space!!! Anyone else seeing this? I reboot everyday so I know it wasn't from that....

Also during the upgrade it told me that my ZenMinder app would be deleted but after it was finished it was loaded and ok...

I talked to my friend who works at RIM. The official build is different from the leaked version. It has the same point number, but there are a few more bug fixes in the officially released version.

The update crashed, and now the Tour phone has no OS (507 screen). The DM can't find the phone now. Now, I have to try to find a way to reinstall the OS and hope I can reload my backed up data. First the trackball issues (on both tours I bought) now this. Why can't things just work.

not only is the internet insanely fast and accurate but the scroll speed is even smoother. About the scroll speed for the trackball in the internet or just in the UI i had my tour replaced and it was solid after this update its even better.

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, I didn't read all the comments, but before the update, any birthdays that I had added to my contacts did not automatically show up in my Calendar; now they do.

I got a FATAL ERROR before it was done. My phone rebooted and now i got a white screen with platform and a few other things..

Much quicker reboot time. Resetting/re-registering all my 3rd party apps was a pain, but I'm already extremely happy with the shortened reboot time.

This totally bricked my phone. It rebooted and came up with a white screen that says "Blackberry Platform

Exact same thing happened to me when downloaded the "update" that DM found. The download showed an error and after that the DM wouldn't recognize my BB PIN (it showed no device connected) so I couldn't even reload the old OS.

I don't remember what I did, but I eventually got DM to recognize my PIN and I was able to go to my last back-up. It took a lot of tweaking to get my BB completely back up and running---it was *very* laggy and sluggish for a few hours after it was revived.

It seems okay today, but when I checked the OS it shows the *new* OS ( as running on my Tour, which I don't understand at all.

I'm still not sure what's going on, but from now on I won't update the OS until it comes directly from Verizon (which still has the Tour's original OS listed as the most current).

Wow that was a little weird but it installed fine. After all was said and done I had to go back and pull a couple of apps out of archives and reset Berryweather on my location. Did try to install on boot from desktop but that didn't take so I went to Verizon and downloaded the update from their site. Installed , rebooted and everything seems fine. Memory on device was popped up to 118 MB before I pulled a couple of apps out of archives. Now it's down to 97.4 MB about 30 MB than it was before. Weird.

Like many others have said this update makes the device operate faster, and its more responsive. I'm still waiting for 5.0 though.

Is this update worth the hassle???

Here’s an official list or change log that Bo Genius put together:

* Improved MMS notifications
* Improved Visual Voice Mail app
* Improved sound quality for Bluetooth headsets and voice calls
* Fixed geo-tagging error in the camera application
* Fixed an error with DRM music skipping
* Improved video player
* Added BlackBerry Messenger update notifications — check for new BBM updates automatically or manually.
* Fixed an issue with device restarting after activating morning alarm
* Fixed an issue with memory cleaning and sluggishness
The first character is no longer duplicated when dialing from the
home screen.
* Your smartphone may not have detected headset removal, causing it
to remain connected to a disabled headset.
* When prompted to add an email account in the Setup Wizard, your
smartphone may have jumped to “Bluetooth® Setup,” leaving you
unable to navigate back to email setup.
* If you tried to save changes to a contact that only contained a
company name, you may have received the error message “Contact
updated externally. Changes will be lost and the view closed.”

Yeah!!! I noticed the birthday thing too. I used to have to manually update them myself through Facebook.

Can't wait for 5.0!!!

I hooked my Tour up to the DTM and right there it said the update is available so I went ahead with it and BOOM right in the middle of it pops up the white window with an error text. Luckily everything went right back to normal on my phone so no mess ups there. I tried going to the Verizon site to find the durn update with no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?

After updating my Tour to '53', there was no change in trackball performance so I prepared for the usual battle and headed out to the Verizon store expecting the usual run-around and hassles. Something has happened at my local VZ store. I barely entered the store and was immediately offered assistance. All I said was "TRACKBALL" and the guy said "Not a problem sir", took my phone and in 15 minutes I had a new Tour in my hands with no trackball problem! After 'having war' with Verizon for the past five years with LG and Moto phones, it was strange being treated like a rock star! Sure hope the rest of you Verizon users get the same treatment. (I'm still in shock!)

Actually worked on the Mac Desktop Manager!!!!! :D update went smoothly with no problems at all :) just wish they would release a 5.0 update or at least the Official version of Mac Desktop Manager but other than that noticed some improvements like less lag but will see what else it brings

Of course the upgrade downgraded my BBM, but I thought I would be able to just reinstall BBM 5 without any problems. I guess that's what I get for doing this at 4 in the morning.

Anyone else seeing the same issue where they are unable to reinstall BBM 5.0 after upgrading the Tour to

I stand corrected! Installing OTA works just fine. Guess I better go to bed now before the wife finally takes a hammer to my BB Tour.

I havent noticed much of a difference with my Tour. The horizontal track ball still an issue with this new version.

Just tried downloading it from DM and halfway through got an error that said try rebotted and now its just a white screen that says BB Wireless Handheld. Tried hooking it back up to DM but now its not recognizing it. Any suggestions/help??

at this point, i have no access to a windows machine and the OTA doesn't show the upgrade. am I basically S.O.L. until desktop for mac officially comes out. I have the leaded 1.0 version but that doesn't seem to work on my phone. anyone have any suggestions?

Haven't received any notification of an update being available for my tour. Checked the DM and also no indication of an update being available. Anyone know what gives with this? Any helpful suggestions? Thank you.

Dear RIM:
It's called a bootloader partition. Figure it out!
As a product manager, it's something I spec on anything I do that's firmware dependent that would be updated in the field. It's just some ROM that never gets touched that the device boots to if the main boot partition gets hosed for whatever reason during an update. With thousands of devices out there, without this, you are sure to get bricked phones, unhappy customers and calls for service/support.

anyone know how i can search for the update on DM for Mac? i saw it initially when i connected my tour but now i can't find it and it's not updated yet.

for the software fix that will improve your trackball...STOP. No software is going to fix this. It is a confirmed hardware problem. Go get a new phone and stop letting us know that the software updates didn't fix your trackball. Sorry, just had to vent about this.

this version. My Tour was taking 10-12 minutes to boot up and it now takes 5-6. That's the only difference I can tell. As a Sprint customer, I was hoping the update would fix whatever the problem is with Moodio, but no such luck.

Yeah it bricked my tour and I went to VZW this morning and got a new Tour and was able to install the update after that.

Upgrade went fine, pretty quick and painless.. however I've noticed the Facebook app won't work properly anymore - even after uninstalling and reinstalling.. also reset permissions. I get all kinds of "there was an error contacting facebook" or whatever. Can update status and view other updates, however uploading photos fails every time. Fail.

Yeah after I updated the OS the Facebook app was acting up on me as well. After about ten minutes it started working normally. I think I resent the service books between the 10 minutes. Can't recall. Not sure if that did the trick.

What a total waste of my time. Not only did this upgrade completely wipe my calendar, but now my radio is shutting off randomly and intermittently.

Also adding to the fun! When I power down my BB it immediately powers itself back on. Can't IMAGINE why RIM pulled it.

I purchased a Curve 8320 9 days ago. The salesman at the Bell store never mentioned a thing about internal memory. After taking 14 pictures and recording 1 minute of audio i received file system full. I called customer service and they didn't know WHY this could be happening. The service is in the Phillipines and the people are very hard to understand. She passed me to a warranty person for me to file a claim which I would be charged for. I said no and called the office in Cincinnati where I basically received the same response. At this point I heard the word sorry sir at least 10 times with about an hour on the phone wasted. I finally called the bell store and talked to a salesman who told me oh there's only 512 kb of internal memory in the phone, you have to buy a media card which is sold seperate. You're kidding me right? Out of the 5 prior people I talked to nobody knew that. Sould they be working for a phone compoany? At this point I'm thinking about taking this phone back and changing to a different company.
Signed, Disgusted

I updated to the new OS and had no MMS or Internet. Did a hard pull on the battery... let my phone sit for 20 min to make dinner, came back and everything was working fine. who knows but I too have more free memory now

It seems that AT&T having to pull the update for the BlackBerry Bold,.297, was due to RIM and a faulty version of VVM. I just found this out. It wasn't AT&T at all but RIM. Now RIM officially releases a tour update and pulls it too? This is a joke now with egg all over RIM'S face. Two for two. Maybe third time's the charm? I don't feel sorry for them, as they are now putting out things without really giving them THOROUGH tests. We are their guinea pigs. :( I will recommend It seems to have correct the problem that RIM had with VVM by LOWERING THE VVM module number to a lesser one. This seems to have solved the problem. Now it's up to AT&T to make RIM give them this lower VVM and to Verizon as well, it seems. It's just too bad that the customers spending money on such expensive phones have to have problems due to RIM.

i cant update my phone,,how can you update??

just did update and its say fatal error,,,

app error 205..gong to Verizon now..

Hey guys just back from Verizon after i update to new software and my phone is crash,i was change my phone with no Q? ask,And the guy from Verizon told me , don't download the update they have a problem,,So if you read this be careful with update...

version is different than the screen shot here on crackberry:
I don't even know what it means, but is it possible the OS we downloaded last nite is different than the version now pulled by RIM?

Screen shot branding:


What dos this mean folks?

may I ask where you folks get the official .53 ROM, I got a leaked one yesterday from megaupload yesterday, upgrade via DM through backup and then restore. the upgrade process is smooth, however, one everything restored, problem begin to occur, sometimes the tour just freeze up, no matter what keys you press on the keyboard, you have either to wait for few mins to do a quickpull of the battery. a few hours later it's getting worse, no reponse whatever and need to pull battery to reset. I now have my tour downgraded to .40 and it's now VERY STABLE AS BEFORE. a happy user..think I won't upgrade again unless there's an OFFICIAL version with valid source...thanks.

again, this update can't help solve the trackball issue - i have mine changed with a BOLD trackball and it's working VERY WELL!

If you have had your Tour for more than 30 days then the answer is yes Verizon will support the warranty on your phone. Just as an FYI - if Verizon brings up the fact that you bought it from a third party - make sure to remind them that per Blackberry - they must support all Verizon Blackberry Tours (after 30 days) no matter where they came from. Hope this helps.

My upgrade went smooth as silk last night. Cruised the forums and watched as all the backups, loads, restores, reboots occurred without my help. Been solid as a rock so far. Back up to 104.2MB available memory.

I only had one issue - I had to delete and re-install BerryBuzz because it did not recognize my email account after the upgrade. Aside from that, no problems.

No miracle cure for the trackball, no unlocking of the hidden Wi-Fi chip.

I updated my tour friday night. Before the update my trackball was so screwed up and everything I tried to load was so sluggish as hell and kept getting the hour glass for everything a friggen did. Now with the update its so damn fast from switching between stuff. So far, the update for my Tour hasn't given me one problem yet. I still think I need a new physical trackball though, the update helped A LOT but still need a new one for it to be perfect.

I guess everyone's tour is affected differently....

and whats with someone saying theres hidden wifi in the phone? true?

I installed the update, rebooted my phone and the screen says that I need to install the software. VZW is shipping me a new one....

I noticed that the screenshot says branding version, wheras i have the leaked version installed on my tour that is Any differences maybe?

I updated mine as soon as I got the email from RIM indicating a new update... had no problems. The Biggest change I noticed for the best--- no lag between sending sms or emails. The Video plays without stopping and starting in the middle of the movie. The Browser is about the same... but I'm using Opera Mini Beta 5 and it's fast, very fast! I never had an issue with my trackball, so whoohoo! I can't wait til 5.0 is OUT!!!

Update installed fine from Desktop Manager, but my battery life is suddenly about half what it was with the original OS on it. Only problem I've had with it so far.

I downloaded the version my desktop manager alerted me to and got By the way i had no problems and is running great. I was tempted to put the .191 leak on it but after reading all the negitive comments i decided to stay with .53

I have a storm, but since I'm on my second one in a year, might as well have another backup. I don't want assurion to drop me just yet. :)

do not download the update if you haven't already done so?? I was going to do it today and then I read all these posts...

Got tour on release date and the trackball was never a major issue for me. It lagged here n there but nothing too bad. After doing the upgrade, my trackball just went nuts. It won't scroll horizontally, takes a while. Went to verizon store and the rep said he would adjust the trackball for me. Gave tour back with trackball making weirs noise and worse then before I took it in. So now they are sending me a new tour cuz they didn't have it in stock at the store. Patiently waiting for new tour in the mail!!!

I want to update my tour, but don't know how. I'd like to do it just over my device and not through a there a way to do so?!?