Verizon Push to Talk for BlackBerry Tour Available March 30th

Verizon PTT
By Adam Zeis on 20 Mar 2010 02:47 pm EDT

Ok, well it looks like things weren't 100% go on the Verizon PTT release for the Tour. While the software was seen floating around and is available to download, you still can't actually activate PTT on the Tour 9630. We got some info that Push to Talk online training has begun for Verizon employees, and from the looks of things the software and service will be officially available for the Tour on March 30th ($5/month for the addition of PTT to a data plan). While most are left scratching their heads wondering why Big Red is launching the service on the Tour in the first place, apparently Verizon's plan is to "increase our PTT customer base in 2010 ... by winning over customers from the competition and encouraging some of our current BlackBerry Smartphone customers to begin using the PTT service." So while the software is ready to go, if you are planning to use PTT on your Tour it looks like you'll need to wait another week or so before you can actually activate the feature.

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Verizon Push to Talk for BlackBerry Tour Available March 30th


Is this going to be a tour only thing as of now? or is there more supported blackberrys? and will all future verizon blackberry phones have this enabled?

Im looking forward to an official 5.0 OS for the Tour, I guess I will give PTT a whirl just to see if it's worth $5 a month, I can't imagine it's not.

Screw you pal, you have no idea who I am. Are you in high school?

Surely you can convince your fat ass to sacrifice one Whopper a month in exchange for PTT, $5 isn't that much.

You should save your $5 instead but if you have not tried it then I guess you can give it a go. It will pretty much work the same way as their PTT phones. While PTT over EVDO network is a good idea it just does not work as quick and as good as Nextel PTT. I've tried both and will stick to nextel until VZW LTE coverage is big enough to cover the whole country.

not only does this need to be out for all cdma berries but as well as sprint i left the 8350 for the tour 1 and hate that i need to carry another line for the ptt service but ev-do rev a does handle ptt service rater well in my area

you will probably never see this on a Sprint BB, as they have realized that CDMA PTT sucks, it only works well in a Rev. A area and sucks down battery life. Also the fact that VZW is charging an EXTRA $5 for this on top of a data plan is ludicrous! Good luck to all you VZW suckers, it will never be the same as Nextel

I like the idea of the ptt, but I feel Verizon should not charge a $5 dollar monthly fee for this feature. It should be part of the blackberry data plan.

And on the same token, texting should be part of having a voiceplan. But that's not how businesses work. And U.S. consumers have taught them that's okay.

I don't own a Tour but I'm really curious about this. Will it require that 9630 users set a convenience key for PTT? Or will it require a 9650 (ie 8350) hardware difference? That would push the Bold 9650 to a 9730/50?

I pray and hope that ptt gets dropped for all blackberrys cause I would love to use this for my storm big red is taking over

If they want to get people to try it, they should give 3 months free to see if that will persuade users to keep the feature

Welcome all you Verizon peeps from a long time Nextel Vet to the Blackberry PTT nightmare aka 8350i! hahahahahaa!

"While most are left scratching their heads wondering why Big Red is launching the service on the Tour in the first place" - umm, because they want their customers to spend more $$$$$

This is one feature I think they are justified in charing more for - people who use this could get out of using many minutes

Hey ya'll just wondering if anyone knows if VZW will also bring this feature to all the other bb models on VZ's lineup as well such as the Storm 2? If so i believe that VZW will have what they need to destroy the competition knows as NO-TEL.

I dont care about the ptt i just want the 5.0 that works better than the last leak. After a week of finding more stuff hanging up or not working i went back to .419 Of course a bb tour with a trackball that dont hang up would be nice

I too wonder if we will be able to use PTT on other models, such as the Storm 1 and Storm 2....

Does anyone even use push to talk anymore? I remember seeing tons of people with it with Nextel. It was annoying listening to peoples conversations everywhere you'd go. I really don't see it anymore and I'm glad.

I want it, but theres no way im spending another 5 bucks. Thats 10 total to make it useful being i'd have to add it to my wifes plan.

ok going to clean up and explain PTT tech. First to start off is the networks VZW uses for its PTT EV-DO Rev A. Sprint uses Q-chat which also is EV-DO Rev A. Nextel uses the network called iDen(integrated digital enhanced network) also most Nextel handsets have a transceiver inside them to function as a walkey talky off of network(this is called Moto talk, Direct-talk). iDen is considered a 2G network that was designed to really only handle PTT and phone calls and limited data. Currently iDen PTT is the fastest PTT in the business due to the fact it doesn't have to deal with latency that much and also the fact it sometimes doesn't need a network.

My opinion is that it might attract a few with their Blackberrys to try to service, but its not going to bring anyone over that already has Nextel for their dispatch or PTT. Half the time emergency services will not even use Nextel's network they will use the off network direct talk.
Hope that helped some of you non Nextel users.

count me among those who hope that this means official 5 on vzw tours. PTT - whatever. The only people i've ever seen actually using PTT (aside from the cable guy) are complete a-holes who walk around PetSmart having a completely inappropriate conversation on PTT. Is there even a way to make it so everyone doesn't have to hear your discussion? Come on Verizon, give me 5.0 for my birthday.

did we all go thru this a few years back when nextel didnt renew the "push to talk" saying or something like that and every carrier jumped at their chance to bring like services?
sprint had readylink
att and verizon had their own

and all 3 blew big floppy donkey d... you know the rest

there are plenty of biz accounts that im sure would love to have a verizon ptt that is the same or close to nextels...but honestly

1. you have to get new phones if yours arent compatible
2. you have to have other business associates that like the service as much as you did to switch from nextel to big red otherwise your not gonna have anyone to talk to lol

this should be even more of a wakeup to sprint/nextel to start making hybrid smart phones and offer ptt/direct connect as an added bonus to the phones/plans...its already in the plan prices just depends on if you get a sprint phone or nextel phone

Free trial needed, before non-business users will see any reason to try this. Get us all hooked on it, while *all* our bb-toting friends have it, too, *then* start charging $5!

is there a certain button on the tour that would be designated to use the ptt like nextels? im a little confused about this.....

Just a guess on my part, but that seems to be the key associated with voice features. If it is, I won't be able to use vlingo, and use it too much to assign the key to a diff app.

Not loving the $5 monthly fee, so probably won't go for it anyway.

I will roll the dice on it for $5 a month, provided that it starts to drop on other models. Most of my friends/co-workers do not use the tour.

Sure it's only 5 bucks a month but you still need to have others that will spend the 5 bucks to PTT. I knew Verizon would charge for this because they charge extra for everything. Big mistake on their part.