Verizon prepping OS update for the BlackBerry Bold 9650

Verizon prepping software update for BlackBerry Bold 9650
By Bla1ze on 10 Jun 2010 06:48 pm EDT

If you are among those who purchased a brand new BlackBerry Bold 9650 from Verizon, you'll be happy to know that big red isn't lagging in getting software updates out to you all for the device. As posted by the folks over at GizmoFusion, Verizon already has OS waiting to be issued out to customers. As the pic tells us, it will enable the Push To Talk application as well as address some issues with the notification system in the OS. The update will be available on 06/11/2010 via OTA and presumably file download at a later time.

Source: GizmoFusion

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Verizon prepping OS update for the BlackBerry Bold 9650


this issue was dealable at first but it is really starting to wear on me, thankfully I can upgrade to a different phone if it doesn't get resolved soon.

So it fixes a messaging bug I haven't noticed(I don't think) and enhances the PTT most people don't use. I don't really see why they bother, however do applaud the effort to keep things current. I've already shrunk OTA update off my Bold, but would wait anyway because .699 is too good to just blindly walk away from.

I think its funny.

I guess VZW got the hint with the amount of people who are pissed off due to the Tour and i think its funny how like what, a little while after they released the phone, they're pushing out an update for the users.

I don't know. I love BlackBerries but the technology is starting to lag behind other phones as far as technical specs. I may have to look at something else like the Android phones because I just don't see them making anything in the very near future that compares to the technical specs of the Android phones.

I wouldn't buy a phone on technical specs myself, but when an upgrade comes up why not give a droid a try? You have 30 days to change your mind, right?

Funny VZW takes all this tine to supposedly test devices fully before launch and 9530, 9630, and now 9650 have needed nearly immediate updates. Maybe VZW should just release the damn devices rather than them wasting away in their not so thorough testing.

Oh, and 9530 and 9630 could use a 7xx update too Verizon.

from my BlackBerry Storm...

Will the 9630 get an update or will it be doomed to the .591 graveyard? If VZW doesn't fix this quickly, I am heading to Android.

But they still haven't given Tour owners an OS that works when you fucking click a GD link in the browser. This phone is officially the red headed step-child of Verizon.

Just tried to do an OTA update from and it replied "No Updates Available". Perhaps others might be able to chime-in about whether they have been able to download this update yet? Although I'm mostly in the DC area these days, my area code for this phone is one from home. Perhaps that's a factor, who knows?

UPDATE: Wups, just looked at the screen shot in the story and at the very bottom it says the update will be available after 6:00 p.m., ET.

i just plugged in my phone into desktop manager, and it wants to download a ton of new software? BlackBerry 5.0.0 system software, core applications, api library, etc...

might it be related to this update, or is something screwy with my DM.

If I wanted a PDA that couldn't make phone calls, I'd have gotten an iPhone. My Curve 8330 was way more reliable for calling.

I'll start by saying that the only reason I'm still a BB user is because that's what my company provides.

I converted to Android from PalmOS last year for my personal phone when the Droid was released. It was the first phone I felt was worth buying, aside from the iPhone (which was a distant 2nd for many reasons, the least of which was AT&T's whack service).

Yes, the Blackberry is old technology, but it's perfect for business...still. This update doesn't address any real business use cases though. Even the PPT is something a company wouldn't provide, IMHO. So it's maybe good for those of you who made the choice to buy a BB for personal use, but it doesn't help business users much.