Verizon preparing to roll out OS for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 27 Jun 2013 04:11 pm EDT

If you're a BlackBerry Z10 owner on Verizon and still waiting for them to roll out BlackBerry 10.1, we're now officially one step close to that happening. Verizon has finally updated their BlackBerry Z10 support page with the information for OS (Software version and with that updated, it's certainly only a little bit longer before folks start seeing the update arrive on their device as available for download. As we noted, earlier this OS will solve the random reboot issue some customers seeing but as the documentation highlights, there is plenty of other changes included with this release as well. 

Aside from what's noted in the image above, the update will also include support and fixes for:

  • Answer incoming calls while using Three Way Conference Calls, even when attendees drop off
  • Toggle between calls without the call dropping or failing when using Call Waiting
  • The correct number of voicemails will now display when using Visual Voicemail LED
  • Missed Calls will display the correct contact’s name if saved in phonebook.
  • Improvements to Emergency Call Mode when using Wi-Fi
  • Cut, copy and paste phone numbers into dialer screen

We've checked a few devices already and nothing as of yet but feel free to check yourself and let us know in the comments if you're seeing it as available on your device. Remember, if you're already running a leak that is higher, you might not see the update as available.

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Verizon preparing to roll out OS for the BlackBerry Z10



But honestly i think T-Mobile should have gotten exclusivity since it seems to be the one who actually cares about their Blackberry customers.

Middle finger to big red, and slow blue

Hmmm.....well, I guess that since I'm running .2354, I won't see that update...but, this one is working great so far anyway!

Same here, don’t know anything that the official Verizon release “fixes” that is broken on .2354, don’t see a reason to go backbwards.

I'm going to watch this release as I am happy with .2354, but a bit concerned with the battery life compared to the official OS 10.0.9 release.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

So what's a typical ETA from launching the update pdf to actually getting the update? Coming soon lol? Is it a few days or more like a few weeks?

Typically as soon as they put it up, folks can start seeing updates. All depends on how they decide to push it out. From my Android experiences, it's never really more than 3-4 days.

Am getting the random reboots much more often as time goes on. Also camera suddenly shows some pictures as blank. Clock has also been one of the causal factors in reboots when alarm time hits.

I've had my pictures showing up blank since day one. Idk what causes this. Happens to album covers sometimes too

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I'm on the phone with support right now, the agent says he doesn't know why my phone isn't seeing the new update and he has me on hold. Hopefully will get some resolution soon!

I am still on the phone with them, I got transferred to technical support. The first agent said I *should* be seeing it as an update. Will let you know!

I'm still on the phone but basically they don't have a clue, doesn't sound good...guess they are just getting hopes up.

The tech finally talked to someone and said that it is in fact being pushed out, but in small phases to avoid any strain on the network. He wasn't able to explain how or when the phases are selected, but at least it is coming!

I think the version number is the release date. Expected to be pushed on October 1, 2050. Not sure what the extra 0 is for, though.

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Thanks but no thanks, VZW. Been on 2354 for 2 weeks now and don't want to go backwards. Love your network but absolutely hate your snail's pace on OS upgrades.

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How do we know for sure This will solve the reboot issue? I am currently running .1429 and I'm still getting random reboots.

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Based on folks already running higher version and the update from BlackBerry -

Have you heard of the random reboots still affecting people on Bell even after 10.1 installed (release and software version At what version of 10.1 does it stop?

What? that's BS. we only have .2006 on tmobile. I'm dropping them for verizon today.

j/k. glad you guys can join the rest of us on 10.1. now for big blue.

Verizon tech support told me yesterday that it was in final testing and they expect it to roll out in early July, but would not give me an actual day. My feeling is we will see it sometime next week, hopefully monday or tuesday

This is a moronic update system, it's 2013 for god sake. This thing need to change. All carriers should get the newest OS at once.

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They still haven't put a date out yet. I will believe it when I see it. This rebooting thing is pissing me off

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How can I revert from the. 2354 leak to the official one? Do I have to revert back to the original official release?

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Great. Now I'm gonna tap the check for updates button every 1/2 hour instead of every hour. On So it isn't a big deal if it is a little longer.

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You sure that rep was up to speed on the timeline for the 10.1 update? Verizon wouldn't say it's coming now if it's still in testing.

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Hmmm wore a hole in my screen where the update button use to appear...... wonder if checking available update every 5 min is considered neurotic.....nah only been doing that since the 14th..... boy I love being let down maybe I should check again...... its like playing a non winning slot machine with your mortgage money.... ..just one more try.....ok...maybe one more............ok just in case one more try............

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So who is going to start the first thread of where in the world is 10.2 on Verizon so we can start complaining again?

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In related news, thousands and thousands of piles of clothing are stacking up around the world as people are raptured up to heaven

Finally... the BlackBerry 10.1 update... has come back... to Verizon customers! (The Rock's voice)

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Too late, I got tired of waiting on f***ing Verizon to give a crap about the problems we were having with the original release and installed .2354. I only wish I had done it sooner.

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I tried the .2342 OS but radio files stunk and I dropped calls in my house. I have 2 Z10s; one with 10.0 and one as above. I will update through Verizon on one and use a hybrid leaked OS on the other. See Forums OS 10. Updates to come regarding call quality BBM, sync to social group etc

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So I keep checking the update and it says the server is not responding...hmm do we have activity going on with the server???

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Please, please someone tell BlackBerry to solve the reboot issue. It has not been corrected at all.
Am on SaskTel with the latest update. Last week I went to Edmonton, AB travelling from Saskatchewan. With GPS on to to take me to hotel. Just at critical time to get to an important turn to the hotel my Z10 went into reboot. Had to miss the turn. Stop and wait to restart GPS.

On my way home while streaming music My Z10 rebooted 2 times within a space of 2hrs.

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I am disappointed the product was launched with such a major issue as the random reboot one, especially after all the product delays. Perhaps they spent the extra time for development rather than testing, which sadly isn't uncommon. :(

Apparently not. "...preparing to roll..." is pretty vague, and Verizon's level 2 tech reps have no indication of the OS update on there computers.

You have to wait and keep checking Software Updates in Settings. Q10 came with 10.1 so don't think they have the reboot issues.
I feel like VZ doesn't love me because the update isn't there yet. :(

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I'm tired of getting my hopes up with posts about Verizon releasing BlackBerry anything. When waiting for my Z10, I read all these posts that claimed delays were due to Verizon's scrutiny of the phone and how perfect it would be. It's not and I have little confidence this update will deliver much less than continued hope for the release of OS 10.2. This is probably the sixth thread about updates that never materialize. Everyday I become increasingly disappointed with my purchase of the Z10. I've owned BlackBerry phones for 12 years. All my employees have BlackBerry phones. I waited a year for this brick. I can not send emails. The phone cuts out when I need it the most. I'm done.

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Funny...I can't help feeling that this announcement, inarguably genuine, has generated less buzz than any of the previous "It's finally coming!!" false reports.

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Does the update now allow you to program vm password into the phone so it doesn't have to be manually input?

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Anyone else see on the news that RIM stock and market has dropped at a spike. I believe they said 25% so far? Any details?

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Does anyone know where to see the official statement from Verizon? Everything I've seen appears to be a screen shot of something from Verizon. Just trying to be sure of this update's origins.

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Verizon sucks ain't no update available I'm done with blackberry its like a stab in the back from someone you looked out for

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I hear you keyser_soze. We have stood by BlackBerry and to have this update still not be out is just plain inexcusable. Different management, same old BlackBerry. It is sad to say but I think I'll be moving to the new iPhone this fall after all these years with BlackBerries.

You know, I really like my Z10. Am I Jonesin' for 10.1? Sure. Does my phone reboot every once in a while? Yup! But my email works great! And task switching is fantastic (I answered a couple of work emails while writing this with the flip of a thumb!)

Does Verizon suck? DUH! They just suck a little less than the other carriers.

I am certain that 1 day 10.1 will appear. It will be like Christmas. Just like March 26th was. Then Christmas will happen again with 10.2 (I Hope)

I also know What I would have with android. I have to carry one around for work. It's a 7 layer cluster.


Blackberry, just stick around and keep a king it better.

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Still running on SaskTel. Buddy on Telus has 10.1.2014 or something like that. SaskTel is a joke.

Verizon is a "me too" company, in my opinion. Blackberry, yeah, me too, we have that. As far as I'm concerned, Verizon has never cared about us BB users. BB is such a small part of their business. They just want BB so that they can say they have it and so they have it should the Z/Q10 actually become some sensation. Leading up to the release of the Z10, local stores and their representatives had no idea as to the phone's release and any of it's features. They didn't care about the phone now and still today. I question Verizon's commitment to the product. So, do I stay with BB and change to a lesser carrier, or do I begin changing all my employee phones to a new platform?

VZW just replaced my wife's z10. It bricked out and would not come on. So she is on her second one. I understand 10.1 would have prevented this from happening. Cost them a new phone.

I am in AZ, spoke with Verizon today. They told me the update is scheduled to release in two day and be completely out to everyone by July 30th. (Maybe they told me what I wanted to hear?)