Verizon preparing for launch of BlackBerry 6?!

By Bla1ze on 25 Oct 2010 05:43 pm EDT
Verizon BlackBerry 6

Sure looks that way. First, James sent us an email to the tips line letting us know that his "email setup application" was asking to upgrade. Then, after that we got a few more folks asking the same thing so we know it wasn't just a one off fluke that it happened. BlackBerry 6 for the Bold 9650 and Curve 3G is inevitable but is this a sign that Verizon is finally getting closer to an actual release? All users who reported the upgrade were running the previously leaked OS Anyone else get this update as well? Seems it only happens when setting up a new BIS email account. Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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Verizon preparing for launch of BlackBerry 6?!


Got the update today when I was trying to change my google sync settings. I just thought it might have had something to do with the new bis rollout...just a little late

i just got an anutomatic email from saying there is a software update for my 9650......but the DM doesnt recongzie the update/.......not sure what that means

Bold 9700 users "what about us?"
Storm 2 users "I hate verizon for not putting 6.0 on our old phones"
Tour 9630 users "Will this work on our phone?"
Curve 8530 users "Are they releasing 6.0 for the 8530?"
Bold 9650 users "They better release something higher than .280"
Droid users "RIM is so far behind, 6.0 and webkit are obsolete now"
iPhone users "we're all gay"

Who did I miss?

I completely concur with the above statement. Best post of the year. Summarizes much of whats on the forums. Thanks for the laugh yeahboyy

Come on people! Jump off the BB train! I was an avid BB user for 3+ years and switched about 2 months ago. I went to Android and at first I wasn't happy... But I stuck it out for a couple days and it is years beyond RIM/BB.

One of the biggest differences is that in the Android forums we aren't waiting for an update because what we have is very nice! Not perfect but way ahead of any OS BB has to offer!

I am almost embarrassed for the way I waited around hoping RIM/BB would do the right thing... And they didn't. So every now and then I visit here just to see if anything new is happening? but its just like the movie groundhog day!

So sad.

yeah I'd be pretty embarrassed too if I owned an Android, which is why I got rid of My Droid X for my Bold 9650 which beats the hell out of an Android phone

9650! now thats funny! The first moto droid is way better than the 9650! And it was garbage! ha ha ha!! How's the browser speed on any BB device? Yeah it sucks!.... slow choppy OS, keep on hoping losers!

I like Android but it has it's flaws like everything else. The thing I don't get is if the phone running Android has everything you need then why do they keep switching phones? i know fast browser yadayadayada

I agree with you on that! I just got tired of BB's OS! and when I found out 6 wasn't going to be available for my S2 I tried the Android. At first it was mainly for the browser speed and just a change of OS system. And the large amount of FREE apps doesn't hurt.

The email push on BB is way more reliable but thats not important to me.

Not sure what you mean? who keeps switching phones?

Not you personally. A lot of friends say each one is the best then they get the next one out because its faster. How fast can they get? I know they are tech geeks but so am I and I don't get it. Every phone we buy is outdated already doesn't matter what platform.

First off your a tool.

Have you ever even tried something different? Typical BB user...just afraid of change.

insert those two things somewhere in your statement and you won't come off looking like such an idiot. Now go back to your Android jerk circle.

Okay. I'm not the type to get involved in flame wars, but I have something worth saying.

I actually exchanged a 499.99 T-Mobile G2 for a 9700, because HTC Quality Control is quite rubbish on the G2, and also because Android devices have become so overloaded with useless crap that you can't remove, unless you root, which is becoming more and more difficult with XFuse and the new HTC software lock, at least on a BlackBerry you can remove service books or hide icons to do away with the carrier forced rubbish, not so on Android.

I think it's pretty jerkish of you to say that BlackBerry users are just "afraid of change" when you'll find many BlackBerry users come from different platforms such as the iPhone and Android, or even Nokia or cheap feature phones before they get their first BlackBerries.

got this update as well which was the reason why all of a sudden my calender sync with google was acting up all day on my phone. since the update and resending my email service books i was able to make my gmail addy as the default email for my calender.

First and foremost, they call them smartphone because aside from them being phones they are smart. What's the point of having a smart... Without the phone? My friend has an iphone 4 and its an embarrassment. Those (android and iphones) are toys for kids (or dildos for adults) whichever. Point is, we are happy with we have not because we're afraid to change but because we know we have a smart and a phone!

BB is for grownups and android is for kids comparison is so over used! Seriously find something new.....What does a RIM phone do that a Android phone cant?

If you are trying to say a RIM phone is smarter than an Android phone your ignorance is is pretty astounding! And I would appreciate if you DIDN'T respond!

Push notifications! that's what makes BBs reliable and trustworthy. Anyways have fun looking for your new notifications manually ;)

Mr. db1561, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I did an HRT, Register Now, and then I signed on to the BIS on my device, or tried to rather and got prompted to upgrade my email setup app! :) I'm rebooting now. I'm going to sign on once the reboot is finished and then do a send service books and HOPE that a new fully 6.0 optimized set of service books gets sent!!!!! :) I will let you all know. :)

I will admit I don't know a lot about this but I am running the .280 leak and got the message about updating as well. Now someone said they hoped it wasn't .280 that Verizon will release - if it was why would we be getting an upgrade message?

Hi all,
barely registered with the site. I am waiting for my new bold 9650 to arrive any day now-it will be my first blackberry. I am moving on from the original droid, and can't wait for my new phone and the official os6 release!

I'd say no new service books yet, at least no evidence yet. The web is still glitchy, and NFL Mobile still only works via wifi.

I really don't know how you can say that BB users are afraid of change... we change the OS often... I had a Moto Droid used it for about 2 weeks when they first came out and thought that it was total junk. I am now using a 9650 and tried .280 and really didn't like that either the webkit browser was nice but not worth if for me. If there could only be one home screen then I would like a little more but until then I'll stick with 5.0.

I guess I just don't get it. Why the flame? Okay, you like Android. YEAH for you! Thank (insert diety here) we have choices. I have had Palm, BlackBerry and Android and prefer BlackBerry. That's just me. I don't hate the Android people or the device, I just like that my battery lasts more that half the day.

I'm sure the new Android devices have improved batt life etc since my previous but why go ape $#@* over why the BLACKBERRY sucks? You don't like it. Fine. I and many others do.

Go enjoy your device. Go flame away on the Android forum...there's bound to be someone there who gives a $#*@ about your opinion.

I had a pearl 8130,storm 1,2....after I found out my storm 2 wasn't getting OS 6 update I gave up and got an incredible..and I will say I don't miss blackberry one bit!

I've been an avid Blackberry user for the past few years (first smartphone) and I'm unlikely to change anytime soon. I'm not in denial and I'm well aware that my iPhone and Android buddies have much faster phones with significantly better web browsers. However, the push email feature on the Blackberry has had me sold from the beginning. It's so reliable and fast.

Also, the one thing that everyone has been ignoring in the smartphone world (much like the PC world some years ago) is security. RIM designed their OS and infrastructure to really take advantage of user permissions and encryption. Even BBM had some level of security in mind when it was developed.

I my opinion, this staunch level of security has made the phone slower and hurt the user experience somewhat (along with the slow processor that keeps battery life in check). However, I'm not willing to take any chances with my confidential data and that's one of the main reasons that I continue to use a Blackberry.

Blackberries will continue to give application developers some headaches due to limited permissions into specific areas (like the unified inbox). However, I think for a business user or a personal user who values security, a somewhat less featured phone that does everything it's supposed to securely probably fits the bill well.

I'm always impressed with the iPhone and the Android for what they can do. Great apps, games, browser and user experience...snappy! However, since they were designed as consumer devices from the start with security and enterprise capability as an afterthought, I don't trust them. For kids (or even some adults) that don't have any valuable information on their devices, I think they're great though.

Remember, MS Windows wasn't originally designed as a multi-user OS (like UNIX) and we've been paying the price for it ever since with viruses and other attacks occurring daily. Apple has used UNIX as the backbone for OSX and that's why I use a Mac now. However, both Apple and Android has done something less secure with their phone OS'.

Sorry for the long post but I think security is something that smartphone users never seem to think about.

.280 on my phone... added the BBHybrid and my BB is running better than the leaked .222 & .280!!! Screw the "Official" release!!! BTW, using 9650.

I was listening to Opie & Anthony and Patrice Oneil the comedian put it similar to this.

The iPhone is great, its fantastic its coolest thing ever..., but its a toy.
The Droid is just a big F*ck you to the iPhone.
The Blackberry is a serious no fun phone for a serious man doing serious man sh*t.

At least that's how I remembered it.

I thought it was accurate...

I don't remember the profanity code of ethics here, reading the thread I'm assuming its more relaxed than FARK... With that said please don't mind my self-censorship. Even though I should hand in my man card for doing so.

I didn't install the leaked version but did get an update for OS 5 last week. When I read this article I went to add an email account to see what would happen and I got no upgrade notice at all. Am looking forward to OS6 but wanted to wait for the official version because it takes too damn much time to upgrade all the stuff on my 9650 and the 30 minute reboot each time I install some app is driving me nuts. RIM has really dropped the ball here !! 9650 does a lot more than my previous 8330 but the slowness of restarts and the time it all takes has me wondering if having more apps and ram is worth it all.

Have been running the since day one and all the bugs have pretty much died out. Working great now that some incompatible apps have been canned. Got the Verizon email update yesterday and upgraded OTA from Verizon. No noticeable change, push email working fine as before. Noticed another thing, Push To Talk which was not working before or included in the 6.0 leak was pushed out to my 9650 by Verizon also yesterday and now is working again fine on the OS6. May be another indication that 6.0 is getting ready for official launch.

For the T mobile guy above and other CDMA 9650 users just delete the vendor file and load it. For the Android guys get a life and head back to your own sad forums. Do you go to parties and not notice when you are out of place???

I noticed that after installing the update, that Verizon Download Center app that didn't work has disappeared from my menu.