Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus Get Reviewed

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jan 2010 10:16 pm EST

I know, I know... this is a BlackBerry site, so why are we posting a review of another platform's product? The answer is easy... the Smartphone Round Robin is still going on which dedicates six weeks to checking out the competition. I already reviewed the Sprint Palm Pre and Pixi, but tonight the embargoes have lifted and Dieter over at has given the new Pre Plus and Pixi Plus the full work over. So while we're still waiting for the new BlackBerry Pearl 3G and Tour2 (and maybe a new touch-Berry) to get their announcements and reviews on, you can watch the video above and click over on the links below to learn what's going on from Palm. What do you think? Liking or disliking Palm's direction? Don't ya just love how they toss a mirror on the Pre?

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Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus Get Reviewed


Touch-Berry? I must have fallen behind on my berry-gossip. I do like the Pre, always have, but I think I'm BB for life!

Looks like I need to get out of the dark ages and get on Twitter to keep up with the berry world.

Even with more RAM, the Pre Plus still looked very slow loading up apps. Calendar app even took a few seconds. I couldn't get used to that after using my Tour. Even with >500 messages in my inbox, it loads in less than a second, with Ubertwitter, BBM, and the eBay app open.

And I hate it!!!!! I use the Verizon Pre and Pixie plus and dont like either one of them. And yeah, they are prett laggy. My pixie freezes up all of the time! I work at a VZW store and am supposed to be teaching my co-workers how to use it. I was showing it to one of my friends, and he said "i can't figure out how to back out of this program." He was doing the gesture right, the phone had just frozen up. He put the phone down and informed me he would stick to his DROID. Also, I noticed that when I am talking on it, people don't hear me very well.

I do not like that I can not sign into google talk without getting my gmail on the phone. The facebook app is terrible!

I miss my Curve. . . .thank god I have a Tour for my personal phone.

There are some nice apps though, but I would never trade my Blackberry for it.

They work awesome as a mobile hotspot! Works really well as wifi hotspot. It is very fast,even with more than one computer connected to it. (Its the NETWORK.) Works as well as the mifi.

So maybe I don't hate it as much.

But the battey life sucks. I am sure it will suck more now that I will be using it as a hotspot. I guess you can't have everything.

Every time I get a hour glass and wait 5 mins for a page to download I think of it. Did I hear "flash"? RIM....flash? How about a youtube vid bigger than a postage stamp,how about any video? RIM get off your ass before you get left in the past.

Every time I get a hour glass and wait 5 mins for a page to download I think of it. Did I hear "flash"? RIM....flash? How about a youtube vid bigger than a postage stamp,how about any video? RIM get off your ass before you get left in the past.

Every time I get a hour glass and wait 5 mins for a page to download I think of it. Did I hear "flash"? RIM....flash? How about a youtube vid bigger than a postage stamp,how about any video? RIM get off your ass before you get left in the past.

Yep you are sure right the droid doesn't need a task manager... In fact the task manager does more bad then good. Android is Linux based so when something is not being used its CPU usage is dropped to 0 and when you close something it executes its last commands and then closes out. The thing I've found with task managers is they bog my phone down more than not having one and letting Android do its thing.

Why don't you look into what you are talking about before bashing something.

Also... I like your phone and how it takes around 2 second to open that music app... My droid well when I hit the music icon the app is open and I don't have to wait.

BTW, Am an old blackberry tour user and I loved the tour its faster than this as well... I didn't have to wait for my music to open on the tour I hit the icon and it was THERE.

Honestly , it looks like a solid phone to me , the pre plus , i can see with some updates it can get faster, i just LOVE THE WEBOS

PS , i want this new touch berry :)

Ive had the 8830, the curve, the storm and now onto the tour, I love the tour, its a great messaging and email phone, but it kinda lacks on the "fun" side that all these smartphones are coming out with. Yes we can download apps but our app market is nothing compared to android or apples. This thing looks awesome and am getting tempted more and more to leave BB and get something like this, the droid(cousin has one and its fun but can see how it can be slow to use for simple tasks), i feel bad because i thought id never leave BB but Rim has not come out with anything(App-Media-Web wise) that compares to these other phones. Like i said i love the messaging, email, and BBM on my berry, but once the competition has a hold of that(which I can forsee in the near future) Rim wont have anything that will draw people to the berries like they have the past couple of years, Im staying for now cause I really do enjoy my berry but Rim NEEDS to come out with something soon or they will be left in the dust, guess we will see, Darwins theory applied to smartphones :)

Everybody has been saying how laggy Pre is but.... I didn't think it is THAT bad at all. It looks quite nice to me.... and yes, did it say FLASH in February? Palm did an excellent job. I live the design, too - that makes iPhone look like an ancient device... well, I still like my Tour but If other platform keep getting better and better, I don't know... well, as a theme junkie, BB might be still the best for me LOL.

I don't mind seeing other phones reviewed on crackberry at all. It's good to see what other phones are out there and I especially love hearing them from a blackberry user perspective. it's important to be aware of the competition. Round robin or not, keep them coming!

The phones have always had that generic look to me. And the name, sorry not carrying anything named Pixi or Pre in my pocket. Imagine being around welders and machinists and pulling out your Pixi or Pre. ....This sounds like childs candy....Pixi sticks and Sprees. .

My two cents, prob of no worth though. :)

RIM's not so creative on the naming front either.. I mean look at the ones they've come up with: Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm, and Tour... They are not that sophisticated either. Plus, you would seriously not buy a phone because of its name? It's not like every time I pull out my Pearl I say, "Guys, this is a Pearl."

I have to say the overview was very good. I could see using a Pre as the gestures and functionality would be easy to learn. I held one of the original Pre's and didn't like the sunken keyboard - hopefully the Pre Plus has a better one.

That being said, I'm not looking to leave my BB anytime soon.

I see some of the other smart phones, android, pretty, fun, etc., BUT I am staying with my BlackBerry. I recently replaced my 8320 with a 9700 and it is a blast! When that one gets too old for me (in about 2 years or so), I will get another BlackBerry (as long as the capabilities are better than the Bold 2). I have found my nich when it comes to smart phones, BlackBerry is the one! It will be just a matter of which version to get. RIM, just keep making newer and nicer BlackBerrys to keep my options wide open! Looks are nice but that alone is not the selling point. I had others before but once I bought and tried a BlackBerry, my search for a great smart phone came to an abrupt end. There will be no switching to anything else but a different BlackBerry. I will keep my old 8320 as an extra.

RIM needs to work on the "fun" factor if they want more marketshare. After seeing the new 3D games on the Pre, I was sold. I couldn't go for the iPhone b/c I really desperately need a keyboard, but I'm kinda tired of my BB. Oh, RIM should also consider (I mean, seriously consider) working on that web browser like now. And don't give me the whole Opera shpeel because I can guarantee you 80% of the customers won't know or care about Opera.

as a tech support representative the biggest problem with pre is that palm always loses contacts- the palm profile is a good idea but in practice it fails all the time...then there is the inability to sync with outlook (except 1 time using the Data Transfer Assistant), the problem with synergy making your address book filled with useless duplicate contacts by adding facebook, google talk, aim, and other instant messaging entries instead of updating the existing contacts with picture and other entries pieces of data like blackberry does... the lack of phone as modem ability... I can go on and on

However, the quality on new palm pixi - fit & trim is really excellent- it's almost like it's one piece

I'm sticking with blackerry...

You know a phone is made for the female market when:

1. It's.... round? Since when are phones round?
2. It has a mirror built right in!

If it weren't for the fact that would go crazy without BB Messenger (especially with its new functionality like sharing calendar items) I might be tempted to give a Pre Plus a try. I think Palm has put a lot of great ideas into it (Synergy should be something EVERY smart phone can do; what's so hard about keeping contacts, appointments, etc, from separate sources in separate "bins") and the asthetics of the phone and the WebOS are quite pleasing to me.

Of course, my wife has been tempted to get something other than a Blackberry for her next phone (which would make BBM just about worthless to me). So, if I can't convince her to stick with Blackberry, maybe she would go for one of these and I could fiddle with it until the battery is dead. ;)

wow i must say the palm pre plus looks rather inticing!

very cool. idk about the sliding out keep board, not a fan of the thickness.

The deal killer for me is not being able to sync my personal information with my desktop computer. I shouldn't have to hand all of my personal information to an outside server (Google, ect) for storage/ backup. Also, you can't categorize Notes. Wow, Palm used to be the Personal Information Management King, what happened?