Verizon OS Update for the Tour 9630 Tonight?

By Adam Zeis on 19 Nov 2009 12:17 pm EST

Tour 9630 OS Update

*UPDATE: Looks like we were right - no 5.0 this time. Verizon has posted OS on their update page, so go ahead and grab it from this link if you're still rocking the stock OS.*

Rumor has it that the Verizon Tour 9630 will be receiving and official OS update from Verizon tonight. Before you get too excited, it may not be that 5.0 that everyone is looking for. If the rumors are true, it may only be OS that is being made official. The update will be available through Desktop Manager and the Smith Micro update site. We only have a few hours to go since the update should show up around 5pm EST. Check out this thread in the forums for more info, and we'll update this post later when/if the update pops up.

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Verizon OS Update for the Tour 9630 Tonight?


they are still f*ckin around with 4.7?? Holy sh*t stop wasting time with sh*t software and release 5.0 already. we all know it works so just do it!!

they should keep anything less than 5.0. We've waited too long for 5.0 already!! Why does it seem that Tour owners get sh*t on? Tour 2 and now this?

LOL! Tour owners got shat on? Try being a day one Storm1 owner... now THAT was a pile of crap!

off the road. Release OS5 and push carriers to update. Too many devices, too many OS versions, too much fragmentation..

how they going to release 5.0 for the storm and then release another 4.7 for the tour. I have the newer phone but the older OS... tha fuck?

the funniest part is that 13 minutes after this post, a leaked 5.0 was posted for the 9700....I will be sticking with my leaked 5.0

either OS you upgrade to will probably brick your f'ing phone anyway. i've stopped upgrading. too many OS reloads == piss me off

I'm running now on my Tour. What does OS buy me over .40?

What does 5.0 have which would make me want to upgrade from 4.7?



I'll be sticking with

There's no way I would go backwards from here. .230 has some minor glitches here and there but I will be fine with it.

On a total side note: if they release the T2 anytime soon, I think the carriers should at least give us T1 owners a hell of an upgrade deal regardless of how far we are into the contract.

Who cares about this stupid "patch", lets go! Release 5.0 already, frigin verizon! its been weeks since the Storm 5.0 release, lets go release the official for the tour customer!

The way I see it, a little update is better than NO UPDATE!! Don't get me wrong, I want OS 5.0 to become official for all devices receiving it too but seriously, all this complaining is a little on the ridiculous side!!

I have the Blackberry Tour for Sprint. Im also waiting for the official OS 5.0 Update. Who cares about the OS!!!! Does anyone have a timeframe of when the official OS 5.0 will be out? Somebody out there has to know. Thanks.

I am sure someone does know, only they arent telling.!

Hopefully they will get the message and release it, but we are talking about Verizon here (on my side) and they are the slowest bunch.

I have to agree with Jleeblanch. Any update is better than no update. Sure I check the forums everyday hoping for some 5.0 goodness, but at least this is better than nothing.

I wonder if they will pull it right away like they did with .53. That was a joke.

WTF? Who cares? Every day I look at the blog page in hopes of an official 5.x release and this just sets that back even further. What a let down.

PlayaX01: yeah, iPhone users don't have this problem... because Apple would rather release a whole "new" device and have people buy that instead.

I got to say that this is why i left blackberry after 10 years. The OS is terrible and they bring nothing new. All the blogs on here Android already has. I am just depressed I love blackberry but its so 1980s

You left BlackBerry; then what the freak are you doing posting on something like this?! Sounds like Blackberry envy to me! Android is so weak even Microsoft can get it digs in and be right. As for the Droid what a clunky, ugly piece of sh!t. I'll take my Storm1 any day.

I had an Android G1 and I took it back in order to step up to the Storm 1. I like Android, but RIM has destroyed Google in overall OS advancement recently. With OS 5.0, we are already at a second generation touch OS from none ! What dramatic changes have occured in the Android OS in the last year ?

To the person that said Tour 2 is a bold 9700 with a different battery cover........actually its a better phone!!! It will have open GL support, 2GB of internal storage and probably a better camera!!! Wow does RIM even know what they are doin anymore?

I am willing to wait until they have the bugs worked out before I install OS5 on my Tour. However, I have to admit that it would be nice if RIM would at least tell us "why" we have to wait for an OS that other Blackberry's already have. Even if they just came out and said "we are working out the bugs", at least we would know they are working on it.

Verizon threw them a wad of cash to have the 5.0 ready for the Storm 1 before Storm 2 launched to reduce the number of people pressuring them for free or reduced price upgrades to the Storm 2.

Don't you mean 553?

And to answer your question, it's because you are smart. I've had that problem with every single 4.7.1.xx OS out there (official and leak) on two different Tours. 4.7.1.xx is just plain unstable.

I just received mine in the mail via fedex. It came with the version.. Just so you guys know..

same here, and that was 2 weeks ago... You know what though, I could see vzw releasing a official 5.0.. And that being Just seems like something they would do

bc I just got mine in the mail yesterday(it was a replacement for my first one that decided to just stop working!!) it has did I get hosed? bc I feel like I did. I upgraded to the last leak of 5.0 that came out for a tour and that messed my phone up also. so no more leaks for me, just give me 5.0 rim. gosh.

You do know these updates are free right? Different batch, different OS, probably just missed the switchover. Not that big a deal.

Anybody know when 5.0 will come out for the 8330 or even IF it will come out for the 8330? or am i just going to have to get the curve 2

No date yet, but you do realize that it will bog the device down something fierce, right? It just barely has enough memory to run it.

go to blackberyos and join there and u can get the os updates there i just dounloaded the 230 thats the best oone so far they have all of them just go to the device you own and check it out better battery life with 230

it is going to be .75........not .61

Either way, the and its hybrids are way better then a 4.7 OS anyways....


This is the current download from Verizon as of 22:30 GMT. The file was digitally signed by RIM on 2 November.

I dont live in a CDMA country so no Tour for me. If it any consolation. There is no OS 5.0 for the rest of us either.

for all of us 5.0.230 users whats the damn sense. Is the tour a lower class citizen or what? What does .61 give us? what does it fix? someone from VZW or Rim tell us please.

Official Tour 9630 OS update

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11-19-2009 10:43 AM

I know this isn't the update most of you wanted, but the Tour 9630 is getting officially updated to today starting at 5pm EST. It will be available through several methods: OTA Update, Web based update and the normal Desktop Manager updates for both PC and MAC.

The update will take anywhere from 45minutes to 2 hours and you will not be able to use your phone while it's installing, so make sure you have ample time to commit to the update.

Here is a change log:

Symptoms Resolved:

* If you received a voice mail notification, your device might have incorrectly displayed that there were 255 messages beside the voice mail indicator.
* If you started playing a video from and had the full screen option selected from a previous video, the controls might have remained on the screen and might have been overlapped by the new video image and also might have flashed repeatedly.
* If you were using your device with a headset and streaming a video using the VCast VOD application, if you disconnected the headset, audio might not have been heard from the device speakers.
* If you received an incoming call while your device was paired with a headset and you disconnected the headset, the device might have automatically and unexpectedly answered the call.
* On some occasions some email messages and calendar items might have displayed "Content protection is enabled" in the sender line and you might not have been able to lock your device or switch tasks.
* If you selected a wireless network from the list that is CS rejected, you might have received more than one popup menu advising you that the connection and network selection were unsuccessful.
* If you tried to update your device software via OTASL it might have taken longer than expected to complete.
* The current update warning indicating that the device will be unavailable for a maximum of two hours will be changed to allow for the possibility that an update could take longer than two hours.
* If you were on a phone call of an unspecified length, the display screen might have become idle and the counter might not have displayed the duration of your call and rather, the duration of a previous call.
* The Home screen might have appeared completely white and might have returned to the expected display by scrolling the trackball.
* In some cases, when you tried to take a picture with your device, the camera application might not have opened, even if you closed other open applications as instructed by the dialog box.
* In some cases, when you tried to play a video on your device, the media player might have displayed as a black screen and the video might not have played. If you returned to the Home screen, the media player might have unexpectedly remained in the foreground.
* The ringer profile volume might have been inconsistent and might have been at different levels across different profiles.
* If you had been using GPS navigation and then pressed and held the End key to turn the feature off, your device might have continued to perform GPS searches.
* If you typed characters in the To: Cc: or Bcc: fields and then backspaced to correct an error, the entire field might have been deleted, rather than the one character.
* If you composed an email message that had multiple recipients and saved the message as a draft, then removed one of the recipients and saved the message as a draft again, when you opened the draft to send the message, the removed recipient might have remained in the To: field.
* In some cases, if you created a large number of elements using JavaScript, the device memory might have been exhausted faster than expected and the device might have stopped responding.

I know, I know. It's not the 5.0 update everyone thought was coming. Naturally, some of you will be angered and what not. But save your energy, 5.0 for the Tour should still be coming soon.

BEWARE. Tried to install it through the Mac Desktop Manager. It quit updating in the middle of it and now my phone won't load at all. I performed a battery pull twice and it just leaves a blank grey screen. Looks like I'm heading to Verizon tomorrow.

I am downloading ota right now, and which apps am i going to have to reenter the activation codes for? why would i have to do that? and does it affect bbm?

I updated my tour and it erased my contacts, emails, msgs, browser bookmarks, themes, settings all my previouly downloaded apps. It feels like I just bought the device.

Just restore the backup database file it's in your My Documents folder and has the date incorporated into it. It's always created automatically during an OS update unless the phone has been previously nuked/bricked.

OMG LYKE no 5.0! I tryed to update and then the phone grew a big hand and just lyke bitch slapped me across the face, then it built a brick wall around it and i have no idea how to break it down! i mean a hammer would be good but i don't know where one is! lyke i shouldn't have to go out and buy a hammer to break the wlal down..

My tour is calling me mean names from behind the wall its really offensive! WHAT T F Veryzion! why no 5.0 DAMNIT now wtf am i gonna do i'm gonna trade my phone in for a First gen storm JUST SO i can get 5.0

OMGGGGG if veryzion doesn't release 5.0 soon i'm just.... i'm just gonna EXPLODE!! I may even pee myself in a veryzion store for good measure!

I just downloaded the new 4.7 but i dont see a difference other than it doesn't take centuries to reboot!

All other phones are getting officail 5.0 upgrade and us Tour owners get a 4.7?? WTF??? Verizons is way behind! Get with program, give the people what they want!!! 5.0!

did the OTA update to and it worked perfectly! didnt lose any data or anything, i'm slightly surprised haha

I am a very proud Tour owner and have had absolutely no problems out of it. That is why I am wondering if I should even update now, or just wait until the 5.0 comes out? The only bad thing about doing a software update is having to fool with reloading all your apps, etc.

So, should I wait on 5.0 or just go ahead and do it now?

Have you heard any little nugget at all about 5.0 for the Tour or has RIM just completely shafted us and forgot that it exists because they are focused on the Tour 2?

I dont have a tour, but I feel bad for you Tour owners. Tour should be on 5.0 by now. They need to step it up and get their sh*t together.

Download took about 40 mins the only problem I had was that my emails stop coming thru. I called Verzion had to do a program update *228 after that emails worked far so good...Still waiting on 5.0

How is verizon screwing us by not releasing 5.0?! I don't recall when purchasing my Tour, any document or sales person telling me 5.0 will be out soon after I buy the phone.

Vzw and rim owe us nothing other than to make sure our hardware works, if that means giving us another 4.7 release then that's just how its going to be. And no amount of belly aching or clogging of blogs and forum posts is going to change it, so get over it already.

you all bitch and cry about 5.0 all day and night.If you want 5.0 then use the leak other wise shut up and us the new official OS.

Side note on the upgrade my rebote time has been cut in half so thats great.



...called Verizon and they told me to go to the store to get a new one tomorrow

Sheesh this whole thread is full of freakin whiners...VZW does not owe us NOTHING...5.0 will come out when it comes was your choice to get a BB Tour...5.0 leaked version is out there if you dont want to download it than shut up about 5.0 and be patient! I love my Tour big step up from my 1st BB all you whiners GET OVER IT AND GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!

User error is all I can think of..

on top of that boot time is a little faster but none of these claims about half the time I had a friend tell me his boot time is as quick as a samsung flip phone turning on and off

Just updated. Really hope this fixes the camera not opening issue! Can anyone describe in 100 words or less what is so special about 5.0 over 4.7? Just curious what the real benefit is.

used OTA updated...updated perfectly, lost no information at all. But people...backup your stuff, ALWAYS...even though you shouldnt lose anything, I always back up my shit.

Bricked my blackberry again...and it's not user error (reference a previous post). It prompted me when I connected to the manager on my comp and I followed the prompts. This is not the first time this has happened. I'm tired of bricking this blackberry and having to restore it anytime I get a freakin update, it's ridiculous...

I was running the original OS that came with the phone. Got the e-mail around 3pm yesterday. Plugged it in to my laptop, did the update. Ran smooth. No major difference other than it seems to reboot in half the time. When entering and exiting applications its much more responsive. Going from the applications screen to the home screen used to lag about 2 to 3 seconds. Now it switches screens instantly. I still have my old storm. I updated it to 5.0. Really like it, but if I had to pick between a Storm with a 5.0 or a Tour with this 4.7 (which actually i do have the option to pick) I still stick with the Tour. Nice phone. And I'm sure you don't read this often but THANK YOU VERIZON.

I downloaded the update and now all of my downloads are gone in "my world". I can find the apps, but it wants the activation code which I don't have. Help?!? I don't want to repurchase Quicklaunch & Weatherbug.

ok I read everyone's statements about how it's not 5.0 but so what !Cry me a river. Any OS upgrade is better than none at all. It definitely solved my trackball issue and the apps and downloads are faster now as well as the browser and a lot more responsive.My Verizon Tour is my workhorse my life. So just get it and stack your lettuce for the T2,which is what I'm waiting for:more memory,trackpad,and WiFi which makes sense because every major city in the US is having FREE WiFi over a 100 mile radius.

Technology changing every day and we have to change with it.I'm sure 5.0 will be there for current Tour owners like myself but I'm good w/ for now.Besides the T2 will be 4g certified.

Took about 30 minutes. No data loss, no apps lost. Just had to start all non-native apps to re-Accept the Ts&Cs.

Went ok I guess. Lost all of my apps from app world, logins for various apps, and all of my sound profiles. Kind of annoying but I guess I'll live.

This new update sucks I installed on Thursday and went back to the previous version on Saturday, it drained the battery about twice as fast. Do not update to this new version.

The update went on flawlessly, but now my battery drains in 1 day vs. 3 days prior to update. Fixed the Bluetooth issue.

For the very first time using the Desktop Manager on the my macbook pro, it was amazing! Very quick update that was flawless and also kept my third party apps. Not one of my icons were lost. Very efficient!

Haven't noticed any changes yet, including the battery. Guess I will find out soon.


BTW, checked out the new Curve 8530 at Verizon last night. The trackpad seems a little small and will take some getting used to. It just seems like it is to flat. Hope the Essex is a little bigger!

I updated to 5.0... Love it, it works great... but VZAccess Manager does NOT support--- if you use your BB for internet access via teather--- don't do it! Maybe this is why VZ is waiting to release 5.0---until Access Manager works with it.

I know everyone is waiting for the 5.0 Verizon doesn't release anything that they haven't checked out first. They want it to be right for their customers and if you download a leaked OS that is not approved and then you have issues with your device, it is YOUR fault and not Verizon's.

The Tour hasn't had too many issues like the Storm has had. You need to just stop your whining and be happy your phone works. The Tour is an awesome device. So easy to use and it is a beautiful device. RIM did well with this BB and I am really pleased with it.

I wish RIM would offer more free applications though. I am glad for QuickPull because I use it daily to reboot my Tour. Don't have to pull your battery off to reboot it. QuickPull takes care of that ! It doesn't take that long and my device runs better doing it daily. Also cleaning out the cache too helps.

Verizon is the best carrier and they have the best network.
Customer service is excellent So stop whining and be patient. Also, they are going to be a 4G network next yr.