OS slowly rolling out to Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 & Torch 9850 owners

By Bla1ze on 10 Jan 2012 12:25 am EST
Verizon OS

As we knew already, Verizon has been preparing to roll out OS 7.1 to the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 for quite a while. A staggered roll out was rumored to be starting as of tomorrow but it looks as though at least a few folks are already getting the update on their devices. If you own either a BlackBerry Bold 9930 or Torch 9850 and are on the stock OS -- go ahead and check for updates. You may find OS waiting for you but if not, don't get too bummed out. It's on it's way -- you'll just have to wait just a little bit longer.

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OS slowly rolling out to Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 & Torch 9850 owners


Don't feel too bad, I am currently removing the upgrade, did more harm than good and the $20 Verizon wants for the hotspot is a rip.

To be honest with you I would grab the 7.1 leak from AT&T & install it on your tmobile bb. Tmobile is slow at things like this.

The Verizon version is for CDMA phones only. Deleting the vendor.xml will allow you to install only on another carriers CDMA phone (i.e. 9930).

Just did a software update check and sure enough there it was waiting for me :) can't wait to install it and see how it is

Woo Hoo.. Just checked my software update and there it was 7.1 build 457. Perhaps I will wait a little before downloading... hmmm When to do it?

Probably for Canada we still have to wait for a while... carriers should be forced through contract to roll out updates as soon as they are available. After all, an old operating system damages the brand of the cell phone maker.

RIM should do more because RIM is being push around by service providers. But then again, Canada has the heighest paid CEOs in the entire world mobile industury.

I have it but I came on here this morning to see if anyone has installed it yet.......not to excited about the rumors of initial battery loss.

I already downloaded it for the torch 9850 , but what sucks is that if I want to use the mobile hotspot , I have to pay $20.00 more a month for 2gb , I already have the unlimited data plan n I would still have to pay $20 more . That's insane , I'm NOT happy about that

On my Torch, 9850, over the air:
• Download 41 meg file: 18 minutes
• Backup and reboot: 10 minutes
• Unpack and reboot: 3 minutes
• Patching OS (two times): 18 minutes
• Patching Java and reboot: 44 minutes
• Linking Java (progress bar re-set several times with percentage returning to zero)and reboot: 22 minutes
• Restoring Data: 4 minutes
• Total time: 2 hours till “Update Successful” message

I installed the new BBM last night (before this update) to version .49 but after this update, version .32 was restored. Strange. Re-downloaded and reinstalled. Everything else seemed fine.

OK, now none of my uninstalled apps are showing in AppWorld. Tried the Alt+RST and nothing. Everything shows online, but only RIM apps show in the Installed list. The other apps show installed in Application Management, but not in AppWorld.

Downloading O/S update to my Tour 9850 now. But I have a novice question, I have always used Desktop Manager to do upgrades this is my first time doing it over the air and I was wondering when it says that it is backing up the information, what informtion and where is the information being backed up to? Is this information store or released as soon as the update is completed? Is my PERSONAL information and data accessible to other? I know the question for some is probably elementary, but I truly would like to know the answers.

Thanks to CrackBerry.com's staff and\or readers, who can provide these answers or RIM if its staff reads these blogs.

Thanks again.

When you install an OS, either through Desktop Manager, or OTA, your phone basically gets wiped clean. So in order to keep users from losing data and settings, both methods first back up the phone, then at the end they restore this back up. The difference is DM does it through the USB cable to your computer, and OTA does it on the phone, placing the backup in a protected area of the memory that is unaffected by the OS upgrade (I think). Your data is not being sent anywhere.

I've had this on Sprint for a while now, but does anyone know how to use wi-fi calling? just wanna try it out...other than that this update isn't so great. Mobile hotspot for instance: cool! but I am not paying extra to use it :p

Eh-I was having no problems with my phone before starting this upgrade. The only reason I did the upgrade was to have the newest OS and some of the new features. Here are the things I do not like:

1. When I start typing from the home screen, thus beginning a universal search, it now lists some Bing suggested searches just before it lists the extended searches. I personally do not like Bing and in my opinion the inclusion of this search slows the search process ever so slightly.

2. I really like the Google Local Search feature on the Extended Search part of the universal search. I use it often to look up local numbers and I like the integration with mapping. Very handy for when I am on trips. With the 7.1 update, this Google Local Search no longer works. This alone is enough for me to downgrade.

3. The hotspot feature is nice, but I am not about to pay Verizon extra to use it.

4. I don't know enough people with NFC to use that antenna to share contact information, so no loss here.

I have started the downgrade process. I'll maybe upgrade if they fix the Google Local Search option.

Just thought I would update in case anyone was interested. I downgraded to OS 7.0 over the last few hours and my Google Local Search works now. If anyone updates to 7.1 and they get it to work, it would be great to hear from you.

With the Bing suggested search part,u can turn that off. To turn it off go to options > device > search > uncheck the web suggestions box.

Currently REMOVING this POS upgrade. Caused instability with phone, surprise reboots and made it difficult to gang delete emails. The wifi hotspot that Verizon wants $20 for 2gb per month just not a good buy. Not sure if I am pissed or disappointed.

I'm just pissed - battery usage is down apx 2 hrs since the update. App World is a mess and I did a clean install no back up restore to avoid this nonsense. For the last 2 hours all i see is There is an issue with Blackberry App World. App World must close.

I would like to know if / when someone is going to come out with a WiFi hot spot app like the androids have so we don't have to pay VZW!

Caution: If you use Supra's eKey app this OS will kill it! Supra is working on it... Real Estate agents take note.

I updated and everything seemed fine but when I tried to go on the broswer I got the "you dont have a current data plan, use wifi, blah blah blah." Resent service books, nothing. Blackberry ID says i'm offline, so I cant enter my info, cant set up email.

Tried reloading via desktop software, bricked my phone.

Going back to the previous version now....