Verizon once again looking to buy 45 percent stake back from Vodafone

By Adam Zeis on 29 Aug 2013 08:44 am EDT

Verizon is once again looking to buy back their 45 percent stake from Vodafone. The two carriers have been in talks for quite some time, but as Bloomberg confirmed today, Vodafone "confirms that it is in discussions with Verizon Communications Inc.".

The deal would be one of the largest of the decade if Verizon can come up with the $130 billion it would take to buy the 45 percent stake from Vodafone. Verizon is reportedly tapping multiple banks for about $10 billion each to finance a large portion of the buyout. According to sources a deal could come as early as September 2nd and would include Verizon selling back its 23 percent stake in Vodafone Italia as well. 

A completed deal would end the decade-long partnership between the two companies should it all pan out.

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Verizon once again looking to buy 45 percent stake back from Vodafone


Guys if any of u own bbry stock, nows the time to short. Just read a report in the wsj that Q1 sales have been terrible. This is u r chance to make money well in advance of the 26th sept earnings report.

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Just like they teamed up with Motorola?

Please god no.... That was the worst thing ever. Great devices made for one carrier in the entire world. Stupidest move ever. Motorola is lucky Google swept in and saved their arses. Don't want to see BlackBerry go down that route...

Just imagine 130 billion dollars. Compared to that the enterprise valuation of bbry is chump change. But yet Verizon is getting backers to help it buy back the 45%, bbry on the other hand is finding no takers. This should say something about how value is perceived by the market.

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I don't this VZW would partner with BlackBerry... they have always been the b@$terd stepchild when it comes to devices. AT&T got the 9000, Verizon got the Storm. ATT got another Bold, Verizon got the Tour.

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It also takes a lot of time to create all that Verizon bloatware

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Very true! Ugh I remember the days when they used to skin the UI and fill it with crap... so happy we don't have to deal with that

And because of the leak team we're beyond up to date with OS updates

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That Vodafone deal has been a thorn in Verizon's side for many a long year. As a Verizon shareholder, I'm glad they are finally on the cusp of getting out of it.

It would have been one thing if Vodafone customers from around the world could get non-roaming access to VZW while in the states. But, VZW's network is so different from nearly anywhere else, that could never quite work out.

So maybe this is why they are possibly backing off their rumored expansion into Canada. I know Bell, Telus, & Rogers would be happy if this were the case.

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They are also trying to tap into the Canadian market!

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The deal would effect British stock. This will be good for all share holders. As much as I dislike Vodafone in the UK this will good for Britain.