Verizon Officially Releases OS For The BlackBerry Storm 9530!

By Bla1ze on 25 Oct 2009 10:16 pm EDT
Verizon OS Release

Finally, the waiting and anticipation is over. Verizon has started pushing OS to BlackBerry Desktop Manager for all Storm owners to install 24 minutes after we leaked it. If you haven't gotten the alert already it's time to fire up BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software (you too Mac users!) and see if it's there waiting for you. It's now up at as well.

OS 5.0 brings with it some significant changes to the OS and should correct a lot of issues some of you were having with your BlackBerry Storm 9530's and being an official OS you can load it without any worries of running beta software. Already got it loaded up? What do you think of it? How is it working for you? Let us know in the forums or in the comments. Now the question remains. How long will it be before we see other carriers hop on board and start releasing 5.0 for other devices?

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Verizon Officially Releases OS For The BlackBerry Storm 9530!



Gotta tell u, i love how owners of different devices are so warm-hearted on Crackberry. Lemme tell you, 5.0 IS all that.

i have an unlocked storm which i use on att....if i update to 5.0 will the service books that i cut and pasted on my 4.7 software still work....or can i do the update and not worry?

i wanted to post it where most people can see it:

i don't know if it's displaying properly, and i don't know how to post it as a link, so i'll paste it in sections:

i hope you can figure out what goes where...

- installed it in 15 mins (includes the reboots, backup & restore)

- voice dialing still doesn't seem to work tho

It showed up instantly for me. Close Desktop manager and plug in BB and it should load DM up and that is when it prompted me for new updates available

My download started off fast and is crawling along now - I'm sure BB's servers are getting slammed with people that want a storm that works.

I wish AT&T had 5.0 out already for the Bold too. I haven't even been able to test out a beta bc i use a Mac.

I wish AT&T had 5.0 out already for the Bold too. I haven't even been able to test out a beta bc i use a Mac.

Othersfirst, I had an issue where my DM wasnt showing the update after it was supposedly released. Tryed restarting the DM and still no luck. Rebooted the whole system and then it came right up, worth a try. Hope you get it!

loading it up on my fucked up storm with a black screen to see if anything happens....i doubt it but whats to loose besides a shitty ass storm with a black screen? the storm is up though...i think?

Finally the BB APP Developer have something to work on. I wonder how this going to changes the BBM ver, 33. I hope this will improve it.

I believe I got the update, but only the core applications. It didn't change my OS version. Still shows .323 not .328.

They said it was coming tonight and there it was... 10:15... I am loading as we speak... i Truely hope that this will keep me from caring about the storm2... for the time being..... Good luck to all hope it is a smooth load...

I'm still running desktop software 4.7 so that Tetherberry works. 5.0 Desktop software is the only update showing in my update window. Do I need to have this to see the 5.0 device software?

I'm on a mac, the update stalled. Said it couldn't get the files due to a network problem.

We're swamping the system!! lol

For everyone waiting for a offical OS. Well here you have it. Good luck. For the rest of the crackberry nation. Keep informing.

that it completes updating by time i have to leave work....its currently 10:30 and i leave at 11:00. thats 30 minutes and im just a little over half way down....183/316 modules.....

i don't wanna be stuck at work later than i have to

I started download about 25 minutes ago and everything seems to be going fine. All that's left is to restore my data.

I'm hoping with 5.0 I don't NEED QuickPull! Had to reboot sometimes twice a day with 4.7! Here's to hoping they got it right this time!

new forum has been started to discuss changes after download it is called Discuss OS for Storm

Just got a fatal error while trying to install after downloading... :(.... Im gonna try to downgrade to .148 then upgrade to .328 maybe its because i had a hybrid installed... maybe that was the problem...


I logged into Crackberry about 20 minutes ago expecting a typical Verizon delay on this being an official OS... then BAM... I rush to DM and begin the download... NIIIIICE!!! I will let you know how it goes... 184 of 327 Mods right now. PS- Why does everyone have a different number of total MODs being downloaded?

Got 5.0 installed from the Application Loader! Last "Wait for device initialization" took for ever though in case someone thinks it locked up.

it's up and running now I just new to finish restoring all the bits and pieces make sure we didn't loose any thing in the process and play play play with the toy just like it was a new toy all over again. It is so pretty. 3G is gone still.

told u it was only 10 min away. my guess was off by a bit but still. let it be known i tweeted this before anyone! :D

I happen to be working nights for the next week to cover the backup/reboot guy......yay now I have somehting to do.

anyone get this via the OTA? I've been checking periodically and I've seen nothing. I'm running would that have anything to do with it not showing up? It shouldn't make a difference, should it? Do I need to Downgrade to .148? ><

Just read some of the other articles please.
There is no OTA update for this. Actually try and find an answer before posting useless questions.

Do you get off on saying things like this? All that needed to be said is that "there is no OTA update" and it would have been good. Also, if you would have read the other comments here, you would have seen that I am not the first to ask this.

Do you get off on saying things like this? All that needed to be said is that "there is no OTA update" and it would have been good. Also, if you would have read the other comments here, you would have seen that I am not the first to ask this.

Dude, you asked a retarded question that was answered in the original post had you taken the time to read it. It's not like it's some obscure question that hasn't been answered yet, it's been said on Page 1 of comments and in the blogpost, open you damn eyes and read. I honestly hate people who don't bother to read shit and just ask their dumb ass questions anyways due to lazyness.

But there is no need to be a whiney little fucking bitch about it now is there ignore my comment and move on gtfo and go back to your homework. Ever heard the phrase "there is no such thing as a retarded question other than the one never asked?" and I did skim threw it and found nothing or I wouldn't have asked so do us all a favour and stop being a pissy bitch.

Sometimes it's not easy to read through twenty minutes of a particular thread to find an ansewr to a question you stupid retards. I agree with theapple you're just a bunch of whiney little bitches.

dont worry about that apple, some of these people dont have anything better to do with their time. most likley they were called retards all their lives , so they look for others mistakes to make them selves look good

Really hoping an official Tour release comes soon.

This may sound stupid, but will Verizon only release it for PC users, or will it be available for Mac too? I would think that logically, there would be releases for both platforms now.

Really hoping an official Tour release comes soon.

This may sound stupid, but will Verizon only release it for PC users, or will it be available for Mac too? I would think that logically, there would be releases for both platforms now.

Is anyone else having side issues in landscape. Had these issues with the leaked version and they are still here in the official version.Any way to get rid of them?????

I have two 3rd party themes on my storm and the graphics are screwy in landscape.. works fine with original theme (which sux!) Any solutions would be appreciated!

change it to 1 row then to 2 rows and hit save ... its temp fix until your next battery you would then have to do it again... i can live with that till the devolepers for themes get it fixed...hope it helps

It was a freaking pain in the butt to install. Kept getting error messages and what not, saying there wasn't enough disk space and connection issues. Quit DM and did a battery pull, deleted all the text, pic, email and whatnot messages and it started to load the new OS, now it's restarting been at the 2/3 mark though

I just upgraded to the 5.0 OS for the Storm 9530 and my BBM 5.0 got deleted?

Anyone else have this issue?

Anything I can do to get it back?

thank you! it took a while to work but it restore it

thankfully i had backed up my contacts using the new feature of bbm 5.0 and was able to restore all of them no problem

My BBM disappeared, too. I don't believe I backed-up contacts, but I'm going through the process now...we'll see...

Download Manager failed to update while applications were re-loading. Phone is bricked. Taking it to Verizon tomorrow...

I just attempted the download and and now my storm is frozen with a 504 error code. Not sure what to do now. Anyone else experience a similar problem?

The BlackBerry Load screen is so much nicer looking... the all black screen with the with Blackberry Logo and load bar has me very excited for what is waiting for me.... Wish i had less apps.. the wifes started 20 mins behind me and is almost done.. Ohhh the waiting...... Is the hardest part...

downloading right now.

i feel like a kid in a candy store.

"the candyman can cause he mixes with it with love and makes the world taste good."

On a serious note, amazing upgrade. I'm easing off thinking of getting the sequel to this fine piece.

"Cause I've got a golden ticket/it's ours Charlie!"

I'm downloading it now, I just wished it wouldn't take so long to upgrade. I can't wait to see whats new and see how it works.

If it's been stuck at loading 0 of the modules for 45 minutes or more, how can I reset or restart the update? Is is safe to unplug? Thanks!

See if you can force Desktop Manager to quit. That's odd, I've been reading other people are having the same problem. Mine just got finished. It might be because so many people are downloading right now, maybe you got snagged.

25 minutes, not a glitch on the install. All of my 3rd party apps work fine. Only problem light still dims in landscape. Not much different from .323.

Just installed and I am not seeing any big diffs between each OS. Camera, texting, Brower, all work identical as far as i see

Anyone getting an error while downloading OS 5.0 on Desktop Manager for Mac. Starts to download smoothly but then comes up with an error. Happened twice, dont know what is wrong. Maybe the server is overloaded? Anyone else get this error, need help!!

Force Quit DM and unplug BB and then plug in BB and it should autostart for you. That is what I did but I also didnt get an error, make sure you got latest version of DM for mac as well. Hope this helps

been at it almost an hour now... stuck on "downloaded modules 102 of 347" what should i do? its been on that about 40 minutes!

This update is infuriating, it's like it reset the phone back to it's factory defaults and I have to reinstall everything and it keeps giving me some sort of java error and I gotta reset everything back to the way I liked it.

Just finishing DLing the update. I feel like it was x-mas and I got a new phone. So excited, this is how it should have worked in the first place.

loading applications. i hope i don't get some error notification or something because ill just give up and wait 3 days for the storm 2

About the only notice I see besides the ring and vibrate option in the profiles, is the screen slides up or down much smoother... at least I convinced myself it does... lol.
Is there a place that lists the upgrades changes/fixes?
Using the DM and Verizon upgrade went with out a hitch.

this is a great os upgrade glad the Storm was first!! i got to play with the Storm 2 today at Bestbuy and it was niceeeeeeeee

Does anyone have a change log on what exactly is different/upgraded/removed from that we've all been running from the leaks to the Verizon official

Doesn't lag as much as 323 did...overall more responsive and didn't have a single problem with the upgrade!!

First for everything. ;)


Works Wonderful took 35 min and 17 sec..

Love the IM text ..

Love the fast camera ..

no waiting symbol...

rotated great .. fast.

But will check back to see in a week if it stands up. to performance for everyone

I'm finally up and running, it took me about 45 min. but it loaded pretty smoothly. Time to play around with it!!

it is sweet as honey butter, and wow when i get the storm 2 all i need is rest and peace thank god to all those who have help me and my crackberry friends.

Love it. Seems similar to 323. I never noticed I could click my signal meter as a short cut to connections,or, clicking the time goes to bedside mode. The screen movements are very smooth and I'm (still) excited about my storm again.

Yea I did too. you can re download from appworld or from ur phone browser

It does seem to be more responsive overall. It did move a couple apps from one folder to another, and I had to reset all my setting for 3rd party apps. And is it my imagination, or does the camera function itself also seem much faster. So far, so good!

Went from 323 to 328. No problems with installation. So far not seeing anything significantly different.....

No luck on getting Google maps to take me out of full keyboard mode to fill screen. I thought .328 would fix that but google must have forgotten about the storm with their 3.2 update

if you are missing your white looks like I have them now and I would love to give them back! How do I get rid of them?

HELP!!!! Landscape mode has white on the edges and my icons seem to drag when i move the screen up or down.

you restarted BB after update was complete or did you just take the cable out from the customer and start playing with it?

For some reason they removed the AOL instant messenger sounds. Just transferred the .wav files from my computer to my Blackberry.

Got it, downloaded, and installed. Had .148 official. The display blacks out and never comes back. Takes a battery pull each time to get it to come on, then the display disappears. Putting it into USB dock does nothing. Any ideas? Heading to forums now.......