Verizon Officially Releases OS for Pearl 8130 and Curve 8330

By Adam Zeis on 12 Aug 2009 10:28 am EDT

We don't want you to think that we forget about the old devices when new ones like the Storm or Tour pop up. We try and keep spreading the love as much as we can. With that, Verizon has officially released BlackBerry Operatng system version for both the Pearl 8130 and Curve 8330. This isn't the newest OS for these devices, but its the latest official release. If you have been holding out now is your chance to upgrade. You can head over to Verizons download page at from your PC to get started.

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Verizon Officially Releases OS for Pearl 8130 and Curve 8330


the BBM 5.0 leak does work on this upgrade. i downloaded and installed on my wife's curve and everything running smooth now. As far as I know everything about the new BBM 5.0 is functioning, still waiting on my wife to take a lunch break to test out the "share a location" feature, but the bar code scanner works great.

My phone is running This update is newer than that? The numbers just don't seem to indicate that...

Lol if you have OS and they just officially released os does .138 seem higher to you then .77 think about it.

its not math smart ass!! its just a number to signify the update and clearly 138 is higher than 77 its actually 61 higher

Technically speaking, according to real life Math, .77 is much higher than .138 as a decimal. That would be .770 or seven hundred seventy thousanths compared to .138 as one hundred thirty eight thousands. I don't think these numbers are meant to be viewed as decimals, but as whole numbers and then yes 138 is higher than 77. So, before you come off as a smart ass answering someones questions, think about why they might be confused.

My curve is running Anyone know what this update will do or fix?

I have a mac as well. You either need to run windows using bootcamp, parallels or fusion, or wait till september when BB finally releases desktop manager for mac.

I know that in decimal value is higher then but as far as versions go its not , lol.

Yes .77(a little more the 3/4 of an inch) is more then .138( a little more then 1/8 an inch). But anywho just wanted to mentioned it just bugged me lol

I saw you mentioned something to that as well

I thought it changed the camera look and features some but not forsure (because now i can set to full screen on picture viewing)

...if anyone knows which latest 4.5 either official release on any carrier, or beta version of the same, will make her Curve 8310 from AT&T work better than her current release (.110) somehow.

Thanks for any help! :)

Thanks for the info. Don't you get just a bit peeved that MAC users get treated as second class citizens even though the MAC OS is far superior to WinBlows? :-)

(cough) Win7 rocks. And, no matter what you say, Mac/Apple is still a tiny portion of the overall market in EVERY regard, except the iPud.

Enjoy that little cult you're in, Apple boy. :-D

Can someone please let us know what this update does and whether it is needed over .77? I'm just curious whether there's a benefit to the update. Thanks.

I upgraded because I got an java error and it bugged me and the only way that it could be fixed was either reload my .77 OS or upgrade to .138 OS so i did the upgrade and install BBM as well

has the fix included in this version update. Click the blue hyperlink in the instructions that reads "here".

you need to resend the service books...options>advanced options > host routing table. hit the menu button then register. It should send the emails and browser. If that doesent work, try a battery pull

I know his is for verizon but my lil sis has an 8330 curve on metro pcs. If I delete the vendor file like I did for the storm leaks will it work or the radio code is different? Thanks in advance

The upgrade itself went flawlessly. My issue is now i have the icon on my pearl for about 8 new email messages. You know, the little yellow envelope. There is actually no new sms or emails. I have it linked up to my yahoo email. I've done the battery pull, and the browser/email resend through the menus that another member here posted. I can't seem to find anywhere that these messages might be. Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

This update totally crewed up my BB Curve 8330! It wiped out all my custom settings! I had to restore to a previous stored point and go in and reactivate email and messaging!

I too wonder about the "upgrade" to a lower number. I'm currently running Is .138 higher?

Also, I'm a former AllTel customer. Now that I was assimilated into Verizon would this even apply to my phone?

-Chris <><

My hopes were high that this OS would fix the porblems that I was having with my 8330. Of the three major concerns I had, one was fixed and one was added. The two unfixed issues are 1) the vibrator keeps buziing into an answered phone call, and 2)If I begin receiving a call after I have just dialed out, I cannot complete either phone call. I have to hang up and call both people back. As near as I can tell, I no longer broadcast the first few seconds of my incomoing calls over my speaker. So that is nice. What does happen now is that my music in media player skips. That is not so nice.

Two things:

1) Those who have upgraded from to, are you still trouble free after a year?

2) Lots of people asked and I didn't see any answers in this forum as to what the upgrade gives you. So I asked
BTsee. His answer: you can run a 16GB microSD card with the upgrade. If you love music, that's important.