Verizon officially announces the BlackBerry Bold 9650

By Adam Zeis on 2 Jun 2010 09:15 am EDT

Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9650

Just a few weeks after Sprint beat them to the punch, Verizon has offically announced that the Bold 9650 will be available online starting tomorrow and in stores on June 10th. The device will run you $149 after rebates, and in true Verizon fashion a no-camera model will be available as well. The pricing will require a matching data plan, Nationwide talk plan and a two-year contract. GlobalAccess Connect and Push to Talk will also be available at launch for $65/month and $5/month respectively. Hit the jump for the full press release.

Get Bold With the BlackBerry Bold 9650 Smartphone From Verizon Wireless

Global-Ready Smartphone Offers New GlobalAccess Connect Service

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon Wireless today announced that the BlackBerry® Bold(TM) 9650 smartphone will be available to order online at beginning June 3 and in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores beginning June 10. Running on the largest and most reliable wireless voice and 3G data network in the United States, the BlackBerry Bold is the first global phone from Verizon Wireless to support GlobalAccess Connect, allowing customers to tether their BlackBerry Bold to a notebook or netbook and use it as a modem for wireless Internet access in more than 200 countries worldwide.

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Key features:
-- Optical trackpad for easy and fluid navigation
-- Built-in Wi-Fi® (802.11 b/g)
-- Push to Talk feature - Allows customers to leverage Verizon Wireless'
3G network for instant two-way communication with up to 50 people with
the touch of a button
-- VZ Navigator® version 6 - Gives customers access to free mapping and
integration with Bing to sort searches by relevance and a new option
to choose day, week or monthly subscriptions
-- VZ Navigator Global capabilities - Provides turn-by-turn directions
and maps in English while navigating through more than 20
destinations, including Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy,
Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. This easy-to-use
application also marks distances in miles or kilometers and finds
restaurants, gas stations, banks/ATMs and other popular spots using
the Local Search feature

Additional specifications:
-- Stylish design (4.40" x 2.44" x .55" and 4.8 oz.) with glossy black
finish and chrome highlights
-- Mobile e-mail and messaging capabilities
-- Large (2.45") high-resolution display (480 x 360 resolution at 245
ppi) that displays pictures, videos and Web pages with contrast and
-- 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, variable zoom, image stabilization,
autofocus and video recording
-- Advanced media player for videos, pictures and music; a 3.5 mm stereo
headset jack; and support for the Bluetooth® Stereo Audio Profile
-- BlackBerry® Media Sync to easily sync music as well as photos*.
-- Easy mobile access to Facebook®, MySpace and Flickr® as well as
popular instant messaging services, including BlackBerry® Messenger
-- Support for BlackBerry App World(TM), featuring a broad and growing
catalog of third-party mobile applications developed specifically for
BlackBerry smartphones
-- 512 MB Flash memory and an expandable memory card slot that supports
up to 16 GB microSD(TM) HC cards (a 2 GB card is pre-installed)
-- Full HTML Web browser, streaming audio and video via RTSP
-- Built-in GPS with support for location-based applications and services
as well as geotagging
-- Premium phone features, including voice-activated dialing,
speakerphone, and Bluetooth (2.1)
-- Support for high-speed EV-DO Rev. A networks in North America as well
as single band UMTS/HSPA (2100 MHz) and quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM
networks abroad
-- Removable and rechargeable 1400 mAhr battery for up to 5 hours of CDMA
talk time

Pricing and availability:
-- The BlackBerry Bold 9650 smartphone will be available for order online
at beginning June 3, and it will be in Verizon
Wireless Communications Stores beginning June 10 for $149.99 after a
$100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. A
non-camera version of the phone will also be available for order
online beginning June 3. Customers will receive the mail-in rebate in
the form of a debit card; upon receipt, customers may use the card as
cash anywhere debit cards are accepted.
-- Verizon Wireless customers will need to subscribe to a Nationwide Talk
plan or Nationwide Talk & Text plan and an Email and Web for
Smartphone plan. Nationwide Talk plans begin at $39.99 monthly
access. Email and Web for Smartphone plans start at $29.99 for
unlimited monthly access.
-- GlobalAccess Connect plans are available for $65 monthly access for 5
GB allowance in the United States and Canada ($0.05/MB overage) and
100 MB allowance in select countries ($5.12/MB overage). There is
also a $155 monthly access option that offers 5 GB allowance in the
United States and Canada and 200 MB allowance in select countries,
with the same overage rates as the $65 monthly option.
-- Customers can add Push to Talk for $5 per month per line and download
the service from the Application Center or through VZStart on their
handsets. VZ Navigator is available for $2.99 for daily use, $4.99
for seven-day use or $9.99 for monthly subscription.
-- For information on Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a
Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to

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Reader comments

Verizon officially announces the BlackBerry Bold 9650


Best Buy doesn't even carry the storm 2 anymore. I've been waiting 2 months with a cracked screen for this!

Why not buy a new screen off of eBay and change it yourself? Or do you have an extended warranty from Best Buy? :-/

extended warranty...comes in really handy when they don"t have any "comparable" models. They told me I would have to get a curve or tour. I'll just wait thank you.

I just got my 4th 'certified like new' Tour. How many do i need to swap before I can get the Bold.TGhe Tour is a major disappointment,,,

That doesn't work anymore. I went to the Verizon store a while back and asked the guy about it and he said too many people were "taking advantage" of that program. If anyone else knows anything about this, let me know, because I am on my 3rd or 4th Storm2.


How far apart are you failures? As an example once a month over 4 months won't get you anywhere. However 4 in a month will get you somewhere. However, they will likley not give you the Bold 9650 it will a similar. You just need to be constant with your stance. I have had VZW offer me outs on my Tour and Storm one because 4+ failures in two weeks time. On my Storm it was 4 cons. defective phones. Evidently quality refurb department took time off.

I will be picking this up around Sept. when my NE2 is up. I love my Storm, but need a real keyboard again. I am a little disappointed that they didn't bring the 9700 Bold, that thing is pure sex in White :0P

Pretty sure I'm in the exact same boat you are... September (or November or October... one of the three) can't come soon enough.

I was ready to upgrade until I read the full article. I get the impression that Verizon is the Grandmother of Additional Charges and that my upgrading will cost me significantly more in monthly charges.

Guess me and my Curve 8330 will wait one more year and see what's available.


In the article there are a lot of extra charges you can sign up for (not mandatory), but nothing that isn't different than what you already have.
All you need is a Nationwide talk/text plan (which I think everyone has) and the Data Plan (which obv. if you have a Blackberry you already have as well). Not sure what extra charges you are talking about?

Just talked with a Verizon rep. I don't have a Nationwide Talk Plan and am grandfathered into an older, more liberal plan. Only expenses to upgrade after only 13 months with the Curve would be the cost of the phone and $20. Sweet. ;-)

About damn time! So, when they say it will be available online tomorrow (June 3), is that midnight tonight or sometime tomorrow morning? Anyone know?

Got so tired waiting for the Tour's replacement that I gave the HTC Droid Incredible a chance and boy was I glad I did. I'm sure those who migrate to the Bold 9650 will enjoy it as I had planned to but unfortunately, Blackberry's OS will need to grow with the times. Blackberry Messenger and the very reliable e-mail push client will not be enough to keep those looking to get much more out of their smartphone experience. I know A LOT of former Blackberry users turned Droid users. I know a few other Blackberry users that unfortunately, the only reason they remain one is due to their current contract. :(

If playing with your phone as if it were some kind of pda/gameboy is what you do, the Droid is better. But the phone part of the Droid is crap. The audio quality of the calls is lousy. The only thing I have to complain about with the Tour is the trackball.

That's the "only" thing? That's like having a computer without a mouse and saying "this computer's perfect, my only problem with it is it doesn't have a mouse."

Stupid example. Even more stupid if you take into consideration the ease with which one can replace the mouse on a computer compared to the difficulty of correcting the flawed Tour's trackball. It's more like saying, "this girl is so hot, but the mole on her face is pretty heinous."

Um. Okay... So the first half of your argument is saying that having no trackball is worse than not having a computer mouse. I agree. The last part of your argument is like saying not having a trackball is purely a cosmetic issue? Logical?

That argument belongs in the trash. maybe you use it to rationalize your smartphone of choice, but its garbage. The incredible call quality is excellent. Glad you're happy with your Tour but please, give it up with the "anything other than blackberry is a toy" b.s.

Wasn't BB email down recently? They're doing a poll on Android Central and the majority of people are coming from BB OS to Android. Anyway, I can't believe how great the Incredible is too.

So exactly what can the Droid phones do that the Blackberry cannot? I'm talking real things, not apps that make farting noises.

Other than web browsing being 500,000 times better it does everything a BB does, just five to 20 times faster.

You're referring to a pool that was setup and managed on an Android website?! Wouldn't you think that would be pretty biased?

Similar to CrackBerry doing a pool seeking popularity between BlackBerry and Android phones.

Please consider your sources before referencing an online pool. On-line pools are not consider concrete statistical data.

It was a simple poll asking which OS you came to Android from. Straightforward question, not a popularity contest. And there's 8 choices, including :" This is my first smart phone" What would be the reason for lying? Do you actually think most Wouldn't be coming from BB? Just read all the negative posts on this THE BB fanboy site. LOL!

I think you have a BB Persecution Complex. With good reason I guess.

I didn't say the Tour was perfect, or that the trackball didn't work. I said whenever I complain about the Tour, I am complaining about the trackball. I complain about my friends who use Droids because the call quality is crap, they all sound like they are talking through a tunnel. That is never the case with those who have Blackberrys, Bold, Curve, Pearl, it doesn't matter, the call quality of the Blackberry is superior.

Well on my end, it's the reverse. People constantly complaining that my sound cuts in and out and that I sound muffled. That is without any cases or skins and holding the phone directly in front of my face. Not yelling of course. That is in my own house with 4/5 bars. Used my brother's Droid and the gf's Inc and call quality is not an issue. Droid sounded awesome. Inc sounded a little muffled also but my Storm seemed to just suck with the call quality. Even my mother's 3yr-old LG flip phone sounded better than my Storm! Wanted to try my Dad's Bold (AT&T) but he didn't get reception. This is in the middle of Orange County, CA.

So sorry, that "it doesn't matter, the call quality of the Blackberry is superior" line is complete sh*t.

I am happy it has finally been announced and look forward to hearing everyone findings. I have jumped on a few phones early in the past from RIM and will probably wait a bit before I go for this one. Although the track pad and all that memory are very tempting.

It seems unlikely as att never got the first tour. However this is a world phone and can be used on Att. I was using a storm on att until I switched.

Only the up front cost is cheaper, compared to the total cost over a two year contract, sprint is cheaper. The up front savings are appreciated though.

Sprint will buy your old bb. My bb gave me a 90$ credit, add on the 50 bucks they took off and the 9650 only cost me 60$ (after mail in rebate)

Comparing specs with 9700, it looks like the only real upgrade is the flash memory (which is a BIG deal - don't get me wrong!) --- but otherwise pretty much the same as the 9700.

In true RIM and VZW fashion, a very long wait for a trackpad and more memory. Absolutely crazy!!!

I live in North Carolina and in my town(population less than 40,000), I get 3G all the time with five bars. There's many areas in NC with 3G. They just haven't deployed to all areas yet.

Let's hope the device lives up to the hype. I'm going to wait for a bit to see if they release this one without all the issues I had with my Tour. Plus, I'm sure I have to wait out my damn contract for NE2. In dreamy world land they would allow for first day Tour buyers to get this device without the waiting period but seems doubtful that it will happen.

Ok, So I will be online buying this up tonight. The big question is.......Is it East Coast midnight or west coast midnight..? or are they gonna throw us all for a loop and make it Hawaii time....

The suspense is killing me......I am such a phone nerd.

Big Red released this! I get to upgrade in July so pretty soon, it's time to lay down the S1 and say hello to the Bold! SUPER EXCITED!!!

non-camera version available? Interesting, as I know some companies buying phones for their employees look for a non-camera phone. Didn't know Verizon would actually make that option available. (not for me though! lol )

It would seem this is obsolete considering you can disable this through an IT policy on the BES server (I believe this is available via the free Express version as well).

I've been watching all the phones come out, yet the9700 doesnt budge in price? So now I can have the best and baddest blackberry of them all, for less $ upfront and monthly? phhhhtttt....! buh-bye, AT&T

from the Storm2 to the BOLD--- stressed too much over the touch (it just isn't for me) I'm not knocking the Storm2, the screen is awesome, but not functional for my kind of work (writing/publishing) I'm too quick with the finger to be lagging behind on the touch screen.

but how much does it cost at full retail, and does the rebate apply? i keep telling myself i do not need this that my tour is fine, but it is calling to me.....

Does anyone know if this phone will come out of the box unlocked already like the sprint version?

Also will this phone support GMS 3G? like if i were to use it on ATT network 3G or T-Mobile?

Also will this phone be LTE compatible?

Congrats Verizon peeps. I am loving my Sprint Bold and you will love this phone too. The memory and battery are AMAZING on this phone. You will see and appreciate it as soon as you get it. Enjoy!

I am definitely going to pick up one of these red number keypads for my 9700 when they are available... been waiting awhile for this...

scratch that - looks like its wider from doing a search... damnit a 9700 and said goodbye to VZW who can't provide coverage where I need it. After many years of them promising a fix for the coverage problem I finally realized they were never going to do it and gave up....

I've been new-every-2 eligible since April... waiting for this. Currently on curve 8330 and always running out of memory, so the huge increase is great. So is the increased camera resolution (ok, not 8mpix, but this is a PHONE not a camera!), the trackpad, the newer OS (and promise of 6.0), the WiFi (important for me at home, where cell coverage in the house is not great), the apps-unlocked GPS (I think, if I'm reading this correctly)... Not sure I agree with those complaining that there are not enough NEW features. If there were a lot more I probably would wait several months until the bugs were worked out. But since this is based on some very solid technology, much of which is NOT so new, I will be ordering it at 12:01 AM!

Never thought of doing this before, but how do you switch your data to a 9650 purchased online? I see the Device Switch Wizard on the BB Desktop manager. Is it really that easy to switch all my data from a Curve 8330 to the new 9650? Uh, what about the telephone number itself?

I'm thinking of buying the 9650 online, obviously.

Yes its really that easy to transfer all your data. When the phone comes you call verizon and they will activate it with your number.

Do not go gentle into that good droid...LOL naaaa naaaa na na naaaa naaaa na na hey hey ... you get the drift...

A Bold on Verizon?! Yeah, I've been following this since it was announced right after the Tour was released. Getting it as my business phone and got my Moto Droid as my personal. Can't wait to get back on BBM, and I've never had a full QWERTY keyboard so that's got me excited (Pearl and Storm). The pain from separation was just a little too much.

As a Verizon Tour owner, all I can say is, "yawn".

More RAM for BBOS6? Okay. Wi-Fi? Also okay.

But this thing is basically an updated Tour - eleven months after the Tour - and doesn't provide any "wow" features.

Talked to a VZW rep earlier this evening, they are going to call me tomorrow around noon to place my order! We'll see but she sounded honest.

Update to some info: If you order online, the rebate is instant as usual, so no need to lay out the cash and wait for a debit card. (In my case I also had the $100 new-every-2 credit, so this was a steal at $49.95! I'll get more than that when I sell my 8330 curve with accessories on eBay!)
Can't wait! My old 64MB app space was so overloaded that it has been crashing lately.

Curious to see if verizon includes the BB leather case as I believe Sprint does?... their web site calls it a "swivel holster".

I had no choice but to get rid of the Tour 4 of them and the same issue the trackball. I ended up selling the 4th one didn't even activate it. I have the Curve 8530 for now and I like it. I miss though the flash camera and the Rev A
since the Curve is Rev 0 which is more like dial-up. It hasn't been that slow though. I love LOVE the track pad It is amazing. I like the Curve just fine and the OS on it is much MUCH better than the Tour's 5.0 So I don't feel too bad that I can't have the Bold right now. But I will as soon as I can upgrade.......I got the Curve on my internet line.

so exciting...yay i just got my tour 9630, pretty soon there will be a 9660 as soon as i buy the 9650!