Verizon Offers slotRadio+ microSD Cards Loaded with 1,000 Songs and 4GB of Storage

By Adam Zeis on 1 Feb 2010 10:17 am EST


Verizon seems to think that BlackBerry users are looking for a better way to get songs on their device. Transfering media to a microSD card for playback on your BlackBerry is far from difficult, but with slotRadio+ you can cut out all the hard steps. The $49.99 microSD card comes pre-loaded with 1,000 MP3s and boasts an additional 4GB of storage. The Billboard HITS and Billboard DECADES cards are loaded up with 8 preset "handcrafted playlists" and make it easy as can be for you to listen to music on your device. Just pop in the slotRadio+ card, fire up your media player and you're done. The catch seems to be that you can't play the songs in any order you want -- you have to use the preset playlists, and cannot shuffle or rearrange anything. Still, you'll have some cheap tunes and an extra 4GB of storage to do with what you please. Both cards are available from Verizon for $49.99, which seems like about $30 more than you need to spend on a 4GB card for your device. Regardless, if you're feeling lazy and want to pick up the HITS or DECADES card, head over to Verizon Wireless for more info.

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Verizon Offers slotRadio+ microSD Cards Loaded with 1,000 Songs and 4GB of Storage


How do I send a text? I had no trouble on Samsung Flip phone, but I can't figure out how to get the phone # into the phone!!!

Select Messages, then Press the BB (or menu) button and select Compose SMS Text. You can also select the Compose Icon after you select Messages, and then select SMS from the list. :)

$49 bucks for a pre-set list of what OTHER people think of as good music... oh, wait... it's not a list of GOOD music, it's a list of POPULAR music. blech...

perhaps Verizon is unaware of a FREE app called Slacker?

I couldn't agree with you more. I bet they don't have a playlist for me. Excuse me, Verizon, do you have any Dimmu Borgir on you?

i forgot to mention. you must not be very smart if you dont know how to go about your own microSD and putting music on it

proof yet again that vzw customers are idiots... i mean, if you can't load your own songs on a microSD, give up now!

I love that only an "idiot" like yourself could take something that a company is doing and turn that into some type of degrading comment towards people who use Verizon's service.

It does not interest me. I do not listen to music played on commercial radio stations, so I would not want a card filled with songs that somebody else likes and I do not. I have an extensive music library and have no trouble adding the songs I like to a microSD card. I also listen to Slacker radio.

We are not idiots just lazy.... Not that i would ever buy this since i have an 8gb micro SD card in the phone already. Plus dont use music i put on the phone. Just Pandora or other like apps.

I could see this being worthwhile to someone who listens to popular music. It comes to $0.049 per song - so if someone maybe doesn't have an extensive library or if they are not technologically inclined it could be a good thing.

I don't want or have a need for something like this - I have quite a few favorites on my SD card and I listen to Pandora - but I can see the concept.

what a waste of money...i can think of a million things better to spend 50 bucks on that a crappy 9.99 sd card with a buncha songs that i probably wouldnt like anyways...

when you can get a 16GB microSD for <$40 these days, this is truly a big honking waste of money... i've never seen something so ridiculous... what's next... vzw customers asking for their BB's to wipe their asses???

Why would you buy this when you can install the slacker app and essentially get the same functionality for free?

I would imagine that most people who have a BB are computer savvy enough to load their own music on a card. If you have to buy a preloaded card for your phone, what other great features of the phone are you not using?...

this card is offered for one type of person.

The person who can afford any gadget they want but cant buy the knowledge they need to use it to its potential.

Blackberrys, being a business status phone, will end up in a lot of these peoples hands.

If anyone wants to send me their SD card, I can put music on it for free....

Gotta like music thats in the Electronic, Trance, or House category though...

Either way, it will save you $50 over what crap Verizon wants to charge you!

It may be DRM laden, and it may not have music *you* particularly like, but it is *legit* music for $.05 per track, which is a lot less than you would pay on Itunes. If Slacker isn't your fancy, and you like the music the cards come with, this is a cost effective way to get *legal* music on your phone.

Is there any reason to post "but I don't like that kind of music!" or "but I would rather just pirate my music!" in this thread? Come on. Not helpful.

But I wouldn't use this. I download my own music on the micro SD. No need for this but for someone who wants music and not download.........then this would be great for him/her.
But to say someone is lazy isn't very nice now is it?