Verizon offers up BlackBerry Curve 3G online with $10 social messaging plan

Verizon Social Media Bundle
By Adam Zeis on 5 Oct 2011 11:20 am EDT

Verizon is offering up a pretty sweet online-only deal for social messaging junkies. You can pick up a brand new Blackberry Curve 3G (9330) on a 2-year contract for just $49.99 (after $50 instant rebate) bundled with their $10 social messaging plan. The discounted plan isn't an all out BlackBerry data plan and will net you only 75mb of data per month. It's not such a bad deal however if you keep an eye on your data use and stay away from heavy browsing and downloads. The Curve 3G is pre-installed with Facebook, BBM, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo!, Myspace and Twitter so you can get your social on right out of the box. This is a prefect deal for parents who aren't ready to spring for a full data plan for their kids. Check out full details at Verizon from the link below.

Verizons Social Media Messaging Data Pack with Curve 3G

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Verizon offers up BlackBerry Curve 3G online with $10 social messaging plan


I disagree on this being great for kids.

First, it is what it is just social media. It does not include email/web. Says so right on the verizon page: "*Email and web access (including web links within apps) not available."

However, since most kids (at least my 13 yo) communicate via SMS and most do not have smart phones, then I guess it could be ok.

Who knows....

How is this not great for kids? Maybe not younger kids, but teenagers? This is perfect. BlackBerry Curves are very popular with teenage girls and this makes it so much more affordable to parents than the 30 dollar option.

it works well in the overseas market. In Asian markets especially the blackberry data is broken down by levels. BBM only, BBM+email, BBM+email+browsing. It works well in that market and is one of the reasons why Blackberry sells so well abroad - efficient use of DATA - iPhone, not so much.

Companies would sell more phones in the US if they broke down the data plans in a similar fashion. But greed rules over here lol

First time I have seen a plan like this in the US. These type of plans are super popular in India, so we will see how it does.

This is what RIM needs. Hopefully they get some advertising behind this plan. Despite what numerous people think, the majority of smartphone owners do not use their devices for web browsing.

The majority still use them for texting and this is where RIM's data compression pays off. Usage plans like this one from Verizon is why they have seen such explosive growth in emerging markets. It's good to see US carriers start to offer the same plans for those consumers who only want to use Facebook and Twitter.

Pretty good deal for basic stuff - won't break the bank.

Most kids I see do nothing but text or BBM or whatever. Very little "web browsing".

I guess I can see how other people can appreciate this but for me it makes no sense. What's point of a blackberry if you can't email.

Blackberry = email, imo. But that's just me.

That's why I couldn't have an iphone for longer than 6 months. Email was practically impossible.

It looks like they are also using this promotion to dump off all of their old Curves. The promotion would have been even better if they used it to introduce the more powerful and slimmer Curve 9350.

No, because prior to this promotion a black 9330 didnt exist on Verizon. They ordered a whole new Berry for this promotion. I hope this plan proliferates to all Curve devices on Verizon and other US carriers because it fits the bill nicely for a lot of users.

It is about time someone in the US does this. The price point is right. What is included is pretty much spot on. Don't think it should be online only though. Should definitely be promoted in stores. It would be nice if it catches on with the other providers. What is interesting, though, is it is basically being sold as if it were a feature phone (but those can browse the web).

I'm thinking about picking this deal up so that I can have a Blackberry to use for BBM and keep my iPhone as my main device.

I hope this plan comes to the new rumored curve 9370 as well that would be a great selling point. Anyone heard that this is true?