Verizon offering support in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

By Michelle Haag on 3 Nov 2012 02:59 pm EDT

People on the east coast of the US are still struggling after Hurricane Sandy without electricity, gas, and other amenities most of us take for granted daily. To help ease the strain as much as they can, Verizon Wireless has stepped up and is offering anyone that needs it the chance to come in and charge their devices, make a phone call, or use a computer for free, whether they are a Verizon customer or not.

From an email sent out yesterday to Verizon customers:

To assist residents and emergency responders, we are deploying phones, computers, wireless devices, charging equipment, accessories and other resources to the hardest hit areas. We've also been working to ensure that customer support is available when and where you may need it. Here's how:

  • Residents in impacted areas are invited to come to any open Verizon Wireless store for support and free device charging. Use our store locator to find one nearby
  • Customer service centers are up and running at 800-922-0204
  • is available for 24 x 7 account support

In addition, Verizon Wireless is providing free device charging, domestic calls, and other services to the general public, regardless of whether they are our customers, at:

  • Staten Island, New York – 2945 Veterans Road West
  • Sea Girt, New Jersey – 1334 Laurel Avenue
  • Howell, New Jersey – 4813 US Highway 9

Finally, Verizon Wireless has deployed Mobile Wireless Emergency Communications Centers, which include computer workstations, wireless phones, tablets and other devices, at the following locations:

  • Staten Island, New York – NYPD, 489 Midland Avenue
  • Toms River, New Jersey – High School North, 1221 Old Freehold Road
  • Toms River, New Jersey – High School East, 1225 Raider Way

Verizon also noted "We realize that this message cannot reach everyone who needs assistance, and encourage you to share it if you are able to do so."

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Reader comments

Verizon offering support in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy


They should concentrate their efforts on getting their network back up. My 9930 has been useless since Monday night.

Lol obviously, and I'm sure that's their priority number one.. But this move doesn't slow that goal because it doesn't require much effort or "concentration" from Verizon, just getting the message out that their doors are open to all.

Great move imo, in a time when people are in need, and im sure will be much appreciated by those on the east coast.

There are plenty of places to charge my phone. I was out of power for days. What good is a charged Verizon phone if it won't make calls?

Very cool of them. NYC is great and needs help. One of my fav NYC radio stations on Norbex Radio on my Playbook is down, and hope they and NYC get back up real soon.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Thats strange im pretty much in the middle of all the worst hit places in NJ & my 9930 been working flawlessly