Verizon Offering Early Upgrades to Current Customers?

Verizon Early Upgrade
By Adam Zeis on 12 Nov 2009 01:04 pm EST

It looks like some of you original BlackBerry Storm owners that are looking to upgrade to a new Storm2 may be in luck. It seems that Verizon is sending out emails to some customers letting them know that they can upgrade early at no extra cost to a shiny new Storm2 to or a even a DROID (if you want to defect to the dark side). No major details on the promo or who exactly can upgrade, but good news regardless. The new device will be subject to a 2-year contract and come with a $100 mail-in rebate. Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

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Verizon Offering Early Upgrades to Current Customers?


hmm the decision to upgrade might end up being there, but 179.99 for a new storm or 199.99 for a droid is still a little high ... I can hold off on my storm for now :)

Sounds like a great deal. Same thing AT&T did. If you had the iphone 2g you could upgrade to the 3g for the discount price. Way to go verizon. Now just loose the $350 ETF.

From what I can tell, if you order online and you are eligible for the upgrade, you get the discounted price without the mail-in rebate.

I did it, got myself a Droid. The Storm2 *yawn* as far as I'm concerned, same old, same old.

You can also get the discounted price at Best Buy. They don't do mail in rebates on phones there, you get it straight out.

So, now I sell my old Storm on eBay and make up some of the difference.

The BlackBerry OS is getting stale and outdated. Sure it looks a bit more flashy than it used to but does it really do much more than OS 4.5? Is the 5.0 UI a vast improvement over 4.5? I haven't played around with 5.0 yet myself but from everything I have seen, it doesn't look a whole lot different. Can you completely customize your home screen, move items around wherever you want, etc? No. Can you navigate the BB OS as fluidly as on the Droid or Pre? No. The media player leaves something to be desired on any BB I've used and the browser is horrible. Hopefully RIM's acquisition of Torch Mobile improves the browser.

The Droid I think is going to be a game changer and a worthy competitor to the iPhone. IMO the Droid has a much better UI than the iPhone and any BlackBerry. I've used the iPhone and really, I didn't like it all that much. I've tried out the Pre and liked the UI of it much better than the iPhone. I've tried the Storm and it doesn't improve much over any other Blackberry. The Droid UI looks like it takes the cake though and I can't wait to try one out.

I was talking to a manager at the Verizon store last week and he mentioned that at the 1 year mark they are now letting people upgrade. This does of course extend your contract another 2 years from the date of the upgrade, but now you no longer have to wait until you are close to the 2 years.

I, too, have heard this from the mouths of a few VZW employees. Apparently, if your plan is high enough (the number I've heard is $59.99/mo), you can upgrade your equipment 12 months into a 24 month contract for 2 year pricing.

You can, but your new every 2 credit resets as well, you have to wait until 20 months into a 2 year contract to get the new every 2 credit.

With family plans only the primary line can upgrade every 12 months, but again, you won't get the new every 2 credit.

all the lines get new 2yr contract pricing annually it has been that way for the 6 years I have been with Verizon. They sent me a similar email for the whole second year of my contract on the primary line but advertising the storm 1 for 50 bucks and something else.

You must be lucky because I called twice and couldn't get a yearly upgrade. In purchasing a Storm on the family plan delivered Dec. 1st I am eligible to upgrade August 1, 2010. Unless I add a line and do a switch-a-ro on lines and phones.

I just call to upgrade. Got my Storm 1 in March. Verizon rep just call me back to say my new Storm2 will only cost $100.

Did you call a specific store or the main Verizon number? I purchased my Storm around the same time. Were you a new customer then or did you do an upgrade?

I call the 1-800 number listed on in the email. I'm not a new customer, upgraded to the Storm 1 on the NE2 on March 31. the Verizon rep said this was only being offered to a limited number of people.

phones are even cheaper. storm 1 for $.01. storm 2 for $149.99. the brand new tour 9630 for $49.99.

i would be tempted to buy storm 1 if i could get an internet only plan.

I stood in line overnight for the original Storm when it first came out. So far I have yet to get this offer. I really don't care though, as I'm content with my Storm.

I'd really love to have the Droid (haven't played with the Storm2 yet though), but at those prices it's not worth it to me.

Maybe a stupid question but is it for current storm owners or for anyone that bought a storm thru verizon but have since put another phone on that line? Would be nice.

Lets see if I buy the Droid I have to get a new charging stand base for the phone. If I get the Storm 2 I can , no wait I have to buy a new stand for it also as my Storm 1 stands won't work. Thanks RIM! So lets see, be a Beta Tester for Motorola or for RIM again. I think aftermarket support will be much better for the Droid, so the Droid it is!

How early are we talking here? You can already upgrade early if you do the "New Every Two" program. I can upgrade in Apr 2011 even though I started my contract in Aug 2009.

I just called VZW and the rep had no idea what I was talking about. Guess some of you are just lucky!

The Storm2 isn't much better than the first gen. Storm2 still has tons wrong with it. I think the best upgrade is the screen and 4 button contact. Forget upgrading at that price.

I got the flyer in the mail 2 days after a Verizon rep told me that I wouldn't be eligible until late December, and even then I'd have to pay a $20 upgrade fee! When I received the flyer, I went straight to Verizon to see if it was legit, and it was! The rep said, "I don't know why you're so special, but not everyone gets one of these." In any event, I now have my new Storm 2 (which I L-O-V-E!) and have sold my 2 week old newly replaced (for free) Storm! Life is good sometimes!

im so done with my storm. how can i sign up for the early upgrade to get a droid?? i will even give them this pos back for free!

I dont think this is worth it, i played with my buddy's storm2 and it's nice but it just isn't better than the first storm on 5.0 (by a large enough margin) to make it worth it to buy one. The ads i've seen for the storm 2 around my area (LA county) are just storm 1 adds reposted. It's a bummer that RIM lost its momentum with the storm 1 issues that they had to slide the storm 2 in with little advertising.

Completely agree. I commute from West Covina to Santa Monica and every sign that I see is the same Storm 1 advertisement. It even says Storm1 on the billboard. Also one is Pomona on the 57S @ Temple with the same Storm1 advertisement. Their marketing is trash.

The Droid does not have Blackberry Messenger. That feature kills all phones by far. Say what you want about the Storm family but they are awesome. I still have my original Storm from Nov 08 with 5.0 and I love it. I do want the storm 2 now since it has so much more memory. :o)

Blackberry Messenger is the ONLY reason why I have not left the blackberry family. I'm on my 9th blackberry (3rd tour) all gone back because of poor quality control/design.

me and my wife use bbm quite a bit (or at least try) and half the time it doesn't work. I got a message from her one day that she had sent TWO OR THREE days prior! On top of that she had sent others over those few days that I did recieve.

I don't know how many others have this issue, but to us bbm is very unreliable.

Here is snip since the link got cut off..

Starting next week, Verizon will double the early-termination fee for smartphones. That is, if you get a BlackBerry, Android or similar phone from Verizon, and you decide to switch phones before your two-year contract is up, you'll be socked with a $350 penalty (it used to be $175).

Wow, I don't feel any sympathy for you whatsoever. (Im kidding, Lol).

I'm in Canada with Rogers, and 175-350 sounds like a dream! For me it would be $400.00 for the Voice-Plan on early termination, with the addition of $100.00 for data. A whopping total of $500.00 early termination fee. There's no winning with Rogers, or getting away. But if your truley sick of their service, you will pay for piece of mind. Lol.

Just so everyone with the original Storm who may want to upgrade don't get their hopes up too high, this promotion is geared towards those VZ customers who do NOT currently have data plans on their existing line.

If you already have a BB or other PDA with a $29.99/month plan, this early upgrade promo does not apply to you.

That being stated, current Storm owners who WILL be able to upgrade early are those who purchased at the initial launch, under the standard policy of being able to upgrade early after 12 months (instead of 20 months) of their existing contract if:

(1) you are the primary line on a family share (or as a secondary line perform an alternate upgrade from an eligible upgrade from the primary line), or

(2) if you have a single line plan that has a base monthly of at least $59.99...

Also, if you are not categorized as a VIP customer, there is a $20 'early upgrade fee' associated with the early upgrade transaction.

Being that the original Storm initially went on sale about 1 week before Black Friday of 2008, anyone who purchased at launch and/or in December 08 will be able to upgrade soon if not next month, as long as they fall into the two categories I described above.

Hope this clears things up!

TBV (VZ Wireless Consultant)

I thought it was required for anyone that bought the Storm to have the 29.99/month plan to go along with whatever else they got. In that case, no one would be eligible to upgrade.

from the people that have already stated they received either the email or the mailer, your facts are incorrect. I've seen people that have only had their Storms for 6 - 9 months say they received, so the info on purchasing on initial launch is incorrect. I've also seen several that are on data plan....there is no way that this offer is not extended to all Storm owners before it's all over...doing so would cause more grief to Verizon than they're already getting....

That's not true... both my husband and I have the data plan ($35 monthly here) at Verizon and both of us got the upgrade notice in e-mail and text form.

We did get the Storms at a few weeks after the initial launch and have no early upgrade plan, we have 3 phones on the same plan.

Will be getting mine tomorrow. They even sent it overnight/next day. Went with the Storm 2 as I need it for the email. Tested one out and the keyboard was by far an improvement from the first generation Storm and with the increased memory I shouldn't have to worry about the memory leaks. I played with the Droid and while I liked it overall, I wasn't impressed with the physical keyboard. I actually liked the on screen keyboard better. Plus, I was surprised by the size. I'd like to go smaller rather than bigger. May replace my iPhone with the Bold 2 when that comes out.

then you will be waiting awhile. There is no way Verizon would release a CDMA version of the iphone. The LTE version will be it and you wont see LTE until mid to late next year and only in select cities


Thats bull. The in-store rep told me the same thing so i called CS. The main phone on a plan is eligible for an upgrade after 12 months with certain priced plan. call up customer service and complain... might get you a phone though it didn't work for me!


for clearing that up! *sigh* I got my first BB, a Curve 8330 with my dh in a BOGO late last Spring. I am hatin on all the new stuff. I feel like I've got the obsolete device and the apps will be for the newer devices (especially when iphone has all the apps). And now the Droid but then no more BBM...:(. I'm curious about this year upgrading; but, I also am watching to see if iphone will come to VZW. I wanted a Storm so bad but the touchscreen wasn't as fast for me as the physical keyboard.

I called VZW and told them that I had asked via email if they could make an exception (which is true) and had been going back and forth with them for a few days and now I see other customers have been granted an early upgrade. The rep told me he simply couldn't do this and I told him I understood that he had his restrictions and said I wanted to speak with a supervisor or someone who could. Two minutes on hold and he said I could get the 1 year price (I bought my Storm Jan 31 if I recall). I asked if I could do this in a store and he said it was up to them. I asked him to annotate the account and went to the store. They manager saw the note, okay'd it, and now I have a DROID for $269+$100 MIR.

This switch it gonna be a big one.

Side note, anyone know a program that lets you sync the calendar files from BB DTM to Google?

The droid doesn't do global my friends! And OS 5.0 IS TEN TIMES BETTER THAN 4.5 0R 4.6 OR 4.7! PLUS NEWS FLASH! Blackberry just announced Flash and Open GL,3d graphics support coming end of this year or beginning of 2010. So don't knock our phones either we like what we like u like what u like,God created us all individuals, it would be pretty boring if we all like the same thing. :)

It has WiFi. Combined with the power of a VOIP app such as Skype and bingo, that's global enough for me.

Good to see that I've been a Verizon customer for almost 10 years and didn't get this offer. Customer appreciation FAIL.

Looks like all the Storm owners got it... both my DH and I got the offer. Not only in e-mail but a text from Verizon as well.

Me and my wife switched over from alltel last feb. and both got the storm and neither of us has gotten an email and/or text about it.

Even if I was offered I doubt I'd upgrade. The reasons being are I'm still happy with my Storm1, I don't think the storm2 is that much of an improvement, and the Droid looks like a nice phone, but I'm not sure I wanna drop 200 bucks and have to learn a new UI.

+1 to the NOT! Danm VZW! Had the Storm since launch but because I'm not the primary on the line I'm screwed for another 20 mos! My only option is to add a line as my fiance is copin' the Droid for her early upgrade.

On a side note: CONGRATS to all those that DID qualify! Enjoy your new phones!!!! :D

Yep, that is what I have been waiting for. Being allowed to pay $179 plus tax to get another slug. No thanks.

Sorry Guys I got my Motorola Droid yesterday with an early upgrade. I had that miserable Generation 1 Storm. I went through all the problems and after my 4th storm, I talked Verizon into giving me a Tour. Loved my Tour, But the Droid just blew my mind. I'll miss my BlackBerry, But this decision I won't regret!!!

Sorry Guys I got my Motorola Droid yesterday with an early upgrade. I had that miserable Generation 1 Storm. I went through all the problems and after my 4th storm, I talked Verizon into giving me a Tour. Loved my Tour, But the Droid just blew my mind. I'll miss my BlackBerry, But this decision I won't regret!!!

So after seeing so many folks having good luck getting their Storm1 replaced with a Storm2, I decided to stop in the Verizon store on my way home from work. I was told that I could upgrade after 1 year (that'd be Feb 2010 for me) at 2-year pricing, but there was nothing they could do for me now. Thought I'd try my luck with a CSR on the phone, and, after she did some research, she came to the same conclusion as the guy in the store.

Did you all say anything specific on the phone to get them to offer you the discount? I've had my Storm1 almost exactly 9 months and it seems like folks who've had theirs for less time are eligible?

I just called Verizon and explained the offer I saw. They said this offer was not sent to me and I am not eligible for a new phone until summer 2010 at 18 months.

I asked who the offer was sent to and explained that I was not happy with my current phone. She put me on hold and came back said they were happy to say that they will offer me an early upgrade. Got the woman's direct line and said I'd call her to order my new phone tomorrow after I get a chance to test the new Storm and the Droid (probably going with the droid)

I never called to complain about my storm, and never had to have it replaced, but i've been frustrated with it since I got it back in early Dec 08

I tried calling back and the guy couldn't get me off the phone fast enough. He said I wasn't eligible for anything and that if "others were receiving a promotion, it was clearly meant for them". Why do customer service reps on the phone differ so much?

Other sites online say that the BOGO offer will end on 11/22/09 and then at that point all Storm1 owners would be able to upgrade to the Storm2. Not sure I believe it, but I can wait till then to see...

"On Wednesday, a second source for the rumor emerged, this one with a date attached. According to GigaOm's Colin Gibbs, Northeast Securities has issued a research note, based again on supply chain sources, that says Apple will launch a W-CDMA/CDMA2000-enabled iPhone through Verizon by the summer of 2010."

Is this foreal?! Becuase I have heard so many rumors that the Iphone was coming to Verizon. Has anyone else heard anything about this?!

don't bet on a Verizon CDMA iphone ever. When Verizon switches to LTE you might see the iphone. Select cities expected for Verizon LTE mid to late 2010

I'll wait for the next phone in the Droid series (preferably not made by Moto). I'm hoping it comes out by the end of the summer next year. I think I can hold till then. For now, I'm happy with my storm 1.

I upgraded my storm 1 to a storm 2 with no problems, I just needed to show them the email I got to prove eligibility. On an even better note, they Charged me 179.99, no mail in rebate!

Screw Verizon! An example of their CSR competency: I called Verizon to inquire as to why I wasn't going to receive the early upgrade. VZW CSR statement: "You're not eligible for the early upgrade because you don't have NE2." Newflash VZW employees, if I've been with the company 10 years, I think I know if I have NE2 or not. VZW employees, spare me "we don't care how long you've been with the company." You know what, just because you guys want to act like a bunch of phone nazi's, doesn't mean I'm going to quiver away. F you. I would bet 90% of VZW CSR have NO, zero, customer service experience when applying for the job. Aholes.

Are people that are getting these emails ONLY primary lines? If so, that explains why i'm not getting anything. I've had the storm1 since launch..

I got the Storm on the first day of release, Family Share 1400 minutes with 2 Storms and 5 total phones and I haven't received the offer yet. I'm not too pissed though, I'm still holding out for the iPhone on VZW so when I travel each week I can watch iTune movies I payed for and leave this 30GB IPOD at home. Patience Grasshopper.

I called VZW and they said they did not have this promo for me and would have to wait until April 2010 to upgrade. Hopefully someone will have better luck...

Im sorry to say but i love my storm and wont upgrade to the Storm 2 or Droid. However if the HTC HD2 comes to verizon i am sorry Blackberry i will jump ship and go with Windows Mobile. Have you guys seen how beautiful the screen looks and whats packing inside the be fella?

Does anyone have any idea if the users who purchased the Tour less than 3 months ago will have the same opportunity to pickup the Tour2 (or codename Essex) w/ WiFi and the new & improved trackpad once it is finally released. I know the Tour had its share of early trackball issues but nothing close to the rate of return & customer dissatisfaction which the Storm had. Nonetheless, I'm sure many Tour owners would be interested in getting the new & improved version if this same early upgrade were made available to them.

First off, I apologize if I'm repeating what someone else has posted already. I immediately called VZW when I saw this. They told me they selected subscribers based on history with the Storm 1. Unknown to me, I'd already taken advantage of this offer when the Tour came out. After multiple phone calls and my threat leave (after 5yrs of faithful service) they relented and let me have the Tour at the reduced price. I didn't expect to get the Storm 2, but if they'd have offered I would have upgraded to my 3rd BB in six months. And all those wondering, the Storm 2 is a huge improvement over the Storm 1. I typed about a 400 word email on a demo unit and I only had three corrections. On the Storm 1 I couldn't even type an SMS message without 10 corrections. The Storm 2 is a much better device, but I'm not willing to pay the $619.00 price tag.

I got the mailer from VZW. Sorry no way would I sign up to be a beta tester for their junk again. I will stick with my Storm 1 with the new 5.0 it seems to rum pretty good and now that I am on my 5th replacement there is no dust under this screen.....yet. Storm 2 really isnt a big enough improvement for me to get excited. The Droid is cool but that keyboard is too flat. I will wait to see if Verizon gets the new 4G iPhone in the summer.

I've had the same number since it was Bell Atlantic. Primary line/account holder. Got my S1 dec no such email/txt about early upgrade.

$179 isnt all that impressive either...i actually love my S1...clicks nicely...5.0 treats me well...but i want the S2...just bc that how I do it...

oh well...ill try again 12/5 once my year is up i guess...

i loved my S1 UNTIL i got a replacement TODAY. my S1 clicked so perfectly. it was the only one i had until mine crapped out. then i got this one, can't get the screen right and i'm hating the phone. since the S2 doesnt use a mechanical button, i'm all about paying 179 for it.

HAHAH i just called them because of this "ad" and they totally believed that i got the email. but said "yes, i see you DO qualify for this promotion" so i'm going to my verizon store to get the storm 2 tomorrow.

The Android is a ugly phone all tho it may it might run faster right now than the BB storm 2 but storm and other blackberry users be patient rim is working on new and exciting stuff for blackberry at the end of it all blackberry would be on top and take the victory!!!!

so im typng ths on my storm 1 and i tried visiting verizon store they had no clue ti ehat was talking bout the promo upgrade. tood me had to wait til july even thouhh many otjers have upgraded . so i figure take my chances calling instead same story check mal see upgrade early offer all abd bm storm 2 oway

Ok everyone I just got my early upgrade to S2! And I didnt even actually recieve the flyer. I called the number posted on the flyer from the beginning of this forum. I explained what it said and they really did not argue with me! They did an override and I was good to go. You dont even have to do the mail in rebate and they have some great offers going on for accessories. Ill have my Storm2 by monday via FedEx and I am psyched!

I also had a conversation with a rep on line and they confirmed it as well. If anyone wants to see that, let me know.

I have had my storm for about 11 months if that means anything.

I'd say for those of you who it hasnt worked, try a couple more times and be persuassive.

I just got off the phone with Verizon and I'm not sure if she knew what i was talking about but she told me "Yes you are able to upgrade early I'll put a note on your account!" So I'm assuming I'm good to go! :)

After reading all of this I decided to try my luck and see if I was eligable. I was not but sweet talked my way into getting an Eris. I just got the Curve for my first line in Aug '09 and the Tour in Sept '09 and they let me. I said why could my friends do this and I couldnt? They said cuz they had the Storm 1 and they got "special" upgrades since they knew the phone sucked. I said, any chance I could upgrade 1 of my lines. After waiting over 5mins, he came back and said yes but with no discount just new purchase price plus I got rebate(199-100 = 99+tax). I said OK, lets do this damn thing. Throughout the whole time I stayed cool with the guy, so if you going to try to do this, I recommend doing the same.

179.99 for the storm2 upgrade??? Wasn't it just a few days ago that Verizon was offering the Storm2 as a special with additional discounts bringing the price to only $99.00?!?!

With that, I could buy the Storm2 CHEAPER than their "Upgrade" price.

This is NOT a deal!

Hubby and I went in to upgrade his phone to a BBStorm2 a couple of weeks ago. My upgrade wasn't due until March. Verizon had (not sure if they still do) a buy one get one free promo and I was able to upgrade 4 months early! Now I have a BB Storm2 as well! :)

I love my storm 1 but I am thinking about trying out the Bold...wonder if they could squeeze me in on a ealry upgrade for that!

i love my Storm...but it's time to retire it....

my Droid is already in the mail...i expect to be programming it tomorrow morning. YAYZ!!!!!

I've been waiting to hear info about an early upgrade for these two phones. Is this real? If so, send me an email Verizon!

For over a year now most customers always qualifies for early upgrades to any phone of their choice this is nothing new, How it works is base from the date on your last upgrade and have to be on a calling plan of 49.99 or higher for least a year on a 2yr agreement, for example:

Joe last upgrade was on 11/01/08 he qualifies for regular upgrade on 7/01/10 but qualifies for a early up grade on 11/01/09 make sense??

and just to let you guys know if you are a "VIP" customer and qualify for an early upgrade you get additional $50 off instant credit on top of the mail in rebate on any device, but the trick it you have to let the Rep know of the VIP program, so you can actually get it for even cheaper, if your not a VIP customer then there is no additional off and may result in a early upgrade fee of $20 on top of promotion price.

oh and one more thing add a lines on family plans also qualifies for early up grades BUT only 6 months before the contract ends, no early upgrade fee but doesn't get any additional off aswell, and again its not something publicly offered but is also a current promotion

That's not an early upgrade, its an annual upgrade. This is listed on their website. This 'special deal' is an actual early upgrade, where they are letting you upgrade even if you haven't gone a full year yet.

I bought my Storm 1 in February 2009, and I got this offer as a snail-mailer.

So this isn't even an annual upgrade for me, it's well earlier than that.

Hold, you're saying that the upgrade price is $179.99 + $50 off if you're in the VIP club? So, I'd be paying $129.99 to upgrade to a Storm2?

Why would I do that? With the promo, it seems like I can extend my contract and upgrade to the Storm2 for $89.98 shipped. Am I wrong?

Just letting you be aware of Verizon Wireless Early Upgrade Promotions and how they work if you go through Verizon directly, I'm unaware of any other promos outside of Verizon so if you can get it cheaper else where then by all means do it

I received the promotional email from Verizon. I printed it out and it clearly said it was only an offer for my phone number. I'm the primary holder of our family plan and only got my Storm 1 at the beginning of March, so I have only had it 8 months and I was eligible.

Since my husband wasn't eligible for an upgrade yet, I got the new Storm 2 and we switched my Storm 1 over to his number. He'll still be eligible for his new phone in 6 more months.

When I brought the email to the store, they were unaware of it and kept referrring back to it for the offer information. So far, not a lot of difference to me except all the extra memory and wi-fi which I haven't figured out how to set up yet.

Ya, I am wondering if this offer is only for the main line of the plan? I am on my father's family plan and I purchased the Storm on the launch date, but we have not received an email about this...

Hey, I asked this same question. Good news, I got the email this morning and I am the secondary line on my mothers plan. Hopefully your email will come shortly!

Verizon's doing this to sucker customers into signing new two year contracts that will come with a nice $350 (double) early termination fee. That, and Verizon's probably worried that another provider will be releasing even better phones, and locking in its current customers is the way to keep them.

If you do it now, you won't have to worry about that termination fee increase. That does not go into effect until next week...

OK, so I bought my Storm1 on 12/11/08. I'm now on my 4th Storm1. Every one has been a POS. Screen clicks on 1 side, but not the other....random resets....locks up.....numerous battery pulls daily....."End" button fell off...etc. etc.. Verizon REFUSES to replace the phone with a new Storm or anything else new. I didn't get the e-mail about the early upgrade. I even specifically asked if I could just get an early upgrade and pay whatever the cost of a different phone would be. Their answer......Nope.
I've had it with Verizons customer service. It's more like customer torture! I really don't understand why they would not help me.....even being on my 4th Storm. UGGHHHHHH!!!!! my soapbox.

I have to figure out some more info on that. I've been trying to upgrade but i have to wait until like next year!

I had repeatedly called and asked if there would be consideration for those of us that suffered through the first gen Storm. I was repeatedly told no. (secondary line with no lines currently eligible for upgrade). Yesterday, after I saw this post, I called again and was told no. Today, I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was patient and explained my scenario (11 months with 9530) and two minutes later I was granted the ability to upgrade for $179. I have been a customer for 10+ years and I spend $200/month for a total of four lines. Exceptions are being made.

Now im reaa
lly thinking of getting my hands on the DROID. Got my storm in April guess i'm qualified. I know the droid is not a global phone but i'll still my S1 on the side. I just want something different. RIM needs to get it together. always dead last when it comes to everything. No FLASH etc. Maybea STORM 3 will be out by the time i'm ready for another phone. For now, it's DROID. I can always switch back and activate my storm 1.

Hey, just wanted to say that I went to the "Dark Side", and I like it. The Droid does so much the Storm 9530 did, that I got the Droid, sold my Storm and WOW. If you are questioning getting a Storm 2 or a Droid, I would suggest taking a close look at the Droid first. The Android 2.0 software is awesome, the phone is freakin fast! The google maps on the phone does an amazing navigation more paying for turn by turn directions with VZ Navigator. I was a Storm Lover, through and through, but I like the change!! If you get the Droid, I would suggest getting the Window Mount for it, it's one of the best phone holders ever, and when you put your phone in it, it automatically goes into Car Mode...very nice!

Just wanted to put my two cents in...I still have friends who love their Blacberrys, and I for one will always have a place in my heart for mine.

Check out the Droid or Eris!


I called Verizon this AM and spoke to a CSR. I told him I got the e-mail and he said he didn't sho it on my account but that yes, I could upgrade. I asked him to note my account so that I could go to the store and look at the two phones and he said he was noting it, along with the price.

Two hours later I got to the store and no note on the account... she called Verizon and they said I was not able to upgrade early, there is no such e-mail or flyer and that the rep earlier made a mistake.

I have had my Storm since February and when I called they knew of the promotion but the eligibility requirements were a secret....The rep said he just has to check and wait for the system to see if I am eligible for the promotion. So if your interested in upgrade you should call to see if you are eligible.

I just got the ad in the mail and called and got the Storm2 for 179.99! And I didn't even have to deal with the rebate, they automatically did it for me! Verizon ROCKS!!!!!

I really wanted to know if calling to order the phone would get an instant rebate. And at least it your experience it can.

See,I won a $200 vzw gift card, and i really didn't want to pay $80 out of pocket and wait for a rebate.

I had the Storm 1 and now the Storm 2. I also got the Droid kept it 15 hours and took it back. Don't see reason for all the hype about the Droid.It looks cheap and isn't and it is a brick it's so heavy. Not as responsive as Storm.

You are joking, right? So you're saying when you touch the Droid's screen, it takes LONGER than 2 1/2 seconds (Storm1) for something to happen? I don't think so.......rolls eyes....

Called the number and I'll be getting my 9550 shortly! So excited!

And no... I didn't receive the email/text/flier! ;-) Called and they didn't even question it! Great experience with VZW customer service. Should be for 9 years of being a loyal customer!

Happy Hunting...

I am eligible for an upgrade on 11/21/2009. My Storm1 is not reliable at all right now and I want to upgrade purely for a more reliable phone. I tried both calling and going to a store and was denied both times. The ironic thing is that I was told on the phone that if I asked back in August that I would be approved but since it is the month of my upgrade they could not change it. This is getting ridiculous. 8 days might not sound like much to you but for someone who uses their phone for business and the phone either won't let you answer a call or resets when it rings, these 8 days are feeling like an eternity.

I was on the phone talking to the rep about 2 phones i had ordered and sent back because they was too small in my hands and didn't like the touch screens. I asked them to cancel the new line i added and just upgrade the other line with the HTC Eris for daughter that wanted something so she can play games and such. I was telling the rep that i wanted to upgrade my phone but wouldn't be eligible until 4/2010. She looked at my account and told me i should be getting an email about the promotion to upgrade my storm for the storm 2 for the $179. if I had waited for the email i could take advantage of the instant $100 rebate but i just let her take my order. i'll get my phone monday and i just have to fill out the mail in rebate to get the $100 debit card.

Had Storm 1. Not interested in Storm 2 or Blackberries anymore. Note: Not a slam against Blackberries. :)

Going with the Droid.

After reading all 200 or so comments, I still don't understand the criteria for the early upgrades. My wife and I have had a pair of 9530's since launch day last November on a family plan. We've endured totally bad signals (0-1 bar, only rare 1EV, mostly 1v connections), and complained to VZW about our "dead zone", which has not improved. While this may not improve with a new device, it certainly gives us incentive to get off Verizon and try another carrier. Yet, we want to stay with VZW since we've been loyal customers since GTE was still GTE...back in 1999 or so. But, we've received no email, text, or snail-mail offers. WTH??? When I get home, I'll try calling a rep directly and see if I can upgrade to a 9550, and my wife MAYBE to a Droid. I want to stay with the BB for the good Outlook features; my wife dearly wants the Google stuff (navigation especially). The whole confusion of "primary line" is befuddling, too. We have 2 lines on 1 account (family plan), I pay for both phones, but because of the way the numbers are set up, my wife's name is on the "primary line" since she has the lower phone #. Could that be messing us up? Geez, we're a FAMILY - why should it matter which spouse has which number?? All of this sounds totally arbitrary.

hey guys... i've had alltel since may '08, which switched over to verizon afer the buyout. i had purchased a storm on craigslist on modified the cdma files to get it to work on the alltel network. i've had the phone only about 2 months now. but i figured i'd give it a try to get the new droid, so i called verizon on friday and told them i had heard that they are doing some kind of early upgrade special for storm users, got the friendliest customer service rep who made an exception for an early upgrade, he said i would have to buy one accessory with it though. I got a car charger, but he gave me a 20% discount on it and also waived the $20 upgrade charge. I'm getting my droid today and am so excited! So anyone who has a storm looking to upgrade to storm 2 or droid, i think it'd be worth giving it a try to call verizon.

Just realized now this is really not worth the new contract and $350 early termination fee. Storm 1 is doing well now with new OS upgrade. Only few changes compare to S2. My contract expires December 2010. By then, I'm hoping a storm 3 will be introduced. But $350 ETF and a new 2 year contract is not worth it for me. My plan this saturday was to go to the VZW store. Not going to happen. If it wasn't for the new 2 year contract, I would get it.

I called about this flyer, and spoke with someone at Verizon. She sent me an email of comparison between the Storm 2 and the Droid, but in the email it also lists the Tour 9630 as an option for early upgrade. I replied to ask what price that one is listed and am waiting for my reply.

Ok so yeah sorry I'm an idiot and don't know how this works. So I got the flyer on the mail for early upgrade and if I where to get the droid it would cost me 200$ right? Someone please clarify.

Users can actually upgrade to ANY Blackberry, Smartphone, or PDA that requires a data plan. Sale price includes an INSTANT rebate, not mail-in. However, your account must be at least 180 days old, and you can not have upgraded ANY line on your account in the last 180 days.

Most store reps seem less willing to honer this advertisement, and I advise calling the number that is listed on the flyer: 866-562-7899.

I too got this email from Verizon and saw it as a get out of jail free card since my contract wasn't up until Nov 2010, so I jumped at it. I think this was big red's apology to the original storm adopters who have been basically beta testing that POS phone for the past year. I hated my storm, and I've wanted to throw it against the wall daily due to it's unresponsiveness, memory leaks, bugs, and the fact that I felt everything took about twice as long as it should due to its overall clunkyness. Yes .328 was an improvement, but by that point it was too little too late. The storm was released 1 year too early; .328 should have been the FIRST official release, not the last. I considered the Storm 2 for about a quarter of a second, but then I came to my senses. It is basically the storm 1 with wifi and more ram, but all the bugs. Anyway I got the Droid for $199 + tax, didn't even have to deal with rebates or anything which made it all the better. I love the droid, it's fast, full featured, and just a well executed phone by Google/Motorola/Verizon. Yeah it's not perfect, but is miles ahead of the storm, and I'm interested to see how Google/Verizon go about updates for it. Looks like the first one is already scheduled for Dec 11.

I wish Rogers would show that kind of appreciation for their customers. I give that company a lot of money every month and although I have no complaints with regards to service, I would expect a call from them offering me a deal on a 9700 (since I bought a 9000) last year.

What is the worst that can happen... they lock me in for another 3 years (rather than the 1.5yrs or $300.00 buy out option I have left on contract).

Maybe it just doesn't make sense to them as it does to me (or Verizon in this case).

Any chance someone would post a copy of this email or send it to me? Called Verizon and "claimed" I got the email and they were ready to give it to me until I went to pay and they said I wasn't eligible. They said if I fax a copy of it to them, they would honor it. I figure I could doctor it up if needed. Wonder if there are some codes within the email to confirm on there side.

im hoping that i could possibly be sent a copy of this email because i have been absolutely dying to switch to the DROID, im done with berrys, im on my 11th REPLACEMENT. im so sick of them and just may consisder the storm 2 but im mostly all for the DROID and love everything i read and seen on the DROID. the phone just seems fantastic and im truly sick of my storm, i HATE this phone, i need to get rid of it bad.

so im begging, could i please have a copy of this email


I just called the 866-562-7899 number and I told them I got the email (I didn't of course)and told them I went into the store and they wouldn't let me upgrade so....the rep on the phone told me that you have to call the number since it's a deal through marketing. She also waived the mail in rebate so I got the Droid for $199. I've had the Storm since March.

so if i could, i should just say, "hi, i receied the flyer in a email and went to the store but they would not upgrade me and wouldnt give me time to pull up the email on my phone" and they will be like, "oh ok, well here we'll do it here, and just upgrade me, or will their be some kind of question or something?

will they see if i really received it or not?