Verizon now offering $60 single line plan with unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data

By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2014 05:53 pm EDT

If you happen to be looking for a new smartphone plan and don't need a lot of data and only have one line to worry about, Verizon has now dropped a new plan that might be of interest to you.

As part of a new promo, you can now get unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text messaging and 2GB of data for $60, you'll want to pay attention to the overage charges though that are set at a whopping $15/1 GB. Obviously not going to be an option for everyone but it's sure to fit some needs.

If you happen to have a smartphone with Verizon Edge, you will receive $10 off the monthly access on the single line plan. If you're looking for the full details, Verizon has kindly set up a FAQ section on their site to view.

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Verizon now offering $60 single line plan with unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data


And then there's the $40/mo "Connection Fee" right?

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If this post gets deleted, then you're gone as well Quicksilver. Ever thought about that? Who's the real loser here?

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I'd contact them and see if they will reduce it. I'm with Telus up in Canada and they have done that for me several times.

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He's not talking about the failed merger. He means the new CEO and his new plan to fix sprint.

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If you don't live in a city, and I don't nor do I want to, t mobile is useless. US cellular is a regional carrier and they get better coverage than t mobile. I only left us cellular because they screwed everyone's billing up. I'd go back now that they are straightened out but the don't carry bb10. Stuck with vzw if I want to keep my BlackBerry.

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Come to Aussie.

We have , uses Telstra network

$40 unlimited TXT + national calls, 2GB data, no lock-in contract:
-> easy to save some money and pay for your phone outright...

Same available on Dodo (5GB data!), Amaysim (4GB), Optus, ... running on Optus network...

Anyone heard of DAILY prepaid plans? Look here:

Use Optus $2days, only data limited to 1GB per day (4G net)... or no limits on the old 3G+ $2 days.... (can sign up anymore, but I got it and loooove unlimited data... slurp... )
-> never pay more than $60 per 30day month, or nothing at all if you don't use it on a day...

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We have such MVNO options too, but part of the problem is networks. Verizon--which has the best nationwide network--is a CDMA network and doesn't have as many MVNOs as the GSM carriers. And since they're CDMA, they pretty much control which devices can access their network--which pretty much means that you have to buy your phones through them (the obvious exception being the iPhone.) That's quite a big financial commitment, so people stay--that's my guess.

Lol why would anyone do this? Or go to Verizon or AT&T at all? T-Mobile, Metro PCS and all the other carriers offer unlimited 2G and 3G data, plus more 4G / LTE data on top of the unlimited talk and text, with NO overages or any of that non sense, all for LESS.

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TMO offers 1GB more for the same price of $60. And you also get the bundle of joy that is the TMO network.

True. If you're outside spitting distance of a major urban center, you may as well have no line at all; 'cause you're going nowhere fast with TMO. Great pricing...for a reason. Too bad ATT and Verizon are such greedy b*stards.

They're greedy, but then they do have a genuinely better product. Coverage is important. If anything, TMO should be able to drop it's prices even further than it has if Verizon is overpriced.

2GB on Verizon is the same cost as 3GB on TMo? Sounds like Verizon has the better deal.

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Are they greedy, or are you paying for what you get? In other words, do you think if TMO had a Verizon-like network it wouldn't be charging Verizon-like prices?

Well if "It is the same with extra 1GB of data", then the Verizon deal is seems cheaper.

A 1GB overage is $15, which means $40+$15 = $55. Much less than the Tmo's $60.

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Price isn't the only consideration. Where I go for business, the metro area only carriers don't cut it. I know that I might be paying a bit more, but I get coverage pretty much whenever I go and the quality of service is excellent. Besides they like me, they really like me!

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I get unlimited data on AT&T for about the same price as you get 5GB on T-Mobile, and I've gone over 5GB before, so... Plus, the coverage in my area for AT&T is much better than the coverage of T-Mobile... *shrugs*

I will stick to my unlimited talk and text Canada wide, 10 hrs if mobile TV and 6 gigs of data and a few more add ons fir $105.00

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I get unlimited Canada wide talk, unlimited text, call display and voice-mail with 5 GB data for 80$ tax incl.

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For single line plans, there is no connection/access fee, so the $60 is really $60.
My wife is currently paying $75 for this exact plan; I was about to switch carriers and do a family plan. But now it will probably be cheaper to each do this $60 plan.
I wonder if this means their "More/EDGE" plans will also be dropping price soon...because with this price drop 2 people sharing a plan is more expensive than 2 people doing this separately.

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Are you sure? I called and asked about switching one time, and the quote they gave me was a whole lot more than what was advertised, when I asked them why, they told me it was the connection fee that applied to all plans... Hm, wonder if I got someone who didn't know what he was talking about?

Maybe they didn't understand the single line plan and were just quoting a single line More/Edge plan - which is pricey for just 1 person.

My wife's bill is $75 and $80 with all the taxes/fees. Verizon bought Cincinnati Bell so I'll need a new carrier soon so I've been paying real close attention to everyone's prices. This $60 rate makes this more interesting...

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2 gig. Sounds like they basically are lowering the single line plan from 75 to 60. I'll have to look at her contract - maybe they are lowering the base fee & increasing the overage rates to compensate

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Ah ok, so what I need would probably be more than what I'm paying right now. Oh well. Verizon and my cable company has a deal where Verizon users can access all of the on-demand over-the-air while every one else will have to be through wi-fi. But it's not really worth it if I had to pay more... I've used more than 5GB in a month before, so I'm sure the plan with that much data would be quite a bit more...

my mistake lets rephrase that, if you want signal outside of leaving a cities boarders lol. price outside of wind would be 100 min.

I've got the 2GB plan in Canada for $56 from Koodo when their plans were competing with Fido two Christmases ago. You should start shopping around because $100 is a little expensive for a 2GB plan if that is the plan you're referring to.

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Well if they carry the Passport and Sprint decides not to I'm all in. 60 per month plus 75 per month to use a Passport works for me.

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Doesn't include $40 monthly line access fee I'm sure. Sounds more like 100 and tax. I have Verizon for me and my girlfriend. 2 lines, 3 gb for 145 after taxes.

Overage? No thanks. T-Mobile has no overage. I'd rather have my data throttled than be charged ridiculously for it.

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Not such a great deal. I pay $75 a month with 4 GB of data with unlimited talk and text with AT&T and their coverage is better.

I was grandfathered, but that plan was $110. I have a combination of grandfathered unlimited, corporate, and legacy accountholder discounts.

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I am not grandfathered and I only get that rate because a good friend of mine works in corporate and I have been with AT&T for 15 years. I also get that rate for my second line also. I honestly have no need for unlimited data because if I happen to go over the 4 GB which has never happened to me. My friend doesn't charge me for overages.

I pay £18 a month for unlimited calls, texts and Data. Along with 0845,0800 and any other 08 number all included what a Scam. Hahah :)

That's what I'm paying and I'm in Canada on rogers...

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I think they're trying to compete with T-Mobile's pricing, though this falls dramatically short in actually comparing for value. T-Mobile keeps gaining subscribers, they're about to pass Sprint. Maybe I'm wrong, don't think I am though, this is why competition is important.

OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's true though. $50 for unlimited single line, $160 for 20GB/4 lines. Compare that with $80/$180 on TMO.

T-Mobile already has a special promotional 4-line family plan with unlimited text and talk along with 10 GB of data total, and now it seems that the un-carrier network is launching an even larger family plan to accommodate groups of up to 6. The 6-line plan is similar to the 4-line plan and will cost $120 per month.
Like the 4-line plan, each of the 6 lines will come with unlimited talk and text along with 2.5 GB of data during the promotional period per line, for a total of 15 GB across all lines.
-Android Central

Right. That promotional plan is 10GB, or 2.5 per line for $100. The Sprint offer is rumored to be 20GB or 5 per line for $160. If you need 5GB per line, TMO at that tier is $180.

The new 6-line plan can actually be extended up to 10 lines, and it's pretty much $20 per line. That undercuts Sprint's Framily plans by $5 each for lines 7-10. The differences are greater for lines 1-6. The advantage of Framily is that each line owner can be made financially responsible for their individual line.

This is good for competition no doubt, but I'd be interested in hearing how John Legere plans to post profits with such constant undercutting, ETF reimbursements, and spectrum auctions--especially with no breakup fee this time.

I hope so, I need a big break on my 1 line with Sprint; it's killing me.

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Ripoff!!! Verizon is raising the white flag. You can get 5gb a month with unlimited text and calls for $50. It is about time these crooks surrender.

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Wouldn't prepaid be better than this? $45/mo for talk and text plus 500mb, then add 3gb data for $20. So for $65/mo unlimited talk/text and 3.5gb data. And if I setup auto bill pay, I'll get an additional 500mb of data each month. Which will bring it to 4gb/mo... and that's not including my gov discount.

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The prepaid is better. And with prepaid you can use mobile hotspot. With the $60 plan you cannot use the mobile hotspot feature.

Wait you can use the government discount for Verizon prepaid?

I didn't even think you could use it on this "single line" plan in their postpaid service.

Wait, so, my corporate discount (GE employee) is 20% but my government discount (State of CA Higher Education employee at UC) is 15%. So my corporate discount won't work for sure under any of these plans unless I do the "More Everything", which is just a ripoff. I was told this by a Verizon representativ recently. The rep also said neither the GE or UC discount works on the single line plan. Are you sure I can use the 15% on verizon prepaid?

I'm serious. I'm wondering about this. I'm willing to put an RRS on my line with AT&T to try out big red.

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I was told by the Verizon rep that my federal discount (22%voice/20%data) can be used for prepaid. And she even mentioned that her husband also had prepaid with verizon and was able to use his discount.

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Oh too bad I'm with the state. Maybe it's different. But meh, after I found out you don't get hotspot, what's the point of getting any of this?

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Also, if she's a verizon rep, her whole account would be like more than half off anyway right? I almost worked for big blue and that's what I was told. I think your rep is sketch AF.

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You get mobile hotspot with prepaid... And the rep I spoke to has a contract plan with Verizon, she said her husband (who doesn't work for Verizon) uses there prepaid. And that he gets a better deal than her even though she's a employees of them. You can call them for yourself and get the same pricing details she gave me. $65mo with auto pay will get you unlimited talk/text and 4gb of data, with mobile hotspot. And still get discounts.

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$83 a month. Unlimited data. 400 mins ( I'd be fine with 15 min) lol. And unlimited texts etc. Verizon. Grandfathered. And corp disc. Sticking till they throttle me. Lol

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This is a promotional plan and you have to look for it or call and ask for it. The mobile hotspot feature does not work with this plan. Neither does tethering.

I'm heading back to Spain next week, and I'll be glad to have their prices. I pay about $13 per month for 600GB and 20 minutes. I never make calls there, and 600GB is more than enough using a Q10 with Wi-Fi at home and in the office. No one texts there. Just BBM and WhatsApp.

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Am I missing here? I'm paying $70 a month unlimited talk, data and text plus 5gb of LTE on T-Mobile USA

Z-10'ing it on the T-mobile Network (USA)

I have this plan. There are no other line access fees. It's really $60. BUT there is a catch. The mobile hotspot feature is not available so you can not share your data. Tethering is not allowed either.

I have this same plan yet pay $95!! Do I have to wait until my contract is up to get this plan? This is BS.

I'm on the t-mobile $50 plan which has unlimited everything and if you go over they just slow down your data which hasn't happened to me ever since they stopped counting music streaming against your data use so I'm good. I wouldn't think of paying Verizon more so they can give me less.

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I am perfectly happy with my tracfone, and Z10 to make free calls via wifi. Maybe Blackberry should offer a paygo service that beats the competitors, and only works with their devices?

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This plan has been out for months, normal price was $75. If you want a low cost plan, I would recommend the "Loyalty Smartphone" plan. It has unlimited talk and text, 2 GB data, and the overage is $10/GB. It does come with a 1 year contract extension, but NOT an extension on upgrade date, so you can upgrade the phone, then switch to this plan without ill repercussions.

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I guess American plans aren't all that much cheaper than Canada. I've got Rogers $67 max plan. Unlimited everything

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This article touches on a sore point for me.

I share this because crackberry does seem to have the best interest for the blackberry community in mind.

I have a similar horrible plan with verizon. The giant glitch in their business plan is fast data XLTE but they charge you so much money it is clear that they don't want us to actually use it.

My old blackberry 9xxx has a setting that allows me to turn of the phone, yet still keep the home wireless network connected.

This protects me from the data charges.

I love my q10, but if I turn off the phone, I also lose wireless.

The huge problem is that when I think I am using wireless, it also periodically takes quite a few MB of data through verizon.

My old blackberry never did that... hmmm...

Aside from touch screen... OS10 let's me down.

Wait... OS10 is approved by hulu... but this data vs. wireless problem makes that bebefit void,

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Sound like there's a defect. None the less you could try airplane mode but turn on wifi.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Settings-Network and Connections- Mobile Network. There is a data services switch there you can turn off to avoid those wi-fi inturruptions.

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Does anyone even pay $10extra for BlackBerry Internet Service for Q10 devices.

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I pay $70.00 on T-Mobile for their truly unlimited everything plan + 3gigs of tethering and no contract. No coverage issues for me and been with them for 8 years.

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This is incredible how t-mobile can beat the other companies. I pay 120 for 4 lines and I have free international calls, unlimited international and national text, unlimited minutes, wifi calling and more.

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How can they be so damn expensive? I have been a Tmo subscriber for 6 years. Since the fall out with BB I looked at verizons plans and goodness. I guess thats the cost to have the best coverage.

2GB is limited data? I only have 500mb a fricken month cause I live in a country that doesn't give a damn about tech.

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Tmo. 3gb data,unlimited calling. Unlimited texting. no overage. Free data for audio streaming. Never come close to data limits. Includes hotspot and tethering. Free wifi calling. Free roaming in a whole bunch of countries. Under $70 each month. If you have their coverage, you would be nuts not to consider that.

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Carriers are getting so competitive any more and we have T-Mobile to thank for this. Hopefully prices keep dropping!

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I just was in verizon and they broke my heart on jot knowing anything about bb10.. I taught then a few things. They did have the q10 on display but nothing else, not much of a surprise. I did just switch to this new plan for myself and my wife tho. I was dumb enough to fall for the edge plan when she upgrades to the iPhone 5s and I got my q10. I flooded the q10 within 1 month and was able to get a Z30 for 100$ km insurance. But anyway out plan goes from around 200$ a month to 140$ with this new plan, which the salesman knew nothing about so I referenced my crackberry article and told him it was only a few days old. (power of the BlackBerry community) do thanks for the post

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I pay $70.00 per month with unlimited everything. $60.00 for 2GB of data rip off. Left AT&T for TMO and cut my bill in half.

My current plan is 400 minutes/1000 text messages and 2 GB of data, and I pay just over $80/month! I wonder if I can switch to this plan, or wait for my contract to be renewed.

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