Verizon Mobile Broandband Connect One Month Free Promo

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By Adam Zeis on 6 Aug 2009 09:47 am EDT

From what I understand this promo has been going on for a while, but I just came across it this morning. Verizon is offering one month free of their Mobile Broadband Connect serivce to customers until September 30th. This is a great chance to check out all of their tethering features if you've been on the fence about signing up for a full plan. I couldn't find any way to get in on it, but I suppose calling customer service will get you started. Just be sure you cancel before the end of the promo period or you'll end up getting rolled into a full plan.

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Verizon Mobile Broandband Connect One Month Free Promo


you actually get from the day you sign up for it til youre bill cycle date (given that day is not youre bill cycle date) and then a full bill cycle free you could potentially get 2 mths -1day for free

I used to have tethering service with Verizon Wireless with my blackberry, but then I got Tetherberry and I never looked back! You pay once for the program (which works great!) and don't have to pay a monthly service fee, which I prefer. I think the Tetherberry's connection is faster too...

I was told that once you sign up for the tetherberry that Verizon still charges you? can you confirm because i was going to get the product when it was 50% off.


hi all, just wanna clear things up a bit on this. yes you do get one month free till sep 30, meaning if you add it now you will get 30 days at no charge for tethering if you leave it on it will be $30 for bis or $15 for bes. it is just an option so you can add and remove all you want, you won't be stuck with it and the price stays the same. if you would like to add it just vist your verizon wireless store or call customer care, the software is in your box or can be downloaded at
hope that helps,

VZ's Mobile Broadband is pretty good. All you have to do is call up customer service and tell them you want to try tethering, and that you saw online that they're offering first month's free. Just make note of the date that you sign up, so 30 day's later, you call to deactivate. Usually the rep will say that theyre making a note for themself to notify you when to deactivate, but they never call.

I signed up for tethering a couple of weeks ago and didn't even realize that I had a month free until I got my bill. I signed up in the middle of my cycle so on my last bill, it wasn't there at all. On this bill, it says 1 month free. Looks like I got a month and two weeks.

I just called verizon and started the broadband connect and they were very quick and helpful I can't wait to try it out I'm hearing good things about it!!!

If you set up your connection either via bluetooth or vzaccess manager, the first time you connect it allows you to add the service with no need to call. If you remove the feature and want to add it back, you can do so the same way as well.

For those who do not want to call...

You can self-provision Verizon's tethering plans by initiating a dial up connection through your device. After starting a data connection (through VZ Access Manager software or you can configure yourself), a sign-up page should be presented. The tethering plan offered will depend on your device and current plan, but should be 15, 30, or 49.99 a month. I think they actually credit you for the first month after completing the first or second month. Apparently they've had issues in the past with customers signing up for the free promo and then cancelling before the first month was up.

It is common, although not constant, that VZW will offer the first month free on tethering. They do it all the time.

It's fabulous. You sign up for a monthly fee and can cancel, with proration and then sign up again when you need it when you travel. They like to do it and you can do it for either $15/month or $30/month depending on your plan. I have it for $30/month and have done it twice and cut it off. They charge a dollar a day. I love it.

You better check your bill to be sure you really get one month free. I added this last month with only 4 days left in my billing cycle and was charged for it this month. I called Verizon and finally got it straight after explaining I only got 4 days free instead of the 1 month and was given a credit back for this month.