Verizon may be about to close a loophole for its remaining unlimited data users

By John Callaham on 10 Aug 2014 09:00 am EDT

A new rumor claims Verizon Wireless is about to close a loophole that some of its grandfathered unlimited customers have used to continue to get that plan, even though Verizon stopped offering such a service for its new subscribers a few years ago., citing unnamed sources, claims that on August 24, Verizon will require that its current subscribers who upgrade or activate a new smartphone on a two year contract to keep their selected data package for the length of their contract. This is apparently an effort to end a loophole that had previously allowed customers who had a grandfathered unlimited plan to upgrade a line for a feature phone to a new and discounted smartphone. The report claims customers could then move that smartphone over to their grandfathered unlimited line, while still keeping the $9.99 per month feature phone line price tag.

Keep in mind that this loophole shutdown has not yet been confirmed by Verizon. The company's customers who still have that old unlimited line can keep it if they get a non-contract phone or if they pay full price for a new smartphone. What do you think of Verizon possibly shutting down this backdoor for its remaining unlimited data users?


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Verizon may be about to close a loophole for its remaining unlimited data users


Rumor? Its a fact. They did that to me over a year ago. They never gave me the option to keep my old plan. They said If I want a 4G plan I have to let go of my old plan. Its a bit cheaper overall, and I really don't use that much data anyway, so I didn't fuss. Most important, as comments go, I am FIRST! ? is not a comment.

Why are you admitting to being the first loser? Some people have issues Smh...

"Once You Go Black You Never Go Back"

Classic! Good first.

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I am too.. and you THINK it is unlimited but it isn't. I went a couple weeks where I forgot to turn wifi on my Q10. I got to the 3GB mark shortly right before my next billing cycle and got a nastygram email from AT&T that they were going to start throttling my data. Last I checked, unlimited meant unlimited.. especially considering I've been on this same $30 a month plan for the last 10+ years (nothing like raking in approx $4000 from me just in monthly data rates alone).

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Gotta read the fine print on unlimited. MTS here in Manitoba, Canada, is the only provider I know of that has unlimited data plans at all (and is only within the province now (since 4G HSPA and then LTE came along) ). The fine print is that at 10GB you throttled, which really isn't the end of the world, cuz they really only throttle in peak times of the day (if you research it). The unlimited plans don't include tethering, to help with this. You have to get a say 5Gb with tethering plan (which is about the same price anyways as the unlimited). You just gotta pick your priorities of your plan.

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Hope this doesn't happen. I did exactly what is described in the article in order to keep my unlimited data when I got my z10 about a year ago. The reality is that if it's not this it's going to be something else. One way or another they are going to get us off the unlimited data.


Man I did the same thing. I'm so disgusted with Verizon. They will stick it to you any chance they get. Want to keep my unlimited so bad. I have 2 lines and I have done all the bs they require to keep them.

Their not much better but will probably switch ti att so I can use unlocked phones

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Then pay full price for your phone. You found a loop whole so you can still keep your unlimited data & get a discount on the phone. That is unfair to everyone else who is paying full price to keep unlimited data. Imagine if you just payed full price for a device then 2 weeks later you read this article you would be mad at Verizon for allowing the loop whole. People will just find something to complain about. There is still UNLIMITED data just pay FULL PRICE for the device. I think this article was taken out of proportion.

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And don't worry I've been with at&t they will find ways to take your money to they are just as evil. They are all money hungry.

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Um did you even read my comment. I said I have done all the bs that verizon requires to keep it. That includes buying multiple phones at FULL retail price. On top of that I have multiple lines on my account and they stick it to you on every little charge.

Everyone just has something to complain about? It's idiots like you that just accept it and pay it. Verizon will start throttling everyone with unlimited data soon so what's the point of going through there bs to try and keep it.

Unlimited data is the only reason I stay with Verizon. I'm gone otherwise

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You will probably do so soon.

[whisper voice]
Come over into the GSM world, mate, where unlocked is king*, and no silly registering a phone with the provider. Pop in SIM, done.

(*btw Jesus is King for me, with caps letters :-) )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

These mobile companies are so money hungry. They should just charge a fair flat price for unlimited data because think of it, they are charging for AIR. Hellooo!

Well, that and the infrastructure put in place that constantly needs upgrading, support etc...

But yes I agree a flat rate for unlimited data would be nice even if it were a bit pricey

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Wow, Americans cell plans are cheap. We Canadians love paying high prices for everything.

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If you think US plans are cheap you must be getting totally ripped off in Canada. US is expensive for data compared to Europe.

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They have been doing this for a while, Just not officially. The only true way to keep it, buy a phone for full price. They will be closing that one soon too.

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It used to be voice call was expensive then when less voice call was made because almost everyone was sms crazy, they charged sms more. Then BBM and other chat came up, the phone companies changed to limited data. I am sure they are cooking something to feed the people soon.

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America service not cheap! They are expensive. A guy was charged $85K and yes that is $85,000. At one time by ATT and a woman $22K so much for USA being cheap. Vodafone in UK is over priced as compare to some countries in Europe

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People complaining about not having unlimited Internet on the phones when people in South Africa are surviving a Month with 100 - 250mb data because it's just simply too expensive to purchase more.

$3 - 100mb
$6 - 250mb
$10 - 500mb

Rant over :) continue as you were

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Don't go by the numbers. His point was affordability. $3 or $6 may look affordable to us Americans, but for some of them it may be the equivalent of $25-30/month to us.

I realize that other countries may have lower price points, but it is all relative to the income of their populations...

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My company just got rid of our ULT BlackBerry data plans a few months ago and I'm bummed about it. Although I couldn't use LTE service with my Z10 because of the provisioning on the plan, I still had ULT data on HSPA+ with which was fast enough for me. Even had ULT hot spotting or tethering.

Now I have an ULT voice nationwide and to the US, ULT text, picture/video messaging and 10 hours of BellTV on a corporate plan with just 2 GB of LTE provisioned data. Not a bad plan, just not a good one for data consumption. Lucky for me I don't pay the bill and I'm pretty much always on wifi.

Plans in Canada are astronomically high in price, considering the amount of data they are willing to offer within the plan, which is not much! Like really, what are you going to do with 500MB data plan for $20 on an already expensive voice plan of $60 per month.

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

My monthly bill (including taxes) is only $58.76 and that includes 6Gb data and a bunch of other stuff. I'm with Rogers/TBayTel.

Lucky, my wife got us on the "$2 dollar days" plan (on Optus Australia) about a year ago when unlimited still meant unlimited.

So it's $60 per month, unlimited national calls, TXT/MMS, and all-you-can eat data on HSDPA+, even tethering works. So my Z10 is mainly just sitting here powering a hotspot. If you don't use it for a day, you won't get charged. And pay-as-you-go, no 24 months lock-in nonsense.
Phone is BYO (bring your own), but even if you buy outright, you'd easily come out ahead after a while, standard contracts are $60 plus handset repayment fees, explain that!

You can still get the "$2 days" on Optus, but the new 4G one is apparently limited to 1GB per day. Still probably one of the best options around.

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I get why they would do this.. if you look at the economics of it, it makes sense. Say someone with an unlimited Verizon plan wants to do an early upgrade to the new Passport.. so they open a new line with a data plan to get the new Passport for a subsidized price (say $200), then immediately downgrade the plan and switch the Passport over to their main line. Assuming they only have to pay for the additional line of $10, they'll end spending $480 ($240 + $200) for a device that retails for at least $700. I'm not sure what carriers generally pay for devices, but they gotta be barely breaking even at the $480 (if not still losing some money).

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Don't forget, what we see for retail price is not the carrier's purchase price.

That 9/10$/month+taxes for ~24 months is the subsidized value of the hardware and a little profit for them.

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With verizon it's $40 a line, so even if you open a new line, you're still paying for the line. How is verizon losing out, they're just mad people are getting over on them. Data prices are ridiculous, 4G of data is like $70, that's insane

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Are you referring to an individual line? AT&T charges $9.99 for add-on lines.. and I'm sure Verizon is in the same ballpark.

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That is likely correct... however, isn't it a possibility to "downgrade" to a regular line for $10 a month? At least that seems to be the premise of the article..

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You guys are talking about 2 different calling plans. The unlimited data plans have a line access of 10 a month, and data plan is charged separately, as a feature, per line.

The 40 per smartphone is under the More Everything plan, as the line access, and all phones on the account share a data plan. Basic phones on ME plans cost 30 a line, as VZW wants to encourage you to use a smartphone.

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With the right agent you can switch the phone into a different plan and downgrade to a $20/month line. At least we do that for our corporate plan. Cheaper than paying for more data.

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Corporate accounts are entirely different than consumer. Corporate accounts, especially the larger ones work kinda like the physics in a Matrix movie.

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$9.99 for an additional line is for those old Family Talk plans, which were limited in minutes and had no data and text messaging included. They eventually offered an add-on for shared unlimited messaging on the Family Talk plans for an extra $30 but each line had to have their own data plan, which doesn't make sense if you have a basic phone on there too.

On the Mobile Share plans, with 10 GB for $100/month, AT&T and Verizon have the same roughly the same pricing. There is an "access fee" for each device sharing data. On AT&T: smartphones are $40/month on a 2-year but have a discount of $25 (i.e. $15/month) for 10 GB plans or more, otherwise only -$15 (i.e., $25/month), if you bite into their rip-off instalment plans, which will end up costing the same anyway. For basic phones on AT&T, it's $15/month on 10 GB plans or more, otherwise $20/month, regardless of contractual obligations. On Verizon: the 2-year contract and the 10 GB+ More Everything access fee pricing is the same for smartphones, but it's $30/month for plans with less than 10 GB of data. Basic phones are $30/month regardless of data bucket and contractual obligations.

Clearly, VZW wants to rip everyone off. It's actually cheaper to pay for a smartphone than a basic phone's access fee in certain situations. AT&T and VZW both want to rip everyone off by forcing them into Mobile Share/More Everything and those stupid Next/EDGE instalment plans.

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Can't wait to read Legere's tweets on this if they do it.

Z30STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

It would be hypocritical for him to comment. Remember, he tried to shut down corporate discounts, raised unlimited from $70 to $80, modified JUMP, didn't make UnRadio available to the $70 unlimited tier, etc.

Haha. Nothing personal--and I think you know this.

They're both businesses. TMO would love to be in Verizon's shoes, and if they were (with that large a customer base,) they wouldn't have the prices they do, nor policies like unlimited data. Legere himself reserved the right for the company to throttle (or was it kick out?) customers who go against "fair use" of the same Uncarrier 1.0 unveiling.

I had unlimited data,.butnsince my brother and I are in college we are on out parents plan. He used my upgrade for his phone taking away my unlimited data while keeping his.

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This, on top of the fact that they will not be carrying the BlackBerry Passport is quite disheartening.

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Not that I want a passport, but where dud you see that vzw won't be carrying it? I'd prefer that they keep carrying BlackBerry period.

Posted via CB10 she claims 'on good authority' that Verizon won't be carrying it. I shouldn't have stated it as fact, sorry.

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Yes. Please inform us where that info on verizon not picking up the passport came from. With what's going on in the media around it and the dying eco of ios and security issues on all other platforms. Verizon will probably go first!
My assumption of course!

 Swiped off my Z10 

XDrew42 I for one would be more than a bit disappointed with Verizon Wireless no longer carrying Blackberry. I believe they will probably continue the trend of not having devices in the stores but rather available online. I have wanted a Q10 for a while and I have an upgrade so for me with a renewal I could get it for free. I have decided I will buy my phones full price going forward though.

If/when the Classic gets released I will pick one up if it is on Verizon. I do not like AT&T as much and although Verizon can be more expensive I find that coverage in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast is more consistent.

Pay full price for new phone, never give up this grandfather plan!

Still have the sprint grandfather plan!

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That's why you buy an unlocked phone and switch to carriers like Cricket who run on AT&T for a fraction of the cost.

My opinion only, buy your phone out right and do business with whom you choose. Instead of letting these greedy carriers pillage you for the use of a cell phone.

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The reality though, is that most people, the average consumer, don't think like that. Most consumers think price at the time they buy the products. And lastly, most consumers don't just have $700 to plunk down for a device right then and there.

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Cricket, owned by AT&T, throttles your data to begin with, crippling your speeds to a quarter of what a regular AT&T customer would be getting with the same phone and specific coverage area. So, whereas here in LA you would get about 50 Mbps over LTE on AT&T at my mum's house (during the day, even faster at night too), you'll only be getting 8Mbps over LTE as a Cricket customer. Similarly, Cricket on LTE throttles to 128 Kbps after reaching 500 MB/2.5 GB/5 GB used, depending on your plan, whereas an AT&T customer on a grandfathered unlimited plan would only drop to 1 Mbps after having used 5 GB for the cycle, which is basically DSL speeds still.

If you are on HSPA+, whereas you would get around 12 Mbps at my mum's on AT&T, you'll only be getting 4 Mbps on Cricket. The throttling post-data tier on Cricket HSPA+ drops you to 128 Kbps too, which is the same as an AT&T customer on grandfathered unlimited who had used 3GB for the cycle. 128 Kbps is just around double what you would get on dial-up with a 56K modem V.90 connection.

But those are at optimal conditions. Obviously, my mum's house is in the suburbs with multiple towers around. Imagine how much less your data speeds will be after throttling when there are thunderstorms, you're not close to a tower and have the closest one over congested as you live in a highly urbanised neighbourhood with apartments, hotels, and businesses around. You're not a priority of the AT&T network. You have no contractual obligations or volume purchases to back your complaints.

Kind of makes one feel like a second class citizen doesn't it?

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I saw a news clip not too long ago that Congress had passed a law making it legal to unlock phones now. I found that interesting as I know many who have unlocked their phones and never had any legal trouble as a result.

Wow.. Then it's so cheap in here..

$4 for 2GB
$8.3 for 4.8GB

And people in here keep shouting it's expensive

National flag carrier charge

$6.3 for 1.5GB 3G + 500MB 3G/2G + 1GB 3G at Midnight

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It's about money...we're all paying for someone's yacht. It won't get any better, either.

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I dunno. I pay about $80-$90 a month through Telus, unlimited calls and texts with 2G of data, and it doesn't bother me a bit. And I am not loaded, by any means.

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I have two lines on Verizon Family Shared 4GB Data unlimited text and calls. Get a %15 work discount and still end up with a $150 a month bill no overages.

The good news is that if this does go into place, there are still backdoors to keep the plan. For example, right now it's possible to upgrade your unlimited data lines right now... you just have to delay activation. This means you can't activate in a store, as they are required to activate on the spot. However, shipped phones, eg buying thru Amazon, will add the contract on the line, but retain the unlimited data feature until the line is activated. to avoid this, activate the phone on a different line, leave it there for 24 hours, then move it to the unlimited data line. At this point, the equipment is considered CPE (customer Provided Equipment) and does not trigger the loss of the unlimited data feature.
This is how I have a contract on my unlimited data plan and it doesn't expire until 2016.

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I'm at 96 a month with telus for 3gigs and unlimited calling text in Canada. I had 6 gigs for that price but when I upgraded they changed my plan. They said it wasn't offered anymore. What sucked is I didn't find out until I made the switch.

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So this isn't stopping your unlimited plan, it's just slowing it down to mollasses speed (like my home wifi) after so many GBs of use. Yes?

They tried to do this to me and after I added it all up, it was better to buy outright. Consumers would have been smart to protest this years ago. Now, we're just the last of a dying breed. As for the claim that VZW isn't carrying the passport, that would make no sense. VZW and AT&T are a must for this phone.

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You're right I did get my Z30 for $99 and I signed a new contract. When I complained about losing my unlimited data they offered my 6GB's for the price of 2GB's. I did it all online and by phone as there wasn't a Z30 in any Verizon store in NorCal last January and I was told there was no way of keeping my unlimited data if I wanted and 4G phone.

I ordered the Z30 2 months ago for my son's line on my plan. Once it arrived, I added it to my plan and switched the phone to my unlimited phone line. So, my son now has my Z10 and I now have a Z30 on my unlimited data line. If they close that loophole, I guess I'll be buying my next one for full price.

Rocking a Z30 on Verizon

Wouldn't want consumers getting anything extra when companies could very well rape them instead. Wonderful world we live in.

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It sucks but I can't say I'm surprised. The house always wins.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Left VZW a year ago. They love digging their customers for almost everything. Went to TMUS for better prices and GSM. Of course, they have their own issues for BB users.

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It really must get to them that a few people are getting a better deal on their plan. Even tho it was them that came out with the unlimited plan

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I have a really cheap $54 6GB plan on Rogers. I will probably just buy a Z30 or Passport outright. Plan is worth more to me than a subsidized phone.

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I'm on wind, so I got nothing to worry about at all. I get throttled at 5GB and that's not bad at all. Couldn't care less, as long as it's unlimited but slowed down without any overage charges.

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I thought Verizon made a similar announcement a few weeks ago, talking about throttling unlimited data plans on particular users (probably BlackBerry users).

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

You are talking about "network optimization." Users that have 4.7GB or higher data usage in their previous cycle, are on an unlimited data plan, 4G phone, (the limit is lower for 3G phones), AND on a cell tower that is under high stress (lots of users/data usage), yes, you will be throttled while the tower is under high stress.

I'm not a fan of throttling at all, but I do understand the need for it. However, this is very different from other networks that just cap you at a predefined limit, regardless of the cell tower stress until the end of your bill cycle.

Posted from my phone no one cares about on a network no one cares about.

Honestly, I thought they closed that loophole over a year ago. A friend of mine tried to do that and they said no.

Those who want it may switch to sprint. At least until they decide that the customers base doesn't need the unlimited data.

haven't been using the backdoor so not a big deal too me, as long as i can keep unlimited data by paying full price for phone i'm fine.

Nothing wrong with that,I was in the Special Olympics in 1979 in Chattanooga,TN.I won several medals and ribbons in it too.mainly first and 2nd place.Donate some money to it if you can.

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That's how I got my z10 added a line then switched device to my unlimited plan they even gave me a discount off the line for a year lol... too bad it's going hopefully not before the passport :)

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LoL, that's how I got my Z10. I used my upgrade on other line and transferred it to the unlimited data line...damn you

I have to side with tHe.iR1sH here. While I do not find humor in his comment that is the great thing about living in what is for the time being a free country (U.S.A.). If I had to stop and consider what might be offensive to someone well the only true way to avoid this would be to never say a word. People have bled and gave their life to defend peoples right to free speech. Even perhaps offensive free speech. Just as they have bled and died for another persons right not to care who they offend.

I speak my mind and do so with no apologies. However, I am an adult and recognize that doing so may have consequences. I am capable of receiving criticism. Recognizing the Internet is multicultural and international let me pose a question to everyone with an opinion. What is it that scares people so much that they cannot allow someone to have an opinion that may not be "politically correct". I will assure all of you that you have offended many, many, people in your lifetime and the upside is your work here is not done.

Many, many things are more important in life than worrying about being offended.

Take Care!

Here we go again. Noticed the mods deleted the whole thread of comments along with the OP's "joke" that started this whole thing..and now you are back picketing for "free speech"...when it was never about free speech.. it was about having compassion for people..especially those that can't defend themselves. Seriously.. what is so hard to grasp about this? Has society gotten so self absorbed and cold that it is okay to make jokes at the expense of others in the name of "free speech" and "it is okay to offend others because it is my right"?

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1. you read something that was never written. There was no "joke" made. It was an analogy. Flawed and incomplete but an analogy nonetheless.

2. I never said it was humorous or a joke those are your words. I said it was silly. See below for the definition.

adjective: silly; comparative adjective: sillier; superlative adjective: silliest

having or showing a lack of common sense or judgment; absurd and foolish.
"another of his silly jokes"
synonyms: foolish, stupid, unintelligent, idiotic, brainless, mindless, witless, imbecilic, doltish

"Seriously.. what is so hard to grasp about this?"

Like I said last night, if it was so silly then why don't you head down to your next local Special Olympics event and ask people there what they think about the "analogy". I bet you they'll cry with laughter because it is so "silly".

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In reality, you are better off buying a phone outright anyway. If you compare what you pay on a two year contract versus a pre-paid plan, you'll see the pre-paid high up front cost actually saves a few hundred dollars over a two year course. Plus the prices of pre-paid are dropping so what you start out paying will go down or you'll get more for your money at the end.

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The paralympics in the UK is becoming as popular as the Olympics. Personally i dont bother with the Olympics i find it boring but the paralympics i definitely watch. And anyone who thinks it's funny to take the piss out of the disabled, go and have an accident and lose a limb so the rest of us can have a laugh!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

I made no secret to verizon that I will leave them when my contract is finished.

They have been mean and stingy to me and I resent their existence. I hope they go out of business.

There has got to be a better way than verizon.

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Nooo! I still got mine after several upgrades on other lines & switching the new phone to my unlimited line... I don't care how much data I use or don't use I jus like the security of not having to worry about how much data I use

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I had Storm II with unlimited data on VZW before upgrading to Z10. My unlimited data plan was ripped off
by VZW without ANY explanation and I was blindsided. Verizon sales staff and service in the Greater Boston area is operated by a bunch of lowbrow chumps! Can't wait to walk when my contract (ball and chain) expires!

cause you signed up for a new contract.... they dont offer unlimited data on new service (contracts)...hence you don't have unlimited anymore. not really their fault, its been announced everywhere for 2 years, but they could have at least warned you while you were signing up for a discounted phone since you didn't know.

i have had unlimited since the release of storm 1, had to buy the z10 and z30 out right to keep it.

Honestly FAWK verizon! I was with them for over 15 years as a single account holder who grandfathered the "UNLIMITED". As soon as my contract expired 1 year ago like the article mentions, in order to keep you unlimited line you have to BUY THE PHONE FOR FULL PRICE. They didnt budge and the Z10 at the time was $600 for the device to keep my line unlimited. Thats bs! Esp since I have been a customer for that long they did NOTHING to accommodate me. So yes there forcing everyone to get rid of there unlimited unless your rich and can afford $600+ per new device. Fawk that. Plus I took to consideration that Verizon cant even send a BBM if your using the cell, cant even use online featured app, nor browser...nothing while on the line with someone. BS! With AT&T you can and no issues. I found this enough of a feature to consider AT&T. And is very useful for busy people.

I jumped ship to AT&T never thought I would but never been happier. They allowed me to get the Z10 at a cheaper price. Sure I will pay for the device later but not $600 up front! So basically having verizon is bs for what you pay since you cannot multi-task using your 4G and talking on the cell simultaneously. verizon let me down and millions others.

Honestly FAWK verizon! I was with them for over 15 years as a single account holder who grandfathered the "UNLIMITED". As soon as my contract expired 1 year ago like the article mentions, in order to keep you unlimited line you have to our right BUY THE PHONE FOR FULL PRICE. They didnt budge and the Z10 at the time was $600 for the device to keep my line unlimited. Thats bs! Esp since I have been a customer for that long they did NOTHING to accommodate me. So yes there forcing everyone to get rid of there unlimited unless your rich and can afford $600+ per new device. Fawk that. Plus I took to consideration that Verizon cant even send a BBM if your online, cant even use online features , browser nothing while on the line with someone. BS!

I jumped ship to AT&T never thought I would but never been happier. They allowed me to get the Z10 at a cheaper price. Sure I will pay for the device later but not $600 up front! So basically having verizon is bs for what you pay since you cannot multi-task using your 4G and talking on the cell simultaneously. verizon let me down and millions others.