Verizon Launches VZ Navigator 5.0 with Updated Features

By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2010 11:36 am EST
VZ Navigator

Verizon has updated VZ Navigator to version 5.0 and included some cool new features. The app has long been the easiest navigation solution for Verizon customers, and with the latest update they hope to stay in the running and other GPS apps like TeleNav grow stronger. The update to 5.0 includes options to update your Facebook status from within the application, as well as the ability to send your location to dispatchers when using Verizon's roadside assitance. Load times have also been decreased as well as some minor updates to enchance the VZ Navigator experience.  Currently the update is available for only for the Curve 8530, while support for other devices will follow in the coming weeks. VZ Navigator is $9.99 a month or $2.99 for a day pass.

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Verizon Launches VZ Navigator 5.0 with Updated Features


Its available for the Tour, 9530, 9550, Palm Pre and Pix Plus, and WinMo devices too!! Also, for us Blackberry users, FINALLY has talk to text address search!!! Awesome app that I don't have to update my maps for and is on point!! Worth the $9.99 easy!

this is also available for the storm2. From Blackberry I went to browser>vzwhomepage bookmark>mediastore>vznavigator

Try LifeinPocket. It has nav with turn by turn spoken directions and it is FREE!! It has several other useful apps built into it and is about half the size of VZ Nav.

So THIS is why Verizon has still to push out OS5.0 to us Tour owners.......I knew there was something going on.....

The revised interface is slick, navigation and route recalc are now very fast. Easy to justify the $9.99/mo. While it doesn't have all of the useless features found on high end devices, like average speed, the enhancements are very welcome.

It does have average speed. VZ Navigator, while a little pricey, is a life saver when you are trying to find where to go. It's selling point for me is that it talks to you. You can't be looking at your phone while driving and trying to figure out where you are. $10 a month really is not a lot of money at all compared to all the other crap we spend on each month.

For what Verizon charges for their BlackBerry data plans this app should be included. It's a load of crap that BlackBerry users have to pay an additional $10 a month for this when Non Blackberry users with the premium plan get it included.

I just downloaded 5.1 for my Storm1. It should be included though. I think it is over priced and another reason i will soon have a Droid.

Can't seem to find the download for Storm - where is it? CB post says its only available for 8530.

It should be pointed out that Verizon does not allow a '1-Day Pass' for it's smartphones. This feature is only available on regular consumer phones.

I have the Tour and just downloaded the upgrade. I do wish it was included in the cost because I did have a Premium plan prior to the BB and it is included. It would be great to not be nickel and dimed to death by Verizon. But I like the carrier and guess to have it, have to pay extra.

VZ Navigation is the best. Always updated and while driving I prefer voice activation over reading. So much safer.

very nice update! It needed an update pretty bad! Nice Verizon got around to updating this GPS! I use this most everyday

It works on my storm 2. love it thanks.

all you have to do is go to verizon web sit and re-download the app vz nav.

I start VZ Navigator, Check for Updates, Click on Update, then click on "Click here to download vz navigator", but receive an error saying "the system is unable to process the request."


Worth the download on my Storm1. Nice UI, nice features.
Especially liked the gas prices and locations. This is sooooo much better than the original.

I'm in the process of downloading the update to my Storm. It looks to have some impressive new features. :)

How did you get around the error message? I tried going through vz navigator and then updating . I click on the link from the website and it gives me that error message. Any ideas?

I've been trying to upgrade for 2 days now and kept getting the same message; (unable to process your request at this time, try again later). I found and followed g-money713 instructions and it worked for me. Good Luck

Go to:
vzwhomepage (mine just said "homepage")
Get Apps

it is not worth $9.99 a month! That's $120 a year...or $1,200 over 10 years. If people stop paying these outrageous fees, and start using more cost-effective alternatives, they might actually have some money for their retirement. Fee creep is eating away at the average person's wealth and they don't even realize it.

Love the update!! I agree with most that the fee should be included with the data package but hey thats business. Plus if you have a BB or any smartphone you can afford the $10 for the service.

Update, downloaded v today from Verizon to my Storm 9550! If your a Verizon Navigator user, you may want to check to see if your device has been added to this new release.

Great update. Verizon does not do anything for free except MyVerizon which is there to pay your bill. The update is much needed and a whole lot better than the previous version.

I don't know about the rest of you out there but while Life in Pocket looks cool and I was quite hopeful, I was testing it driving around my apartment complex and surrounding neighborhood and it was not exactly on target most of the time. I was very disappointed with it. I did close to a 3000 mile round trip using VZ Navigator the entire time and it was right on the money for the entire trip. I was really impressed. I was worried when I sometimes went thru small streches where data coverage was spotty or for very brief moments, not there at all and VZ Nav. did not miss a beat.

I did think it was being pushed to my device but I haven't seen it yet and everytime I click on check for updates it says that it is up to date but it's not. I'll figure it out!!!

After reading posts above I hoped Life in Pocket would fit the bill. It doesn't. I tested it around town today and it doesn't nav correctly. It can't resolve what road I'm on and had incrrect turn instructions. Too bad, can't beat the price.

So I wait for a free app that works (Nav4All was Junk4All), Google Nav (which will probably never happen), or just break down and pay for Garmin, TeleNav, or Vz Nav.

Google Maps on my phone. Garmin in my car. Being an old guy, (45), looking at the little screen on my phone whilst driving is just dumb. However, having google maps is a nice backup. There have been a few occasions where the Garmin was totally lost and I had to resort to Google Maps, for free.

The updated version of VZ Navigator does not work well on the Blackberry Tour. I confirmed today with Verizon that the "favorites" feature of VZ Navigator does not work with the upgrade. Verizon claimed not to be aware of this issue until today; but they immediately loaded a Tour with the update and saw that you could not add any "favorites". Some upgrade!

I am a professional driver and in my lowly opinion, Garmin is not all it is cracked up to be. Verizon Navigator has saved me more than once from poor performance of the Garmin product. I have tried Life In Pocket twice and it is not even worth considering at this point in their development. Google maps or BB maps are fine, but they are just tiny maps. For now I will stick to Verizon Navigator and the tool I grew up on...a real map.