Verizon launches 'Share Everything' shared data plans

Verizon Wireless
By Adam Zeis on 12 Jun 2012 08:50 am EDT

Verizon today has announced their often rumored shared data plans, dubbed Share Everything. The plans include voice minutes, unlimited text and a data allowance for up to 10 devices. The plans start $50 for 1GB and will run you another $10 for each additional 1GB. This is something many Verizon users may jump on, although it is kind of a drag that both voice and text minutes are automatically bundled in the package as well. The plans are set to go live on June 28th. Keep reading for the full press release.


Share Data with up to 10 Verizon Wireless Devices; Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages and Mobile Hotspot Included in All Smartphone Plans

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. - Verizon Wireless today announced Share Everything Plans that will forever change the way customers purchase wireless services. Share Everything Plans include unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text, video and picture messaging and a single data allowance for up to 10 Verizon Wireless devices. In addition, the Mobile Hotspot service on all the devices is included in the Share Everything Plans at no additional charge. The groundbreaking Share Everything Plans debut on June 28 and will be available to new, as well as existing, customers who may wish to move to the new plans.

"Customers asked, and today Verizon Wireless delivered an industry first," said Tami Erwin, vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless. "Share Everything Plans are the new standard for wireless service. They are simple; customers no longer have to think about their voice and message plans, because both are unlimited. Share Everything Plans are convenient; customers purchase one data plan and they share it with up to 10 mobile devices. And, they are worry-free; customers can connect their 3G or 4G devices wherever and whenever they want on America's most reliable network."

How Share Everything Plans Work

To get started on a Share Everything Plan, customers first select the devices they want on their accounts. The next step is to choose a plan that includes unlimited minutes, unlimited messages and a shared data allowance that begins at 1 GB for $50. Customers adding a tablet on their Share Everything Plans can do so for an additional $10, with no long-term contract requirement. The following matrix shows pricing for an account with several different devices, such as a smartphone, a tablet and a basic phone, billed to the same individual.

"When developing these plans, we first asked customers what they wanted in a wireless service plan. We also looked at the technology and how customers were using it to manage their lives. And last, we took into consideration the evolution of the technology and how customers would use wireless in the future," Erwin added. "Share Everything Plans are the outcome of that research. They cover every device Verizon Wireless offers, from basic phones to smartphones, from tablets to Jetpacks and more. Share Everything Plans represent a tremendous shift in how customers think about wireless service."

Switch to a Share Everything Plan

Customers are free to keep their existing plans, but there is no fee or contract extension to move to the new Share Everything Plans. To help customers determine the best Share Everything Plan option, Verizon Wireless has created an easy to use online tool at

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Verizon launches 'Share Everything' shared data plans


This is powerful stuff. One great advantage of the Playbook today is that Bridge allows us to enjoy the internet via our phones BT for free. The additional 30-50-70 bucks for the tablet plan has been too expensive.
This will change one significant advantage for the tablet. Sure the BB will still be more secure as it travels through RIM servers but consumers have shown not to care about this.

It now will make sense if BlackBerry adds a 4G tablet. They took care of us with Bridge (and this is still valid today and with other carriers) but now a 4G tablet with faster connectivity would make sense.

I think the shared plans are a good idea for consumers and Verizon was the only carrier that did not install CarrierIQ. The only reason I'm at ATT is because of cost so I may be moving to Verizon if this plan is as good as they say and ATT does not respond.

If ATT does come up with a matching plan, then it will come down to which one offers a 4G tablet from BlackBerry or other BB products. ATT has the Bold, Torch 9810 and Curve 9360 so I may stay put anyway.

Anyway, I think this is good for all of us mobile consumers. Whether BlackBerry or not.

Just as I suspected . . Been waiting for this and now that its here the pricing is outrageous. The prices mentioned here are ok but there is an additional device fee of 40 per smartphone and 30 for each dumbphone . . For a family with 5 phones this is way more than what we pay now. But I'm sure it will be better for some . . Caveat emptor .

hmmm. The 40 per smart phone is interesting. Is that all inclusive? ATT charges 9.00 per phone but then you pay for the 30 bucks more for data so it is 39.00 then you still have to add texting.

The Verizon plan seems a bit better on unit cost but unless I'm missing something the big advantage is how you don't have to pay to connect to multiple devices. Tethering is dead. At ATT we would have to pay an extra 10 bucks.

Currently, it seems that if you have five devices on a family plan you had an advantage with ATT. Now it seems Verizon has the advantage across the board with two or more devices.

If this 40 bucks is all inclusive it seems better. Maybe I'm missing something...

We pay 120 for 5 phones on a family plan . . If 3 are smartphones thats 90 for data for a total of 210. . . . With the new plan the 3 smartphones are 120 (at 40 per) and the 2 basic phones are 60 (at 30 per) plus 60 for the 2gb data equals 240 . . And to top it off in the original plan which costs 210 each smartphone has its own 2gb data whereas the 240 has the 3 sharing a 2gb plan. Unless I'm missing something thats how it plays out for a family.

You are excluding the added benefits of unlimited talking/texting and mobile hotspot. Not sure if that matters to you., but it seems like that is the angle VZW is going for. I am willing to bet your 120 for 5 lines does not include texting or has only a couple very small text plans.

no sorry that includes unlimited texting; but only 450 talk minutes which we never come close to using anyway.

Maybe I'm reading it wrong as well - but I have 4 lines, each with $30 data plans. So that's 8GB's for $120 bucks now - but I can jump to 10GB's and go down to $100 bucks. So get an extra 2GB's and save $20 bucks. Sounds okay for me.

Not really. I already did the math, and I'd be spending a lot more with a plan like that. I have 4 smartphones and 1 dumbassphone.

What you're forgetting to add is the fact that now each line will cost you a lot more. $40 and $30 respectively, rather than $10 per line. So...

4 smartphones x $40 = $160
1 dumbphone x $30 = $30
10GB of data = $100

Grand total WITHOUT taxes and bullshit fees = $290

I'll pass all day long. I'm spending about $240 with taxes and all included as it is right now, and the only difference is that I don't have unlimited minutes, but I don't even need them because we never ever run out or come close to using them all. I have unlimited texting for the entire plan, and 4 lines with data plans of 2gb and better. So no, this new plan isn't really aimed at saving people money for the most part. There might be some scenarios where you could possibly see the benefits, but that's probably for people who completely max out their plan right now. Most people don't.

Yup . . Finally someone who agrees with me . . Ridiculous, but consistent with their recently stated goals of squeezing more money out of us. Sad thing is in a few years they will drop our current plans and make everyone get on this plan so we have no alternative :(

I agree - most people won't save, but you are forgetting that everyone must pay a monthly access fee for the account. This can be from $70 (plus $10 per additional line) - to much more based on the minutes. These fees will not be charged in the new plan. Instead, you are just charged $40 per smartphone and then data is grouped together. I could see savings if you were on a higher minutes plan and you have many phones but no one is using "a lot" of data.

Umm . . No . . The access fees were included in my calculation, thats what the 120 was for (90 for first two phones in a family plan plus 10 each for the other 3 phones equals 120 . . Under the new plan its 40 or 30 for each phone which in my case is 180 (3@40 & 2@30)

Ooo.. and there's the sucker punch for unlimited data:

"You're not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone."

This is terrible. I know Unlimited plans are going to be gone soon, but right now I pay $30 for unlimited on my phone and my wife pays $30 for her phone. That is $60 for unlimited data. Now, let's say we don't have unlimited, I thinks its $30 for 2gb of data (AT&T is $25 for 2gb I know). That would mean we were paying $60 ($50 on AT&T) for 2gbs of data, now we pay as much for half the data.....

And, it seems that if you add in another phone, you have to pay another $40? I'm not seeing how this is good in any way.

Ill look more closely at the pricing, because I may be seeing this wrong.

You're looking at it just fine. This isn't saving anybody money. Verizon just found another way to charge more by making people think they're saving by pooling their packages. They just increased the price of pretty much everything, and said you can now share our more expensive plans... sigh.

I think Text messaging is minimal, maybe $5 each line. Voice is a tricky one for me as I am on a family plan and my wife has a teacher discount of about 19% I think. But, that only takes off from the voice part of this.

That's brings me to another huge question. How do discounts work on this plan? The teacher discount only gives you a discount on the voice part of the line, but this is all bundled togther from what I understand.

Discounts come off the "shared" portion, that is the part where you pick how much data you want to share. They don't come off the $30 a line / $40 a line for smartphone bit.

See my response above for my current situation. It'd cost me at least $80 more to jump to this new plan from my current one.

I think you are missing the fact that you wouldn't have to pay the base line rate any more. The $80 bucks plus $10 per additional line is not part of this plan.

The more I look at this, the more I think it may actually save me money.

I am currently paying $174.44 per month plus taxes and fees. I assume the taxes and fees will stay the same so I won't talk about them in this post again.

I used the VZW tool and found that if I want to do the combined plan I will get unlimited voice and text plus 2gb of data for $150 (I think it's actually $160, but the site is messing the price up). That's a $14 savings, and that isn't factoring any educator discount on the shared plan, but it is on the original $174 plan. So I would assume my savings would be even more than $14.

The problem is that I would lose my unlimited data plan on both of my phones, but I heard that even the grandfathered plans will be going away this summer anyways.

I only used 1.5gb of data on the combined plans anyways, so I'm not sure if I need to be paying $15+ extra a month for something I will eventually lose anyways and I'm not even taking advantage of it currently.

Doesnt sound like it saves money i may be wrong.
But now big red has it. Lets see how long att takes to follow the me too suit. Wish they would of done it first

as a att employee let me say its already been talked about in internal communications so it won't be long at all

We have 5 phones.. my Torch 9850, 2 iPhones, 1 Droid, and 1 dumbphone all with unilimited everything. Though we do share a pool of 1500 calling minutes to landlines. Total cost including taxes, etc with Sprint is $200 per month. Verizon can suck it.

well I'm not sure how this is going to work out. It may be good for some and not so good for others. I'm on att myself and this article does not give me enough info to make a decision at this point. What I got now is my wife blackberry $39 month plus unlimited data for $35, plus my blackberry $9.99 month plus $35 for unlimited data and my daughters android phone $9.99 plus $20 for 200mb data. Depending on how verizon handles the additional lines will make or break the deal as far as I can tell. So everyone be sure to read the fine print closely before jumping into anything

Ok, I'm trying to understand this!!!!! I have a question?? I have the 1400 voice minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited Data, 2 Iphones(soon i will upgrade to a BB bold 9930) , and 1 dumphone. with taxes and everything is like $200.** I'm not planning to buy any 4G phone yet. and I don't think this is going to help verizon costumers.

From what I see, there have eliminate the base fee and additional line fees. For example, you don't have to pay $70 for the 700 minute shared minute plan plus 9.99 per phone any more. You would have to pay just the per phone rate of $40 per phone. So if you have two phones you pay $80, plus $50 for data (plus $10 for each additional GB you would like). The current base plan for shared minutes isn't far off. $70 bucks for 700 minutes, $10 for the second phone, and $30 per phone for the data. You save $10 but you also get less data under the new plan. But you get unlimited calling (which is useless IMO), unlimited texts (which is kind of useless since i use whatsapp and BBM), and the hotspot for free (not very useful though if you only have 1GB to use per month).

This really only seems to make sense if you have many phones and your pooled data usage isn't that high.

When I looked at going from a 3G to a 4G Mobile WIFI a few months ago, a Verizon rep told me that 4G will only download movies in HD format. I was interested in faster speed and no buffering, but 4G would have doubled the data download and cost a lot more so I thought I'd wait for the 4G BB10 on my unlimited data plan. Now to get unlimited data with 4G for my husand and me, we'll have to pay full price for our next phones. I'll have to do the math when the time comes, but this looks like it will break the budget. People will appreciate their home wifi even more.

sounds like the $50 will cover 1 phone for voice, text and up to 10 devices for data up to a 1GB limit. Now how much is each additional phone line for other family members. have to wait for the full roll out and compare apples to apples. Another thing to consider for anybody that may be on att and considering a switch is that what about the ones of us that are holding out for the new BB10 phone or any phone as far as that matters. If we jump on this as soon as it comes out and sign a 2 year contract and us att people are going to have to have new phones cause our gsm will not work on verizons cdma. Just food for thought

What's the point of paying $50.00 for 1gb? When for 60 u can have 6gb on individual or familu plan. That's basically paying $25.00 for 500mb if u have only two lines.

Exactly. The bottom pricing is dumb. The higher you go the more it makes sense, but then the $40 per smartphone rate comes in and you get screwed there.

Bottom pricing can save money. For my wife (I'm on company plan) I pay $40 for 450 minutes, plus (I think) $5 for 250 texts, plus $30 for 2 GB. For a grand total of $75.

She doesn't use more than 1GB of data, or 450 minutes, or 250 texts.

So for the new plan I save $25 a month.

Edit: Unless you can't have an individual on the share plan.

No, you're not going to save money, quite the contraty. If your wife has a smart phone, she'll have to pay $40 for the phone access (talk and text) PLUS at the very least $50 for 1GB of data. That's $90 not including taxes and fees.
The difference here is that she'll have unlimited talk and text but taking a big hit on here data allotment.

I was confused by this line in the article.

"The next step is to choose a plan that includes unlimited minutes, unlimited messages and a shared data allowance that begins at 1 GB for $50."

I thought that meant the entry price point was $50.

I but I saw in other articles that the lowest level is as you said $90. So yeah, another price increase. Getting to be quite expensive to have a smartphone.

Is this not just all "marketing"?
Share everything just sound great, like you will be getting a good deal, not that you are
just like supermarkets and 2 for 1 offers.
Only any good if you will use them.
This can be good for Blackberry, as other makes will very soon be very very data hungry?

Right now with just my BB9930 I have the $39/month plan with 450/min, $5 text/250 and $20/300MB data. With tax it comes out to around $68. I don't come close to using up any of these.
Using the Verizon plan simulator they come up with $100 for the new plan. Am I doing something wrong? How is this better for me?


No, you're calculating just fine. Under the new plan you'll have to pay $40 to have phone access (talk and text) plus $60 for 2GB of data. That does not include taxes and fees.

The difference here is you'll have unlimited talk and text.

I'm sorry but where did the per device pricing come from? I didn't see anything in the article about that. Thanks.

i have 450 mins, unlimited mobile to mobile,unlimited texts, 3 gb of data, unlimited nights and 5,000 mins for weekend, and all for only $82 on ATT.

I just check mine, 2 phones w/ data, and it looks like i will be saving money depending on the taxes! wont be much, but still better than what im paying now.

This just in Verizon releases the bend over data plan, you bend over and Verizon makes quick work of you for all your money, for anyone who feels that this new shared plan saves them money, they were already overpaying to begin with.

Been looking forward to this plan for a long time, but now very disappointed with the pricing. Was waiting on this plan before moving the wife to a smartphone, but it's cheaper for me to add her with 2 GB plan than go to shared. Already have unliited for myself and my 2 daughters have 2 GB each. Overall I'm cheaper and have more data indiviually, than shared. My girls stay under the 2 GB limit each month, so I don't have to worry about that (wifi is always around).

VZW should have priced out the base as 3-4 GB for $50, not 1 GB. 1 GB is an insult.


I didn't make it through the entire comment thread, but there were lots of questions on who this would help. I'm one of the lucky ones, I guess.

Currently have 4 smartphones (2 BBs, 1 Droid X2, 1 iPhone 4) on Verizon with unlimited, shared, everything. This currently costs $391 in monthly access charges. We do 5000+ minutes with 2-4gb of data per month

New plan: 4 smartphones $160 + 4gb $70 = $230! This still gives unlimited calling and texting. Plus we can all hotspot our devices now.

I know this is a ruse to get us unlimited folks to switch to per-GB pricing, but it is a good deal for now for me.


Plus, the trojan horse is the free tethering. That should get us all to jack up our data usage!


This is going to be even better for BlackBerry (over Android) than tiered data was.

First, unlimited data is gone. Which was never really necessary on a BlackBerry device, anyway.

Second, you can run a family of "average" BlackBerry users on a gig each, maybe less.

It makes BlackBerry Bridge less fun, but if you can run five BBs for a given price and five other smartphones for $40 more... at the same time that BB 10 comes out... good things can happen.

I was looking forward to a fair shared data plan. This plan is great for families that need unlimited voice and text but don't use a lot of data. Other than that, you would be paying more. Very disappointed.

this sucks big time. Only better for verizon. What really hurts is the fact that when you do upgrade to a newer phone (which we all will when the new BB10 hit or whatever your new phone of choice is)unless we want to pay full price for the new phone we cannot keep our unlimited data plan. I am currently with att so I hope they don't do the same thing but if they too I will have to make a choice whether to even continue owning a smartphone.

I have 5 BlackBerrys on my Verizon Account. Each one also has a BlackBerry Playbook using BlackBerry Bridge for Free internet via the BlackBerry Phone.

BlackBerry is nice because it compresses data. BlackBerry Sips data, all the others gulp it.

One person uses 1500 texts or more per month, so I had to already go with an unadvertised unlimited shared Texting plan.
We use about 900 talk minutes, 2000-3000 text messages, total data of 2.5GB broken down:
Unlimited Plan uses 24mb (Bold 9930)
150mb Plan uses 1mb (Storm 2)
Unlimited Plan uses 210mb (Bold 9930)
2GB Plan usage: 1GB (Bold 9650)
2GB Plan usage: 1GB (Bold 9650)

So, the new shared data plan would allow me to activate the Hotspot feature on the two Bold 9930s, which would normally be $40 more for both of them.
And, I can choose a 4GB shared data plan, probably cost about $270 and $220 after 19% corporate discount.

My current plan before taxes is $252 (with 19% corporate discount)

I would look to save about $30.00 per month and as long as our usage doesn't double, we are okay. Even if we match the same price I'm paying now, we would have 10GB of shared data. We aren't watching movies via our phone, keep that for home internet WiFi as it should be.

My only concern is two of the lines have unlimited data now, really worry down the road that I'll need it and it will be gone.

Also, if the corporate discount doesn't apply to the whole thing, I might only save $10.00 per month.