Verizon launches Mobile Recovery for smartphones

Verizon Mobile Recovery for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 16 Sep 2010 10:26 am EDT

As of today Verizon smartphone users can take advantage of the new Mobile Recovery service. The service is available for anyone with Total Equipment Coverage (TEC) on their plan. Mobile Recovery is really just a smartphone safeguard that lets you find a lost phone, sound an alarm to locate your device and remotely wipe your contacts. The service is a free feature for those with TEC and is available on the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2, Bold 9650, Curve 8530 and Tour 9630. To sign up for Mobile Recovery, head to (and make sure you have TEC activated on your Verizon plan).

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Verizon launches Mobile Recovery for smartphones


Download and setup were a breese, no issues at all, works like a charm, and the location is accurate within 6 meters, gives you the nearest address to where you are at, even tho the one it gave me is a couple digits off, but the bing maps that it uses pinpoints the exact building that I'm in at work, pretty sweet! This will do the trick until BlackBerry Protect goes public.

Of course I'm currently getting a "404: Page not found" (Apache Tomcat) error... I'm guessing this post may have something to do with that, I'll just wait a bit and try again.

TEC is insurance on your phone, a lot of people have it. This is an additional, free, feature provided to all TEC subscribers.

If you turn off the automatic location updating you can still request a new location via the website. This seems to be the best option to use if you're concerned about privacy.

my phone was only on e911 gps. recovery said i had to enable it all. will it still work on e911? what privacy issues will i have if i enable it all. i only thought it drained my battery on gps enabled.....

I downloaded on my Storm 9530 but it is taking forever to "initialize". Anyone else have that problem or how long did it take? I have already delted it and DL'd again but same thing. Just sits there with "Initlaizing" in a text box.

Do a battery pull and let it restart. It says to do this, but I didn't see it till I tried to install it twice also. Worked great after that.

Is anyone else getting an "Uncaught exception: java.lang.ClassCastException error"? I've tried rebooting, reinstalling, etc.

I did the easy as heck download and set up. I tried the lock phone and alarm features and they worked great. nice and easy. but i tried the locate phone and both times it said gps fail....after download i enabled my gps (which it never was, it was only on e911) to do a refresh every hour....any ideas? is it a good idea to keep gps enabled on my phone?

Can't get it to stop "initializing" on my Storm 9530. Might it be becuse I have a hybrid OS loaded and not the official Verizon approved OS?

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I just took advantage of this and it works wonderful. I lost one phone already and wish i had this to track that phone down. Now to test it the next couple of weeks. So far so good. The map as shown on the demo worked and pinpointed where the location of my phone was.

I have tried manually and automatically, I have reset my phone a billion times, took the battery out and this is the error message I get Uncaught exception: java.lang.classCastException. Can someone help me.