Verizon Inventory SKU Update: Curve 8530s Join Storm 9550

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Sep 2009 05:16 pm EDT

Verizon BlackBerry Inventory Update

A newly snapped photo off the Verizon inventory system shows a nice little update. in addition to the BlackBerry Storm 9550 being there, the Curve 8530 has joined the Verizon BB offering in two colors - black and lavender. Keep in mind this just means the device SKUs are simply in the system, they're not yet in stock or about to ship or anything like that. All things going smooth on the technical acceptance and rollout front, we're still thinking it'll be a late October/early November release for the Storm 9550 on VZW and that hopefully the Curve 8530 will follow up sometime in the weeks after, likely targeted in time for the holidays.

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Verizon Inventory SKU Update: Curve 8530s Join Storm 9550


ive had the storm since the day it came out but cant wait for the new ready to go back to the physical keyboard and have the new optical pad instead of the sucky trackball!!

You are going down like 10 steps from storm to curve 8530. yeah it has the trackpad but it has limited memory, a 2.0mp camera with no flash, and no gps. honestly you would be way better off with the tour. the keyboard is nice and it is a higer end device like you already have.

your right theanswer3, ontop of that i dont think ill go back to the physical keyboard, once i figured this suretype out , im faster on the storm than any of my older blackberries, and i love the clicking screen.

it didnt alway start out this way, but with the updates . the storm is my baby, cant wait for the storm 2

Good to see both of these new devices availble to VZW soon. Also good for a lot of people, and VZW, that they will both be there before the holiday shopping season.

So let's see; we have the Tour, Storm 2 coming soon, and the Curve 8530 coming soon.

Where, and when, is the Atlas, or Magnum, or whatever, that was rumored to be a full qwerty device with a touch screen also? Now that would make for a VZW Christmas party!

Well, one says "Global" and the other says "No Sim." Maybe one is a global device and the other is not.

These are SKU's (same as barcodes). All merchants have to use something to differentiate one product configuration from another. :-)

actually has reported that Sprint will be getting the 8530 around a month or so after Verizon. so sprint customers will probably be looking at early January for a release date it sounds like.

Is anyone else feeling this is just ho hum news? This phone doesn't really excite me, and while my opinion matters little to Verizon or RIM, it would be nice to see some really excellent Blackberries coming to the market, not these bottom of line devices.

how can you call the Storm 2 a bottom of the line device?? its exactly opposite of that, its about as good as it gets in the wireless industry up to this point.

I was commenting on the 8530. We've known the 9550 was coming to Verizon and that is news. I am not going to argue that. I feel that something above the Tour would be a better addition especially since the Tour's prices keep dropping.

...(for the Western Hemisphere, at the least.)


Notice most of Verizon's and Sprint's BlackBerry model numbers end in 'xx30'. The xx30 numbering just says that this is the first version of that model's CDMA variant.

ATT & T-mobile (GSM/EDGE) use model numbers 'xx00, xx10, and xx20'.

Now that VZW is getting a different version of the Storm, a new model number must be given to it. Hence the 9550.

As for the 8530, this is an entry-level BB model that will be marketed to those who want a BB, but don't want to pay $200-$300 for one. Not have read the hard specs and IMO, the hardware (minus LCD) may be equal to the 8330 Curve.

People I am seriously starting to get a little pi$$ed off at these pictures. These could be anything. A photoshoped picture(there are many graphic designers that could do this in about 2 seconds) or even just a simple excel document???
We dont know and you guys/girls are going off about this! Calm down! Its just a picture. It doesnt tell us anything.

Just think about it!!!!
Yes, we know the storm 2 is real because of the videos. Those are real. But these pictures of them on invintory lists are just ridiclous!

Think about it,

RIM has already announced that both devices will be released before the end of the year. I used to work in retail sales for a wireless company and phones always hit the inventory system around a month or so before they were released so this is no doubt true and real.

The gemini is a cute phone but it gets damages easy. Trackball lasts longer than the trackpad. The storm to me personally is a very bad phone. again the BBerry gemini 8520 is a Beginner BBerry. I had it and im a heavy user, within the first 5 days it was all scratched up and everything. I think the camera is bad to. So i went back to my Bold. I think that if you are a person who is a blackberry owner for over a year, dont buy the gemini its like a curve but more delecate. Its also really small andt he trackpad thrill wears off. For the first 3 days loved it. But i had problems using it outdoors because of the sensor for the trackpad. Camera also sucked and the LED blinker was unnoticeable.

Whether this is a real image or Photoshopped, I don't care.

BTW, the Storm 9530 hit VZW's inventory system 4 months before it was released. However, since the two are so similar in hardware, I agree with Kevin's release date prediction. Give it some thought:

The hardware of the 9550 could have been designed to operate with the existing 9530 OS. Just have the piezo's send the same amount of voltage to the CPU as the center button of Storm 1. Then do the same for the "button press" signal of the 4 hard buttons of the original Storm, add wifi controls to the OS (not too hard since they exist other BB models' firmwares), and you're done!

With that said, Verizon has essentially been testing the 9550's OS for over a year now. This means minimal testing of the final hardware and passing Big Red's scrutinous security team in less time. Viola! We have a new (better) Storm on the market sooner than the original in terms of information-leak to release time.

Also, the new Storm 9550 probably will not get as much hype as the current one did. I think Verizon isn't willing to admit that they invested money into a device, while still a good one (my fav BB), that has some design flaws and missing hardware (wifi).

I think the marketing strategy for the 9550 will be much like that of the Tour, in terms of hype. There may be some "Coming Soon" TV and print ads a week or so before launch, then VZW will send communications of the launch date, probably the week of [launch].

I'm as anxious about the newest touchscreen BB as most Storm owners and enthusiasts, and leaks like this screenshot just feed our hunger and starve our patience (in a good way). My complimants to the chef (Kevin & The Crackberry Nation)! We really want this device to hit stores!

I can't wait for the Storm 2. I've been watching Salomondrin's vids and it looks like it is a lot better than the previous verison.